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 BAFS with his 89 year-old mother on 2 January 2012


Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatulahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu!

’Îsâ Masîh (Yasû, Yéshû’, short for Yéhôshûa (Joshuah) must have said something like the above as a common greeting!  The Jews used to say SHALOM ALEYKHEM! 

This December, I will be 67 years old, God willing, GOD THE ONE AND ONLY, of course, IF HE REALLY EXISTS AS WE KNOW HIM!  I am here referring to two of your recordings.

The Crescent Moon, the Star, and The Black Stone—Unmasking the Evils of Islam (Tape) or (CD)

The Islamic Jesus vs. The Biblical Jesus—Are They the Same? (Tape) or (CD)

I see that you are still campaigning also against Islam when you do not really know anything or much about that religion!  So, your Jesus-God does not seem to be good enough for you, to suffice, and you feel the need to also continually preach falsehood about Islam provoking me (and other Muslims) to finally respond again.

My very dear Brother Texe, I listened to much of what I came across delivered by you for the past ten or more years, and I never agreed with your understanding and preaching of religion, God and Christianity although I agreed entirely with your spirituality and sense of justice as far as the Jewish criminals and parasites are concerned and their Anglo-Saxon and other Satanic Allies (USA, UK, EU, Russia, Israel, India, China, etc.)   

Since the days I watched your “Illuminati Mystery Babylon”I said to myself: There’s another Christian nutcase again!  But, with old age and more and more knowledge and experience, I managed to calm down and be more ‘tolerant’ with certain people who I see are full of good intentions, achieve wonderful things, tread the right path, but still stink in some aspects of their logic, rationale and ideology or religious doctrine by becoming counter productive.  I am perfectly aware that others may write the same things about me!  It is but fair if they can provide reliable or irrefutable  evidence!

I am not as well educated as you (all) and your Doctors of Divinity to try and pretend to teach you anything at all.  But, you and some others, having passed the test of being HUMAN, according to my personal criteria, I tend to stick more with and care more for you lot as I found you to be HUMAN and from whom no real harm or injustice can reasonably be expected, rather than stick with the Devils out there who are out to kill, rape, plunder, maim, torture, pervert, steal, and enslave. 


First, Brother Texe, you have a very incorrect understanding of “the seed of Abraham” and “heirs of the Promise”, which may even be a total Jewish fabrication or corruption, but which you identify and wrongly define, quoting Paul and not Jesus, as being “of Christ Jesus,

“The seed of Abraham” and “Heirs of the Promise” mean to you “all those Jews and Gentiles who come together as one and who believe in Jesus Christ … our “Brothers and Sisters”.

Out of the Jewish race came the most wonderful things.”

Listen to me: From the lineage of Abraham … came




Although your above pseudo-Christian crap was enormous and really and racistly outrageous, I did not want to introduce myself to you by straightforward attacks like a young imbecile, and I instead tried to appeal to your logic and reason by being as humanly objective as possible, although we very rarely can.  Unfortunately, I failed as your faith in that racial Jesus-God completely blinded you, like all people of faith who although they listen to others have lost the faculty of understanding when they are confronted with something that might question or even shake their own faith.  So, what you have done after reading my correspondence, my dear Brother Texe, is write it off as the raving and ranting of yet another mad preacher, a lunatic, because in your mind only “Christians” or “Jesus Christ” as you understand it (or have made it up to be) is RIGHT and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

But, by no stretch of the imagination can any intelligent and free-thinking well educated person use SAUL THE PHARISEE RABBI AND PERSECUTOR OF THE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST, the very first “Christian heretic and murderer”  as an authority on Jesus who he never met!  He would rather qualify not only as a heretic, but also as a FALSE WITNESS!  He even admitted he was ‘possessed by the Devil’ and he never quoted Jesus in his own mother tongue, not even once, and which was not Greek, or any member of his family, not even his blessed mother!  And you call him a Christian and made him a Roman Catholic Saint?   

