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TUT Pod-Broadcast June 11, 2012

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Christian/Islamic solidarity–the one thing that threatens to break Jewish/Zionist power more than anything else.

Hesham Tillawi joins the program to discuss the one thing that must be done if this reign of evil and terror is to be stopped–reconciliation between the Christian and Islamic worlds based upon common understanding and respect of their numerous similarities.


Dedicated to Theresa, a Western Roman Catholic,
 From a Catholic Muslim

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
A’uzu billahi minash Shayta-nir-rajeem
I seek refuge in God from Satan the accursed one!

CAUTION:  This is not an invitation to embrace Islam, but only my contribution to the struggle of our great Brothers Mark Glenn and Dr Hesham Tillawi’s, together with many like-minded personalities like Keith Johnson, Reverend Mark Dankof, Jonathan Azaziah, Kenneth O’Keefe and Sami Ebraheem, in order for our children and grand children to inherit a world of freedom, justice and peace, which we are unable to achieve as long as THE JEWS will remain in power in the western decadent Christian world.  Whatever I will be writing here I have all the evidence required and available to all sincere, honest and moral person.  I will be writing to people of all confessions, including the Agnostics, Secularists and Atheists, from the religious and human perspectives.  In my view there is no such being without a confession of some sort.  Even Atheism, Marxism and Evolutionism are believed blindly by many as religions.          


This is how some of our learned Muslims, speaking of Islam, start their talks to non Muslims and Muslims alike, like, for example, Dr Zakir Naïk:

“Alhamdulillah, was Salaatu was Salaam ala Rasoolillah wa ala aalihi wa ashaabihi wa ajma’een, amma baad.

A’uzu billahi minash shaytan nir-rajeem, Bismillah hirrahman nirraheem. 

Qul Ya 'Ahlal-Kitaab Ta`alaw 'Ilá Kalimatin Sawa'in Baynana Wa Baynakum 'Allah Na`buda 'Illallah Wa La Nushrika Bihi Shay'an Wa La Yattakhidha Ba`duna Ba`dan 'Arbaban Min Dunillahi Fa'in Tawallaw Faqulush hadu Bi'anna Muslimun.

Rabbish rahli Şadri Wa Yassir Li 'Amri Wa Ahlul `Uqdatan Min Lisani Yafqahu Qawli

My respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters, I welcome all of you with the Islamic greetings As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, of Almighty God be on all of you.”


Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu
May peace, mercy and blessings of Almighty God be on all of you!

I apologise for not having time to provide the translation of all Arabic terms used here.    God in Islam has appointed humans as His vicegerents (Caliphs) on earth.  He created humans to worship him for their own sake and welfare.  An Arab claimed to have heard voices while meditating in a cave, which were later found out to be (or interpreted as) Revelations from the Divine and encountered a Being from the Invisible Realm which was later found out to be (or interpreted as) Archangel Gabriel who claimed he came on behalf of the One God, the Same God as worshipped by all the Prophets and Messengers from the four corners of the Earth and throughout the Ages.  As Brother Jonathan Azaziah rightly pointed out, it regarded the Natural Way of Life as revealed by God Himself, that is, in Arabic, Din al Fitra, as practiced by all the Believers of old, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses, John the Baptist, Zakariah, Elijah, Jesus, and so on.  All the believers of all ages and around the entire world submitted to the One and Only God.  In Arabic, that natural religion is called Islam, and those who submit to it without any coercion whatsoever are called Muslims, that is those who submit to the one and only God.

