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PALESTINE Prof. Walid Khalidi

Prof. Walid Khalidi: Speech at the Unted Nations on Occupied Jerusalem [Video]

by Haitham Sabbah on January 1, 2010
A Remarkable Speech to the United Nations on Occupied Jerusalem by Prof. Walid Khalidi*.
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Part 5/5:

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* Prof. Walid Khalidi (born 1925 in Jerusalem) is an Oxford University-educated Palestinian historian who has written extensively on the Palestinian exodus. He is General Secretary and co-founder of the Institute for Palestine Studies, established in Beirut in December 1963 as an independent research and publishing center focusing on the Palestinian problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Khalidi's first teaching post was at Oxford, a position he resigned in 1956 in protest at the British invasion of Suez. He was Professor of Political Studies at the American University of Beirut until 1982 and thereafter a research fellow at the Harvard Center for International Affairs. He has also taught at Princeton University.
Khalidi was co-founder of the Royal Scientific Society of Amman. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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