So, my dear, your religion, and in general Christianity, is not based on what Jesus Christ said or did, but what OTHERS, mainly non witnesses, said and wrote about him and his Message and often contradicting each other to this very day, and what the Roman Imperialists and mass murderers have allowed us to see after very heavily and racist censorship and butchery of the Holy Texts.  Anyway, there is no conclusive historical record that such a character as Jesus the Miracle Maker and Prophet or Messsiah ever existed!  The Rabbinical Talmud was written long after.  Many early writings were burnt and others banned by Rome upon pain of death!  There were dozens, hundreds of Palestinian and African Gospels, non Roman, non Greek, and today we have only four Greek ones that do not provide much historicity and real insight and a complete picture of Jesus!   

By the way, my dear friend, how did you know that all the Apostles (assuming they existed!) were Jewish?  When I see you holding “The Bible” and presenting it as The Book of Absolute Truth, this makes me cringe because you have in it the “Old Testament” which is the contrary of what the Surviving Gospels teach.  If you had said the HOLY GOSPELS (INJÎL) , “Les Saintes Évangiles” as we say in French (Bible and Gospel are not the same!) I might then have agreed with you, maybe, although when Islam speaks of the Injîl, it does not mean the Roman canonised Gospels, but the original and authentic Revelations made to and revealed by Jesus.

Because I can see (on the doctrinal side) that you are a hopeless case and that your religion is really bankrupt, I have (in despair) only one suggestion to make:  become a good Atheist or a Muslim, as you do not seem to be able to return to AUTHENTIC OR ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY, but leave that bogus Jesus religion of yours behind!  I am surprised that Wanda (your beloved wife) has not seen the light yet.  She could have helped you.  What you do not know and cannot even contemplate is that by becoming a Muslim YOU WILL BECOME A BETTER CHRISTIAN AT THE SAME TIME!  You will have to put Blessed Mary, Jesus, peace and blessings be upon both of them, Jesus’ “Apostles” (those cowards!), and Paul (the heretic!) in their proper places and contexts.  When I first started to write to you I did not have the intention to say this, never had, but you have forced me into saying it.  Whether this would make a difference or not, it is up to the Invisible One! 

It is sad (not funny) how the Romans translated every single Palestinian term into Greek and Latin to such an extent that it hid the truth about so many things and made the religion of Christ a Racist European faith, generally speaking!
  1. Was Jesus the CHRIST?  Of course not!  He was simply the MASIH (Messiah, Al-Masîh, ’Îsâ ibn Maryam) that the Jews are still waiting today, MASSIACH BEN DAVID, who will rule the whole world from Jerusalem, as you must already know!
  2. Did Jesus have APOSTLES?  Of course not!  We do not even know how he called them in his Aramaic or Palestinian tongue!
  3. Was Jesus’ mother’s name MARY?  Of course not!  Her name was most probably MARYAM!
  4. Did Jesus call his “father in heaven” GOD?  Of course not!  He called Him FATHER or ILAHI, ALLAH, a spelling that was more or less preserved in the surviving Gospels themselves as “ELI” (pronounced ILAÏ in English and ÉLI in French)!
  5. Did Jesus have a CHURCH?  Of course not!  The first gatherings of his followers were known as ECCLESIA, which is not even a Palestinian term.
  6. Did early Christians pray without ablutions? No!
  7. Did Early Christians pray sitting, standing or prostrating?  Sitting, standing and prostrating!
  8. Did Early Christian ladies dress modestly and cover their head or not?  Yes, they did!
   I can go on endlessly like that, but what’s the use?  Your mind is made up and your doctrinal blindness is total!  You praise the “King James” Bible, but it is not the “Bible of Jesus Christ”!  Or is it?  My 1727 “Bible” of “His Majesties” contains 81 Books!  How many does “your Bible” contain, my dear Brother?  Even your "King James Version of "The Bible" had 73 Books initially, where have the rest gone?  Today, we see only 66 of them!  Your Bible is completely messed up as it is a compilation made up throughout several centuries, with most of its authors unknown and its record not historical.  This might explain why almost half of Christendom walked away from it especially the White Europeans.  As for the Muslims, they did not willingly walk away from their Holy Book.  They were forced by military might and by forced indoctrination to abandon their religion being a conquered people - due to their own decadence!

Military Christianity brought about the greatest and most advanced ‘civilisation’ or barbarism of modern history, but by destroying the great past Islamic civilisation, the military and religious Christian leaders destroyed their Spiritual Christian Civilisation at the same time plunging the whole world into utter darkness with little hope that the sun will ever rise up again on a humanity that is becoming more and more inhuman and selfishly materialistic thanks to the Criminal Talmudist and Zionist Jews and their acolytes.

