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 Illuminati Baab El On, Ordo ab chao.

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a God who was so disappointed with His own human creation that He decided to wipe them out of existence on this planet except for a very few selected by Himself!  Why he did not wipe them off all from the surface of the earth and create a better kind still remains a mystery to us.  But, then, time proved that He was wrong to have chosen these few ones showing that He was not a very good Judge.  So, again He persisted in not getting rid of them all and decided to come in person to Earth and take a human form believing that He would convince His Chosen Ones, His Children of Israel, not the other humans of His own creation, the undeserving and inferior ones, to believe in Him and do the right thing this time.  But, again, he was disappointed because His Chosen Ones, His Children of Israel, plotted and had him beaten up, tortured, humiliated and sent to the Cross to be crucified by their White European Roman masters.  That He was a racist and an incompetent God is obvious from the above.

ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME, there was an Arab by the name Muhammad (the praised one) of the same bloodline as God’s Chosen Ones who was smarter and said to God’s Chosen Ones:

Come on, you Children of Israel, Jesus Christ was the begotten son of Mary the Chaste and not of God!  He came on behalf of God and was not God, but just His Messenger and Prophet, and all that he did was with God’s permission!  You neither killed him nor crucified him, but it was just made to appear so.  As foretold by Jesus himself, God sent me to tell the truth about both Jesus and his blessed mother Mary, about the Prophets of old and the best way to lead your lives as one Nation under God, and of things to come with a promise: Paradise or Hell, and the choice is yours.  This time, God will not lift a finger to help those who refuse to help themselves.

Some 6 to 10,000 years have gone by since God spoke to and even walked with humans on this planet, and for some mysterious reasons humans never managed to understand what it was all about.  Pigs and dogs know, but not humans!  So, as promised, it was hell on earth and God did not help those who refused to help themselves and the sheep were and are still led by their misleaders to the slaughter house by tens of millions.  Satan, the one that God miscreated, probably an accident of genetic engineering, proved to be more powerful than God as he has managed to become the ruler of God’s creation - killing, stealing, polluting, perverting and driving everybody insane despite all the Messengers and Prophets God sent to warn and guide the humans.

So, how can we now blame humans for saying that there is no God at all or if there is one, he is not that good?  On the 1st of May 1776, the German Satanic forces devised a plan under the Jewish Qabbalistic Bauer aka Rothschilds to destroy Christian and Islamic civilization, God’s World Order, the natural religion of humans, and the Human Social Order by replacing it with a New Godless World of Disorder and Crime.  It was the birth of Communism that was to dethrone God and put the State as the Supreme Power above all humans and the Sole Master of their destiny. 

Ever since, the Forces of Satan under the Rothschilds, the Jewish Freemasons and the International usurious Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex, have been waging endless wars, revolutions, engineering riots and insurrections all over the planet, orchestrating genocide after genocide and famines, manipulating the climate and causing catastrophes, poisoning the mind, body and soul of humans, polluting and perverting everything they touch, stealing, lying, and making fools of God’s human creation.  From the chaos they have created, they have set out to build a New World Order under Satan aka New Age.  The sheep are all now assembled at the United Nations Organisation, the Head Quarters of Satan, and out fear of Satan, the Greater Architect, Greater Planner, Greater Engineer and Greater God, they have surrendered to him although they say they still believe in the other God-Creator.

This very day, Thursday the 28th of June 2012 of the Gregorian Calendar, I am a witness to this truth.  Is it the truth?  Only THE GOD knows!  Innocence has gone out of the world; subservience to the forces of Satan and other Devils have replaced submission to GOD; and innocence, bravery, solidarity and steadfastness in good deeds, sincerity, loyalty, freedom, love, justice, faithfulness, purity, honesty, and self-sacrifice are all things of the past.  That God of Old is dead for good!  But, when most of us are slaves of Satan, who really cares if there is GOD or not?  How does this help whether we believe or not if we are not willing to stop Satan by whatever means necessary?  A slap in the face is not enough; it makes him just mad!  

Thursday the 28th of June 2012

List of Israel's major contributions to humanity in 2010 :-

by Popular National Conference for Jerusalem on Tuesday, 4 January 2011 at 05:04 ·
List of Israel's major contributions to humanity in 2010 :-

-Killed 107 including 10 kids& injured almost a 1000 other Palestinians

-Killed 9 humanitarian aid workers wounding dozens others

-Demolished 63 Palestinian Homes in Jerusalem; rendering families homeless

-With their illegal Apartheid wall, segregated thousands of Palestinians from their families,work and land,
forcing them to undergo painfully long queues & humiliating experiences at various check points

-Continued the more than 3.5 Years illegal inhumane siege on 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza; until recently depriving them form the necessities of life & until now preventing them from building their infrastructure; destroyed by the Israeli massacre in Gaza 2008-2009

-Confiscated massive areas of Palestinian lands to build illegal settlements AKA colonies & is currently building 1300 of 16479 approved units in Palestinian East Jerusalem

-The settlers criminals &thugs had burnt a church &3 mosques in Jerusalem & the west bank, not to mention their theft of the Palestinians' olive harvest, burning of their land & daily harassment of them & their children

-Detained 4168 Palestinians, average 347/month, 11/day, including men, women & children subjecting them to physical and/or psychological trauma & humiliation- with a current total of 6500 Palestinian prisoners being tortured in Israeli jails

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    Mask of Zion Report with Jonathon Azaziah June 28, 2012


    The Palestinian Solidarity Movement–the real deal or just another form of controlled opposition on the part of organized Jewish interests to make sure it goes nowhere?

