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No truer or more rational words have ever been spoken in the annals of recorded history war and conflict. In that respect the United States have been incredibly ignorant – or more accurately defined – treacherous!

If you are a grown individual who is still clinging to inane deceptions about the Bilderbergs or the Illuminati or the UN or giant corporations or chemtrails or shape shifting giant human lizards or Muslims or Al-qaeda or Al Jolson or other nonsense regarding the cause of our moral and economic demise – don’t waste your time reading this – as you are stupid beyond help.

We have ONE MORTAL ENEMY – the jews – GOT IT? JEWS! Intelligent informed Americans already know this fact. The rest will die stupid.

What I am suggesting here is a sure fire – no nonsense – foolproof – 100% positive way out of the mess we have allowed to destroy us.

They are an evil people in a THOUSAND WAYS! Just look at what they have chosen for their national symbol – an occult symbol – the hexagram of Satan! Their national hero – king David – a whore monger and adulterer who like most jews couldn’t keep his cock in his robes. David was such a rancid puke that he had his most trusted general – HIS VERY BEST FREIND – MURDERED – so he could screw his friend’s wife, Bathsheba It’s in the Bible -check it out!

David later said he was sorry. Oh – isn’t that so special. I have my BEST friend murdered for a piece of ass – my friend’s WIFE – but it’s OK if you are a self-chosenite – commit as much murder and adultery as you want if you are a jew – because jews have a ‘special privilege’ direct from Satan that no other people on earth do. They recite some demonic gibberish nonsense ( Kol Nidre) on one of their Satanic rituals called Yom Kippur and voila! – an automatic license to LIE!  READ IT FOR YOURSELF!

But of course lying is an inseparable part of the soulless jew mentality. OH – and if you even THINK about calling me something inanely knee jerk stupid – like the obligatory jew mantra of ‘anti-Semite’ – you better damn well include the Lord Christ as well.

He CLEARLY PLAINLY stated that: (A) Satan is the father of ALL lies – and (B) the jews are his children. The JEWS – NOT the Arabs – got it?  READ IT IN SCRIPTURE – John 8-44


NO! They BRAG about dealing with their neighbors by DECEIT! They use that exact WORD! Check it out for yourself. True to their evil – that is alI I saw when I stayed in that wretched demonic place – IsraHELL – deceit upon deceit – lies upon lies!

You see – we still have a basic problem discerning the good guys from the bad guys. Primo important lesson at Ft Bragg Spec Ops Warfare school. First order of business according to the venerable ‘Sun Tzu’ in his classic ‘ART OF WAR’ – was to IDENTIFY THE ENEMY!     However – we just can’t seem to get it right!

I submit to you that our government has essentially betrayed most every TRUE ally we ever had and embraced those whose actions character morals and codes are anything but ‘friend’ – as our ‘friends’. .

Let’s Look at 3 nations who we have called friends and allies in the past as well as one MAJOR present enemy deceitfully masquerading as a “friend”.

Are you kidding? They still despise Americans. Spend some time there and you will how much they love us! Been there twice – 2 bad experiences – American nationals are not even allowed to tour certain war memorials – but still the least sinister of the three.

The British?
Worse! Aside from the FACT That the vast majority of putrid rancid Godless jew managed and promoted ‘heavy metal’ – ‘hard rock’ – satanic drug culture mentality filth which has already ruined an entire generation – totally transformed into useless garbage – was a ‘gift’ from the British – they also committed some of worst war crimes in history against American sons and daughters – not to mention serious war crimes in the Mid-East.

Ask you school children this question and see what you get. “ Which is the ONLY nation on earth which has bombarded American soil – murdered American patriots and tortured beaten and starved thousands of our countrymen in a manner so cruel and brutal that it rivals ANYTHING the Soviets have done! “

The answers you will get will be the obligatory jew promoted lies about 9-11 – and of course these “horrible evil” people will be identified as the Arabs. Today – only the most EVIL and sinister of jew associated anti-Americans will parrot the tired worn out third world joke – that the Arabs or like our home spun amoeba brained hillbilly rednecks say – “A’- rabs”

And of course – the former Soviet Union – the ‘evil empire’.

Even our most famous WWII field commander OPENLY despised these people for the godless barbarian butchers they were. They were the cradle of jew invented inspired supported and financed COMMUNISM!

I spent nearly an entire year training young warriors to DEFEND this land against our former Soviet “FRIENDS and ALLIES” – as we are about to go to war with them – FOR REAL – in 1962 . Most of you are too young to remember the frightening peak of the cold-war turned into a VERY realistic Armageddon scenario. Patton was spot on. He understood the evil of the jews and would have exposed them if he became President.

