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It occurred to me, even if I do not believe in the Jesus Christ of the Old and New Testaments the way he is portrayed by Rome and most Catholics and Protestants, that Jesus Christ came for the oppressed humans and animals as I have seen it documented in old publications like “The History of Romanism” 1845 in its very First Chapter pages 25-26 as you will clearly see in the two pictures below. 

Now, if you add to this the fact that too many Books are missing in the “Bible”, Old like New Testaments, corrupted, banned, hidden, burnt, etc., how can any religion based on a remnant of the texts even if they have been canonized survive the ages intact?  This is one of the reasons why hundreds of millions of Christians abandoned their faith.  Many have reverted to Islam, others to the New Age religion, and others still to some kind of Vedantic or Buddhist philosophies, and those turned Atheists are now crusading against Christianity, Jesus, God and all existing religions.  The same ones waging war against religion are supporters and promoters of wars, and other abominations like homosexuality, drugs, abortion, gambling, genocide, plunder at a global level, leniency on crime, homosexual marriage, prostitution, pornography, and so on.

After reading “Banned From The Bible” 2008 by Joseph B. Lumpkin, how can I claim the “Bible” to be the Word of God?  That it contains the Word of God is not disputed even by Muslims.  The following Books are either lost, banned and others corrupted or destroyed.

Lost Scriptures of the Old Testament: Enoch, Jubilees and Jasher

Banned From The Bible: Apocalyptic Writings and the End of Days, Apocalypse of Abraham, Apocalypse of Thomas, 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch.

Lost Scriptures of the New Testament: Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Apocryphon of John, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Judas and Acts Chapter 29.

Now, add to this what the Popes have done in the sixties by destroying the Catholic Traditional Dogma and accepting in 1947 the theft of Palestinian lands by the Hordes of thieving and murdering Jews from Europe and Central Asia as well as Zionism.  Orthodox Christianity has to be revived and Christendom rebuilt and without Islam, this would be an impossible task.

All humans are born free, but the Evil Godless State has enslaved us and destroyed our freedom in so many ways.  Our public school system is our enemy because it teaches our children that they are only marketable products devoid of humanity.  The schools teach lie when the human was born free and to live in truth as intelligent God created beings.  By creating artificially complex ideas, concepts and ideologies, the State’s aim is to confuse us.  They have artificial Beauty contests when there is nothing more beautiful than truth itself.  They see most women ugly and most humans as undeserving to live free.  If only we could understand that Satan created authority and rule over us say and night.  Evil men and evil women are given our children a wrong perception of life through the media, television, cinema and even in schools.

We are denied from childhood to make our own choices and our parents are powerless and have to follow their dictates or get themselves into big troubles with the authority.  We are literally their slaves.  They prevent us from acquiring a proper education, one of our own choices, inherited by our fore-fathers and ancestors.  Do we not see that the State is a racket and a dehumanising machine?  We are indoctrinated in the love for money, greed, theft, crime, immorality, and we have gone mad in a mad, mad world.  We cannot think anymore.  We are afraid.  We obey blindly.  The “law” is a weapon of the Devil to control and enslave us.  This is why I always say I an a sovereign freeman-on-the-land standing under Common Law based on God given and Natural law where we are all born free and equal.    

Our culture is decided by profit-making and immoral or amoral corporations and the military industrial Complex that run the State and its institutions including our schools.  We are victims of the Monopoly system, the imposed perversion of our way of life, and live with no faith, no loyalty, no nobility, no trust and very little compassion for our neighbour.  We are no more biological machines by chemical and ideological monsters.  We train soldiers to kill men, women, children, babies and pregnant women without pity and this is perfectly accepted by even believing men and women who continue voting for the Dajjalic system of the Antichrist!  The State has guns and other monstrous weapons to kill us if we fail to obey them.  Today citizens, including children are being tasered and some even die from it! 

 We do not live in a righteous world anymore.  Our Police, politicians and Churches are corrupt.  We are all being forced to accept that other people are more equal than us.  When Peter Joseph says that there is no evil in the world because the word has a religious connotation, he is wrong.  He speaks of aberrant behaviour, but evil is not simply an aberration.  It is the corruption of the soul and it is an abomination.  Ripping open the belly of a pregnant woman, tearing her baby from her womb and smashing the baby’s head with a soldier’s boot and smashing his head against a rock is not an aberration but a Satanic deed.  The Belgians have done this in the Congo.  The Jews keep doing this in Palestine.  NATO, the French, Canadians, British, Japanese, Germans, French, Indians and Americans do that on a regular basis.  I feel my jaws are going to lock, I better stop here!  We live in a very sad world.  God is what we make of Him!        