Now, my dear Brother Texe, tell me WHERE I AM WRONG and WHY?  Be a good boy, old man, and not just a Pastor of dumb sheep!  I do not want to hear about your racist religion as I have listened to much of it already! We all have a natural religion and it is universal.  Call it by whatever name you want, I do not give a damn!  Whether it is from God or from some invisible power out there makes no difference to me at all!  That MUHAMMAD (peace and blessings be upon him) was inspired by THE INVISIBLE REALM, whatever that may be, cannot be disputed!  His wife KHADIJA (may God be pleased with her) was a Christian related to Waraqa ibn Nawfal who confirmed his Prophethood.  As for Jesus the Messiah, peace and blessings upon him, who is here to testify about him apart from the Holy Qur’ân? 

The Holy Truth is more likely that MUHAMMAD WAS A CHRISTIAN HIMSELF, but found out about the corruptions in the many Christians groups that made him retreat to spend a lot of time in meditation when finally he claimed he was visited by INVISIBLE FORCES, which later were understood, rightly or wrongly, as Messages from GOD HIMSELF through Angel Gabriel.  What is there so difficult to understand?  Why not Muhammad?  Damn it!  Did Jesus ever say nobody was to come after him?  On the contrary, he clearly said, if it was him, that he HAD TO GO because his mission was not finished as the Israelites did not listen and were unable to understand, and was SENDING SOMEBODY ELSE that would lead the Israelites and those who had accepted him to the Truth.  MUHAMMAD, peace and blessings be upon him, re-established the authentic and natural religion of Old and of Jesus in its perfected and final form, and became thus the first ‘Christian’ Muslim.       

Thousands of great minds (and charlatans) are today claiming they are being regularly contacted by INVISIBLE ENTITIES or EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS!  Can any one of them match the Message transmitted to humankind by Muhammad?  You should listen to Project Camelot and Project Avalon and hear the miles of nonsense those mediators (many are top US military!) and false Prophets are transmitting to millions of gullible people who are so fed up with Christianity and Jesus that they are ready and willing to believe in anything, including in Hinduism, New Age, Mayan religion, Astrology, Tarot, hallucinogenic drugs (Ayahuasca), and even Satanism.  They do say a lot that make sense to me however, like Free Energy, Zero Gravity, Time and Space travel, HAARP, etc., and there are a significant number of sincere and good people among them, but most of them are simply deluded.

What is very sad is that I have to waste my time with such good intentioned and good willed Christians like Texe Marrs (and others) when I should be dealing also with the massacres that have been perpetrated against millions of Muslims since the British Judeo-Christian invasion of the land of my ancestors, Hindustan, and with the on going massacres of Muslims again as well as of Christians, and in many cases of Sikhs also by Israeli trained Hindu cut throats, fascists, fanatics, racists, and Socialists.  After spending 13 years in France, I spent 3 in Mauritius, and now 21 years in Britain, and never heard or read all this time about those massacres except once when Indira Gandhi had Sikhs gunned down and a second time in Gujarat when Muslims were Holocausted the 'Jewish way' with government complicity.

A while ago, I read about some 100 Million “missing Muslims” in Anglo-India, which few Muslims know or want to know about, but I always knew about racist Bollywood and its hatred for Muslims and Arabs, and its anti-Arab and anti Muslim propaganda with the help of the Khan Mafia, former Muslims or simply Muslim whores.  But, thanks to Catholic Susan Arundhati Roy of Kerala, the real ugly face of Zionist and Fascist India was finally revealed to the alternative world.   

The Hindu Israeli-MOSSAD-trained cut-throat who slashed open a pregnant Muslim mother’s belly and murdered both mother and unborn baby in the Zionist Fascist and Racist State of Anglo-India (Bharat), a fake Secular Democracy!

