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I was born and raised in and around Vancouver B.C., and have been a journalist since 1993. I've won several awards for investigative reporting and column writing, and now specialize in Middle East politics, Canadian politics, anti-Arab/anti-Muslim media propaganda, and language. 

For seven years I wrote a political column for the bi-weekly Arabic/English Canadian Arab News, and am published in whatreallyhappened.com, mediamonitors.net, the Middle East Times and Tehran Times and other publications. I am also a freelance editor and the author of The Host and the Parasite—How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America, an analysis how agents of Israel came to control U.S. Middle East policy, and Exploding Middle East Myths—15 Years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies and a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. 

Contact: gregf@gregfelton.com

Even in our Dark Age, reason and honesty can still be found if you’re willing to look
(Sept. 10, 2012)
  Despite the wealth of informed, factual, critical analyses over the last 11 years, it is still possible to come across someone who clings like grim death to the official illusions about the attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. I imagine that this peculiar variety of cognitive dissonance is no different from that exhibited by worshippers of any act of sacred violence that spawned a religious or quasi-religious cult, such as holocaustianity, creationism, or free-market economics.


Host and the Parasite Exploding Middle East Myths

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 The identification of the ego with the moralized interpretation of that violence, reduces the believer to an idiot, a child who lacks the capacity for rational thought. When cognitive dissonance becomes an epidemic, totalitarianism and ignorance become the norm, and reason becomes a threat. This happened during the Dark Ages under the despotism of the Imperial Christian Church, and is the case today under the Imperial Jewish Church (Zionism). 
  Yet, even when the Inquisition was extinguishing the light of reason and persecuting “heretics” for questioning Catholic dogma, the legacy of Classical Greece was kept alive, largely by the Arabs, whose contribution to Western civilization is all but ignored. 

Today, the truth of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, is likewise preserved by courageous scientists and scholars, often at great personal and professional peril. One place to meet some of these people and learn this censored scientific and political data first hand was at this spring’s Vancouver Hearings—“Expanding the Boundaries of 9/11 Truth”—which I co-hosted. These people presented meticulous political and scientific analyses of the event that exposed the utter imbecility of the official narrative, especially the non-plane impact at the Pentagon, the video fakery in the second tower attack, and the weight distribution of the towers’ steel columns, which exploded the asinine “pancaking floor” theory.

In addition to my hosting duties, I was also honoured to be asked to deliver a presentation in lieu of Dr. Alan Sabrosky, who was unable to attend, about the role Israel played in the attack. 

Those who want to find out more about the event may click on the image below, or here for on-line presentations. A DVD and a companion book of the hearings will be published soon.
Soon, too, this Dark Age will pass, but those who choose to live in darkness won’t notice the difference.


The price of victory is our damned nation
De•mo•cra•cy— n. a system of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

To•tal•i•tar•i•an•ism— n. a system of government that subordinates all aspects of its citizens’ lives to the authority of the state, with a single charismatic leader as the ultimate authority.
(Britannica Concise Encyclopedia)

(May 23, 2012)

All culture is essentially exclusionary; beliefs and practices distinguish one people from another precisely because they are different. The two systems of government defined above, for example, look as dissimilar as any two dissimilar things could possibly be. One depicts a society of self-governing free citizens; the other depicts its polar opposite.

For much of the last 100 years, these two systems of government were in a state of war (hot or cold), and out of this bi-polar world came the Western, democratic conceit that ours is the best of all possible worlds: free elections vs. rigged elections; rule of law vs. police state; civil society vs. coerced conformity; peace vs. war.


Host and the Parasite Exploding Middle East Myths

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To all intents and purposes, this superiority complex dates to 1945 with the Allied defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and effectively ended in 1989 with “victory” over the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Having defeated both communism and fascism (however defined) we wallowed in our own crapulence, the din of triumphalism drowning out any understanding of how our nemeses helped form our democratic identity. In fact, we have gone out of our way not to learn. 
  German fascism, for example, has been stripped of historical context and made into a cartoonish stereotype with its proponents reduced to simplistic pejorative clichés. Don’t like Iran’s president? Liken him to Hitler. Want to shut down criticism of Israeli war crimes? Play the Jew-as-victim card and invoke the Holocaust®. Don’t like having to obey a strict rule? Call the enforcer a fascist.

