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September 4, 2011
I am always amazed at the details you manage to uncover, for your articles; they really are some of the best-researched on the Internet.
- Anthony Lawson, 9/11 video producer, Australia, 4 September 2011
My research and writing is supported by donations from my readers. If you find the material on worth reading, please show your support.  Thank you.

Bollyn and Andreas von Bülow (left) walking at Remagen on the Rhine River in August 2011.
I visited Andreas von Bülow, author of a best-selling book (200,000 copies sold) about the CIA and 9/11, at his home in Bonn in August 2011.  Von Bülow, a former parliamentarian who oversaw operations of German intelligence, was the first political/intelligence expert I interviewed in November 2001 regarding 9/11. 
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Your work is my favorite, most reliable news source. I regularly challenge newspaper salesmen, students, and friends to read it and decide for themselves. Good on you! (Australian expression).
- W.G. in Australia, 28 July 2011
Great research! Articulated and argued brilliantly well. Thank you and best wishes!
- D.J. in Finland, 3 June 2011
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What are you proud of?  I am proud of my support for Christopher Bollyn.  Why?

Mr. Bollyn is the type of person we should all strive to be. An investigative journalist, his moral standards, work ethic and personal integrity will not be compromised.  His research and writing on 9/11 is a gift to all of us who love freedom and love the truth.

Our government, media, and our culture itself has become so infested with lies and liars that most of us are hard pressed to maintain any awareness of reality. Christopher Bollyn gives us a chance to see clearly what has happened to America - information we can use to reformulate our world view and guide our thinking as we attempt to cope.

I beg everyone to turn off your TV sets and take some time to study the writings of Mr. Bollyn, sharing his message with others as you see fit.

Thank You

- letter from an American, 13 May 2011
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Some readers send comments.  I received an interesting comment from an Israeli reader who said that my "conspiracy story" is "exactly the truth as written."

I liked your article, it is a nice conspiracy story, but in MY case it was exactly the truth as written.  Nice to remember those old-times, when we did foolish mistakes... I certainly paid for my mistakes, but I am no criminal, just another unlucky Israeli.
- T.S. in Israel, 26 February 2011

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent work.
- J.A. in USA, 7 March 2011

You always have the deepest analysis of events. Keep up the great work.
- K.B. in California, 11 February 2011

Don't stop!!!
- F.B. in New Jersey, February 2011
"This is Chris Bollyn's website. He is the bravest and most persecuted reporter in America."
- Daniel, Silicon Valley, California

There is no better cause, in my opinion, than
- G.V. in the U.S.A.

Your research is superb. Thank you for being willing and able to name names and provide FACTS.
– G.F. in Texas

"Keep up the great work.  You are truly without peer on 9-11 research."
- M.B. in New Mexico
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Dear Mr. Bollyn:
Whether the events of 9/11 are as you suspect a Mossad operation or not, the population under the current government, will in all likelihood never know. After all, the truth regarding the assassinations of Gaius Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln are still being debated, and even when after many generations hidden truths are discovered as in the 1915 sinking of the RMS Lusitania and the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the general population remembers only the “official version”. Behind all the smoke and mirrors of disinformation one thing however remains clear and that is the pernicious influence of the Zionists in the shaping of American policies, both foreign and domestic. Your lonely struggle and courageous willingness to openly question the influences that have done so much to shape policies since at least 1919 is a heroic effort which I therefore hardily applaud.
- L.A.S.
Il primo ricercatore è Cristopher Bollyn, giornalista investigativo...
(The first researcher is Christopher Bollyn,
investigative journalist...)
- Paola Coppa, "La stampa indaga sull’11 settembre"
Il Democratico (Italy),  Sept. 11, 2010

Bollyn's research is supported by his readers. 
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History, facts and truth are all Divine products, and must prevail.
- Charles A. Briggs

My research and analysis of 9-11 is very different from what you will find anywhere in the controlled mainstream media or alternative press.  My 9-11 material will not be discussed in any of the 9-11 conferences or media coverage in the coming week not because it is incorrect or biased in any way.  The only reason my 9-11 writings are not discussed in the media is because they get much too close to the truth, which is something nobody in the media wants to go anywhere near.

The American people are woefully deceived about what really happened on 9-11 and have become enslaved to lies, which is why U.S. troops are killing and being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The population of the United States is burdened by deception primarily because most Americans blindly trust in the cherished notion that they have a "free press".  Trusting what they hear on television, Americans are terribly misinformed by the deception of the controlled media and press. 

The American troops in Afghanistan are not waging war to protect the United States or to defend any American ideal.  They are killing and dying in an evil war of conquest in a place few Americans had ever been prior to October 2001.  Very few Americans understand why U.S. men and women are fighting in Afghanistan.  It has nothing to do with 9-11 and everything to do with constructing a gas pipeline to carry Israeli-owned gas to India and China.
An American soldier in Afghanistan fighting for the Zionist agenda and its state founded on terrorism.
The controlled media is lying through its teeth to the American people just like the C.I.A., the F.B.I., and the so-called "elected" members of Congress and the U.S. government.  Any person or agency who is party to deceiving the American people is clearly not on their side.  These liars are the domestic enemies of the American republic.  To deceive the people into sending their sons, husbands, fathers, and daughters to fight wars of aggression is criminal and treasonous.

My mission is to simply expose the deception in order to give the American people the information they need to protect themselves and their families.  I need your help to do that.  Please, contribute to  Thank you.
"The fact that you are giving your book [Solving 9-11] away for free, which I'm sure you worked very hard at, is even all the more impressive.  May your work enlighten everyone."
- R.W., professional flight instructor, USA

I saw your article on 9-11 in the Tehran Times yesterday and I was very impressed with your research. I had read about the Israel connection some time ago but after reading your article it put everything into perspective... [Noam] Chomsky and others have been writing about Israel for many years, but they are unwilling to really get to the heart of their activities like you have.
- Dr. C.J., Grand Junction, Colorado

"You are providing a unique and needed perspective on current events."
- V.G. in Massachusetts

The European press is much more honest than the Zionist-controlled press in the United States about Israel and its egregious act of piracy on May 31, 2010.  Such critical perspectives and information about Israeli state terrorism are not found in the U.S. media. 
Badness always manifests in destruction and corruption, while goodness always manifests in preservation and benefit.
- Socrates (469-399 B.C.) in Plato's Politiea (Republic)
My research and writings are available on this website thanks to the contributions of concerned citizens who donate to my work.  Thousands of people visit my website, read, copy and repost my material.  My recent article "How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11" , for example, is currently found on thousands of websites -- but very few readers contribute. 

The information and original articles found on my website are the result of years of research.  You won't find such accurate and detailed information (and analysis) anywhere else, least of all in the controlled press of the United States.  A recent editorial by veteran American journalist Alex Beam (Newsweek and Boston Globe) explains that the controlled press in the U.S. has a long history of publishing stories that are nothing but lies:
In Luce’s day, a cadre of gorgeous, brilliant women from the Seven Sisters colleges backstopped this modern-day rendering plant as fact-checkers. In the late 1970s, about half the fact-checkers were men, so in addition to pouring vodka I checked facts, a process that left me bleakly cynical about journalistic accuracy. We would publish whole stories that were lies — Francois Mitterrand’s plan to destroy the French economy was a recurring theme — but at least the names were spelled correctly.
- “Ye Olde Newsweek” by Alex Beam
HOW TO SUPPORT MY WORK - I am not compensated for my research and do not carry any advertising on my site, but my efforts take time and money.  Support from my readers is what keeps this website going.  If you find my work worthwhile, please donate to today by clicking on the donation button in the left-hand margin or send a donation via PayPal (choose the "personal gift" method) to  -- Thank you for your support. 

Bollyn and Professor Steven Jones examine the evidence of Thermite in the destruction of the World Trade Center at B.Y.U. in the spring of 2006.  Jones subsequently found large amounts of super-Thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers proving that the WTC had been exploded using a extremely advanced nano-composite of Thermite.  This evidence proves that neither Osama Bin Laden nor the Taliban had anything to do with the pre-planned demolition of the three towers on 9-11.  The government explanations for the cause of the three collapses are nothing but fabrications and lies.

In August 2006 I was brutally attacked at my home by three heavily-armed undercover police in an action that was instigated and co-ordinated by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the enforcement arm of the Zionist B'nai B'rith, the secret international order of Jewish Freemasons.  In my case, the ADL influenced the police, the prosecution, the clerk, and the judge.  What chance did I have to obtain justice in such a rigged and corrupt system?  Although noticed by few, the pernicious influence of the ADL and the secret Elders of Zion affects all of us. The banning of all secret societies would have to be one of the basic tenets of any patriotic movement that aspires to "liberty and justice for all."

*   *   *

Each must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, and which course is patriotic and which isn't.  You cannot shirk this and be a man.
- Mark Twain
Who are the thousand--that is to say, who are "the Country"?  In a monarchy, the king and his family are the country; in a republic it is the common voice of the people. Each of you, for himself, by himself and on his own responsibility, must speak. And it is a solemn and weighty responsibility, and not lightly to be flung aside at the bullying of pulpit, press, government, or the empty catchphrases of politicians. 
"Support our Troops" is a high-sounding slogan designed to trick Americans into supporting unjust wars of conquest and occupation, much like the catchphrase "Our Country, right or wrong!" of the Spanish-American War of Mark Twain's time.  There is nothing trivial about the cost of the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - in treasure and lives.
Iraq Deaths Estimator
Each must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, and which course is patriotic and which isn't.  You cannot shirk this and be a man.  To decide against your convictions is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let man label you as they may.  If you alone of all the nation shall decide one way, and that way be the right way according to your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country - hold up your head! You have nothing to be ashamed of.
- Mark Twain, "Two Fragments from a Suppressed Book Called 'Glances at History' or 'Outlines of History' "

A Note of Gratitude

September 4, 2011
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It's difficult to express the complete admiration and gratitude I have for the amount and quality of your work over the past decade.  Your critical and enquiring attitude from the very beginning of the 9-11 tragedy is quite remarkable, and thank God, diligence and courage still inform your work today.
- A.M. PhD in Minnesota, May 2010
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Switzerland is an important part of my family history.  My Bollyn ancestors came to America from Switzerland, where they apparently sought sanctuary after the cruel judicial murders of England's Queen Anne Boleyn (mother of Queen Elizabeth I) and her brother George.  The Boleyn family, which had played a central role in the English Reformation and having the Bible translated
into English, was subsequently vilified and slandered.  The Boleyn family lost its high position and much of its property after the murders of the Queen and her brother in May 1536. 

Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Edouard Gibot (1835)
"True religion in England had its commencement and its end with your mother." - Alexander Ales to Elizabeth I from 'A brief treatise or cronikelle of the most vertuous Ladye Anne Bulleyne, late Queen of England' by William Latimer.
"No English Queen has made more impact on the history of the nation than Anne Boleyn, and few have been so persistently maligned," Joanna Denny wrote in the opening of her excellent book, Anne Boleyn (2004).

Queen Anne Boleyn - "The Most Happy" (1501-1536)
Try me, good King, but let me have a Lawful Trial, and let not my sworn Enemies sit as my Accusers and Judges; yes, let me receive an open Trial, for my Truth shall fear no open shame; then shall you see, either mine Innocency cleared, your Suspicion and Conscience satisfied, the Ignominy and Slander of the World stopped, or my Guilt openly declared.
Anne Boleyn's letter to her husband King Henry VIII from the Tower of London (1536)

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), the daughter of Queen Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, ushered in the Golden Age of the English Renaissance.  Elizabeth was one of the most learned and accomplished women of her age. 
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I received Christmas letters from several supportersOne of them penned this message:
Mr. Bollyn:

Keep writing - I find you to be one of the few honest people commenting on the real nature of today's world.
All the best...
I also received this very nice Christmas greeting:
I wish to add some brief words of encouragement for the marvelous work you have undertaken on behalf of all of us who value our freedom. Thank you for your courage, your integrity and your amazing tenacity in exposing the evil which is gripping our planet.

I take whatever opportunities I can in sharing these truths with others - particularly in relation to 911. I was encouraged to read elsewhere today that the spirit of resistance is growing - though I don't expect to see it reported in the mainstream media any time soon!