He AND JFK were BOTH – undoubtedly murdered by jews, who feared both of them had the guts and integrity to expose them and their criminal enterprises ( Eg – the Fed) for the evil demonic murderous scum they are.

THESE were the people our treasonous President – self acknowledged Marxist jew traitor – FDR – chose to all our blood brothers – friends and allies! IF – by this late date – you are still incapable of understanding that historically and logically we fought the wrong people in Europe – then you are simply too stupid to understand the planned dynamics which have enslaved us morally and economically – especially in the last few decades.

Our nation is DYING – laying prostate immobilized and impotent as our jew enemies suck the last life from our collective – now dying morally rotted corpse! This jew toilet of frightened sheep and cattle we live in today does not remotely resemble the USA of my youth.  Just ask my peers.

IF you REALLY are serious about taking back our nation – to some self- imagined ‘restore point’ – when we were parasite free – economically healthy morally healthy and respected by the world community – as a world leader – a light among nations – I will show you the way – not only the BEST – but THE ONLY WAY OUT – short of the horrors of another civil war – or the inevitable total endless occupation by the demonic godless criminal jews!.

I have examined the alternatives long and hard – every possibility from every angle and NOTHING else will work. I am so convince that what I propose is so completely doable – without the horrors of millions of American lives lost – I am willing to gamble ALL the cards I have left in my hand – my home my fortune – my freedoms – my life if necessary.

Today – there is virtually NO ASPECT of American life not controlled legislated and or influenced by the jews.

OUR PRESIDENTS = GONE! – both current past AND whoever the next puppet that IsraHELL decides will best serve Godless jewish interests = all totally immoral spineless frauds and criminal puppets of IsraHELL.

OUR CONGRESS = GONE! – 100% slavishly loyal FIRST To the Godless stolen State of IsraHELL. For any of you ‘doubting Thomas’ still in denial just watch this gut grinding horrible disgraceful conduct of our treasonous Congress as they pledged their undying loyalty to – the USA? NO – It was TO ISRAHELL. Open video to see how we have become slaves of the jew.
I will award a $20 to anyone who can unquestionably show me that so much as ONE Congressman – even Ron Paul – did not show their cowardly fealty – with tails between their legs – to war criminal – mass baby killer – terrorist racist Netanyahu as he played our entire Congress like a cheap guitar! Open video above to see how we have become slaves of the jew.
OUR JUDICUARY = GONE! The jews now control whatever they want in the Supreme Farce. Either jews or useful idiot puppets who do their bidding now call the shots.
OUR ‘FREE PRESS’ NEWS MEDIA – GONE! The jew controls ALL major media newspapers – TV – magazines. IF this is ‘news’ to ANY American reading this – YOU are part of the problem – just another useful idiot.
OUR ONCE WHOLESOME ENTERTAINMENT = GONE! – ALL jew controlled. The jew decides why you AND your children will and NOT SEE. One evening of surfing the TV content should been enough to see what filth violence blasphemies Christ bashing Founding Father bashing promotion and or glamorizing of drugs homosexual perversions adultery casual sex gluttony greed evolution and sadism which DOMINATES our jew controlled culture.
OUR DECENT MORAL LAW ENFORCEMENT = GONE! – police brutality is encouraged and more common than ever – corruption is at an all time high thanks to jew control of the courts. In my OWN state of Florida – the jew has done away with our necessary consumer protection agencies at State level.
OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM = GONE! We have forced integration forcing talented responsible children forced to take EXTREMELY dangerous psychotropic drugs and or forcefully taught anti-Christian Godless jew rhetoric. Classes are routinely interrupted by violent rancid drug gang mentality black ‘yuts’. Spend a day in one of our jew supervised schools and be prepared for a horror show right out of ‘Blackboard Jungle’.

OUR ONCE EFFICIENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM = GONE! – just look at Obama care – and the worst is yet to come.

THE AMERICAN DOLLAR = GONE! Raped by jew bankers for decades. We are playing with Monopoly Money – and our own 100% jew owned and managed Fed Reserve has raped our wealth. It is in fact the world’s largest counterfeit – printing near worthless fiat currency that is no longer respected in the world marketplace.

THE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES = GONE! 50 million brain dead hypocrite morons known as BaptDUHS – have made a total blasphemy our of Christianity. Their hillbilly imbecile stupidity made them easy targets for the jews to achieve their 2000 year old goal of discrediting and or destroying the TRUE Christian faith here. Even the presumably better educated Catholics have been corrupted. Christ has been told to take a hike. There is no moral cohesiveness in our fake ‘churches’ any more.