Yet if we do not make the effort to understand the Nazis, how do we avoid becoming like them in their absence? Hitler singled out Jews for persecution because he believed they represented a threat to the German people and were responsible for Germany’s failure in World War I. Though they were full citizens of Germany, Jews were not afforded protection to which they were entitled under the laws of the 1919 Weimar Constitution

Democracies today single out Muslims for persecution—torture, denial of due process, warrantless searches, indefinite detention, assassination—because they are deemed to be “terrorists.” The rule of law does not apply to them, or for that matter to any citizen who protests official edicts. So how, exactly, does our persecutory police state differ from Hitler’s? How is it proper to flog the dogma that Hitler and the Nazis were evil, when we are so similar?

“Communism,” “Russia” and “Stalin” are abused even more, largely because they symbolized everything opposed to our worship of the individual and the Labour Theory of Value. We condemned the Soviet Union and other “red” countries for their centralized, planned economies that treated their people as mere economic factors of production for a soulless state-run apparatus.

We, on the other hand, are expected to accept the dogma that governmental control of the nation must be kept to an absolute minimum. Regulation, even taxation itself, is an attack on a corporation’s god-given right to maximize profit and exploit people’s labour. Raising taxes to pay for such public services as medical care, the post office, parks, broadcasting, government oversight agencies, or education is hysterically denounced as “socialist” or “communist” because redistributing wealth is something that “communists” do. 

For example, when Israel’s U.S. governor Barack Obama, in one of his few acts on behalf of the American people, tried to bring in a health-care program, he was vilified as “communist,” and had his program mocked as “Obamacare.” 

In a democracy, public spending does not equate with ruthless, centralized government. Citizens are people, not serfs, and the state exists to serve their interests, not the other way around. But anti-statist prejudice in Canada and the U.S. has reached such extremes that debate over the merit of social welfare is anathematized. The quasi-religious embrace of low corporate taxes, corporate lawlessness, and social Darwinism for everyone else has reduced free citizens to economic inputs in a parasitic corporatocracy.
The public good, far from being the summum bonum of our society, has been reduced to an accidental by-product of private greed. So, exactly, how is our “democracy” any different from the repressive communist societies we once held in contempt?

We used to boast that the free press was a defining characteristic of a democracy, that the press wasn’t merely a propaganda tool of the state. When I was in university, it was common to deride the Soviet daily newspaper Pravda as typical of false, inflammatory, distorted news. Yet we now know that the New York Times deliberately larded its Middle East reporting with false, inflammatory, distorted “news”—led by Pentagon stenographer Judith Miller—and these distortions were integral to selling unprovoked military aggression to the U.S. public. 

Now, outright media fraud could become law. As columnist Juan Cole reports: “Two congressmen are attempting to insert a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow the Department of Defense to subject the U.S. domestic public to propaganda. The bipartisan amendment was introduced by Rep. Mac Thornberry from Texas and Rep. Adam Smith from Washington State.” Just how is our press superior to the state-controlled propaganda mill of the former Soviet Union?

The contrast at the top of this essay isn’t really a contrast at all. It’s a false dichotomy. Our democracy is mutating into “democratic totalitarianism” because our victory over fascists and communists has caused our governments to take over their totalitarian roles. It is March 23, 1933. We are at war, but this time the enemy is us, and the war we will fight will be a civil one. 

Is this Canada’s last summer?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
Spanish philosopher George Santayana
(July 1, 2012)


Host and the Parasite Exploding Middle East Myths

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The best way to illustrate the assault of democratic totalitarianism on Canada is by way of historical analogy, but therein lies a problem. Learning from this particular history is a dangerous undertaking because our governments and media actively sabotage it. 
Instead of being a living, instructive record of our culture, this history has become an ossified relic that we are allowed to look at but not touch. People and events are sealed in a discrete temporal “box” trapped in the morality its time. The historical consequences of this box, the “WWII box”, are what make up our political culture, and gives historical continuity and legitimacy to our government.
As I wrote last time, though, cultures define themselves by what they are not, and Canada, like all the victorious allies from WWII, still thinks of itself as a country that defeated fascism. In other words, fascism defines Western democracy, albeit in negative image. This fact makes the defeat of fascism not only a historical event but also our creation myth.