Sunday 29th of July 2012

1.      #4 by ruby22-kate on September 25, 2012 - 4:19 am

When Israel attacked Iraq at Osiris reactor, no evidence was ever found that implicated that Iraqis were doing anything illegal, same when the israelis bombed Syria, claiming they knew Syria was building nuclear facilities, no evidence of anything relevant was found.
We must convince the government not to go along with a country so paranoid it sees anihilation everywhere, in other words, “Evil israelies – Don’t stare at yourself in the mirror, look too long and the devil looks back at you.”(paraphrase from my Grandmother – which effectively cured my addiction to mirror gazing.)

1.      #8 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on September 25, 2012 - 3:17 pm
#4 by ruby22-kate on September 25, 2012 – 4:19 am
“When Israel attacked Iraq at Osiris reactor, no evidence was ever found that implicated that Iraqis were doing anything illegal, same when the israelis bombed Syria, claiming they knew Syria was building nuclear facilities, no evidence of anything relevant was found.”
Outlaws always operate outside the law! What Israel and the West are telling the world is that Muslims are not entitled to rights like those they have, and absolutely no right to defend themselves!

2.      #9 by ruby22-kate on September 26, 2012 - 1:28 am
Basheer, It often takes me awhile to connect the dots. I’ve only recently realized that there is deliberately planned ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Muslims.
Of course you told me in plain English, and others told me, but the plot is so monstrous that I sought refuge in denial.
Thnx for telling me again, propaganda is a formidable weapon used upon gullible folks like me, and I have the advantage of concrete evidence of the last 15 years to back my accusations.
Please continue to prod me when my brain slips back into a comfy groove, of
old hasbara-believing way of thinking.
zYou’ve been a great help and blessing to me. ruby22

1.      #11 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on September 27, 2012 - 11:15 am

#9 by ruby22-kate on September 26, 2012 – 1:28 am
“Basheer, It often takes me awhile to connect the dots.”

Dear Kate (Ruby)

Most people in the French speaking world haven’t got a clue what is happening in the US, and most Americans haven’t got a clue what is happening in Europe, and most of us haven’t got a clue about what is happening in the world. All we see is emotion, reaction, and very little action. 

One recent example: an American releases a movie attacking Muslims or Islam. As a result of this, many Muslims died! Muslim blood is very cheap. Why? Because the common Muslims feel abandoned by their own political and religious leadership and feel they have to go out in the streets and vent their rage! 

But, tell the same persons to boycott Jewish, Israeli, US, and all goods (as much as possible) coming from the warmongering nations, to fight for their governments to get out of the UN, to not submit to cultural terrorism by getting out of the western style education system, to lead a simple life, not to try to be better or live better than Muhammad or Jesus, peace and blessings be upon them, they will HESITATE and not listen to you!

“ I’ve only recently realized that there is deliberately planned ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Muslims.”

I cannot tell for sure when all this started, but I find it was already a policy preached in the “Old testament” and ethnic cleansing was directed to all non Israelites and carried out by the mass murdering generals and their blood thirsty God or Gods. During the Jewish financed Crusades, the Papal order was: KILL THEM ALL! And, they murdered Muslims, Jews and even Eastern and Arab Christians!

When the Portuguese (who obtained their marine skills from Arabs and Muslims), the Dutch, the French, the Germans and the British started to invade all the non European lands with Jewish financing (again!) and direct participation, the order was: KILL THEM ALL, COLONIZE, CONVERT AND ENSLAVE A MAXIMUM, PLUNDER AND STEAL WHAT YOU CAN!

If you read Vyasa’a Mahabharata, you will see that nothing new is happening in the world, and that we are living in an Age of Darkness (Kali Yuga), “the fourth and final age of mankind in which great values and noble ideas have crumbled, and man is heading toward the complete dissolution of right action, morality and virtue.”
With the Pauline and Greek invention of the legend of Jesus Christ or the coming of Jesus the Palestinian Messiah, the order was given: 

love your neighbour as yourself
do not harm the children
beat the crap of the money changers!

But, Rome hijacked that religion and made it into one of imperialist war, conquest, slavery, racism, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and utter savagery.

With the coming of Muhammad who claimed he received revelation from God, the same order was confirmed with more strength and with many additions (improvements) and the setting up of the very First Charter of Human Rights of Humanity where God’s Law was made Supreme.

But, as the Mahabharata predicted, all those great Christian virtues and the noble Islamic ideals have all gone to the dogs. “Hindu”, Christian and Islamic Civilisations have all crumbled down. There is no more right action. Morality is a thing of the past. And, as for virtue, who gives a damn about it? 

I do not blame THE JEWS. 