OUR ONCE HONORABLE MILITARY = GONE! We are now a mercenary army of overpaid losers – sick twisted psychopaths whose TRUE rationale for entering our now paid for hire assassins. In Afghanistan and Iraq alone – our paid killers for hire have committed more war crimes that in ALL previous conflicts! RAPES – MURDERS – LOOTING – THEIVERY – DRUNKENNES – SADISM are so common in the American military today – that we have surpassed the crimes committed by the barbarians of the USSR in Afghanistan.

Our treasonous military will not lift a finger to defend America from our true Mortal enemy. They are NOW in fact – THE enemy. Radical statement? REALLY? Look up
’29 Palms Naval base – Marines say they will kill their neighbors if ordered to in survey’.
I am WELL familiar with BOTH aspects – having been active with the ‘Committee For a Free Afghanistan’ in the 70s. I have substantive records of war crimes by BOTH the Soviets AND the Americans there. We have matched them for sadistic cruelties in every aspect!

I was myself an infantry basic training company commander during the Berlin Crisis so I am authority at what ‘basic combat training’ is all about – as well as highly advanced training I also received as a Special Operations paratroop commander.

Now get this! My son recently went through basic and was taught to terrorize civilians! Kick in doors to THEIR HOMES beat them up tie them up and kill them if necessary – just EXACTLY The the IDF ( jew military) trains their defenseless civilian killers to do.   Been there and seen that TOO!  The IDF cowards are the most Godless brutal sadistic bloodthirsty monsters ever spawned – and I have seen some bad folks.

Point is – our own jew run military is NOW training YOUR sons to be murdering monsters like the filth in their gangster military and I was in a position to KNOW.  Just look at the HUGE surge of reported war crimes since Vietnam – AND keep in mind that everything possible has been done by our jew controlled media to supress the real truth.  Surveys indicate that less than 15% of these brutal senseles attrocities will ever see the light of day!

I’m talking green 18 year old kids – not seasoned paratroopers I had in my command years later!  If that disgraceful state of our modern improved desensitized warriors does not upset the parents of military aged sons – then YOU are as sick as the jew bastards who created that sick perverted criminal filth in ‘basic’.

My point of all this detailed disqualifying of ALL major aspects of American society? Simply this: to show that we have ALREADY sold our nation and our souls to the jews.

The ONLY ‘group’ left – the largest one – is ‘Joe sixpak’ and ‘Bill the plumber’. Grass roots America is ALL we have left – MAYBE – as they are also poorly informed.

ALL of you remaining people who are NOT owned like cattle with a ring through your nose ( that is what the jews call us ‘GOY’ Hebrew for cattle) – need to take what I am going to tell you dead serious – as it is our ONLY hope to EVER see your children live in a free decent America once more.

We have a common ally of people who simply want to live in peace and freedom just like many of us still do. I know them and they are a brave long suffering honorable ‘people of the book ‘.

They are our ONLY hope! They are MY brothers in this battle to the death against Satan’s children – and YOURS AS WELL. You just don’t know it yet.

They have been lied about, slandered, ridiculed, mocked, and made into villains by jew deceit.  REMEMBER – the ONLY news we have today is jew news.  To forget that fact is a fatal mistake. 
We have a common MORTAL enemy – the jews. There are some 1.6 billion Muslims mostly ‘Arab’ people world wide who are brave enough to stand up to these demonic animals and DIE for their families and values.

Through pure lying  meanness or plain stupidity our militray and our news media insist on slandering brave heroic patriotic ( yes Virginia – Arab people love THEIR country and families as much as we arrogant AmeriKans love our own so ‘superior’ nation) men women and children with propaganda filth like: “detainees” – or ” insurgents” – or “terrorists”.

Oh – and of course the ‘Larry the cable moron’ hillbilly slurs like “sandniggers – or camel jockeys – or ragheads” etc.    It’s ok to call these poor persecuted people demeaning racist names – but better not call our so holier than thou hypocrite Merkans ‘mean’ names!  WHAT GODLES UNCONSCIONABLE HYPOCRSISY!

Faux so called ‘Christians’ in my country are such spineless yellow bellied cowards that they are afraid to even suggest that their three hunded and fifty or so year old tradition of honoring Christ with a Natvity scene at the White House during the holy days of Christmas has been trashed for years – the Nativity thrown out – and a demonic 3 story high filthy ‘pitchfork of Satan’ substituded!  SICK! DISGUSTING!

