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Why Does An Unknown Organisation Want Children Trained How To Touch Each Other At School?

Why are 4-12 year olds being encouraged to touch each other?

The massage in schools association, claims

* Children become calmer and have improved concentration.
* Children have more confidence and increased self esteem
* It teaches children to respect others and leads to social inclusion
* There is a reduction in bullying and aggression
* Emotional health improves
* It helps children recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch
* Children show improved motor skills
* It encourages visualisation and kinaesthetic learning
* Children are encouraged to make choices
* Cooperation improves as children work in pairs and in groups
* There is a calmer classroom environment
* The teacher benefits from all these aspects
* Massage is fun!

No statistics were provided to support those claims.

They did provide a quote from an OFSTED inspector

I think it's creepy. Well intentioned, but still creepy. Children shouldn't be peer-pressured at school into touching and rubbing each other.

Apparently it's becoming more common. Parents are uptight about it and don't like it says The Daily Mail.

Who's funding it?

"MISA (EWNI) CIC are very greatful to have been supported by the following orangsations:

Tudor Trust - (2010-2012)

Croydon Test Trade Grant (2008)

Awards for All (2007)

A big THANK YOU for supporting us"

Tudor Trust was established by Sir Godfrey Mitchell, of Wimpey construction, in 1955. The website says he intended the money for any charitable purpose. He may have had freemasonry links. In 1957 he became a member of the Restrictive Practices Court. Before then, in 1948 he served as Master of The Worshipful Company of Paviors, one of the Livery Companies of the City of London.

Awards for All is a national lottery grants programme.

I don't know what the "Croydon Test Trade Grant" is.

The idea apparently comes from Massage in Schools' Swedish and Canadian founders. It's a global programme, founded in 2000 - on their website they have links to 21 countries.

"Welcome to the Massage in Schools Programme - the original child-to-child massage programme."

Here is their "ultimate vision"

"Their ultimate vision is that there will be thousands of MISP instructors and hundreds of MISP Trainers, all teaching the program, all sharing their dedication with love so that the nurturing touch will become a way of life for children in all schools, world-wide."

- Me.

TAP - It is all a bit creepy when secret organisations with links to freemasonry and possibly paedophiles advocate and fund training of children to start touching each other. If I was a person with paedophile tendencies, a job as an MISP Trainer would be a prized position to get hold of. I could find victims, groom them and arrange situations that would be most gratifying. These people never stop trying to get access to children by whatever method they can, and the government backs them up all the way.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

US Aluminum. In Places 60000 Times Safe Limits.

I am guessing you have seen this already? If not, it is the best thing I have seen on chemtrails so far. Over 90 mins long but worth it, though very upsetting that basic aspects of nature are being destroyed.

Our skies are being sprayed with aluminium and barium which then falls to the earth and contaminates our air, our water and our soil. This is increasing cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and infertility. Soon we will not be able to grow food from our own seed. Meanwhile Monsanto is developing resistant seeds. How very thoughtful of them to help us out when our crops fail. The levels of aluminium in some parts of the US have been found to be 60000 times the safe limit. I am also thinking that spring water will be contaminated, so we will have to resort to government water supplies. What about air though? Good bit from a medical journalist who says that she has noticed 3 major changes over the years: people are being dumbed down, made sicker, and made infertile.


TAP It's hard to watch, but people surely prefer to know. We can filter water, filter air and grow veg under cover, and work on the threat to some extent. Sweating gets toxins out of the body, for example.

The slow and deliberate poisoning of humanity is the most shocking thing happening to the world. The question is, why are politicians not discussing this? People should be campaigning on the streets until their voices are heard. The Greens and UKIP should be running with this. Many commenters mention the effects of chemtrails where they live, increased flu-like sickness and so on. Why is the world so silent about something so evil, happening in the skies above our heads? Someone must bust open the complacency. Maybe watching this video (again is worthwhile, if you've seen it before) will spur some people into street campaigning. Let's hope so. Especially the people writing in from Yorkshire, Cheshire and Avon.

The first thing to do is measure the amounts in your soil, water and air. Report your findings to the local media and radio. Demand governments to tell you where the pollution of your environment is coming from? Ask what the geo-engineering planes are spraying.

Meet The Rothschilds

Royal Watch News

US Government Funded The Iranian Terrorists Which 'Found' The Evidence Justifying War....

Here we go again. Just swap over one letter, an N for a Q, and what do you get? Iran. Neocons. Lies. False flag terror. Military build-up. Assassination. In a word, war.

Both wars were planned over twenty years ago. We are all waking up a bit late. But better late than never.

Last time we had 'the dodgy dossier' and WMD. This time we have WMD all over again, and yes, another dodgy dossier. The evidence being used to justify the war is again manufactured by the US government. This time a few more people are watching out for sleight of hand than were doing with Iraq, when the majority of people, despite all the evidence, still trusted their governments. I did. I remember thinking at the time (2003) that the evidence seemed a bit strange, but what choice did I have but to trust Tony Blair, the man elected as our Prime Minister? I now see things differently of course, nine years later - a bit late! But better late than never. Cameron is an out and out liar just like Blair.