Even our language reflects the non-rational understanding of the period: “Nazi,” “Hitler” and “fascist” are stripped of intrinsic historical meaning to become quasi-religious expletives that not only reinforce this myth but serve to delegitimize “heretical” scholars. Any historical investigation that might lessen our moral hatred of Hitler and the Third Reich would by extension undermine our founding myth, which gave rise to our modern ideals as democratic justice, individual rights and international law.

We desperately need the Hitler/Devil image to define our sense of moral superiority. But even though our founding conceits of good/evil, ally/enemy, democracy/fascism are still assumed to be true, our politics clearly prove that they aren’t. Under Stephen Harper, democracy and fascism have fused into democratic totalitarianism, so at some point the great moral divide broke down. The following table describes the general characteristics of fascism, which today clearly define the regime of Stephen Harper.

Professor Lawrence Britt’s 14 Points of Fascism

1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism

8. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
2. Suppressed Labor Power 9. Rampant Sexism
3. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights 10. Obsession with Crime and Punishment
4. Protected Corporate Power 11. Controlled Mass Media
5. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause 12. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
6. Intertwined Religion and Government 13. Obsession with National Security
7. Supremacy of the Military 14. Fraudulent Elections

For elaboration of these points see The Host and the Parasite—How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America, pp. 16-17.

I’ve previously exposed Harper’s totalitarian propaganda apparat, so Canada’s embrace of fascism has already been discussed to some degree, but it is his omnibus “budget” bill, Bill C-38, that most clearly proves that our democracy is not the opposite of fascism but a product of it. The specific analog is Adolf Hitler’s March 23, 1933, Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Nation, better known as the Enabling Act. A brief discussion of its scope and evolution will prepare the reader to see Bill C-38 in its proper historical perspective, but I must ask the reader to ignore ingrained WWII stereotypes, and suppress the Hitler gag reflex, to appreciate the true state of Canada’s political culture.

The Enabling Act
In five short articles, Hitler’s Enabling Act usurped the German Republic’s legitimate democratic government to create the Nazi dictatorship. Thanks to Germany’s feeble-minded president Paul von Hindenburg, all financial and political power was now under the absolute control of Hitler’s cabinet; that is, Hitler himself. The Reichstag (the German House of Commons) was rendered impotent, although the façade of democratic continuity was preserved. The Act reads, in part:

Article 2
Laws enacted by the government of the Reich may deviate from the Constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat. The rights of the President remain undisturbed.

Article 3
…Laws enacted by the Reich government shall be issued by the Chancellor and announced in the Reich Gazette. …Articles 68 to 77 of the Constitution do not apply to laws enacted by the Reich government.

The aforementioned repealed articles concerned the legislative and oversight authority of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat (Senate). You see the disconnect between democratic appearance and fascist reality.
With the passage of The Enabling Act, Hitler proceeded to attack all political opposition by suspending civil liberties and the right of peaceable assembly, and revoking private property rights, among other things. He did so by using the Act to make permanent the Feb. 28, 1933, Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State (Reichstag Fire Decree). It was cobbled together quickly to blame communists for the burning of the Reichstag the day previous, but the act was committed largely by Nazis themselves to traumatize the nation and stampede it into accepting the suspension of democracy. (Sound familiar?) For example:

Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Empire are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights to personal freedom [habeas corpus], freedom of speech, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of letters, mail, telegraphs and telephones, order searches and confiscations and restrict property, even if this is not otherwise provided for by present law.

Bill C-38
Whereas Hitler was surgical and open in his fascist destruction of German democracy, Stephen Harper used ham-fisted subversion. Bill C-38 is a 425-page monstrosity that is not a budget in any honest sense of the word; it’s declaration of war on the authority of Parliament and the rights of Canadians. Virtually without debate, more than 70 pieces of legislation are being repealed or watered down to the point of impotence. No Parliament can seriously debate a tome like this in seven days, yet that is how much time Harper has allotted for debate before he invokes closure. 

democratic centralism

Hitler came to power when Germany’s democracy was feeble and vulnerable to takeover, but he never won a majority of seats in the Reichstag. He needed the doddering president Paul von Hindenburg to appoint him chancellor and help him kill democracy. Harper does have a majority, but had been amassing personal power during successive minority governments since 2006. Unlike Hitler, though, Harper didn’t need help to usurp a democracy; the stupid Canadian electorate surrendered willingly.
  The thoroughly fascist design of Bill C-38 can be seen in the following examples:

