Saturday, 12 November 2011

Camden’s Grand Inquisitor

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Camden’s Grand Inquisitor

Paul Inglefield is Head of Communications of Camden Council. Recently he wrote to Palestinian solidarity activist Gill Kaffash as follows:-Dear Ms Kaffash,
The Council has received a complaint about your name and details being placed on our website as the contact for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign [PSC]. The complaint is we should not be promoting you as the PSC contact because it is reported you support the Holocaust denial views held by Paul Eisen in an article dated January 2008. Clearly this is a sensitive matter because it may conflict with the Council’s equality policy so I want to give you the opportunity to comment on whether this article is correct or not before deciding what action, if any, the Council should take.
Reader may wonder what evidence Mr Inglefield has for Gill’s supposed views on some historical events. The answer is, that in a footnote in an article he wrote, Paul Eisen thanked Gill, among others, for her friendship and support. Anyway, Gill replied to Mr Inglefield asking him to explain exactly how what is complained of might contravene Camden Council’s equality policy. Mr Inglefield replied that
The council’s equality policy, …….sets out that we are committed to creating a socially inclusive and cohesive community within Camden. There are a number of ways which we aim to achieve this, such as by celebrating the diversity of our community and ensuring the communications we produce positively reflect and promote the diversity of our communities.
And goes on to say that
“Council is concerned your reported views on the Holocaust may conflict with the aims of this policy”. And that If you hold these views it could imply the Council somehow condones them by publishing your name as the PSC contact on our website. We do not consider such views, given the offence they cause, are conducive to our aim of promoting diversity and tolerance.
However, obviously concerned that Britain’s finest traditions of fair play are upheld Mr Inglefield goes on:
“… but I wanted to have your views and clarification as to your actual position before coming to a final decision.
And finally he offers Gill a way out.
“Obviously if you can confirm to me in writing that these are not your views, and take the necessary action to remove your name from the article, then we can reinstate you as the contact for the PSC.”
Oh, and from where did Paul Inglefield receive the complaint? Why, from award-winning Zionist neo-con blog Harry’s Place of course. Now, apart from wondering what the exact connections are between Paul Inglefield, Camden Council and Zionist lobbyists such as Harry’s Place, residents may want to know:

How precisely do Gill Kaffash’s views on a particular period of history have any bearing on community inclusiveness and cohesion in Camden?

Why can Gill Kaffash or anyone else for that matter not hold whatever view they like on a piece of history without being subjected to harassment by local government officials?

How appropriate is it that a Council employee should take it upon himself to decide who the PSC may or may not have as their contact?

Does this mean that the well-established Zionist control of central government is now seeping down to local government?

When will all this disgraceful nonsense end?

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  1. Does this mean that the well-established Zionist control of central government is now seeping down to local government?

    Some ten years ago, I was in the Chabad Lubavitch Terrorist Cell in Stamford Hill and overheard one Chabadi Jew angry like hell screaming orders at a Councillor on the telephone.

    Saying something like : I am not asking you. I am TELLING YOU!

    Both the Leyton E10 and Walthamstow E17 Councils were run for quite a long time by Jewish Members of Parliament: Harry Cohen and Neil Gerrard. I was a victim of their RACISM many times!

    I can say with certitude that Jews or Jewish, homosexual and Black interests have been controlling the Local Government assisted by Black racists and Asian Collaborators at least since 1997 when I first arrived in East London.


  2. P.S. I forgot to mention that the CHABAD LUBAVITCH of Stamford Hill is protected like a fortress and you cannot go in without entering a CODE.

    But, I was lucky because that day I was wearing my Jewish Kippa I had bought in Paris (having worked in the Jewish quarters and with Jews for 13 years), and a young Jewish girl opened the door and let me in thinking I was Jewish too.

    But, when I was inside, nobody took any notice of me and I did not ask to speak to anybody.

    What I saw inside there was very SUSPECT!