May God bless you and yours this Christmas and in the New Year ahead.
At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
- Albert Schweitzer

Human awareness is expanding exponentially thanks to you and people like you. You really are making a difference.
- A supporter from Australia
I am very grateful to those who have donated in support of my work in December, especially S.C. in Missouri, A.S. in Panama, G.S. in Australia, T.B. in Saskatchewan, N.R. in New York, E.H. in Canada, P.C. in Japan, J.S. in California, A.S. in London, G.S. in Indiana, M.L. in Maryland, J.B. in Arkansas, S.D. in Aberdeenshire, J.L. in Sacramento, J.R. in Illinois, and T.M. in Germany.  Many thanks to you all and those who supported my work in 2009.  I couldn't do it without your help.

A special thanks to those who donated to my research and writing in November, especially N.M. and W.G. in Australia, R.A. in Philadelphia, E.H. in Canada, L.M. in North Carolina, G.S. in Australia, C.S. in British Columbia, A.S. in California, V.G. in Massachusetts, M.P. in Connecticut, P.N. in California, R.I. in Ohio, and S.B. in New Mexico.  Many thanks for your support.
I received this encouraging note from a new supporter:
I would like to thank YOU for your brave and continuous effort to bring the painful truth to light.  I admire your tireless research and linguistic intelligence. I shared with my husband the other day, that you are the only person out there who writes and explains the tragic 9/11 events so cohesively with plenty of scientific evidence and ‘to the point’, that it will be hard for anyone to dismiss it as yet another conspiracy theory.

Please don’t ever give up Mr. Bollyn and know that we are very grateful for your work!
Don't worry, I won't give up.  It is always nice to hear from supporters.  We are all in this together and it really is a collective effort to find the truth and save our nation(s).
And a big thanks to those who donated in October, especially J.F. in Colorado, K.D. in New York, T.B. in Saskatchewan, D.G. in Connecticut, V.C. in Ireland, E.H. in Canada, A.S. in Scotland, J.M. in Illinois, R.A. in Philadelphia, and G.S. in Australia.  My sincere thanks to you all.  Your support is greatly appreciated.
In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility -- I welcome it.  I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it—and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.  And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.  My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961
This note of appreciation came from a supporter in Canada:

Words can't describe how much respect I have for you and your work. I suggest that everyone look at your history of articles and understand how important you are right now to the pursuit of truth. You are the leading edge.

... from a supporter in Illinois:

Thanks for exposing AFP [American Free Press].
... from a reader in France:
Thanks for your brave investigations to bring light on Truth. You stand out among the best.
... from a reader in Seattle:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! (a million times)  for having the courage to help us break through these many walls of lies that are killing our country and the world.  From the bottom of my heart I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work that you have done on exposing the 9-11 Fairy tale....   We really need to get the people together in this quest for truth and justice....   Until that happens the media and the elites peddling these lies will continue to dominate the world...  I hope the battle can be won, and I will continue to do my best to enlighten others, thanks to the great work you have put out on your website.

... from a supporter in Dublin, Ireland:
Many thanks for your contributations to a Cassandra-like society...It is thanks to the likes of you et al that one learns of the manipulation/control of society. May you be protected by the good (especially in the security service). At a time of Depression, which affects all the good (and the stupid),  I admire your intelligence in assessing the current debacle.

... from East London, South Africa:

I was with my father watching CNN on the 11 September 2001, when the second plane "hit" the tower. My father's comment greatly startled me at the time.  He said, "Americans...How Hollywood!  I will bet you my life Mossad is responsible!" 

Your book has reiterated all that my father made me aware of, that I mostly dismissed as conspiracy theories. How desperately wrong I was.

I am heartened that people such as yourself have the courage to stand against the demonic Zionazis who control this world. Here in South Africa, they literally forced the President to address their Jewish Board of Deputies (and the country at large) and declare his support for Jews & Israel. No surprise then that the incoming Governor of the Reserve Bank is a Jew, whose family are avowed Zionists, whilst she declares herself as an atheist communist!

The rabid insanity of these people and their stupid lackeys in America and Europe has to come to an end.  

Keep up the honorable work.
I am heartened that sincere people consider my work "honorable" and donate to support my efforts.  I am very grateful for those who supported my 9-11 research in the month of September, especially D.A. in Toronto, G.W. in Germany, D.M., H.M., and K.B. in California, R.L. in Minnesota, J.A. in Michigan, R.W. in Arizona, K.M. in Australia, M.B. in New Mexico, D.M. in Denver, T.N. in Australia, S.M. in Omaha, M.P., J.A., R.H., and E.H. in Canada, J.D. in England, J.S. in San Marcos, W.F. in New York, J.C. in Long Beach, P.C. in Tokyo, W.H. in The Netherlands, M.P. in Connecticut, D.B. in Wyoming, J.D. in Illinois, J.H. in Quebec, J.M. in Oregon, G.S. in Queensland, L.B. in Tucson, E.J. in Chicago, E.B. in Palm Springs, J.B. in Arkansas, and M.S. in Louisiana.  Thank you all very much.
Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
- William Arthur Ward
These kind words of encouragement came with a generous donation:
There is no better place that I can place my money than with you. Dollars become credible currency when placed in your hands. Please keep up the fine, fine work, and accept my gratitude for your devotion to this supremely important part of our lives. Your efforts are unique and singular.
A reader in South Africa sent this note after reading the first 12 chapters of my book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World:
I have just read the 12 chapters of your 9-11 book. I am gobsmacked!  Your research is overwhelmingly precise and alarmingly accurate.  It took me four days, (with research) and even though I am well researched on the Zionazis, I was flabbergasted at the attention to detail so far.  We, as inhabitants of this planet, will be forever grateful for your time and dedication to this cause, and, in time, will owe you a huge debt of gratitude in the future.  Thank you for your incredible work.
- P., Johannesburg, South Africa
A supporter in Hawaii sent me this nice note:
Aloha, Chris,

After donating to your unparalleled research ... I discovered what you have written about your family's background.

It brought me much joy to realize that your family lineage includes the famous Boleyn family of England, since I count myself as having spiritual connections there as well. I loved seeing the Boleyn family crest, in fact it brought tears to my eyes. I believe you carry the strength and courage of this family, since what you are doing requires not just extraordinary intelligence and determination, but a high degree of spiritual protection. People's essential qualities must shine through, and yours are truly top-class.

May God continue to bless and secure your family, and your dedication to service of the truth. We all benefit from your strength and tenacity.  Mahalo nui loa!

Falcon Crest of Anne Boleyn,
Queen of England 

The Zionist (NATO) War for Libyan Oil and Gold

Updated - September 4, 2011

Documents found in the office of Libya's secret service show that the regime of Moammar Gadhafi worked very closely with the C.I.A. and Britain's MI6.  The Libyan secret service received individuals kidnapped by the C.I.A., interrogated, and tortured them -- for the C.I.A. 

"Libya - Year Zero" reads the headline of Liberation on September 1, the day of the Paris conference on the future of Libya.
The paper reports on a secret agreement with the rebels to allow France to exploit 35 percent of Libya's oil sector, a deal that was obtained last April, in return for France's recognition and support.  Three days ago, Italy, another partner in the anti-Gaddafi NATO coalition, announced an agreement with the rebels on a gas pipeline deal. Libyan oil output was about 1.3-1.4 million barrels per day before the conflict but could soon reach 1.6 million b/d of high-quality, light crude.  What secret deals were made with the other partners: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Britain and the USA?  Now we can see the real motivation for the NATO war in Libya, and their haste to wrap it up...

WANTED BY NATO - NATO has ordered all available surveillance aircraft, including British spy planes, to focus on tracking Gaddafi. NATO actions in support of the rebels have clearly exceeded the mandate of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, the resolution which authorized military intervention in Libya.
The rescue of Benghazi mutated, as did the Iraq venture, into a wider war to remove a regime no longer to Britain's liking. Aid of every sort was given to the rebels, from political and diplomatic support to training, logistics and reportedly battlefield leadership in the attack on Tripoli.

Throughout the campaign, the British government has said it is "for the Libyan people to decide their own fate" and its involvement would end once a tyrant had departed the scene. That was naive. Britain has, with Nato, most emphatically decided the fate of the Libyan people. It has brought anarchy in the place of order, hoping that anarchy will be brief. It cannot disown the consequences.
- "Libya is not an advertisement for intervention", Guardian (UK), 26 August 2011

NATO’s top commanders may have acted under color of international law but they are not exempt from international law. If members of the Gaddafi Regime are to be held accountable, NATO’s top commanders must also be held accountable through the International Criminal Court for all civilian deaths resulting from bombing. Otherwise we will have witnessed the triumph of a new international gangsterism.
- Dennis Kucinich, "Libya and beyond: How did we get there and what happens next?", 26 August 2011

Presently, ZATO is performing mass murder upon the people of Libya, who don’t have the proper banking scheme and whose leader wanted to organize the African nations to protect their resources and reject the debt enslavement, visited upon them by London bankers and assorted true vampires in search of plunder, death and destruction, in any order; it doesn’t matter. ZATO is the Zionist Alliance for Total Occupation. It has been misidentified for a long time as The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Even a casual observation of their activities over recent times will disabuse you of the notion that they work for anyone but the central bankers of London and Tel Aviv. New York City is a secondary location that is controlled by the aforementioned.
- "ZATO and the Wannabe Whores of Babylon", 22 August 2011

Libya’s rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) is ready to recognise Israel, according to French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, who says he has passed the message on to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
- "Libyan rebels will recognise Israel, Bernard-Henri Lévy tells Netanyahu", 2 June 2011
Thierry Meyssan, founder of the Voltaire Network, was among the foreign journalists reporting from the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli.  Meyssan was interviewed by Russia Today earlier in the week.  In the RT interview Meyssan says that U.S. and British intelligence agents were posing as journalists among those staying at the Rixos.  He also described how intense NATO aerial attacks have been carried out during the night to open the way for the rebel fighters in the NATO-led war against Moammar Gaddafi.  Meyssan reported that the NATO-supported rebels tried to arrest him when he was evacuated from the Rixos Hotel by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The journalists who had been trapped since Sunday inside the hotel Rixos were evacuated in the evening of 24 August 2011.
The British media has reported that British special forces (SAS) are on the ground and are assisting the coordination between NATO and the rebels.  Defence sources have confirmed the SAS has been in Libya for several weeks, and played a key role in coordinating the battle for Tripoli.  Only six of the member nations of NATO are reportedly participating in the war for Libya.  In what must be a first, Danish and Norwegian fighter jets have been involved in the bombing of Tripoli.  Sweden, a secret member of NATO, sent fighter jets to support the NATO bombing effort and prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said on August 22 that he is ready to discuss the possibility of sending Swedish troops to Libya. 
Besides Sweden, the seven official NATO members involved in the military intervention are the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, and Norway.  NATO's Arab allies in the war effort include Jordan, Qatar, and the Emirates.

The Zionist agent Bernard Henri Levy (left) has played a key role in managing the NATO war for Libya.  Here Levy is seen with Libyan rebel leader Mahmoud Jibril

A "Friends of Libya" conference has been organized by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. The high-level conference will be held in Paris on September 1 to discuss the future of Libya.  The following video, entitled "The Libyan Rebels and the Israeli Connection", focuses on the role played by the French Zionists Bernard Levy and Nicolas Sarkozy in NATO's war for Libya.
Sources and Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "Gaddafi's Ties to Rothschild & Jewish Oligarchy", March 26, 2011

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The Israeli Connection to 9/11

September 2, 2011
A research professor emeritus from an American university recently sent me a note under the rubric, "Great Article and Great Work!"
The professor wrote:
I only recently came across and reviewed an old article of yours, when cleaning out my "Favorites" list on Internet Explorer. It's the article entitled Mossad - The Israeli Connection To 9/11, on
The complete article can be read here:
The good professor concluded:
I hope to find time soon to read more of your articles from your website. it's great work that you've done. I wish it could snowball into a public call for a new, unbiased, logical & scientific investigation of 9-11. I hope you've found many colleagues of like mind, such as Richard Gage, to link efforts with. 