There is a mystery about the origins of human life and where we come from, what we are doing here on earth and where we are heading to. Do not believe what Hindus, Jews, Christians and Muslims tell you because they have themselves failed. 

Acquire knowledge and listen to your heart. Keep your mind healthy and free from contamination. Try and go beyond faith and religion, and even beyond God if you can. Only when you have made that journey into yourself, you will understand the reality of a Supreme Being that is controlling all that you see. But, we, humankind, is the Chosen One that has the duty of making the effort to realise inner and outer peace with malice towards none.

There is only one natural religion, one humanity and only One God. Regard Satan as a symbol of Evil and know that evil resides in our own hearts. Regard God as the embodiment of good and good resides in our own heart. So, the war between evil and good has to be fought within and not outside.

Let me give one very simple example.

I walk down the street and see a tobacco shop. I stop and go inside the shop and ask for a packet of cigarettes, the sale of which is perfectly legal in our present ‘democratic system. The shopkeeper may not be aware that nicotine kills and impoverishes the buyer and that the Jews have a monopoly on the tobacco industry. Yet, I will buy that deadly product without seeing Satan laughing at me from behind the counter! I take the cigarette home, smoke it or even share it with my pregnant wife. I thus not only poison myself, my wife, but my children as well.

What was I doing? The will of Satan, and not that of an All-Loving God! Yet, I still call myself a (good) Hindu, a Christian or a Muslim! Now, let us apply the same rule to every single one of our actions and we will find all the answers to all our problems. 

“You’ve been a great help and blessing to me. ruby22

All the praise is to God and God is within your own heart – closer to you than your life blood vessel as islam says!

Sorry for the preaching

Much love

Obama and the Holocau$t Mu$eum

By Skulz Fontaine, who is a very graphic Visigoth

1. Okay, let me get this straight. There is an international banking crisis so great that it is threatening to destroy the entire economy of these United States, we are losing the war in Afghanistan, we lost the war in Iraq, we are none-the-less killing as many people as we can every where we can, we are deeply involved in turning Syria into Libya and are getting ready to make war on Iran, we are getting ready to shove a hot poker up the ass of all poor people in the country,  and thanks to some completely insane asshole who used to be a camp counselor at a Muslim-run summer camp the second amendment is about to be officially repealed, yet despite all of this and more, we still have the money and the time to appoint people to work on behalf of the National Holocau$t Mu$eum.  No doubt this is a plot organized by the Muslim Brotherhood which has infiltrated AIPAC, the ADL, the AJC, the JDL and Birthright Israel.

Oh my Hashem, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

While Mitt Romney goes off to Israel in order to become the next Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA), the current holder of that office, Barry Sotero, has tried to one-up him by appointing a bunch of rich Jews to the board of the Holocau$t Mu$eum. [Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by today's guest editor, Haifa Wehbe.]

Note this:

The selections—all donors to Democrats—included representatives from the entertainment, social media and human rights sectors, as well as a past AIPAC president.

And the goal of putting these people onto the council is so that the current IVPFAA can get more campaign money.

Presidents tend to favor such appointees as effective fundraisers and conveyors of the memorial’s message.

Yup, the National Holocau$t Mu$eum, prime real estate if there ever were any, is a tool for Presidents to use to get even more Jewish money. Hahahaha. And you dumb-ass Americans not only pay the salaries of these people, they buy your politicians too. Hahahahaha. Why vote?

So let’s look at one or two of these appointees.

Let’s start at the top with Tom Bernstein whom the IVPFAA re-appointed as Chairman of the Council.
First of all:

“Bernstein, a major fundraiser for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, has been chairman of the council since 2010.”

Well, maybe this guy is a life-long Democrat and Obama awarded him with a cushy as hell job in a building the richest in the world would love to hang out in.

This, of course didn’t stop the following:

“From 1989 to 1998, Bernstein was one of the principal owners of the Texas Rangers (baseball) Baseball Club with the ownership group led by George W. Bush, who later went on to become the president of the United States.”

But despite that, he really does seem to be a life-long democrat type who cares about human rights so much that he became the vice-chairman of Human Rights First which pretty much doesn’t give a shit about Palestinian human rights. I’m sure you are shocked.

But Obama needs the money he can bring in, so fuck the Palestinians. As one of HRF’s documents states:
“. . .the Israeli-Palestinian issue should not divert attention from the momentous events elsewhere in the region.”

The Holocau$t Mu$eum has some pretty interesting folks serving on its council of elders. 

I mean, who the hell else would you want to be its Vice-Chairman other than BP-defending Goldman-Sachs-insider Joshua Bolten? (Not to be confused with John Bolton who is actually insane.)  You can’t make this shit up.