    Jonathon is joined by writer/researcher extraordinaire Martin Iqbal from the UK



    Zionist Jewish Masonic Dictator Mustafa Kemal

     Freemason Dictator Mustafa Kemal confesses his Jewishness:

    “I’m a descendant of Sabbetai Zevi-not indeed a Jew any more, but an ardent admirer of this prophet of yours. My opinion is that every Jew in this country would do well to join his camp. I have at home a Hebrew Bible printed in Venice. It’s rather old, and I remember my father bringing me to a Karaite teacher who taught me to read it. I can still remember a few words of it, such as– ‘Shema Yisra’el, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Ehad!’ “

    (1911, Jerusalem)

    Watch this Video to discover this Treacherous Fake Jewish Conjob : Dictator Mustafa Kemal Crypto Jew who duped the Turkish People

    The revolt of the Young Turks in 1908 against the authoritarian regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid began among the intellectuals of Salonika. It was from there that the demand for a constitutional regime originated. Among the leaders of the revolution which resulted in a more modern government in Turkey were Djavid Bey and Mustafa Kemal. Both were ardent ‘doenmehs’ [Jew]. Djavid Bey became minister of finance; Mustafa Kemal became the leader of the new regime and he adopted the name of Ataturk. His opponents tried to use his ‘doenmeh’ background to unseat him, but without success. Too many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had as their real prophet Shabtai Zvi, the Messiah of Smyrna

    Four large U.S. Jewish groups have lent support to Turkey’s position in opposing the passage of two resolutions pending in Congress that call for official recognition of World War I-era killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. B’nai B’rith International, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) have recently conveyed a letter from Turkish Jews who oppose the resolution to U.S. congressional leaders, officials from the groups told the Turkish Daily News.

    In their letter, leading Turkish Jews have urged congressional leaders to postpone considering the genocide measures. In conveying the letter to Congress officials, the four U.S. Jewish groups tacitly agreed to its contents. Going further, the ADL and JINSA have also added their own statements opposing the bill.

    BUT WHY ?


    1. #19 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on June 30, 2012 - 12:11 am
      #13 by Alex from Russia on June 29, 2012 – 3:22 pm

      Hey, WoW, BAFS, other Putin/Russia bashers!
      Can you, please, be more explicit and leave the Yiddish part aside? Don’t just spit and go away!


    2. #20 by SazzyLilSmartAzz on June 30, 2012 - 12:23 am

      Dear everyone, first of all I would like to say that the fact that Putin visited Israel was indeed mentioned on this site. Please, please remember our unity. There is nothing wrong with having hope that Putin will save the people of Syria. I’m not saying we should harbor illusions but we need to examine this situation before we cast stones.

      Romans 12:12 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

    3. #21 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on June 30, 2012 - 7:24 am
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      #20 by SazzyLilSmartAzz on June 30, 2012 – 12:23 am
      “There is nothing wrong with having hope that Putin will save the people of Syria.”

      My dear

      We are all people of HOPE, at least we should be, and as for me I will even pray to the Devil if this would save the innocent from all these devil-engineered catastrophes, and I do not care if it is Putin or anybody else.

      I have a special love for Russia, the Russian language and classical literature and art, and the Russian people, but not for the devils running Russia. Both my first wife Naina and son Olyeg are Russians and I lost them in 1968 because of the local Jewish run KGB of the Caucasus.
      I have seen Putin kneel down and pray to God, but some Christians do this in Church, but pray to the Devil instead! Muslims pray to the wrong God too and practice the wrong religion. This is why they wallow in the gutter today and are being exterminated!

      I am not sorry for my harsh words. The Age requires strong-hearted and strong-minded people of the human type!


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    Egeria’s Travelogue

    Father Augustine’s sermons are always rejuvenating. It never fails that I always learn from his insight and historical references. It’s like sitting in a compelling Biblical theology class on Sundays. Today, Father spoke on Egeria’s travelogue (page 2) which he studied while at Oxford. I’m sure the majority of priests have already heard of Egeria… but I hadn’t. She sounds like quite a character and she’s spoken of in correlation with the Feast of The Ascension. This well-traveled and exuberant pilgrim (c. A.D. 381-384) is cited as Egeria/Etheria/Aetheria depending on who is writing. Her daily journals were the first translations to describe the early Church’s liturgical worship and creation of feast days like Christmas and Ascension Thursday.