The Legend of 9/11 - 10 Years On

September 2, 2011
Anthony Lawson has produced an excellent video on "The Legend of 9/11 - 10 Years On".  This video of 9 minutes and 11 seconds is highly recommended viewing.  If, after viewing Lawson's video, you have serious questions about the planes of 9/11, I would suggest reading the second chapter of my book, Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World:  "The Planes of 9/11".
Sources and Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "The Planes of 9-11", 25 October 2007 

U.S. Troops Executed Iraqi Civilians

September 2, 2011

This cell phone photo by a resident of Ishaqi from 15 March 2006 shows the bodies of Iraqi children executed by U.S. troops. The bodies of the five children are wrapped in blankets and laid in a pickup. A State Department cable quotes the U.N. investigator saying an autopsy showed the residents of the house had been handcuffed and shot in the head, including children under the age of 5.
"This is where the monsters come from. The same monsters who will be policing our streets if martial law ever comes to America." (They already are.* CB)
- Reader response to "WikiLeaks cable: U.S. troops handcuffed, shot Iraqi children in raid"
From a report by Matthew Schofield of McClatchy Newspapers:
A U.S. diplomatic cable made public by WikiLeaks provides evidence that U.S. troops executed at least 10 Iraqi civilians, including a woman in her 70s and a 5-month-old infant, then called in an airstrike to destroy the evidence, during a controversial 2006 incident in the central Iraqi town of Ishaqi...

The cable also backs the original report from the Joint Coordination Center, which said U.S. forces entered the house while it was still standing. That first report noted: "The American forces gathered the family members in one room and executed 11 persons, including five children, four women and two men. Then they bombed the house, burned three vehicles and killed their animals."
* One of the comments below the Raw Story piece about this massacre talked about the "monsters" that have been created by this war.  Two of the Hoffman Estates undercover cops who brutally attacked me at my home in 2006 were Iraq War veterans (Military Police) who acted like they were on a military mission, not a police task.  The first question I asked when I addressed the police chief the day after I was assaulted was:  "What is the military background of these men?"  Just imagine what American society will be like when 200,000 more of these traumatized vets come home.  We will undoubtedly see many more family tragedies like the mass murder by a vet in Virginia and Pennsylvania last week.  Many of these vets will become COPS because that is the kind of training they received in the military.  This is a loss that can not be counted.

Capt. Leonard Egland killed his estranged wife and three others before committing suicide on August 27. Captain John Leonard Egland was an 18-year U.S. Army veteran who had served extended missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 
A reader comments: 
Spot on.  Men faced with the brutality of unjust conflicts suffer unquantifiable psychological damage.  My older brother was Marine Special Forces.  His job was to dig out the Vietcong from their wormlike caverns.  When he finally returned home intact (feeling guilty about his brethren shipped in pine boxes) I was instructed as a teenager to awake him for breakfast.  When he didn't answer calls and door knocks I entered his room.  He immediately leapt from his bed and pinned me to the ground.  His fist was inches from my face and his other hand was choking me as I tried to remind him I was his brother,not his enemy.  He came to his senses finally and simply uttered that I should never awake him again. 

I've seen what false wars do to good men. You have my support.  B.K.

Ferguson, David, "WikiLeaks cable: U.S. troops handcuffed, shot Iraqi children in raid",, 1 September 2011
King, Larry, "Army veteran's violent breakdown bucks demographics", Philadelphia Inquirer, 30 August 2011

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"9/11 - Ten Years On" Reveals BBC Bias

August 30, 2011
There is something wrong here.  If you have seen Building 7, there's no way back.  I have no way back.  If you fight you might lose, but if you don't fight you have lost.  There is no way that our civilization can continue without facing these unsolved questions of 9/11.
- Niels Harrit on BBC program "9/11 - Ten Years On"

The BBC reported that WTC 7, the Salomon Brothers building, had collapsed - before it actually collapsed.  With such glaring problems on the record it is hardly surprising that the BBC claims to have accidently destroyed all of its 9/11 tapes.  Just a "cockup" it claims - nothing intentional.
Last night, the BBC aired a program about 9/11 on its British television network BBC Two.  The program, produced by Mike Rudin, is entitled "The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - Ten Years On".
"World Update", a radio program on the BBC World Service, featured a 10-minute piece on 29 August about the conspiracy theories surrounding the events of 9/11.  The piece about the 9/11 can be heard from 32:30 minutes into the show until minute 43.  The program can be heard (for only 6 days from today) at this link:
I recommend listening to the 10-minute piece with host Dan Damon and Mike Rudin, the producer of the program on 9/11, because it reveals the BBC's bias against 9/11 truth seekers like myself.  Dan Damon's attitude, which comes through quite clearly, is that 9/11 skeptics are fools who lack intelligence or compassion for the relatives. 

The BBC even commissioned a poll to be taken in the United States and Britain to get an idea of how people think about 9/11 conspiracy theories after 10 years.  One thousand people were polled in each country in July 2011 and asked the following question:

It is generally accepted that these attacks were carried out by al Qaida. However some people have suggested there was a wider conspiracy that included the American government. Do you, yourself, believe that there was a wider conspiracy, or not?
The GfK NOP poll found that one-in-four people between the ages of 16 and 24 believe there was a wider conspiracy behind 9/11.  Among the general population the ratio was one-in-seven.  In the United States, 15 percent of those asked believe the government is part of the conspiracy.  Only two-in-three, some 68 percent, think there was no conspiracy.  Although the poll revealed that there are very significant numbers of people in Britain and the U.S. who believe the government is involved in the cover-up of 9/11, the BBC does not give this important minority the respect it gives to much smaller racial, religious, or political minority groups.  Why does the BBC treat us differently than other minorities?

Such lack of respect from the BBC for 9/11 truth is not at all surprising, but is to be expected.  A bias is a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation.  The BBC, in lock step with the controlled media in the United States, has consistently shown a partiality for the unproven fairy tale that Osama Bin Laden and 19 Arabs are responsible for all the death and destruction of 9/11, and has completely avoided any objective consideration of the evidence that disproves this official version.

The BBC, as a taxpayer-funded news organization, actually claims that it accidently destroyed all of its 9/11 tapes shortly after the attacks!  Is that believable?  The BBC has also consistently ignored, from Day One, the eyewitness report of its own reporter, Steven Evans, who reported observing "a series of exposions" at the base of the World Trade Center long before either tower collapsed. 

Understanding BBC's institutional bias against 9/11 truth is essential to understanding who is really behind the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11.  It could hardly be more obvious.  The people who wield the financial power behind the British government and BBC are ultimately responsible for the BBC's institutional bias against 9/11 truth.  The Rothschild family, for example, has a long history of holding key executive positions on the governing board of the BBC through people like Marcus Agius.  The current director of the BBC Trust, the governing body of the BBC, is a London financial man named Nicholas Kroll.

Mike Rudin, the producer of "9/11 - Ten Years On", said that most of the conspiracy theories lack coherence.  "Rarely do you get a very coherent theory with a very clear idea about motives, exactly how it could have happened," Rudin said.  But the BBC did not contact me about the theory developed in my book Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World.  They certainly have a very good reason to avoid discussing my book.  Solving 9/11 provides a "very coherent theory with a very clear idea about motives" about who is really behind 9/11. 
It's not that the BBC is unaware of my work.  In June 2005 the BBC interviewed me in London after a press conference in which I had appeared with several speakers who were part of Jimmy Walter's European 9/11 truth tour.  "Why are you the only American journalist that does not believe the government version of 9/11?" was the first question the BBC asked me.

The BBC asked me for an interview when I visited London in June 2005.
A year later, in August 2006, the "only American journalist that does not believe the government version of 9/11" became the only American journalist to be assaulted by undercover police at his home.  The brutal assault I suffered at the hands of three heavily armed undercover "tactical" police at my home certainly did not interest the BBC, nor did the malicious prosecution that followed. 

Who Fosters Fear of Muslims in America?

August 29, 2011
An investigative research project conducted by the Center for American Progress reveals that more than $42 million from seven foundations over the past decade have helped fan the flames of anti-Muslim hate in America. The authors worked to expose the Islamophobia network in depth, name the major players, connect the dots, and trace the genesis of anti-Muslim propaganda.
The report, titled “Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America”, lifts the veil behind the hate, follows the money, and identifies the names of foundations who have given money, how much they have given, and who they have given to.

The money has flowed into the hands of five key “experts” and “scholars” who comprise the central nervous system of anti-Muslim propaganda: Frank Gaffney, David Yerushalmi, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, and Steven Emerson.

These five “scholars” are assisted in their propaganda efforts by Brigitte Gabriel (founder, ACT! for America), Pamela Geller (co-founder, Stop Islamization of America), and David Horowitz (supporter of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch).
As the report details, information is then disseminated through conservative organizations like the Eagle Forum, the religious right, Fox News, and politicians such as Allen West and Newt Gingrich.
Sources and Recommended Reading:
"Report: $42 Million from Seven Foundations Helped Fuel the Rise of Islamophobia In America", Crescent and Cross, 29 August 2011
"Fear, Inc. - The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America", by Wajahat Ali, Eli Clifton, Matthew Duss, Lee Fang, Scott Keyes, and Faiz Shakir, Center for American Progress
August 2011 

Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon

August 26, 2011

The following 3-minute video contains footage of what appears to be a white missile-like object hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.  This video first appeared in September 2010 and I wrote about it at the time in this article.  The footage of the missile strike, if authentic, seems to come from a helicopter hovering near the Pentagon when it was struck.
In the video the white streaking object seems to approach from the inverse angle of what actually struck the Pentagon.  It may be that the image has been reversed but it doesn't seem to jibe with the direction seen in the ASCE Pentagon report.

Diagram from ASCE Pentagon report shows damaged columns.

The path of the missile through 6 exterior walls from the E ring to the C ring.
This video also seems to misrepresent the exit hole as the point of entry on the outer wall.  The hole seen in the video is actually the exit hole that the missile made after breaking through three rings (including six exterior walls and numerous structural columns) of the Pentagon.  It should be noted that the photo of the exit hole was taken by the FBI, which prevented the engineers who investigated the damage at the Pentagon from examining this crucial area.
Sources and Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "Video of Missile Hitting the Pentagon", September 21, 2010
Bollyn, "The John Birch Society & 9-11 Disinfo", May 6, 2005

Official FBI & Police Reports of Israelis Arrested on 9/11

August 25, 2011

The five Mossad terror suspects arrested in New Jersey on 9/11. Sivan and Paul Kurzberg (on right) were known Mossad agents when they were arrested on 9/11.  Their "moving company", Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, was soon exposed as a Mossad front company.

"OUR PURPOSE WAS TO DOCUMENT THE EVENT" - The Israeli intelligence agents and operatives involved in the attacks on the World Trade Center were allowed to return to Israel.   Omer Marmari, Oded Ellner, and Yaron Shmuel, who apparently were not full Mossad agents at the time, openly divulged the purpose of their mission on an Israeli TV program. Ellner said: "The fact of the matter is we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily. Our purpose was to document the event." 

The Mossadnik Kurzberg brothers were pointed out in the studio audience.
An anonymous blogger has recently posted "The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident". This excellent post is essential reading because it contains snips from, and links to, the official FBI and New Jersey police reports on the arrest of the Mossad agents who were seen photographing and celebrating the bombing of the World Trade Center on 9/11.  This incident is extremely important because it was the first indication that the terror attacks of 9/11 were an Israeli false-flag operation.  Having heard the news report over the radio of these terror suspects who turned out to be Mossad agents, this was the subject of the first article that I wrote about 9/11. 


Police Report of 9/11 Arrest of "Five Dancing Israelis", East Rutherford P.D. (N.J.), 11 September 2001
"The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident", 17 August 2011
Bollyn, Christopher, "Israeli Terror Suspects Captured by FBI", 18 September 2001 
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Mossad Killer of Nuclear Scientist on Trial in Iran

August 24, 2011

An Iranian kick boxer, Majid Jamali-Fashi, has confessed to being trained by Israeli intelligence to use a motorcycle bomb to kill Iranian nuclear scientist Masoud Ali-Mohammadi in January 2010.
A man accused by Iran of carrying out an assassination "sponsored and designed by Israel" has pleaded guilty to the murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist.
The young man, identified as Majid Jamali-Fashi, said he was hired by Israel and trained at a military base outside Tel Aviv before being dispatched to Iran as a part of network ordered to kill Masoud Ali-Mohammadi, a particle physicist at Tehran University.
Jamali-Fashi, a 26-year-old kick boxer, admitted in court that the bomb attack that targeted Mohammadi was part of a Mossad operation to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists. Fashi said he was paid $120,000 for his part in the assassinations.
"Mossad's killer of Iran N-scientist tried", Press TV (Iran), 24 August 2011
"Kick boxer assassin says Mossad behind Iran scientist murder, opposition skeptical", Al Arabiya News, 24 August 2011
"Iranian man pleads guilty to nuclear scientist’s killing", JTA (Israel), 23 August 2011
"Man pleads guilty to assassinating Iranian nuclear scientist", Guardian (UK), 23 August 2011

Architects and Engineers Demand Proper 9/11 Investigation

August 22, 2011
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has produced an excellent 15-minute video on the demolition of the World Trade Center that demands a new and independent investigation of what really happened on 9/11.  The video is very well made and highly recommended viewing.