The brave Arab people of the world have proven their courage and have suffered unbelieveable hardship torture abuse beatings theft rapes and millions of cold blooded murders to protect what HOLD DEAR AND BELIEVE IN.

What the hell do we believe is worth protecting any more?

Our Religion?  Are you kidding ME.  We have no religion.  We smile as our spoiled brats laught at e jews mocking Christ as a monkey and worse – and His Blessed mother as a whore on jew TV.
Our Constitution?  Trashed by the jews and their useful idiots in our now 100% controlled Congress.  The video I attached proves that beyond ANYdoubt.

Our freedoms?  Also trashed more and more by  jew legislation – insane immigartion laws – tax laws and our money stolen to bail out the jew bank criminals who stole it in the first place – in case you have forgotten.  One jew alone stole SIXTY FIVE BILLION DOLLARS – his justice?  Living in a fancy semi luxury country club ‘jail’.

OK – since it is obvious that we as Americans today are too cowardly selfish stupid and or apathetic to defend ANYTHING that decent normal people hold sacred – lets get the Arabs – since they have the GUTS to fight even superpowers for non material ideals that THEY hold dear – to do the job for us.

All we have to do ( after we regain our sanity) is to give them moral support – stop murdering their families and destroying their homes – denounce our mortal enemy IsraHELL – AND all of their ‘agents’ in this country – meaning essentially ALL israHELL loyal jews. 

The Arabs will take care of the demonic enemy of ALL mankind – IsraHELLand the jews – and we will have our country – our Congress – our Supreme Court – our Presidency – or entertainment – our military – our educational system – our fiscal system – our news media AND our Christian faith – ALL back under our control once more .  It IS doable and the ONLY caveat that could possibly destroy our ‘ everyman’s dream of freedom – is continued criminal ignorance. 

THAT horrible contingency WILL send us right back on the fast track to the trash heap of history.  The choice is yours.  Enbrace what is brave noble Godly sober decent and honorable – or continue to sleep with the Devil and his filthy nasty putrid rancid cunning lying cheating greedy devious treasonous demonic scum THE JEWS!

If you EVER want to see your country free again – DECENT again – GODLY again – embrace them like your brothers in arms. They are a sober honest brave moral Godly freedom loving people – unbowed and untainted by the filth of the jews like the current generation of materialistic sensationalistic secular Godless filth they have created here in my beloved but occupied country.  I will stake my life that I am right.

If you EVER want to see your children happy and free and your grandchildren grow up in the land we USED To be – free of these satanic filthy monsters – you had better be thinking about giving your FULL SUPPORT to these brave people.

The Arab people are the ONLY friends we have left – and we have mistreated them through stupidity and arrogance – TERRIBLY! Their moral values and family values are virtually identical to what decent moral Americans hold dear. Don’t ever forget that FACT as you scream for their blood like mindless soulless insane street mobs.

I have been here – seen that – done that – with both cultures. While the jews call our Lord every filthy name in the book – blasphemer – sorcerer- bastard – mock Him 24-7 on their jew controlled TV in YOUR LIVING ROOMS EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK – in case you hypocrite ‘sunshine Christians’ haven’t noticed.

The true Muslim ALWAYS refers to Christ with the MOST reverent of terms – as they do with His blessed mother Mary. While the filthy jews in their demonic nasty filthy UNHOLY books of the Devil like the Talmud – OFICIALLY curse our Lord in the cruelest of ways ( I have witnessed jews doing this will FULL approval of all of their depraved jew ilk) the reverent Arab opens his comment about Jesus with these words; “PEACE BE UNTO HIM”.

THAT IS TRUTH – not an opinion. learn it for yourself – or die an ignorant slave. An opinion is worth perhaps a cup of coffee. The TRUTH is inviolate and priceless.

The Christians have lived in peace with the Muslims in Palestine for centuries – yet the jew there murder ALL of them – shits and pisses on their churches and mosques – murders the priests and burns them to the ground. You will never EVER see or hear of THAT FACT in your jew owned newspapers and TV news. Been there – seen that.

The jew military – the IDF – is considered in the intelligence community to be the world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization! These satanic cowards target helpless children the elderly and women. Been there – seen that.

Let the good Arab people ( REAL Semites incidentally) take the fight to israHELL – a STOLEN land based on ethnic cleansing by terrorist jews.

Just think of it. ALL of the bad things about this country – which have been supported and promoted by jews – will gradually be just bad memories.

In the past I have offered a HUNDRED Dollars for EACH wicked Godless sinful evil activity identified to not have ANYTHING To do with jew support legislation endorsement practice.