The Washington Blog details the deceptions being perpetrated to justify a war with Iran, which we now know, thanks to the internet, are simply the norm.


The people pushing for war against Iran are the same neocons who pushed for war against Iraq. See this and this. (They planned both wars at least 20 years ago.)

The IAEA report being trumpted as a casus belli contains no new information, but is based on a re-hashing of old, debunked claims stemming from “laptop documents”.

State Department cables released by Wikileaks reveal that the new IAEA head was heavily backed by the U.S., based upon his promises of fealty to the U.S. Indeed, as we’ve seen in the nuclear energy arena, the IAEA is not a neutral, fact-based organization, but a wholly-captured, political agency.

But where did the documents come from originally?

As Gareth Porter noted in 2008:

The George W. Bush administration has long pushed the “laptop documents” – 1,000 pages of technical documents supposedly from a stolen Iranian laptop – as hard evidence of Iranian intentions to build a nuclear weapon. Now charges based on those documents pose the only remaining obstacles to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declaring that Iran has resolved all unanswered questions about its nuclear programme.

But those documents have long been regarded with great suspicion by U.S. and foreign analysts. German officials have identified the source of the laptop documents in November 2004 as the Mujahideen e Khalq (MEK), which along with its political arm, the National Council of Resistance in Iran (NCRI), is listed by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organisation.

Interestingly, the Bush Administration – and especially Dick Cheney – helped to fund the MEK (see confirming articles here and here).

And the New York Times, Washington Post and others are reporting that Rudy Giuliani, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, former national security adviser Fran Townsend and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey are supporting the MEK as well.

So the terrorist group which “found” the documents is funded by neoconservatives who want to overthrow Iran. What a coincidence!

How School Erodes Family Life

The latest proposal from Michael Gove is to increase school hours (7.30 til 5pm possibly Saturdays too) and decrease holidays. More indoctrination time. This is nothing new. Primary school lesson time has already had to increase to fit in the massive curriculum. Summer holidays have dropped from 6.5 weeks to 5.5weeks over the last 10 or so years. We are told children forget what they have been told over the long school holidays. Their programming wears off. Unfortunately parents are so busy working, they are grateful for the school providing free childcare. Remember the biggest complaint when schools shut for snow 2 years back? Parents were angry that they couldn't get to work for lack of childcare.

As well as increasing school, availability of family is being decreased by making sure parents are busy at work, and stressed from it. In the Blair years, single mums were forced out to work to "best support their children", and out of school childcare massively increased. Money, not nurture is best we are told. Many non single mums have to work to help pay the vast amounts required for rent or mortgage, which can't be paid on one average income.

Brown proposed to extend the age limits at both ends. In the next 2 or 3 years, the school leaving age will rise to 18. This has been kept really quiet somehow. The compulsory age for single mums to work will soon be when their youngest is just 3 years old. Child care is now big business, and there are increasing amounts run by chain businesses.

School infiltrates into home life in the form of homework, shopping for kit ( anyone else noticed the uniforms turning into suits again?), parents evenings, paperwork, school runs (schools increasingly centralised, so further to go), nursing them when they get sick from school, feeding them, paying for school stuff, getting them to bed on time, up on time, sorting out their issues from school, making sure they enjoy school so they don't refuse to go, etc etc. Kids contribute little to the home and family because their lives are so taken up with school. Personally I feel like my main expected function as a parent is to serve the school and make sure my kids get good grades. That's what "good" parents do. "Bad" ones have their kids taken into care. Spot the difference?

Schools are slowly becoming more like prisons. A secondary school near me with over 1000 kids has 60 CCTV cameras. Fences are going up, big fences. Security codes are on external doors. All staff and visitors have ID. For the children's safety of course. Possibly some of this followed on from school shootings like Dunblane? More and more kids are being crammed into the same space. In the Thatcher years, playing fields were sold off. Now the remaining outdoor space is being built on for computer suites, or more classrooms for more kids. Smaller schools are closing down, not viable apparently. Gove recently proposed reintroducing physical punishment.

Teachers are not happy about the new proposals, the last straw perhaps? But I see loads of surplus teachers everywhere, possibly following the massive recruitment drive over the last 5 years. They work as Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors, they retrain in a shortage subject to try and get a job. So teachers leaving isn't a problem, plenty more, and cheap ones too.

Compulsory education started in Victorian Times. Victorian Times is a subject we are constantly reminded about, which makes me suspicious of what is being covered up. We are told about the introduction of "free" education for all, and how lucky we are that schools today are much nicer than Victorian times. But surely there was an outcry? Surely parents defied the state and tried to hang on to their kids? How did they force everyone to comply?

In the US, Obama proposed increasing school hours in 2009. Coincidence? Or part of the same plan?

If you want to know about how children can be brought up and educated harmoniously and joyfully by their families and community, read The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, it is a documentary of a South American tribe with no state control. We have got too used to the idea of schools bringing up our kids and forgotten that there is another way. You might think things aren't too bad now, but you can see the way it is going. It happens by stealth so we don't even realise it's happening. To find out more about the subliminal program in schools, try "Dumbing Us Down" by John Taylor


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