Is Fjordman an Israeli Agent?

August 10, 2011

BOYCOTT ISRAEL - Norway's foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre got the message when he visited the AUF camp shortly before these young people were massacred by Anders Breivik.  Although it is not at all uncommon to see such signs in Scandinavia, high-level politicians have met similar fates after calling for a European boycott of Israel.  Were these young Norwegian political activists targeted for taking a stand against militant Zionism?

Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh called upon the European Union to sever ties with Israel in protest against Israeli practices in April 2002...

A well known supporter of Palestinians' human and political rights, Lindh was brutally murdered in Stockholm on 11 September 2003.  I wrote an article entitled "The Strange Death of Anna Lindh" shortly after her murder.  
We can only begin to heal our self-inflicted civilizational wounds if we embrace the Jewish component of our cultural identity.
- Fjordman, "Why Europeans Should Support Israel"

We demand that all financial support to the Palestinian Authority should cease immediately. It is proven beyond any doubt that this has in the past been used to finance campaigns of Jihad terrorism against Jews in Israel and against Christians in territories under PA control. A public statement in support of Israel against Muslim aggression should be issued, and the money that has previously been awarded to Palestinians should be allocated partly to Israel's defense, partly to establish a Global Infidel Defense Fund with the stated goal of disseminating information about Muslim persecution of non-Muslims worldwide.
- Fjordman a.k.a. Peder Jensen, "Native Revolt: A European Declaration of Independence"
Fjordman is the nom de plume of the previously anonymous pro-Israel and anti-Islamic blogger who inspired the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.  Two days after Breivik's killing spree, in which scores of young people were massacred, the Norwegian press reported that Fjordman was "an important ideological inspiration" for the mass murderer. 

Breivik cites Fjordman extensively in his manifesto.  The Norwegian mass murderer and terrorist also named Fjordman as his favourite author with similar views.  One idea of Fjordman’s that Breivik quoted was that Christians should meet “Islamization” by arming themselves. One of Fjordman's articles, titled
“Native Revolt: A European Declaration of Independence,” states that if the demands of the anti-Islamic movement are not met, they would “have no choice but to realize that our leaders have betrayed us” and that they will “take the necessary steps in order to protect our own security and national survival.”  This is Breivik's basic rationale for his murderous actions on July 22. 
Shortly after the bombing of Oslo, Fjordman wrote on his "Gates of Vienna" blog that Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian prime minister, who was the primary target of the bomb, was a "pathetic sucker for Islam".  Later, after the mass murder of 69 young people from the youth organization of Norway's labor party (Arbeidernes Ungdomsfylking or AUF), Fjordman described the AUF youngsters under attack as a "gang of anti-Israel, pro-Palestine young socialists"
On August 5, the Norwegian media revealed the identity of Fjordman, the rabid anti-Islamic blogger who is said to have inspired the terror atrocity of 22 July 2011.  Fjordman was named as Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen, from Ålesund on Norway's west coast.  What kind of Norwegian could harbor such animosity for his fellow Norwegians?  Would Jensen get off so lightly calling for war against any other religious group?  What would happen if Jensen had called for the expulsion of Jews and the destruction of their synagogues, as he and his ilk do against the Muslims?  Why are Zionist extremists like Jensen not prosecuted for their anti-Muslim hate speech? 

Why has the U.S. Ambassador to Norway, Barry B. White, a Jewish Zionist at the highest level, not spoken out against the hateful anti-Muslim rhetoric swirling about Oslo?  Barry White, one of Barack Obama’s top fundraisers, received the American Jewish Committee of New England’s Award for Community Service in 2005.  The AJC is an organization that is closely tied to Israeli intelligence. 

Is there perhaps a connection between Breivik's terrorism and the U.S. "anti-terrorism" spying outfit that was run by the U.S. Embassy "in deepest secrecy" in Norway for the past 10 years?  If the U.S. has kept hundreds of Norwegians under surveillance, were Jensen and Breivik on their lists?  They were certainly on the Norwegian police lists.  What was the U.S. anti-terrorism operation in Norway really up to for the past 10 years?  We can certainly all agree that whatever this U.S. "anti-terrorism" unit was meant to accomplish to make the U.S. and Norway safe from terrorism - it failed completely.  A complete investigation of this illegal "anti-terrorism" outfit run by the U.S. Embassy is long overdue.  July 22  (7/22) was Norway's 9/11, and as numerologists will note, both dates add up to 11 - and 11 means Israel.

Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen, a.k.a. Fjordman, has gone into hiding.
Peder Jensen is the Zionist extremist/anti-Islamic blogger known as Fjordman.  One of his articles from 2007 is entitled "Why Europeans Should Support Israel".  Jensen's outspoken support for Israel and Zionism and his non-Nordic appearance (and his father's) have led some to speculate that he may be partly Ashkenazi Jewish.

Steinar Nøstvold Jensen, Peder's father, was active in Norway's communist party.
While Peder Jensen may very well have Jewish ancestors, there are other factors in his life that suggest that Jensen is a Zionist agent with close connections to the state of Israel.  It is probably Jensen's Zionist connection that is the true source of the hateful anti-Islamic propaganda that is said to have inspired the July 22 massacre in Norway.  Almost all such anti-Islamic propaganda efforts worldwide have the same return address - Israeli intelligence.   
Jensen reportedly studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, in 2001.  This is highly unusual for a Norwegian.  Although he studied Arabic in the most populous nation in the Middle East, Jensen seems to have very little understanding of Muslims.  Jensen claims to have abruptly changed his opinion about Muslims after having seen Egyptians celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks by eating cake.  It should be noted that Israel used fraudulent methods to try to portray Palestinians as celebrating the terror attacks of 9/11.  Furthermore, five Israelis connected to Israeli intelligence were actually arrested on 9/11 in New Jersey after having been seen videotaping themselves celebrating with the burning towers in the background.

In early 2002, Jensen went to Palestine and took a position with the 
Temporary International Presence in Hebron, which I find very suspicious.  This international observer mission in Hebron, which communicates with the Israeli army, is supposed to monitor the situation in the Israeli-occupied town on the West Bank.  Jensen, who says that he turned against Islam after 9/11, remained in this position in Hebron until mid-2003.  Why would a person who is strongly opposed to Islam want to serve as a monitor in an Israeli-occupied Islamic city?  Was there another reason for Jensen to be in Israeli occupied territory?  Was he recruited by Israeli intelligence during his stay in Israel?  There is obviously some very important information missing from Peder Jensen's biography.

Hebron, the burial site of Abraham...

is today a place of strife between Jewish settlers and the native Palestinians.
Jensen's year and a half in Israel and Palestine would have allowed him to spend a great deal of time with Israelis, especially with those in military intelligence.  He would have probably spent his free time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, mingling with Israelis who shared his anti-Islamic views.  His working relationship with the Israeli military and his stated disgust with Islam would have made him a perfect candidate to become a Zionist agent spreading anti-Islamic propaganda in Europe.  Did Peder Jensen become a Zionist agent during his sojourn in Palestine?  This is a crucial question about this agent provocateur that certainly needs to be looked into by the Norwegian authorities. 

Øyvind Strømmen, a leading investigator of the far right in Norway, said that Peder Jensen “is responsible for spreading an ideology where violence is a natural, logical conclusion of his reasoning.”  Now that Norway has tasted the bitter fruit of Jensen's hateful ideology, will this Zionist agent be charged with inciting hatred?

Sources and Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "Anders Breivik and the Zionist 'War on Terror'", 1 August 2011 
Bollyn, Christopher, "The Strange Death of Anna Lindh", 26 September 2003

Bollyn, Christopher, "Algeria Bombing - 11 Means Israel", 12 December 2007

‘Fjordman’ raises anonymity issues, Views and News from Norway, 8 August 2011 
"Officials howling over US Embassy’s secret surveillance in Norway", 4 November 2010

Lawson Video on "No Planes" Theory

Updated August 5, 2011
Anthony Lawson has made another excellent new video entitled "The Absurdity of the No Planes in New York Theory" in which he challenges the "No Planes" theory promoted by James Fetzer and others.  Lawson also wrote an article, titled "9/11: The Absurdity of the No-Planes-in-New York Theory" that supports his video.
There is one point in the latest Lawson video where I am not in complete agreement.  After exchanging emails with Mr. Lawson, I have decided to clarify my position on this point. 

The photographs and videos clearly show two very fast moving objects flying out of the South Tower ahead of the explosion.  Lawson identifies one of these as the engine that was found on Murray Street.  I agree with him on that, but I do not think this engine is from the aircraft, but is rather part of a depleted uranium missile that was fired into the tower just before the plane made impact.  I think both objects seen flying out of the South Tower are parts of this missile.  The object that is burning white hot is probably the remaining depleted uranium warhead leaving a dark trail of uranium oxides.  The gap between the extremely hot burning uranium warhead and the visible oxides could be due to the fact that the oxides need to cool before they are visible. 

The two fast-moving objects that came out of the South Tower had incredible momentum.

The right engine of the aircraft (about 9 feet in diameter) would have broken through at least three 14-inch exterior box columns on entry, which would have robbed it of most of its forward momentum.  The aircraft engine would not have had enough momentum to pass through the building, break through more box columns on the far side of the tower, and carry on for a few hundred meters down the street.  This is as far-fetched as Arlen Specter's "Magic Bullet" of the JFK assassination.

This NIST diagram shows the right engine hitting the spandrel of the 82nd floor, which means that the engine that is thought to have flown through the tower would have first broken through the spandrel and three 14-inch box columns, the 4-inch concrete floor, its steel pan, and dense trusswork - edgewise.  It is simply impossible for the right engine to have passed through all these solid obstacles, broken through the box columns on the far side, and carried on for several hundred meters further down the street.  This engine would not have passed through the tower.  Source: NIST Report on the World Trade Center
I have written an analysis of these two objects in an article from April 2011 entitled "The 'Huge Bullet Hole' in the South Tower and Analysis of Missile Evidence".  The object that is burning white hot has the characteristics of a burning depleted uranium warhead.  While one of these two objects is probably the engine that landed on Murray Street, I do not think it is the one that is burning white hot.  The engine that landed on the street has not been identified and is probably part of the missile that carried the depleted uranium warhead. 

Two objects came out of the South Tower ahead of the explosions.  Note the gap between the burning object and the dark oxides it produces.

The FEMA report says that one is an engine and the other is "landing gear".  Landing gear would not burn white hot.  If this landing gear landed on the Burlington Coat Factory, why was it not shown in any photographs?

This engine, "the bullet from the smoking gun" that killed hundreds of people on 9/11, was never identified and was treated as garbage.  Judging by the sign and the square placed on top of it, this part of the engine is only about two feet (60 cm) wide.  Why was this engine not identified by its time-tracked parts if it truly came from the airliner that is said to have hit the South Tower?  My opinion is that this is part of the missile that penetrated the tower immediately before the aircraft made impact.
Anthony Lawson's new video can be viewed here: 
Sources and Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "The 'Huge Bullet Hole' in the South Tower and Analysis of Missile Evidence", April 2011
Lawson, Anthony, "9/11: The Absurdity of the No-Planes-in-New York Theory", 1 August 2011,

Anders Breivik and the Zionist "War on Terror"

Updated August 1, 2011

How did a young man raised in Oslo become a cold-blooded killer obsessed with a fear of Islam?