Here is perhaps Bolten’s greatest accomplishment:

He is credited with having assisted the President in recruiting Henry Paulson – the CEO of Goldman Sachs – to serve as Treasury Secretary, based on his former employment at the firm.[8]

Go take a look the names of the council members, a who’s who of parasites and Israel-firsters like Elie (Where’s my Tatoo?) Wiesel, Elliot Abrahms, and Michael Collins Piper’s former roommate, Rep Steve Israel (Likud, NY).  Oh, and Michael Chertof, whom we all remember ever so fondly whenever we go to an airport.

Oh, but I digress.

Let’s see who else got the cushy job.

How about a past president of AIPAC by the name of Amy Friedkin? Yes, goys and girls, a former president of the outfit that embodies the Israeli lobby is on the council of elders of the Holocaust Museum. This is all because this gets the temporary IVPFAA more campaign money.

So while the moron-Mormon Mitt Womny is off to Israel to raise money for his campaign, Barry Sotero is appointing former AIPAC leaders to jobs for the Holocau$t Mu$eum which taxpayers fund for about 50 million dollars each year and which gets almost as much via private donations which no doubt you morons are subsidizing. Hahahahaha.

And ha!

2. In the meantime, there’s a war going on. Okay, there’s a shit load of wars going on. Sing along with Deek Jackson:

7 Responses to Obama and the Holocau$t Mu$eum

  1. Greetings Mantiq & Tayr: If I didn’t know better Mantiq, I’d think you were bitter about the US’s generous showering of money and gifts to the ‘only democracy in the Middle East.’
    You cannot be ignorant of the fact that the entity is our closest ally and our bff. Just imagine where America would be if we didn’t have the crafty, cunning Teflon Tribe always coercing us to wage more wars for the self-labled Chosen Ones. What would we do with our excess of weapons if we didn’t gift them to the zionist war lords?
    Even the fact that they sell our latest military marvels to China, Russia or whoever is the highest bidder is an asset. It keeps our engineers and arms corporations on their tippy toes, always striving to build more lethal weapons. It keeps our scientists and biologists employed, not to mention keeping their factories humming.
    We owe so much to our dearest friends, our loyal partners in the Levant.
    Sure you’ll always have nay-sayers, those that bring up the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the multitude of spies we’ve nabbed. The usurping entity say that the attempted sinking of USS Liberty & it’s crew was just a case of mistaken identity; our pals in OPT would never deliberately attack a US vessel. Except for Jonathan Pollard, most spies get the brutal punishment of being deported back to their Middle East ghetto.
    We are so fortunate to have an abundance of qualified and influential Jews to run the holocaust museum. You could never entrust ordinary gentiles to be sensitive enough to ‘catapult the propaganda.’ Another bonus is the six or seven figure salaries that is necessary for pressure & to coerce those who resist their demands.
    On a different note, I’m so embarrassed at the miniscule amount of foreign aid that President Obama just awarded the destructive entity. What will people think of such a miserly amount to our bestest chum in the whole wide world? I’ll tell you, they’ll think we’re broke and on the decline. What difference does another million or two of homeless beggars that money could have been used for. They are too lazy to find a job, any financial assistance will just be employed for buying drugs, alcohol and gambling.
    It’s a jungle out there for the bottom 98%. The fittest will survive and be stronger for it, while the elderly, ill and children perish.
    Just one last thought to consider, charity for our strongest ally is a virtue, and being virtuous is its own reward. Let’s keep planting those trees in the desert, no matter that they’re an environmental & ecological disaster. The desert will bloom with pine trees.
  2. Awwww, forgot to compliment Skulz latest masterpiece at the top of the post; am in awe of your talent & creativity.
  3. skulz fontaine
    Moron Mitt Romney, visiting the Zionistas in Zionlandia, closed his not so secret meeting with the Zionista Wholly High Counsel to the media and a wondering world.
    You see, Moron Mitt Romney will be showing the Zionista Wholly High Counsel how the Mormon ‘laying on of hands’ trick works in real time. For further details, consult with ANY Boy Scout that has spent time in a Mormon Boy Scout Troop.
    The world would not really care to see that anyway. Creepy oh pedophilia creepy 4 sures.
  4. skulz fontaine
    Thank you ruby22-kate and thank you very much. Please pay us a visit over @ The Graphic Visigoth. Any and all are welcome. Well, maybe not so much the Zionistas. I tend to piss them off. Well and the Mormons. Oh yuck. You see, while I was screeding about the Mittster I missed you kind remark.
    peace and respect,
    p.s. – apologies to Mr. MT for eating up his valuable comment section space.

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