• Repealing the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act, designed to undercut union wage rates and lessen corporate labour costs. (Britt 2);
• Removing federal contractors from protection under the Employment Equity Act (2)
• Requiring most unemployed Employment Insurance claimants to accept McJobs at levels significantly lower than their professional employment. (4, 8)
• Amending the Food and Drugs Act to give the Minister of Health more personal power to approve the classifications of foods and drugs in the name of “efficiency” (4)
• Amending the Seeds Act and Plant Breeder Rights, and eliminating enforcement of the Product of Canada label; favouring multinational GMO corporations over local farmers. (4, 8)
• Repealing the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act; removing habitat protection from the Fisheries Act, the Species at Risk Act, and the Navigable Waters Protection Act to make resource exploitation more profitable; (4, 8)
• Cutting funding to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, thus putting us at greater risk for diseases like listeria, mad cow, rabies and toxic poisoning.
• Attacking environmental groups and charities by forcing them to endure constant audits on foreign funding, even though little of their funding is foreign. (5)
• Prohibiting scientists from speaking to the media, especially about global warming (4, 8, 11)
• Serving a foreign power by asserting that a threat to Israel is a threat to Canada. (7, 12, 13)

Canada may not have goose-stepping soldiers parading in its major cities, but the fascism is just as real. Parliamentary democracy is dead. We are in the era of democratic totalitarianism. No continuum of democratic government from 1945 can explain this mutation.
History tells us that the corporatism, anti-labour extremism, militarism, political scapegoating, and censorship of fascist Italy and fascist Germany are alive today in fascist Canada and the fascist U.S. 


Farrell & Kollerstrom Not Dead Yet

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Nick Kollerstrom
Star in Film for 7th anniversary 7/7.
Tony Farrell and Nick Kollerstrom share their insights on 7/7, 9/11 and the problems of truth vs. the police state in this engaging 45 min documentary.
Also starring the redoubtable Belinda McKenzie, with a bit part for Eddie, David Shayler's estranged cat. 
Nick Kollerstrom is our author of Terror on the Tube.

Tony Farrell is the British police investigator who was fired from his post for concluding that all the evidence indicated 7/7 was not carried out by the accused four young Muslims, but by MI-5 itself. As Richard Cottrell notes in the very opening of his book on Gladio,

In July 2011, a calm and studious risk-assessment analyst working for the South Yorkshire Police was summarily fired. He had filed a report with his superiors which openly contradicted the official narrative compiled by the British authorities to explain the 7/7 London Transport bombings. Tony Farrell’s allotted task was to assess the degree of risk posed by terrorism. Starting with a clean sheet, he worked to the electrifying conclusion that the London attacks were — in all probability — staged by the secret state. Furthermore, he dismissed the danger posed by Islamic extremists as virtually non-existent. Despite rigorous carpeting by his bosses, pleas, arm-twisting and threats, Farrell refused to budge. He was convinced the story of suicide bombers responsible for London’s day of infamy was a concoction of ‘monstrous lies.’ The sole purpose of the carnage on 7th July 2005 was to terrify the population to such an extent that the United Kingdom could be moved closer to a state of regimented tyranny.

The film has had 20,000 views on Youtube.

Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart of Europe - The Pentagon-Mafia-Nazi Terror Axis

Author bio: 
Richard Cottrell

"The non-fiction corollary to The Millenium Trilogy." Wet works and false flags, assassinations and subversion, pin Europe down as a US colony.  NATO death squads masquerade as a rear guard against a possible Communist takeover, but are in reality a hideous cancer poisoning European democracy. NATO's dirty war projects have included the Italian Strategy of Tension, the Red Brigades and Baader Meinhof/Red Army Faction, the Banco Ambrosiano scandal, the deaths of Italian ex-PM Aldo Moro, banker Roberto Calvi, media magnate Robert Maxwell, Swedish PM Olaf Palme, and "The Umbrella Murder;" also the attempt on Pope John Paul II's life; the sex snare set for British PM Harold Wilson, and the Cyprus partition and genocide. Gladio architect Lyman Lemnitzer is implicated in the 1944 reintroduction of the Mafia into Sicily and the murder of the Kennedy brothers. Covert NATO operations were behind Solidarnosc, the fall of the Soviet Union, the color revolutions of Eastern Europe and North Africa, and the massacres of August 2011 in Norway and Libya.

Print edition available May 9th, 2012.
published April 21, $5.99.

Sale price: 


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