Since the beginning of time, words have been known to divide humans into different factions pitted against each other.  Islam has the unique quality of having preserved intact its Revealed or Inspired Scriptures in its original language Arabic.  Yet, despite this, it has proved a very difficult and sometimes an impossible task to understand the entire of the compiled Scriptures even in its original language of transmission because every new age brings new understanding of certain passages.  Now, the hurdle is greater when the Scriptures are translated into other languages.  Even today, when we need to understand what they say in Arabic we have to rely on a variety of poor quality translations.  A translation is just what it is, a rendering of the possible meanings of the Arabic, but essentially we know more or less what it is all about.  However, certain facts do not need to be interpreted.
When God says, for example, that usury is forbidden, that we must not eat pork, take intoxicants (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc.), steal, fornicate, commit adultery, indulge in homosexual practices, to respect other peoples’ freedom, faiths, lives and property, to worship only One God, to honour our parents, to be sincere, faithful, loyal, charitable, to work and not be lazy, not to waste, not to force a girl to marry, to be just in all our dealings, to respect the whole of Creation, humans, animals, plants, and the environment, and to thank him for all His Bounties, to marry two, three, four wives and if we cannot be equitable with them, to marry only one, which is better for us, to punish criminals, to compensate the victims, to educate all men, women and children,  not to destroy crops and livestock, not to murder and torture, not to wage aggressive wars, to defend ourselves against all aggressions, to set up armed units to protect our lands, lives, property, and way of life, to love each other, to love our neighbours as we love ourselves, not to divide ourselves into Sects, not to worship graven images or statues, that God is One, the Way is One, the Ummah is One, and in short to lead a righteous life, what is there so difficult to understand? 

But, our differences lie in the interpretation of words and even of certain concepts, and this has in time caused the destruction of the Ummah (Congregation, ecclesia) of Muhammad and all the lands of the Muslims to be conquered by the forces of evil, their way of life to be destroyed, that is, their civilization, and their wealth to be stolen, their people to be slaughtered by the millions, some 150 million since Christopher Colombus, and the survivors to be enslaved to this very day, and the slaughter to continue unabated and unstoppable because Muslims have disobeyed their Creator and would not return to their natural Way of Life as ordained to them by God.  They have adopted other Gods above God, for example, democracy, secularism, socialism, progress, modernity, liberalism, etc.

 Adam or the Adamic race was the very first human Muslims.  As animals, plants, minerals, the air, wind, rain, the sun, moon, stars, and the Laws that govern the Universe they all obey and submit to God, they too are Muslims.  But, humans have been indoctrinated to believe that the only Muslims on earth are Arabs, Arab-speaking people, and those humans calling themselves Muslims, which number some 1.5 to 1.8 billion souls.  But, all believers, whether they are Hindus, Jews or Christians who say they believe in the One and Only God and submit to Him alone, they are all good Muslims as long as they do righteous deeds.  Any human can become a Muslim just by testifying that there is only One God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, but this does not make him or her a good Muslim without the good deeds.  And, in order to distinguish right from wrong, Muhammad who claimed to have received Revelation from God has given not to Muslims but to the whole of humankind a Criterion (Furqân), another word for Qurân, the Recitation.  The Furqân is the Divinely inspired Instruction Manual to lead a righteous life, and the example set by Muhammad himself (Sunnah), as contained more or less correctly in the Muslim Traditions (Ahadiith) are also important guides.

This may sound farcical or nonsensical, but it is nonetheless true.  If a banana tree, a rat, a cat, a pig and a dog can be Muslims, why can’t a good Hindu, Jew, and Christian?  But, here, I am more concerned about Christian-Muslim solidarity and get-together against the common enemy.  Please, see for yourselves which one amongst the following can the Christian take exception to?
The banning of usury
The banning of pork
The banning of intoxicants (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc.)
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not worship graven images or statues
Thou shalt not fornicate
Thou shalt not commit adultery
Thou shalt not indulge in homosexual practices
Thou shalt respect other peoples’ freedom, faiths, lives and property
Thou shalt worship only One God
Thou shalt honour your parents
Thou shalt be sincere, faithful, loyal, charitable
Thou shalt work and not be lazy
Thou shalt not waste
Thou shalt not force a girl to marry
Thou shalt be just in all your dealings
Thou shalt respect the whole of Creation, humans, animals, plants, and the environment
Thou shalt thank God for all His Bounties
Thou shalt marry only one wife if thou cans’t be equitable with two, three or four
Thou shalt punish criminals
Thou shalt compensate the victims
Thou shalt educate all men, women and children
Thou shalt not destroy crops and livestock
Thou shalt not murder and torture
Thou shalt not wage aggressive wars
Thou shalt defend thyselves against all aggressions
Thou shalt set up armed units to protect thy lands, lives, property, and way of life
Thou shalt love each other, and love thy neighbours as thyselves
Thou shalt not divide thyselves into Sects
Thou shalt not lie or make false testimony
Thou shalt lead a righteous life in all circumstances
That God is One
That God’s Religion is One
That the Believing Humanity is One


  Dr.Zakir Naik Media-Bahrain on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 at 10:01 ·