The atrocity committed by Anders Breivik is a manifestation of the hatred and fear of Islam promoted by the Zionists behind the massive fraud known as the "War on Terror". 
Breivik is an avid Zionist whose motives were predicated on Islamophobia. His ideological influences are libertarian and “neo-conservative.” He was playing his part, albeit as a loose cannon, in the “clash of civilizations."- Dr. K. R. Bolton, "Anders Breivik: Neo-Conned", 29 July 2011
The frightful atrocity of terrorism and mass murder committed by Anders Breivik in Norway has deeply shocked Scandinavians.  I have spent much of the past week reading and thinking about the atrocities and the young man from Oslo who carried out these heinous crimes.  The best analysis I have read thus far is Dr. K.R. Bolton's scholarly article entitled "Anders Breivik:  Neo-Conned" published online in Foreign Policy Journal.  The fact that Breivik's twisted worldview is in complete agreement with the extremist Zionism of Israel's Likud party is ignored in the mainstream media reports. 
The Norwegian and Swedish papers have reported that the primary focus of the investigation has been to determine if other people were involved in the shooting of the young people on the island near Oslo.  There were several eyewitness reports of a second shooter, a man with dark hair and about 180 cm in height.  The way that victims at the edge of the water appear to have fallen back, away from the water, seems to indicate they were shot from the water.  One survivor from the island has reported that the shooter used a boat during the killing spree.  The young man in the following video named Morten (Mårten) describes (in Norwegian) the shooter changing out of his police uniform and going around the island in a boat shooting at people on the island.

In the video below Morten says the following (translated by Torstein Viddal) in response to the question whether he saw more than one person shooting on the island:

It may be that people have mistakenly thought there were two people, because he was dressed as a policeman in the beginning, but at one point he is said to have taken off the police uniform and jumped into a small boat.  And then he is said to have gone around the island for one round.  Because during the shooting there was one pretty long gap between shots.  But I think I heard a boat, and it fits pretty well with the story I heard from the survivors from the cliffs.  So he went around in civilian clothes, I guess with lots of weapons in the boat, and he would wave to the cliffs to see if there were people hiding there, and when they waved back at him...he would come closer and pretend to help them, but then he just assassinated all of them instead.
There are clearly many unanswered questions about how this mass murder was carried out, and exactly who all was involved with Anders Breivik in the planning and execution of the atrocities in Norway.
When I first saw the photos of Breivik posing with a gun in a diver's wet suit I thought that he must have a military background.  Norway does have hundreds of elite troops and snipers fighting with the "Coalition of the Killing" and it seemed likely that Breivik had served with Norwegian troops in Afghanistan.  It turns out that Breivik did not serve in Afghanistan but he is, as Dr. K.R. Bolton writes, very much a product of the 'clash of civilizations':
Breivik is a product of the “clash of civilizations,” formulated by neo-con ideologues and used by American and Zionist interests to philosophically justify the so-called “war on terrorism.” He is the product of a legacy that is anything but “conservative” in the Western historical sense: he sees himself as an underground resistance fighter against the Islamic occupation of Europe, who, in other circumstances, would be honored as a war hero. He sees Islamic laws and customs taking the place of Western laws.
Breivik grew up on the west side of Oslo, where I spent a couple winters in the 1970s.  Breivik was born in February 1979.  Norway was then a mono-ethnic society, unlike Britain, France, and Germany which have had significant Muslim minority populations for many decades.  Immigration into Norway from non-European nations increased greatly in the 1980s.  Today, Norway is no longer a mono-ethnic society.  The new immigrants are found mostly  in the larger towns, particularly in Oslo.
It is understandable that some Norwegians feel threatened by the sudden influx of new immigrants.  Norway has long been a rather isolated country and has received very few immigrants during its modern history.  A very large number of Norwegians and Swedes emigrated to America and Canada in the 19th Century leaving Scandinavia with a significantly reduced population.  I have met intelligent Norwegians who have openly expressed a deep fear, like Breivik, that Muslims are seeking to take over Norway and Europe.  When I listen to them it seems to me that they have swallowed the rhetoric of the "clash of civilizations" -- hook, line, and sinker.  Breivik seems to be a person who believes every word of the anti-Muslim propaganda pushed by Hollywood and the Zionist-controlled media.  In Breivik's case, he committed an atrocity based on his belief.  He probably also believes that Muslim terrorists from Afghanistan destroyed the World Trade Center.  There were several Americans who went on shooting rampages after 9/11 believing that Muslims were responsible for the terror attacks.
It should be noted that Norway has 500 combat troops in Afghanistan.  Denmark has 730.  Sweden has 530.  I have written critically about the Norwegian and Scandinavian combat troops fighting in the fraudulent "War on Terror" in Afghanistan, where Norwegian snipers compared the thrill of killing to sex.  How does a nation like Norway, I ask, which suffered greatly under Nazi occupation, explain and justify to its peace-loving population why their supposedly peaceful nation is participating in an illegal occupation that is engaged in fighting and killing the people of Afghanistan?

A Norwegian sniper in Afghanistan
This is where contrived provocations like the anti-Muslim cartoons printed in Danish newspapers come in very handy.  In the wake of this blatant provocation the Danish people were forced to make a false choice whether their so-called freedom of speech means the Zionist-controlled media has the right to offend other religious communities.  As Daniel Pipes, the Zionist Neo-con framed it:
Will the West stand up for its customs and mores, including freedom of speech, or will Muslims impose their way of life on the West? Ultimately, there is no compromise. Westerners will either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and blaspheme, or not.
The Muslims, who were deeply angered by the offensive images, were portrayed as trying to impose their values on the West.  The "freedom of speech" in Scandinavia does not apply to all religious groups equally.  It should be noted that the media outlets that published the anti-Muslim cartoons would not, for example, publish articles or cartoons that challenge Zionist claims about "the Holocaust".  The real purpose of publishing the offensive cartoons was to create a false conflict by increasing social tensions between Scandinavians and Muslims.  The Breivik atrocity is a frightful manifestation of this artificially created "clash of civilizations", a false construct that has been imposed on the people of Norway and the West by ruthless Neo-cons to justify the Zionist "War on Terror".

Sources and Recommended Reading:
K. R. Bolton, "Anders Breivik: Neo-Conned", 29 July 2011
Bollyn, Christopher, "Norwegian and U.S. Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan", 30 September 2010

Bollyn, "Why the European Press is Provoking Muslims", 3 February 2006 (and subsequent articles and comments following)
Bollyn, "Understanding the Roots of the Cartoon Scandal", 9 February 2006
Pipes, Daniel, "Those Danish Cartoons and Me", New York Sun, 21 February 2006

The Zionist Peril - Israel and 9/11

August 1, 2011
The Zionist Peril has reposted an excellent compilation by Zion Crime Factory of video clips and other evidence indicative of Israeli involvement in 9/11.  The previous posting of this page has been deleted.  The webpage is entitled "Israel Did 9/11 - All The Proof". 

Question and Answer Forum

July 22, 2011
Because so many good comments and questions come to through Feedback I created this Q&A forum.  The latest comments and questions come first.  The person who asked about the "Ground Zero" Islamic center "controversy" in New York City sent this kind comment:
Thank you very much for your excellent answer. But then, everything you have written is excellent and well researched.  You are a real hero and an example of courage and honesty.
- from a reader in Geneva, Switzerland
Latest Question:  Kevin Barrett sent me an email asking, "Rupert Murdoch: Key figure in 9/11 and the 9/11 wars?" 

Steve Bell's cartoon from The Guardian depicts Murdoch as a man who takes orders.  Who would be giving Rupert Murdoch orders?  Who controls the biggest Zionist media mogul?

Rupert Murdoch, Zionist propagandist, with Shimon Peres, master of Israeli terrorism.

Murdoch's 20th Century Fox (News Corp.) distributed blatantly anti-Muslim propaganda films like The Siege (1998) which were clearly designed to prepare the public mindset for the false-flag terrorism of 9/11.  Lawrence Wright, one of the writers of the film, claimed that The Siege was the most-rented film in the aftermath of 9/11.

The Lone Gunmen "Pilot" episode in which a passenger airliner is hijacked by an external computer program and flown into the World Trade Center was another Murdoch production.  The "Pilot" episode, which bore an uncanny resemblance to the 9/11 attacks, aired on Murdoch-owned FOX TV on March 4, 2001.  Arnon Milchan, Murdoch's Israeli business partner and senior Mossad agent in Hollywood, was most likely the real author of the plot for "Pilot".

MOSSAD'S MAN IN THE MIDDLE - Murdoch's business partner Arnon Milchan is a close friend of Israel's president Shimon Peres (left), Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and Likud Party leader Binyamin Netanyahu (right).

KILLING THE MESSENGER - Sean Hoare, the key whistleblower behind the scandal at News of the The World was found dead the day before Rebekah Brooks, Rupert and James Murdoch faced questions about the phone hacking.
Bollyn Responds:  Kevin, why do you use a question mark?  Murdoch is obviously "the key figure" in spreading the 9/11 deception propaganda to the public. The current Murdoch scandal about phone hacking is just the tip of the iceberg, of course.  When Ed Miliband of the Labour Party calls for the break-up of News Corp., you know there are much bigger fish to be fried.  Rupert Murdoch has evidently served his purpose - the global deception of 9/11 - but his son of an Estonian mother will certainly not do for the Zionist masters behind Murdoch. This is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this last year:

"The global Murdoch media empire was created with Rothschild funding and exists to spread Zionist propaganda among the English-speaking populations of the world. Murdoch's son James is in line to take over at the helm of their media empire although it is quite likely that the empire will not survive very long after Rupert Murdoch passes away."
- "Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch - Agents of Deception", October 21, 2010
Latest Comment:  Thank you for writing Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World (and not charging for it as well).  I will do my best "to promote the hell out of it!"  My nephew, Leonard J. Snyder Jr., who worked in the South Tower, was murdered that day.  Needless to say, that lit a match under me to make certain the 9/11 criminals would eventually be tried and hanged. (And I am still hopeful by the way.)
Bollyn Responds:  I am very glad to hear from the relatives and families of the 9/11 victims.  The 9/11 relatives have certainly been treated extremely badly in the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein and there is only one family left in the litigation process -- although there has been no 9/11 trial after nearly 10 years!  I have done what I could to help the relatives by showing them the prejudice and conflict of interest that exists in the Zionist-controlled court of Judge Hellerstein.  As one might have expected from a judge who is a Zionist partisan, the key Israeli Mossad defendant, International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS NV), has been excused from the tort litigation.  This is the Israeli "airport security" company that controlled passenger screening operations at Boston's Logan Airport -- and while they are responsible for allegedly allowing knife-wielding terrorists onto the planes on 9/11, they have been excused.  Go figure.

There are two things that need to be noted about the disgraceful travesty of justice that the 9/11 victims have suffered for 10 years.  First, in cases like 9/11 the relatives must be organized and make sure that the lawyers that represent them are honest and dedicated only to their cause.  This is, of course, very difficult for grieving relatives to do, but it is absolutely essential to prevent them from being medicated into madness and abused by those behind the crime and cover-up, who are very well organized.  Having observed the 16-year-old Estonia litigation process through my wife, I have seen how dishonest lawyers act as agents of the other side and rob the relatives of every hope for justice and accountability for their loss.  The 9/11 relatives have been treated in the exact same way:  given a cash payment and told to get over it and forget about the truth.

Officials and professionals who looked into investigating the Estonia sinking of 1994 were told in no uncertain terms - "hands off" - looking for the truth will get you killed, which is what very nearly happened to us in Estonia in November 2008.  In America, where people supposedly enjoy the rights of free speech, my research and writing about 9/11 (as a professional journalist) resulted in a brutal and heavily-armed undercover police assault at my home, followed by malicious prosecution, which forced me to go into exile.

Secondly, in both cases (9/11 and Estonia) it is always possible to bring murder charges against those behind the atrocities.  There is no statute of limitations on heinous crimes like mass murder, which is what the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 and the sinking of Estonia were.  Justice, after all, will only be served when the people behind these crimes are put on trial for murder.

Latest Question:  The Nanothermite Challenge from: T Mark Hightower

T. Mark Hightower of San Jose is a new member on the 9/11 Scholars Forum who challenges the explosiveness of the nanocomposite of super-thermite found in the dust of the World Trade Center...

 Hightower says Dr. Jones should be "upfront and truthful", but is himself anything but upfront and truthful about the salient fact that he works for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Federal Government's largest scientific agency.  Hightower can be reached at where he has worked for 20 years at NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field.  Hightower's father also worked at Ames from 1963-1988.  Hightower says he does not represent NASA in these matters, so why does he conceal the fact that he works for the U.S. government?  It is well known that U.S. government employees like Hightower are not allowed to take public positions on controversial subjects like 9/11 -- unless they are told to.