NO ONE has EVER collected simply because they ALL are pet projects of these Christ murderers! Pornography – infanticide – hard drugs – gambling – aids – homosexual perversions – pedophilia – PUBLIC blasphemies – extortion – usury and using the misery and bad fortune of their non jew fellow human beings to make them rich ( one of their favorites) .

Jesus Himself exposed these monsters by revealing their TRUE identities in Scripture ( John 8-44) as He accused the jews of being the sons of the Devil – LITERALLY! It was NOT spoken as a parable – but as a FACT!

We have one final opportunity to gain our freedom – not with violence – not with risk of military duty – not with tremendous personal expenses – not with lengthy time consuming obligations – buy by simply showing written and verbal support for the ONLY brave folks on earth with the balls to stand up to these disgusting filthy greedy Godless 2 faced liars and cheat blood sucking parasites from hell!

My experiences and conclusions are based on a lifetime of travel – personal experiences – MONUMENTAL research – and a clear sharp mind.

Learn the TRUTH – and it WILL set you free or die ignorant as a slave of the jew who considers you nothing more than an inferior animal placed here for his welfare.

Jews are consummate liars! Everything in their wicked live is based lies. READ John 8-44 and learn the TRUE nature of the jews. Scripture makes It abundantly CLEAR – He was addressing the jews as a people – and NOT just the Pharisee scribe and high priests.

The jews are the ONLY ethnicity in Scripture who are so damned by the Lord. Not the Greeks not the Romans not the Arabs – ONLY THE JEWS

Join with me in taking back my country – YOUR country. Don’t let it become another jew sewer/toilet for their perversion.

I will trust my life and my families life with good Arab people ANY DAY. Their values ARE virtually like my Christian values and always have been.

The ONLY people on earth who can AND ARE WILLING TO SACRAFICE THEIR LIVES to live fear free from the jews are the Arab people.


SHOW THEM YOUR SUPPORT – write supportive articles – speak at your church – IF it is not too late and is now under Satan’s control.

Show NO support to our child murdering military. They do NOTHING to defend my country and I should know better than most. As matter of fact our military is the biggest threat to world peace since the USSR!

I served with HONOR long before most of you were born.

Today’s military disgrace everything good noble and decent left of our military.

Remember – any soldier who went to Afghanistan or Iraq to murder, rape, humiliate, terrorize and make homeless tens of millions of civilians went there for the money and thrills and above all – to commit treason against the United States by giving aid and comfort to our mortal enemy THE JEWS went there of his own free will! That is SICK!

They are putrid rancid psychopathic murdering sadistic heartless scum . GODLESS MURDERING THRILL SEEKING BULLIES WHO HAVE PLAYED TOO MANY JEW PRODUCED CD WAR GAMES.

I trained their GRANDFATHERS!! Honest decent real men with morals and compassion. This is one former Green Beret with a flawless civic and military record that openly warns ANY young man who has concern for his immortal soul – to steer clear of our wicked Godless jew run military.

To the handful of young warriors who are moral and brave enough to tell our murderous jew controlled military to “GO TO HELL – WE WILL NOT BE YOUR SICK TWISTED COLD – BLOODED MURDERERS AGAINST INNOCENT CIVILIANS WHO HAVE DONE US NO HARM” – I salute you! I take you into my heart as ‘my true brothers in arms’ – the TRUE spirit of the Green Beret.

To the rest of you scum who have disgraced the uniform – ESPECIALLY the Green Berets – look down at the inscription on your crest – and read our Special Forces motto – the one you have cruelly mocked and trashed =


You ignorant redneck morons! You have VIOLATED YOUR OWN SACRED CODE! You have ‘SHIT’ on the very principles I risked my life to uphold for the security of this nation before most of your fathers were even BORN!.

You have become THE oppressors themsleves, and serve ONLY the demonic Godless racist murderous criminal filth in IsraHELL.  Have you no shame in your crimes?

You are without honor. You are Godless barbarian filth. Damn you to hell!

Educate yourself to the TRUTH. I would swear to the face of God on the souls of my grandchildren – that all I have said here is TRUE and from my heart. I just want my country back as it was when I was a young man.

Decent – honorable – informed – free – moral – Christian -compassionate and free of the suffocating stifling putrid stanch of death and hopelessness brought by the Godless lying jews.

I am willing to confirm anything I stated as fact here. Few Americans I know can handle ugly truths – which is why we have lost everything.

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Jew influence.

 Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews

” Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil).  If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”

” Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”

“That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10″

Matthew 23:15″ Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)

“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister

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