    Here is Egeria’s travelogue. Another translation
    Holy Sepulchre Article has pictures from the Church of the Ascension.
    Women Pilgrims: Egeria

    Finally this is the Wikipedia detail on Egeria that I find fascinating. (And yes, I know Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source for citation but it’s a good place to start.)

    Egeria’s record of her travels to the Holy Land also provides a late 4th century account of liturgical worship in Palestine. The liturgical year was in its incipient stages at the time of her visit. This is invaluable because the development of liturgical worship (e.g. Lent, palm or passion Sunday) reached universal practice in the 4th century. Egeria provides a first hand account of practices and implementation of liturgical seasons as they existed at the time of her visit. This snapshot is before universal acceptance of a December 25th celebration of the nativity of Jesus; this is very early and very helpful in cataloging the development of annual liturgical worship.
    Reference: Connell, Martin (2007). Eternity Today: On the Liturgical Year. New York: Continuum Publishing. pp. 16–18. ISBN 9780826418715.
    To learn more about the 4th Century Church and Egeria’s sightseeing pilgrimages, I have ordered the following book. Looks like a good read for my summertime pilgrimage – I’ll let you know. Wandering Monks, Virgins, and Pilgrims, Ascetic Travels in the Mediterranean World, A.D. 300 – 800

    Marianne McDonald, Ph.D.

      First EGERIA* Award

    EGERIA was a woman, a goddess, a mystic and a dedicated religious figure who is known for her sage advice and passionate belief in truth.
    In mythology. Egeria was a Roman goddess who advised Pompilius, the ruler of the Eternal City, in the ways of wise legislation and forms of public worship. After his death, she turned into a well of knowledge dedicated to Diana, the goddess of the hunt. Egeria is also worshiped as a goddess of birth.

    Egeria was a nun who devoted three years faithfully retraced the steps of Jesus. It is said her mission was like no other. With the thoroughness of a scientist, the heart of an intrepid hunter, the spirit of a curious pupil and the sagacity of a master teacher, Egeria completed her mission. Her writings are still pondered by Biblical scholars. 

    EGERIA, whether mythic or religious, was and remains the definition of the Complete Woman. Marianne McDonald is this magnificent woman. 

    Marianne McDonald is a Professor of Theatre and Classics at the University of California, San Diego. She was a Fulbright professor in 1999, is adjunct professor at Trinity College Dublin, a fellow at the National University of Ireland and is one of the few women to have been elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Professor McDonald was trained in classics and music and taught for many years at the University of California, Irvine. 

    She is most well-known for her work on ancient Greek drama, mythology, and modern versions of ancient classics in film, plays and opera, but her poems, plays, and translations have also been widely published. A dedicated teacher and international lecturer, she is a pioneer in the field of modern versions of the classics, in the films, plays and opera. She has over 200 publications. 

    She also helped shape the Japanese Studies program at UCSD, which is one of the reasons that this campus was selected for the Pacific Basin Study Program (IRPS). In addition, she is the founder of the renowned McDonald Center at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, whose success rate is among the highest in the nation in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Marianne McDonald has six children, a black belt in karate, and plays classical piano and harp. 

    To cite all of Marianne McDonald’s expansive literary, educational, philanthropic and humanitarian accomplishments and contributions would require many pages. Her love of life, learning, teaching, challenging, establishing precedence, enlightening and helping others can best be discovered on their extraordinary web sites
    Marianne, you are my Egeria, you are my friend, Gloria.
    Tribute to Gankar Tulku Rinpoche
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    Uploaded by VackraSverige on 28 May 2011

    This is Sweden of Today. Evil indoctrination that encourages the youth of our once proud and noble Nation to indulge in the lowest forms of behaviour: promiscuity, immorailty, homosexuality, perversion and miscegenation- to ultimately humiliate, degrade and debase our people and culture.

    This Evil propaganda is posed as 'Entertainment'-
    These pictures all come from a Swedish magazine site:
    But these images are also further propagated Internationally by the English speaking 'news' (propaganda) channel

    News & Politics



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  2. #5 by Frank on June 29, 2012 - 12:35 pm

    "Often difficult to understand Jonathan’s words. How is isreal able to control countries like Turkey, Jordan etc.?

    People are so hypnotised by the media and "the news" that they stop understanding the reality of this world.

    "IISRAEL" IS NOT that Apartheid and Ethnic cleansing military base in the heart of the Arab and Muslim world in occupied Palestine also called the Jewish "State", BUT A NETWORK OF TOTALITARIAN, FASCIST AND RACIST EUROPEAN GANGSTERS, AMERICANS, AUSTRALIANS, CANADIANS, NEW ZEALANDERS AND SOUTH AFRICANS belonging and running the KOSHER NOSTRA that the Bauers aka Rothschilds started back on 1st May 1776 and imported to the Americas as the ILLUMINATI, a Jewish Freemasonic Godless New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) meant to destroy Christianity, religion, God, Western Civilisation and the civil society.