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EU places tighter controls on citizens
Tue Apr 3, 2012 2:35AM GMT
Fabian Pierre, Press TV, Vienna
E-U politicians have decided to spy on its citizens.

One of the last of the bloc's members has recently implemented a new law on the matter.
Ever tighter controls appear to be placed on European Union Citizens, as the new Data Retention Directive- or DRD- allows the police liberties with the public's privacy in the name of Anti Terrorism efforts.

The measure does not end there however, as text messages, are also a target... and even more concerning is the tracking of your cell phone allowing the authorities to create a movement grid, knowing your patterns day in day out... But one of the architects of a movement growing to take a motion to Austria's constitutional court, believes the EU has bitten off more than it can.

The voices appear to be unanimous on this point, saying the EU is only wasting taxpayer's Euros when it can be spent on the much needed recovery.... and not placing more burdens on already heavy shoulders of an economically stressed Eurozone...

Austria has however had one up on the situation... the author of the central european country's version has placed provisions that require the police to notify someone if they are being monitored, and there will be a 1 year evaluation among other conditions... inspite of this... citizens are fighting back hard, to bring the motion to Constitutional Court... to rid Austria of the DRD for good...

The Data Retention Directive already appears to be in trouble with Constitutional Courts like that of the Czech Republic, ruling the act UNconstitutional... and bigger EU members like Germany finding no legal reason to have the law around... the picture becomes clearer. What Austria's Constitutional Court will rule on the DRD once the motion is heard, will see whether or not the Government will have the legal right to spy on its people.

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