Daniel Saul Goldin, a Zionist Jew from the Bronx, was head of NASA on 9/11 and unexpectedly announced his resignation one month later. I called NASA's Glenn Research Center at Cleveland Airport to ask about the passengers that were taken to the NASA facility on 9/11.  "No one was brought here," said a puzzled spokesperson, who was among those evacuated on 9/11. Mary Ethridge, a journalist with the Akron Beacon Journal, however, stood by the paper's report that the passengers had been interviewed by the FBI in the evacuated NASA facility.  What was NASA up to with the passengers on 9/11?  See "The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93: The Hidden Role of NASA and the FBI in Cleveland"
Hightower's Message to Bollyn
Subject: High Explosive Nanothermite More Bark Than Bite?  No Contenders for The Nanothermite Challenge

Christopher, I just wanted to bring you up to date on my groundbreaking and controversial nanothermite research. I am at your disposal to answer any questions that you might have about this work.

Cordially, T. Mark Hightower
San Jose, CA 

Bollyn Responds:  I wrote back to Mr. Hightower on 9 July 2011 saying that I would be willing to debate the subject of the nanocomposite of super-thermite found in the dust of the pulverized World Trade Center. Like Andrew Johnson, Hightower questions the explosiveness of the active thermitic material found by Dr. Steven E. Jones in the dust, fragments which were described in this peer-reviewed paper.  What Mr. Hightower and others like him ignore is the fact that there was an organic layer to the nanocomposite thermitic material.  This is the component that is thought to have created the explosive gas pressure.  (See page 21 of the paper.)

Timothy Mark Hightower has written to me before, but since I don't know him personally, I began by asking a few basic questions as I assumed he is the person profiled here:

The profile says that T. Mark Hightower works in "Defense and Space".  I looked into some papers Hightower has written for NASA and assumed he is the same T. Mark Hightower who works for NASA's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field:

I wrote to Mr. Hightower, "If you would start by confirming that this is your employer and background, we can begin the exchange."  He responded with an email that he asked me to keep confidential in which he confirmed that he is the same T. Mark Hightower that has worked at NASA's Ames Research Center for 20 years.  This is important because NASA is part of the U.S. government and played a key role on 9/11.  See "The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93: The Hidden Role of NASA and the FBI in Cleveland" , "The Double Zionist connection why NASA-Cleveland chosen for UAL93 landing-hiding site", and the following: 
News Report of 9/11 by: 9News Staff
Web produced by: Liz Foreman
9/11/01 11:43:57 AM

A Boeing 767 out of Boston made an emergency landing Tuesday at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport due to concerns that it may have a bomb aboard, said Mayor Michael R. White.  White said the plane had been moved to a secure area of the airport, and was evacuated.  United identified the plane as Flight 93. The airline did not say how many people were aboard the flight.  United said it was also "deeply concerned" about another flight, Flight 175, a Boeing 767, which was bound from Boston to Los Angeles.  On behalf of the airline CEO James Goodwin said: "The thoughts of everyone at United are with the passengers and crew of these flights. Our prayers are also with everyone on the ground who may have been involved.  "United is working with all the relevant authorities, including the FBI, to obtain further information on these flights," he said.
Hightower confirmed that his father, William Donald Hightower worked at Ames from 1963 through 1988.  If I consider his "nanothermite challenge" worth discussing, I will do so on another page.

Question:  Do you have access or know how to gain access to the archives of

Bollyn Responds: 
There is a good mirror site for at:

The first link on this page takes you to an index of pages, which come up in their complete form with photos and music:

Comment on burial at sea of John F. Kennedy, Jr.:  

John F. Kennedy, Jr. (1960-1999)
When John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his girlfriend died in the plane crash, JFK, Jr was also buried at sea by the U.S. military. I don't remember the media ever explaining why the U.S. Navy would bury JFK, Jr. at sea because JFK, Jr. wasn't a military or government official. I don't know if the Kennedy family asked for JFK, Jr. to be buried at sea.

But burial at sea - real deep - is one sure way of hiding evidence. Maybe JFK, Jr. and his girlfriend didn't die in a plane crash. After all, people can survive plane crashes. When it happened, I read that JFK, Jr. was murdered to prevent him from running against Hillary Clinton for the New York Senate and to simply keep him out of politics completely.

Bollyn Responds:  This is a very interesting comment that I received after the mysterious burial at sea of the person said to be Osama Bin Laden.  It should be noted that the location where Osama Bin Laden was said to have been killed is hundreds of miles from the sea.  Why was he so hastily buried at sea?  And why was John F. Kennedy, Jr. also buried at sea very quickly after his body was found?

There is an article from the Washington Post of 23 July 1999 about the burial, which occurred in the morning of July 22, less than 24 hours after the bodies were recovered from the sea floor.  It should be noted that the bodies of Kennedy and the Bessette sisters were cremated.  Their plane went down on July 16 and their bodies were recovered 5 days later on July 21.  I recall hearing that their bodies and the inside of the cockpit had been charred and blackened.  This would certainly explain the need to cremate the bodies -- to hide the real cause of the "crash".

There are two obvious reasons why the Zionist criminal network running the Clinton White House and New York would have wanted to get rid of John Kennedy Jr.  First, there is the fact that he had political aspirations and would have won any race for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton or any other candidate.  Secondly, he was a publisher of a popular magazine, George, that they could not control.  If Kennedy were still alive in 2001 he would have been a powerful voice for 9/11 truth.  Like you, I suspect he was murdered.  

Key 9/11 Question asked of Kevin Barrett in interview by Kourosh Ziabari
Kourosh Ziabari: What’s your precise stance on the 9/11 attacks?  Do you believe that the U.S. officials had foreknowledge of the incident?  Do you think that it was an inside job or a false flag operation?  Have you traced any sign of the Israel’s involvement in the attacks?

Kevin Barrett: To know means to believe based on sufficient evidence. So I know, not just believe, that 9/11 was a false-flag attack, that many individuals at or near the top of the US Executive Branch, military, and intelligence apparatus were complicit in the attack, and that the state of Israel and its American agents were heavily involved. This is the inescapable conclusion of anyone who reads David Ray Griffin’s books on the subject, alongside Bollyn’s Solving 9/11 , with an open mind. 

Source: Kevin Barrett interview with Kourosh Ziabari, 18 April 2011
Question:  "[Robert A.] Kelman was general manager of Hugo Neu, the company who managed the destruction of 250,000 tons of steel from the World Trade Center by sending it to Asian smelters."  Thank you for your article, especially your focus on the removal of steel evidence.  One point I have never seen mentioned is that these tons of materials were shipped out within a few weeks of 9/11. Shipping this huge amount of steel would take months of planning - transporting it from the WTC site to ships, reserving the ships, setting up receiving stations in Asia, etc. How was this gargantuan task accomplished so quickly?  I hope your book covers this; no one has researched this aspect of the hoax.

Bollyn Responds:  My latest article, "The 9/11 Cover Up - The Destruction of the Steel Evidence", deals with this fundamental aspect of the cover up, which I have been researching and writing about for the past nine months.  It is important to understand that the destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center was an intrinsic part of the crime in that it was required to protect the fraud from being exposed and revealing who was really behind the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers.  The people who were responsible for the destruction of this crucial evidence are partners in crime with those who planned and executed the false-flag terrorism of 9/11. 

Comment:  I am an admirer of yours and thought you should see this video.  In my opinion, Japan could have been prevented if humans could have cleaned out the rat's nest of 9/11 in you've worked so hard to do.

Bollyn Responds:  Thank you for this link. I don't know if the Stuxnet worm played a role in the nuclear disaster in Japan, but I do believe that Stuxnet is very similar to the malicious code (see Ptech, etc.) that infected and affected the efficiency of critical U.S. computer systems on 9/11.  Stuxnet has been described as having been able to make the Iranian centrifuges run amok while the computer monitors indicated that all was well.  This is exactly the kind of deception that happened on 9/11 when critical NORAD and FAA computer systems failed to notice the errant aircraft and respond properly to the threats.  In a 15 January 2011 article entitled "Israeli Test on Worm Called Crucial in Iran Nuclear Delay" the New York Times reported that Stuxnet was tested at the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev.  The paper reported that Israel had built an elaborate test facility at their secret and illegal nuclear weapons site that contained a replica array of the Iranian uranium enrichment plant, adding that such a test site would have been necessary for the design of the attack software. Richard Falkenrath, a principal at the Chertoff Group (headed by the high-level Israeli agent Michael Chertoff), actually appeared on Bloomberg television saying that he believed that Israel was behind Stuxnet.  It should be noted that there was a very similar, but less well known computer crime involved in the 9/11 terror attacks, in which the Mossad and the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona were also involved.  To understand how Israeli intelligence was able to gain control of the U.S. military computer systems I recommend reading my chapter on "The Architecture of Terror", especially the part about the Israeli Amit Yoran, the former cyber-security czar of the Pentagon.
Question:  I have received a couple questions about the conflict in Libya.  The first comment thinks I am wrong about the Libyan issue, but is not specific.  The second asks if the revolts in the region are authentic - or artificial.  Because they pertain to the same issue, I have put them together for this question:

Comment from Britain - I think you are wrong on the Libyan issue. I am puzzled why you are taking a line that is essentially in agreement with the corporate-controlled propaganda.
The "rebellion" is the result of the global elites harnessing the Libyan inter tribal East/West dissension for their own agenda. The long term goal is likely the Islamisation of the Middle East and North Africa to present the Israel/US/EU axis powers with a strong enemy to justify homeland oppression.
Question from U.S.A. - I was just reading your articles on Libya. I was absolutely sad as can be today, could not stop crying since I know that innocent men, women, children and babies will be murdered by the attack, not to mention the DU [depleted uranium] that will contaminate the air, water, and soil in Libya forever.

Up until all the uprisings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Pakistan, and now Libya we did not seem to have a problem with the Middle East. As a matter of fact, their countries were quiet for several years.

I know millions of buckerooooos for oil and natural gas were the real reasons for most of the invasions in the beginning.

Now we still have an international monetary crisis, a meltdown coming around the corner, probably a treasury bill crisis by summer. So, don't you think that all these invasions into the Middle East at this point are started by NGOs or gov ops within the countries to keep the war machine going, for that is the only area, besides the drug companies, that prop up the US from going under?

Bollyn Responds:  Firstly, I don't think that the revolts across the Middle East have been artificially created by outside forces. The nations of the Middle East may have been "stable" from an American or Israeli perspective, but they have certainly not been quiet and peaceful during the past forty years.  I have spent time in some of them, such as Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Jordan, and Palestine/Israel.  All of them are police states where the populace chafes under draconian emergency regulations that have been in place for decades.  They are certainly not happy places, but the most oppressive, by far, are the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, where the people suffer the most extreme cruelty dished out by sadistic and heavily-armed Israeli military forces supported by the United States.  The innocent people of Gaza, for example, are killed by Israeli forces on a daily basis.  My experience in Israeli-occupied Palestine has been a very big part of my political awakening.  

All the countries that are currently experiencing revolts have restive populations that have suffered, more or less quietly, many years under police states and brutal dictatorships supported by the United States.  Revolts and protests across the region were smashed with extreme brutality (e.g. Jordan, Iraq, and Libya) and dissenters were arrested, tortured, and killed.  What is happening today is like a regional awakening, an Arab Intifadah (shaking off of oppression) across the Middle East.  The Palestinian Intifadah has inspired Arab youth across the region.  What we are seeing is a political catharsis that will result in great changes in some countries and smaller changes in others, but every regime in the region is challenged by the Intifadah and will have to change; it is inevitable.  My article on the revolt in Tunisia was originally named "The Egg is Cracked" because, like a broken egg, there was no way of going back to the old shell once the revolution reached critical mass in Tunis.  The people in the Arab-speaking countries are bound together culturally.  It is almost as if there were an uprising against federal corruption in Colorado and California. Other states would certainly join the revolt; some would do better, some worse.

