A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


by Sheltering Cedar

Before Roger Hayes is allowed to go any further encouraging the British people to join the BCG/UK Column/Lawful Rebellion and institute the Magna Carta as the Law for the people, consider the origins of the Magna Carta. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, applies to the image and is used to explain:-

This is not a personal attack towards Roger Hayes, and I’ve written an article in the past in support of the Birkenhead event. Nor is it an attack on anyone else, for that matter, but I express a concern for those falling prey to the catch-all doctrines in these times of British and American unrest, and particularly in the Middle-East because the culmination of a 3rd World War is imminent. British and American allegiance to Israel is well-known and enforced by Parliament and U.S. Legislatures.  The Magna Carta is an antecedent to the U.S. Constitution. Read Perception in America.  To speak of the U.K. and America as directly entwined is a known fact.

The danger within the Magna Carta and its brother, the U.S. Constitution, are the powers it gives to Parliament and Legislation above the non-changing Law of the Monarchial Oath, which is to maintain The Laws of God.  Thus, to recognise treason against a Monarch’s Oath is one thing, but usurp that Monarch’s Oath is what organizations such as British Constitution Group/UK Column/Lawful Rebellion seek in restoring the Magna Carta. Usurp ‘The Laws of God’ for men to rule a man.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -

The rulers have often failed, but never have they admitted or signed an Oath independent of God the Almighty. Organised-religion, as harmful as it is, is not a result of God’s Law, but is a result of defying His Laws. Roger Hayes et al are seeking to remove God completely from the equation to let people decide the ‘way of life’ by using Common Laws above “The Laws of God” for a law where God is not mentioned. The Coronation Oath is what it is, and it should be upheld, not changed, yet I can find no instance in public or my personal converse with them where they acknowledge The Law of God as The Law of the Land: “le ley de Dieu & le ley de terre sont tout un,” that is to say, “the Law of God and the Law of the Land are all one” when exists documented proof, the Coronation Oath, yet they deny God.

Failure to address the following concern is telling, because honestly it cannot be addressed with Lawful argument, instead meets denial, because it is the pure Truth:-  Elizabeth 2 did not say she would maintain Common Laws, yet BCG, etc. continue to ignore that. Secondly, the judges sitting on the “Queen’s Bench”, represents E2 directly, and the judges took an Oath proving this. Since, neither judges, nor so-called Queen have sworn an oath to Common Laws, explain why you demand it to be followed, thus altering both Oaths, when there is nothing on which to base your persistence. Lawful Rebellion has claimed the Judicial Oath is to Common Law, and in fact, it absolutely is not. Lawfully the only Laws that can be upheld are the Laws of God found in the Royal Collection Bible, which is a king James AV Bible. Common laws, which you emphasise, are subjugated to higher Laws which are The Laws of God. This is proven in the signed Coronation Oath. Please address this. Do you seek to change the Oaths?

God is Sovereign Ruler 

I cannot sit quietly and allow secular groups, i.e. Lawful Rebellion, British Constitution Group and the UK Column to increase influence amongst the people when as stated above they are misled and misleading. It would not be at all in error to assume the group is infiltrated, or influenced behind the scenes, by “Elite” corruption. There is adequate room for an atheist to abide within the Laws of God, whilst not knowing or believing in God’s existence, however the opposite is not a possibility. No God-fearing man or woman can live morally under the rule of a secular organization without compromising their God-given Rights as sworn by all the monarchs.

People be warned. It is worthy to remember, God allows Satan to tempt, but NOT to rule. Beware of wolves in sheep clothing refusing to mention God and Truth.