Saffron Zionism, The Politics of Militant Hinduism”, is a 2012 book authored by Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, Farzana Shah and Maryam Mehboob that sheds more light on those massacres and Holocausts of non Hindus and their forceful conversion to Hinduism with State complicity.  (

Even the hateful Wikipedia has some pretty nasty things to say about what has been and is still happening in “Secular Democratic India”!  And, it WILL GET WORSE if unchecked!  Anyway, India is doomed to be balkanised in the foreseeable future!
Several representatives from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain faiths were present in the meeting, as well as the Dalai Lama. Golwalkar explained that "all faiths of Indian origins need to unite", saying that the word "Hindu" (i.e. people of "Hindustan") applied to adherents of all the above religions.[2] Apte declared:
The world has been divided to Christian, Islam and Communist. All of them view Hindu society as very fine rich food on which to feast and fatten themselves. it is necessary in this age of conflict to think of and organize the Hindu world to save it from the evils of all the three
It was decided at the meeting that the name of the proposed organization would be Vishva Hindu Parishad and that a world convention of Hindus was to be held at Prayag (Allahabad) during Kumbha Mela of 1966 to launch the organization.”

“… Anil Patel, a VHP departmental chief, said:

Our war cry was ‘Lock the door from outside and burn the Muslims from the inside’[11]

The VHP engages in several programs to reconvert Hindus who had previously converted to Christianity. VHP claims that villagers were offered financial rewards for converting to Christianity, and those never materialised, so their return to Hinduism was relatively straightforward.[12][13][14] Following the murder of Swami Lakshmanananda, the VHP engaged in reconversion programmes, involving both voluntary and forced reconversion.[15][16]

In Punjab, the VHP has played an active role to prevent conversions of Sikhs, especially low caste Sikhs being converted to Christianity. This is as a result mostly from oppression by high caste Sikhs, however the VHP have helped stopped Christian missionaries from converting Sikhs nonetheless.[17]

The VHP collaborated with Christian Association for Social Action and played an active part in providing relief to both Hindu and Christian families affected by the Love Jihad activity in Kerala during 2005–2009 period.[18]

In August 2008, the VHP blamed Christians for the murder of Swami Lakshmanananda,[19] though Maoist militants had claimed responsibility for the killing. In the resulting disorder, Christian settlements were set on fire,[20] and 25,000 Christians were forced to flee their villages.[21] The Roman Catholic Church claimed that at least 67 Christians were killed.[19] Various news sources also reported that a nun was raped during the violence.[22][23][24][25] A judicial commission probing the violence said that conversion and re-conversion were among the major factors that led to the disorder, without blaming any religious groups or the CPI (Maoist).[26]

Check these other groups:

So, my good Brother Texe, just be a good boy and make me happy before I depart as you are unable to be a GOOD CHRISTIAN OF CHRIST!  As Islam seems to bother you so much, please, RETURN TO ISLAM, THE NATURAL AND GODLY RELIGION OF JESUS THE MESSIAH!  Or, please, just leave Islam alone!


You can be as good a Christian as you wish, but you will still be a Muslim!  Pure mathematics, my boy, or Semantics others would say!  AND, YOU KNOW IT!

See below “The question about Etymology: the “Jesus” of the Christians, is he the “Îsâ” of the Muslims?”  and compare, please, with yourThe Islamic Jesus vs. The Biblical Jesus—Are They the Same?”  You say no, but for Muslims, they are the same despite all the corruption of the Holy Texts and the differences in the Islamic narration!  Christianity today has hundreds (or thousands) of denominations and Sects!  So, Brother, be a little more charitable about Islam!

N° 38, janvier 2009

La figure du Christ dans l’islam

« The fact that Jesus Christ is designated in the Holy Qur’ân as “SON OF MARY” give us the licence to think that they are indeed one and the same person.”

La question de l’étymologie : le "Jésus" des chrétiens est-il le "’Îsâ " des musulmans ?

Dans le Coran, Jésus apparaît soit sous le nom de " ’Îsâ ", soit celui de "Masîh" ; or, le Jésus des chrétiens arabes se nomme Yasû’, lui-même issu de l’hébreu Yéshû’, diminutif de Yéhôshûa (Josué) signifiant "Dieu sauve". Yasû’ viendrait donc de la racine Yâsha’, "sauver", distincte de la racine de ’Îsâ, dont l’origine et la signification demeurent incertaines. [27] Certains ont évoqué une simple déformation du nom par déplacement du ’ayn final au début du mot (métathèse) et modification de voyelle longue "û" en "â", mais qui n’en fait pas moins référence à une même personne ; cependant, l’ampleur de la transformation rend cette hypothèse douteuse. [28] François Jourdan penche pour la version selon laquelle ’Îsâ proviendrait de ’Ysaû, nom sémitique d’Esaü, alors utilisé par les Juifs pour désigner les chrétiens. Sans rentrer dans l’ensemble des analyses linguistiques et historiques venant étayer telle ou telle affirmation, ces hypothèses n’en révèlent pas moins la difficulté à assimiler de fait le "Yasû’ " du Nouveau Testament au "’Îsâ " du Coran, bien que le fait qu’il y soit désigné comme "fils de Marie" nous autorise à penser qu’il s’agit bel et bien d’un même personnage.