The revolts in the Arab world could lead to uprisings in the United States and Israel when information comes out about how the United States and Israel have managed criminal affairs in these nations.  The populations of the United States and Israel both suffer under similar national security state structures in which the military and secret services (C.I.A. and Mossad) work against the best interests of their respective nations and people.  The C.I.A.'s criminal role in the 9/11 deception and their covert wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan clearly reveal to all that the clandestine agency is a terrorist and disinformation agency working against the interest of the American people and our republic.  Imagine what crimes that would be exposed if the offices of the C.I.A. were taken over in a revolt against the crimocracy ruling Washington?  This is what is happening across the Middle East and all kinds of secrets are likely to be revealed in the process, as they were after the revolution in Iran.

Finally, I don't think I have said anything incorrect about Libya.  I think the 42-year-old Gaddafi regime has been working with the Rothschild family and Israel, which is where I began on this subject.  Gaddafi has been toyed with and the Western democracies and Russia sold weapons to him, although he is said to have been behind terror bombings over Lockerbie, Scotland, and in Germany.  Gaddafi also reportedly gave $500 million to Allen Stanford's financial scam, which is closely tied to the Mossad, shortly before the Stanford "bank" collapsed -- owing some $8 billion to investors.  Gaddafi is clearly linked to the Zionist criminal network.

When the people of Benghazi and ancient Cyrenaica (Eastern Libya) revolted against Gaddafi they began a civil conflict that was bound to get very ugly if the Western democracies did not intervene.  The people who stood up against Gaddafi have been calling for intervention from the beginning.  The Western nations and Russia had armed Gaddafi with the weapons he was now turning on his unarmed civilian population in Benghazi, Misurata, Ras Lanuf, and Brega.  Those nations who armed Gaddafi have a moral responsibility to keep him from killing his own people with those weapons.  Had the West intervened to stop Gaddafi more quickly and effectively, lives would have been saved on both sides, that's for sure. 

I think that Gaddafi may very well have funded Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential campaign, which could explain Sarkozy's particular ire against Gaddafi.  I think that stopping Gaddafi from killing his own people is a good and necessary thing.  I would not be surprised if the French and Americans are actually targeting Gaddafi personally.  He knows too much for them to let him live - and talk about it.  Gaddafi has failed the Libyan people.  His "green revolution" did not bring democracy and progress, as he promised.  With the billions of dollars Gaddafi made from the 1.5 million barrels of oil he sold every day he could have created a very prosperous and progressive nation of 6 million people, but he refused to allow the people to rule and insisted on being the mercurial tyrant of Tripoli.  It is long past time for him and his sons to leave, and give the power to the people of Libya.  The Libyan people deserve better leaders and can certainly have a democratic form of government.  Islam is the religion of the majority of the people in the Middle East.  I don't see any reason why Islamic parties should not be part of their democracies.  Americans and Europeans have Christian parties and Israel is virtually ruled by the orthodox rabbis, so why shouldn't Islam play its role in Middle Eastern democracies? 
Question:  With all the prima facie evidence that you have assembled, along with evidence from other people, it's obvious that another 9/11 investigation should be held. Alternatively, it's obvious that there is enough evidence to simply indict certain people even without another investigation. But, of course, the idea of the U.S. government investigating itself is absurd and Zionism is so powerful that proceeding to the next step will be very difficult. So, do you have any suggestions on how the 9/11 criminals could eventually be brought to justice? I think the 9/11 Truth Movement could benefit from some direction or goals on what to do next, what to work towards. Without such goals, I fear that many people will just give up hope that justice will be served and the movement will wither and die.

Bollyn Responds:  This is a good question, but a very difficult one to answer.  As an investigative journalist who has invested a lot of time and energy on 9/11 truth I would like to begin with a few observations. 

Firstly, there is no actual 9/11 Truth Movement in the sense that there is an organized body of persons dedicated to finding the truth of what really happened.  While there are loose-knit truth groups organized around various occupations, such as Pilots for 9/11 Truth, the so-called truth movement is really just a nebulous grouping comprised of many honest and concerned individuals and a large number of disinformation agents.  The disinformation agents are the most active people and have infiltrated the movement in order to steer the course of the discussion to avoid the truth.  Most of these groups are (like the media) actually controlled by such agents, which is why they steer far away from me and my research.

Secondly, there was no 9/11 investigation in the first place.  There was what I call "a non-investigation", managed by Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, in which the crucial evidence was confiscated and destroyed.  Furthermore, there is absolutely no political will in the United States to solve 9/11 - or to even address the unanswered questions about what really happened.  For a politician to discuss 9/11 as an unsolved crime is to touch the third rail and commit career suicide.  The same is true for a journalist, as my fate as a journalist illustrates.  The only political leader to have even addressed 9/11 as an unsolved crime on a global scale is President Ahmadinejad of Iran and he was unduly criticized and vilified as a result.  For people in the political class it is absolutely taboo to stray from the blatantly false and anti-Muslim fairy tale about 9/11, a pack of lies that has been used to initiate the draconian measures of the domestic "War on Terror" and kick-start two illegal wars in the Middle East.  Trillions of dollars are at stake and people in high-places have committed numerous crimes that would put them in prison for life - or worse.

One has to understand that those obstructing 9/11 truth are part of the crime and the cover-up.  While presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama are clearly involved in the cover-up, as are the New York Times and CNN, it is the unseen network of criminal financiers behind the U.S. government and media who are really calling the shots.  These are the same people who control the State of Israel and its intelligence agencies from behind the scenes.  My discovery that Marc Rich, the Israeli criminal metal trader behind a $10 billion scam, created the international trading network that disposed of the steel from the World Trade Center helps to identify the network of Zionist financiers behind 9/11.  The connections between Marc Rich, the Mossad, and the families of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are well known and documented.  The final chapter of my book will discuss this in greater detail.

A. Craig Copetas book on Marc Rich explains how Rich made $10 billion in illegal trading deals.  Rich, an Israeli with close ties to the Mossad, created the network that disposed of the steel from the World Trade Center.  The two Belgian Jews who ran the international trading division for the Hugo Neu scrap business of New Jersey are Israeli citizens, although one of them, Nathan Fruchter, runs his business from New York.
This is why I am not optimistic that there will be an investigation of 9/11 in the United States anytime soon.  It would probably require a real revolution to oust the financial regime behind the government before the U.S. government would be able to really investigate and expose what happened on 9/11.  This is not to say that we will not know who was behind 9/11, only that the truth will not be accepted by those in power.


To understand why it is so difficult for 9/11 truth seekers to investigate and prosecute the real criminals behind the false-flag terrorism we need to understand that this is an asymetrical struggle between individual truth seekers and very powerful non-democratic institutions.  The main institutions that are opposed to 9/11 truth are Zionist-controlled entities such as the Anti-Defamation League (and its parent organization of Jewish Freemasons - the B'nai B'rith), the State of Israel (and its military intelligence agencies), the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, the Department of Justice (and F.B.I.), the C.I.A., and the President of the United States, to name but a few.

The fact that these Zionist-controlled institutions are hierarchical in nature and linked to their foreign counterparts in institutional relationships, such as NATO, means that a few Zionists at the top of the pyramid can prevent discussion of 9/11 truth throughout the whole network.  It is not that there aren't any journalists who would love to investigate 9/11.  It is that they are not allowed to do so in the controlled news outfits they work for. 

Norman Rockwell's Freedom of Speech (1943)
I grew up in Norman Rockwell's America with a strong belief in our inalienable rights and the freedom of speech, a freedom I was known to exercise frequently.  My 9/11 research and journalism are a result of my belief as an American that I have the right to express my thoughts without fear of reprisal.  The brutal assault I suffered by undercover police at my home in August 2006 and the malicious prosecution that followed showed me that there are corrupt officials in my hometown (virtually all of them) that were willing to violate my constitutional rights (a federal crime) and commit perjury in court in order to play their role in a conspiracy to try to silence me.  As a consequence, I lost my job as a journalist and we had to leave our home but I have not lost my belief in the freedom of speech.  I know that the truth will prevail and in time we will know who committed the false-flag terrorism of 9/11.  We will see that those who attacked me and tortured me with a TASER as they broke my arm in front of my wife and 8-year-old daughter were actually taking orders and committing crimes for those who are behind the 9/11 cover up.      
Question:  I am sure you know this creep Mike Harari (who is said to be behind the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11). But what do you make of this from Veterans Today?
Dimitri Khalezov...has revealed from first-hand knowledge that Mike Harari organized the 9-11 massacre...His explanation is devastating in its simplicity. The conversion of three steel-built skyscrapers to fine powder is only possible with nuclear explosions underneath them. Thermite, nano-thermite and thermate may well have been used by the killers to cut beams and girders but they would not have turned concrete to powder, or steel for that matter.
Bollyn Responds:  Mike Harari is certainly in that group of senior Mossad terrorists who are involved as high-level managers of the 9/11 attacks. This is the group of Israelis that was involved in Iran-Contra and drug smuggling operations from the 1970s.  This is the link to the Bush and Clinton families, and why Marc Rich was involved in the destruction of the steel from the WTC.  

I do not agree that the pulverization of the concrete was done by a nuclear device.  The evidence indicates that a very large amount of highly explosive nano-composite thermite was used to demolish the Twin Towers.  In my opinion, the nano-thermite had probably been applied as a spray coating to the floor pans and is what caused the pulverization of the 220 concrete floors and their floors pans. The evidence indicates that the floors were exploded from the top down - one-by-one at the speed of a falling object.  How would a nuclear device do that?

Question:  I was curious to know if you have completed the final chapter in your 9/11 book?  It is a fantastic read.  Hope all is well.
Bollyn Responds:  Thank you.  No, the final and hopefully conclusive chapter of my book, Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World, is not yet completed but I hope to have it finished in the coming month.  This final chapter has an interesting history and much of the information that will be in this chapter has already been published in articles on this website.  It grew out of research I did about Lenny Charles Labanco's I.N.N. conference on 9/11 that happened last September.  I wrote a critical piece about this conference in an article entitled "The Zionist Gang Behind New York's 9/11 Conference"

What I discovered was that Labanco is associated with Joseph Shereshevsky, an orthodox Jew who was involved in the massive WexTrust financial securities fraud with his wife, the former Elka Peck of Norfolk, Virginia.  The Peck family owned an iron scrap yard next to the U.S. Navy yard, which happened to be their main source of scrap metal.  The Peck business, however, was sold to Sims, which happens to be one of the two companies involved in the criminal destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center.  I knew there was a connection but it took a lot more digging to find out what it was.

I tried to talk to the key people involved in the destruction of the steel from the WTC without much luck.  A crucial discovery was that Marc Rich sent two Mossadniks who worked for him to create an international trading department at Hugo Neu, one of the two New Jersey scrap dealers who were involved in the removal and destruction of the WTC steel.  As the late Sherman Skolnick said:
  "Marc Rich the commodity bandit and 'spook' was so interwoven with the White House of George Bush The Elder and later, Bill Clinton, you could not hardly tell whether the White House dirty tricks department was in Washington or Zug, Switzerland, one of Rich's outposts."

Skolnick went on to ask, "Is it true that Rahm Emanuel, for six years having been on and off Clinton White House Senior Advisor, has been, in effect, Deputy Director for North America, of the Mossad, Israel's spy agency? And was Rahm an instrumental part of Marc Rich's dirty, bloody business for the American C.I.A.?"

While this is not all, these are the key players in exploiting the 9/11 deception to wage war in the Middle East and rob the American people.  The Bush team controlled the White House, the Israelis pulled off the false-flag terrorism, and Marc Rich organized the clean-up crew.  Rahm Emanuel was Mossad's point man in the Clinton White House when the stage was being set for 9/11.

What binds all of these people and entities together?  As Skolnick wrote:  "In October, 1980, meeting in a Paris suburb with fully authorized and ratified representatives of the Iranian dictator, the Elder Bush agreed to supply Iran weapons, to be trans-shipped through Israel, for Iran's war with Iraq. To keep high the price of oil, the Rockefellers and the oil-soaked British Royal Family, instigated the war in September, 1980, with Iraq and Iran being major oil pumpers; each sought to destroy the other's oil facilities... During the Iranian oil embargo, Marc Rich made hundreds of millions of dollars by treasonously circumventing the U.S.-led restrictions. Rich did this with firms largely owned by the George Bush Family jointly with Richard Cheney and their confederates."

Iran-Contra is just part of the criminal business that these people are engaged in together.  Drug smuggling into the United States is another part.  Plundering the wealth of the former Soviet Union is another.  The list goes on and on.  These are the key people and agencies behind the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11, but who controls them?  That is what my final chapter will discuss. 