Holy Qurân Surah Ale Imran, Chapter No. 3, Verse No. 64 
“Qul Ya 'Ahlal-Kitaab”,
“Say O people of the Book”

“Ta`alaw 'Ilá Kalimatin Sawa'in Baynana Wa Baynakum”
“Come to common terms as between us and you”


“Allah Na`buda 'Illallah”
“That we worship none but THE GOD (ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’la)”

“Wa La Nushrika Bihi Shay'an”
“That we associate no partners with Him”

“Wa La Yattakhidha Ba`duna Ba`dan 'Arbaban Min Dunillahi”
“That we erect not among ourselves Lords and Patrons other than THE GOD.”

“Fa'in Tawallaw”
“If then they turn back”

“Faqulush hadu”
“Say ye bear witness”

“Bi'anna Muslimun”
“That we are Muslims bowing our will to Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’la).”

 This Verse of the Qur’an though its addressed to the Ahle Kitaab, the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, Jews and Christians, can be addressed to all humankind.

“Ta`alaw 'Ilá Kalimatin Sawa'in Baynana Wa Baynakum”
“Come to common terms as between us and you”

Which is the first term?

“Allah Na`buda 'Illallah”
“That we worship none but Allah”

Surah Nahl Chapter No. 16 Verse No. 125

“Ud’u 'Ila Sabili Rabbika Bil-Hikmah Wal Maw`izatil Hasanah Wa Jaadilhum Bilati Hiya 'Ahsan”
“Invite all to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best and most gracious.”


In the name of God
We praise Him
Seek His help and
Ask for His forgiveness.
Whoever God guides none can misguide, and
Whoever He allows to go astray, none can guide them
We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but God Alone, and
We bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His servant (slave) and
The Seal of Prophethood.

Surat Al-Mā'idah (The Table Spread) - سورة المائدة

This is a portion of the entire Surah. View more context, or the entire surah.

Sahih International
You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers [to be] the Jews and those who associate others with Allah ; and you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, "We are Christians." That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.

This is a portion of the entire Surah. View more context, or the entire surah.

Sahih International
And when they hear what has been revealed to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of what they have recognized of the truth. They say, "Our Lord, we have believed, so register us among the witnesses.

This is a quite interesting Verse where God in Islam points to the Jews as being “the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers”, that is, against the true Believers (Jews, Christians and Muslims).  And God points to the polytheists, not only those who worship many Gods, but also cinema, television, film, porn STARS and GODS, etc.!  Mark Glenn used the concept of a “beautiful marriage” between Christendom (Christianity) and the Ummah of Muhammad (Islam), and Dr Hesham Tillawi disagreed.  I can see both points of view.  Obviously, a marriage of “likes” would be more of a “homosexual” marriage!  (Don’t laugh!)  But, there can be a symbiotic one and a Christian-Muslim “co-habitation” at almost all levels without anyone losing its own identity.   France used that term when the Right Wing cohabited with the Left Wing to form the government under François Mitterand.    

Any sincere and honest person who wishes to learn about Christianity and Islam should first of all read the Books regarded as an authority by the early believers, both Christians and Muslims.   Regarding the “No Salvation outside the Church” Catholic Doctrine, it should be pointed out that the Zionists Popes John Paul II and Ratzinger  abolished that doctrine already!  Refer to the Vatican II Council.  Even the Doctrine of Heavenly Israel has been abolished as the Pope has now recognized Earthly Israel!  This is clear proof again that Rome makes up the religion as they go along!   But, some truths are always ugly and people get easily offended.  Jessus Christ was recorded to have said that the truth would set us free, but as soon as I try telling the truth (the little I know about it) to many Christians and Muslims, they immediately run away from it and from me!  So, it is not an easy task to try and bring Christianity and Islam back together like in old times.  To reveal the Christ-Islamic (“Chrislamic”) reality to the world, we need first to destroy the false Judeo-Christian hegemony.  In our path there are a lot of sensitivities, emotions and perceptions (as Mark Glenn says) to take into consideration, and a lot of fanaticism, extremism, and even sectarianism to fight amongst our own ranks.  .      

“Chosenness” does not mean superiority over anybody else.  Jewish, Christian or Muslim chosenness is simply racism.  God did indeed chose “Jews”, “Christians” and “Muslims” in turn, but ONLY TO CARRY OUT A SPECIFIC JOB, which they hardly did, all of them!     