« The fact that Jesus Christ is designated in the Holy Qur’ân asSON OF MARYgive us the licence to think that they are indeed one and the same person.

Brother Texe, if we are to believe the Christian Bible thumpers and the Christian Judaised Zionists, then racism, slavery, plundering and genocide should be good!  What do you say, Professor?   

We have enough (too much!) already on our plate with Atheist Zionism, Communist Zionism, Socialist Zionism, Christian Zionism, Jewish Zionism and Hindu Zionism to waste our time, energy and resources on those foolish doctrinal issues.

May your JESUS-GOD bless you or GOD-JESUS or WHATEVER!  Jesus Allah, Allah-Jesus”, sound grotesque, very fishy and too Hinduish to me and it really stinks! 

With much love
A non Roman non Apostolic Catholic Christian Muslim (Figure this one out, my dear!)

Monday 10th of September 2012
 (44th birthday of my lost for ever son Olyeg!)


"Innocence of Muslims", le film qui insulte l’Islam

Le film Innocence of Muslims (L’innocence des musulmans), qui a provoqué de violentes manifestations en Égypte et en Libye, se veut une description de la vie du prophète Mahomet, et évoque notamment les thèmes de l’homosexualité et de la pédophilie. 

Des extraits de ce film à petit budget, avec des costumes d’amateurs, un scénario confus et des décors artificiels, ont été postés sur Internet ou diffusés sur des chaînes de télévision privées.

Des acteurs parlant anglais avec l’accent américain y présentent les musulmans comme immoraux et gratuitement violents, et tournent en dérision le prophète Mahomet. Ce film a donné lieu mardi à une manifestation rassemblant plusieurs milliers de personnes devant l’ambassade des États-Unis au Caire, lors de laquelle des protestataires ont remplacé le drapeau américain par un étendard islamique. Des appels aux Coptes à manifester contre ce film mercredi soir devant l’ambassade ont été lancés par des organisations de cette communauté chrétienne d’Égypte.

Selon la presse égyptienne et des prédicateurs musulmans radicaux, des Coptes vivant aux États-Unis seraient impliqués dans la réalisation de ce film. Les Frères musulmans, première force politique d’Égypte dont est issu le président Mohamed Morsi, ont appelé à des manifestations vendredi. Un journaliste égyptien a de son côté déposé une plainte contre les producteurs et demandé que les Coptes égyptiens qui auraient contribué au film soient déchus de leur nationalité.

Le film est produit et réalisé par un promoteur immobilier israélo-américain de 54 ans originaire de Californie, Sam Bacile, qui décrit l’islam comme un "cancer" et une religion de haine, selon le Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Sam Bacile a précisé au quotidien économique américain qu’il l’avait produit avec cinq millions de dollars levés auprès d’une centaine de donateurs juifs, qu’il a refusé d’identifier.

Il assure avoir travaillé avec 60 acteurs et une équipe de 45 personnes pour réaliser en Californie, en trois mois, ce film de deux heures. "Le film est politique. Pas religieux", dit-il.

Le long-métrage a été défendu par le pasteur américain très controversé Terry Jones, qui s’est attiré de nombreuses critiques par le passé, notamment pour avoir brûlé un exemplaire du Coran et s’être résolument opposé à la construction d’une mosquée près de Ground Zero à New York.

Le pasteur a précisé qu’il comptait montrer un extrait de 13 minutes du film, mardi soir, dans son église de Gainesville, en Floride (sud-est). "C’est une production américaine qui n’a pas pour objectif d’attaquer les musulmans mais de montrer l’idéologie destructive de l’islam", explique-t-il dans un communiqué publié par le WSJ.

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