As human beings, let us all come to common terms, and unite on common values, Jews, Christians and Muslims, and others who share those values, not as believers but as lovers of freedom, justice and peace.  If we cannot achieve a consensus amongst like-minded people, what hope is there for out progeny?   As Dr Hesham Tillawi says, let us deal with the earthly matters and leave the heavenly part to God.  We allowed Israel and THE JEWS to wipe Palestine off the map, if we think they will stop at that WE ARE FOOLS

I live in a place where THE JEWS have put me to rot until I die!
Mortgages are fixed by THE JEWS!
I pay for water, gas and electricity at a price fixed by THE JEWS!
I buy groceries that for the most part THE JEWS have a monopoly on! 
I use medicine manufactured by THE JEWS and their slaves!
I use the Internet and computers where THE JEWS have a monopoly at all level of production!
Dentists and Opticians do the bidding of THE JEWS who have a monopoly on almost all the products, from the optical lenses to the tooth implants!
The local authority and the national government are both run or controlled by THE JEWS in the entire Western world.
Laws are being passed to protect THE JEWS and the wealthy and nobody else.
Academia, media and television and Hollywood are in the hands of THE JEWS!
The only people on earth that threaten others of total destruction with weapons of mass destruction are THE JEWS and ZIONIST AMERICANS!
The God ruling our planet today is the God of THE JEWS, Jehovah, Yahbulon, Lucifer, Baal, Moloch, Satan, or whatever!

One day, a Roman Catholic girl got angry at me for signing as a non Roman non Apostolic Catholic.  When I told her what a Roman Catholic really meant (with evidence from the Zionist Popes themselves) after Zionism took over the Vatican, she suddenly kept quiet and did not even thank me for telling her the truth that should have set her free.  What I mean by “Catholic” Muslim is just UNIVERSAL MUSLIM because it is my understanding that Christianity is not a Jewish religion, but a Greek-Roman one, a universal and more civilized religion that although admittedly brought much misery in the world, at the same time, maybe, also brought about the greatest civilization of all times thanks to the WHITE EUROPEANSBut, the ignorant and perverted racist bastard sons and daughters of those Earlier White Christians are now creating havoc in our world because they have joined Satan and his army of degenerates who call themselves the Secular Enlightened ones, the ILLUMINATI and the ROYALS of the JEWISH QABBALAH.  

Christians have to get use with the Arabic, Syriac and Coptic languages which they have been indoctrinated to hate since childhood (mainly the Arabic).  Once this hurdle gone, they will have a clearer picture of Jesus himself and of the Gospels and find more similarities between their faith and Islam than with Judaism.  THE TRUTH IS THAT BOTH JESUS AND MUHAMMAD WARNED THE WORLD AGAINST THE JEWS!  Am I lying?  Once, they have understood this, and woken up from their slumber, the time will be ripe for REVOLUTION!  But, in the mean time, let not all the years of work and efforts (at great personal costs) of combatants like Mark Glenn, Keith Johnson, Gilad Atzmon, Kenneth O’Keefe, Reverend Mark Dankoff, John Friend, Jonathan Azaziah, Sami Ebraheem, Dr Hesham Tillawi, and thousands others be in vain! 

Tuesday 12th of June 2012


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  1. "The God ruling our planet today is the God of THE JEWS, Jehovah, Yahbulon, Lucifer, Baal, Moloch, Satan, or whatever!"are you serious?
    You talk about unity between Christian and Islamic and you call theme God (Jehovah ,God of JEWS )satan? or you real ????
    So keep your blabla about your religion for your people and be respectful for believer .

    YAHWEW is the only real GOD!!!!!
    LE Dieu de Abraham,d'isaac,de Jacob d'Israel ...c'ets lui le seul et vrai Dieu !!Le Dieu de la TORAH et DE LA BIBLE!!!
    Merci de ne pas mélanger Islam et Christianisme car Le christianisme découle du Judaisme mais L'islam et est une religion qui est venu contredire la parole que Dieu Yahweh(Jehovah)a envoyé par ses prophètes Juifs....
    Donc une religion ANTe-CHRIST!!!
    Que le nom du Dieu d'Israel soit Loué!!! au nom de JESUS CHRIST AMEN!!