Question:  Christopher!  What is anything written by David Duke doing on your website?
Bollyn Responds:  This question came from a reader shortly after I posted a piece about David Duke's excellent 10-minute video entitled "Hollywood Basterds".   Shortly before I received this question, I got this note about the video:  "Just finished listening to David Duke on your site. Wow, he certainly tells it like it is."

Firstly, I should say that I posted David Duke's video about the Weinstein film Inglourious Basterds (and other Jewish porn and perversity) because I completely agree with the reader that David Duke "tells it like it is."  I have personally known Duke since April 2005, when we visited him at his home in the New Orleans area.  We enjoyed our visit immensely and remember eating the best oysters in the world with him in New Orleans.  David Duke is well known and respected among the people of New Orleans, which was very clear by the way he was received everywhere we went.  My daughter was very fond of his little Torri and remembers being scolded for feeding popcorn to Duke's little Maltese when we were at the movies.  I recall reading Duke's book Jewish Supremacism and writing a book review.  David did a three-part interview with me on his Townhall Radio show in which we discussed a range of issues.  In 2006, when I was attacked and TASERed at my home by undercover police who broke my right elbow, Duke posted an article under the heading "Christopher Bollyn Abused by ADL-Brainwashed Police", which is exactly what they were.

Then there is the fact that I absolutely detest the racist and perverted film Inglourious Basterds and anyone associated with it.  I simply can not understand how any self-respecting nation can allow a film that celebrates gratuitous and racist violence to be shown to its youth.  Unfortunately, my son saw the film in August 2009 when a classmate's mother treated a bunch of her son's new classmates to the movies.  When I discovered how perverted and racist (anti-German) the film was, I discussed the film with my son.  He speaks fluent German, loves Germany, and knows a lot about the real history of the Second World War having lived in Berlin and visited many German cities, including a long spell in Dresden.  Last night he watched David Duke's 10-minute video and I could tell from his comments that he now understands the evil behind this disgusting and despicable film.

I noticed this apt comment beneath Duke's video on YouTube:  "The German people have got to be the most unfairly vilified people in history. The Palestinians would be next. Is it any surprise that both groups are vilified by the same secretive group? Germany had no choice but to fight. They are now rising again and I say God bless ‘em."

Inglourious Basterds has Eli Roth killing Germans with a baseball bat, which was actually just one of the brutal methods used by Polish Jews to kill tens of thousands of innocent German prisoners held in Jewish death camps after the war.  An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945 is an eye-opening book by John Sacks (Basic Books, New York, 1993) that tells the real story of Jewish atrocities against Germans.
One of the Polish Jews who tortured and killed hundreds of innocent Germans was Solomon "Shlomo" Morel, who has lived in Israel since 1993 to avoid prosecution for war crimes. The following extract is from Solomon Morel: A Jewish Death Camp Commandant in Stalinist Poland

Salomon (Solomon or Shlomo) Morel (Garbów, November 15, 1919 – February 14, 2007, Tel Aviv) In 1993, soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Morel was indicted by Poland's Institute of National Remembrance for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the "revenge killing" of 1,500 prisoners. Morel fled to Israel and was granted sanctuary under the Law of Return. Poland repeatedly demanded his extradition, but Israel refused to comply, citing a lack of evidence.
"Morel brought Jewish and Polish guards -- sometimes drunken -- into barrack 7 of accused Nazis or Hitler youth. It was called either the Deutsches Haus or the “brown barracks.” Morel had them sing Nazi songs and then he began to beat them. Depending upon his mood, he would use his bare hands, a wooden stool, a pistol butt or a truncheon. The guards beat the Germans with clubs. Morel asked, “How many blows do you want?” If the answer was unsatisfactory, it was fifty blows. It was reported that the “ritual of the organized tormenting of prisoners took place virtually every night…” When using the wooden stool, Morel would beat prisoners until the stool broke apart. The corpses were left on the floor. At dawn, they were taken in a horse-drawn cart to a cemetery by the Rawa river where they were dumped into a mass grave."
Question:  If the Jews can create such a complex matrix then they must be really very smart. It would, of course, require lots of brains apart from lots of money to pull off such a veil [of deception] over the whole world. But is it also because they (the orthodox Zionist Jews) have a complete lack of ethics? By the way, I’m a Hindu from India and I don't think ALL JEWS are bad. 

Bollyn Responds:  The day I received this question I read the end-of-the-year issue of Newsweek that contains interviews with people in the news.  The very first interview in this Zionist-owned magazine (owned by Sidney Mortimor Harman, husband of Rep. Jane Harman) is with David Axelrod, the campaign manager who made Obama president and who now serves as his "senior advisor".  Axelrod, who calls Chicago home, is the son of a New York Jewish communist writer-cum-advertising strategist and a Jewish psychoanalyst who hanged himself when his son studied at the University of Chicago.  David Axelrod is the man who shapes the policies coming out of the Obama White House.

David Axelrod was commissioned by powerful Zionists to make Obama president and now serves as his senior advisor.
The second photo in the interview is of the key people who actually run the Obama administration: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel with Senior Advisor David Axelrod, Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office for Health Reform, and Philip Michael Schiliro, Assistant for Legislative Affairs.  The photo is titled "Discussing the health care vote in the U.S. House of Representatives in the Oval Office" and dated Nov. 7, 2009.  (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, No. 25 of 88 photos)
The photo of the three men who manage the Obama administration huddled around the president's desk says a great deal about the powers that control the Obama White House.  Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is an Israeli national whose father is a former Zionist terrorist in the Irgun.  David Axelrod is the son of a Jewish communist writer who wrote for a magazine that was designed to push the United States into war against Germany.  The third man at the desk is Philip Michael Schiliro, the president's assistant on legislation and the key person in getting Democrats in Congress to support the huge bailout bill that was passed in the beginning of the Obama administration.

Philip Michael Schiliro received very strong support from the Jewish community when he ran for office in the early 1990s as this list of donors indicates.

Phil Schiliro was chief of staff for Rep. Henry Waxman of California before he joined the Obama White House.  Schiliro worked for Waxman, a Congressman with a "strong Jewish identity", for many years.
Phil Schiliro is a very interesting name in Obama's administration, the current government of the Zionist crimocracy that rules the United States.  The Schiliro clan is a family that has a long history of involvement in organized crime.  One member of the family, Lewis Dennis Schiliro, actually ran the FBI office in New York City during the 1990s - overseeing such key investigations as the first bombing of the World Trade Center, other terrorism and financial crime cases, TWA Flight 800, Egypt Air 990, etc.  Another member of the family, 30-year-old Joseph Schiliro from East Meadow, Long Island, was busted in January 2010 for being part of a network of drug dealers that dealt $1 million of "Special-K" (Ketamine, an animal tranquilizer) every month.  Are these Schiliros all related?  I would venture to guess that they are.
Lewis Dennis Schiliro ran the FBI bureau in New York in the 1990s.
Lewis Dennis Schiliro and Phil Schiliro grew up on the same part of Long Island, East Meadow and Baldwin respectively (5 miles apart from each other), and both have mothers named Jean and fathers named Joseph.  I have not yet determined if they are related, but I suspect they are.  There were, after all, only 55 people named Schiliro in the United States in 1930 and most of them were directly related to each other.  This is a very important question because Lewis Schiliro became a senior vice president at Maurice Greenberg's A.I.G. insurance shortly after he left the FBI in 2000 and Phil Schiliro was instrumental in getting Congress to pass the legislation that provided hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to bailout criminal banks and enterprises like A.I.G. - the largest direct recipient of the bailout.  Furthermore, the FBI is the most important part of the 9/11 cover-up and Lewis Schiliro has actively contributed to that effort.  In the New Year I will return to the Schiliro connection to 9/11 and the bailout of A.I.G. 
Now back to the question at hand:
If the Jews can create such a complex matrix then they must be really very smart. It would, of course, require lots of brains apart from lots of money to pull off such a veil [of deception] over the whole world. But is it also because they (the orthodox Zionist Jews) have a complete lack of ethics?
The discussion of this photo and the men who manage the Obama White House is not a digression, but is meant to serve as an illustration to help understand my response to this question.  Americans in the 21st Century are not very political nor are they politically organized in any meaningful way.  Millions of Americans voted for Barack Obama simply because he symbolized "change", which most people thought was a good idea.  They thought he was a black man from Chicago, although he is not from Chicago and he is as much white as he is black.  Most people do not look any deeper than the images they see on television.  Very few are aware of the fact that Obama is a Zionist-controlled puppet, a modern-day "golem", whose only agenda is to fulfill the wishes of his Jewish Zionist masters. 

The Zionist-controlled media does not even discuss the fact that Rahm Emanuel's father is a real terrorist who moved to the United States in the 1950s.  The chief of staff of the Obama White House is the son of a living Zionist terrorist.  How much sense does that make for an administration that is waging its "War on Terror" in Afghanistan and Pakistan?  Such omissions by the controlled press are of course completely intentional.  Keeping the Obama fairy tale alive requires keeping the people in the dark about Obama's Zionist handlers.
Candidate and President Obama has been managed by David Axelrod since 1992 at the behest of the late Philip Morris Klutznick, the former head of the International Order of B'nai B'rith - the secret society of the Elders of Zion.  See "The Axelrod Factor - Why Obama Fails to Deliver"
Jews are certainly as smart and as wealthy as any other ethnic group but these are not the only things that make up Jewish political power.  The real essence of Jewish political power is that they operate as a collective, which is to say that they work together as an organized team.  Wealthy Jews like the Rothschilds create and finance Zionist organizations - including secret societies - to increase their power and control.  Zionist Jews have a virtual monopoly over the U.S. media.  Jews dominate the political parties and media in the United States - including third party movements and alternative media outlets.  Ownership of the media and Zionist secret societies like the International Order of B'nai B'rith are huge force multipliers for Zionist Jews.  No other ethnic group in the United States operates as a collective as effectively as the Jews.  In a nation of politically unorganized people, a well-organized and well-financed collective force (with powerful secret societies) like the Zionist Jews can slice its way through like a warm knife going through butter.  It's that simple, but there is much more.
As a student of Middle Eastern history and U.S. politics, I have pondered this question for many years, as have many others before me.  To understand the Jewish posture vis-a-vis the rest of the world I suggest reading how Tacitus and Gibbon, two classical historians, described the hostility of the "unsocial" Jewish religion and how Jews regard the rest of mankind:
Moses, wishing to secure for the future his authority over the nation, gave them a novel form of worship, opposed to all that is practiced by other men. Things sacred with us, with them have no sanctity, while they allow what with us is forbidden…This worship, however introduced, is upheld by its antiquity; all their other customs, which are at once perverse and disgusting, owe their strength to their very badness. The most degraded out of other races, scorning their national beliefs, brought to them their contributions and presents. This augmented the wealth of the Jews, as also did the fact, that among themselves they are inflexibly honest and ever ready to shew compassion, though they regard the rest of mankind with all the hatred of enemies.
- Tacitus, The Histories, 110 A.D.

From the reign of Nero to that of Antoninus Pius, the Jews discovered a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives, and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arms of the legions against a race of fanatics whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman government, but of human kind.
- Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776)
The Roman historian Tacitus said the Jews "regard the rest of mankind with all the hatred of enemies" and Edward Gibbon (who called their religion "unsocial") said they are "a race of fanatics whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman government, but of human kind."
The hostility that orthodox Jews harbor for non-Jews is key to understanding the Jewish predicament:  the Jews see themselves as a people apart from others, a separate nation, and their first loyalty and obligation is to their tribe.  Orthodox Jews are raised with the idea that Jews are superior to other people.  This sense of Jewish supremacism and hostility toward other people is the reason the Jewish religion is seen as unsocial by Gibbon and others.  Like Hinduism, the Jewish religion is a set of rules of conduct for a specific ethnic group.  Christianity and Islam, on the other hand, are faith-based universal religions which embrace all of mankind. 
The criminal network behind the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 is comprised of senior agents of Israeli intelligence and their Zionist cohort in the United States, which I have shown and documented in my book Solving 9/11 - The Deception that Changed the World.  Nearly all of the key people in this network are either dedicated Israeli intelligence agents or orthodox Jewish Zionists.  Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff and U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein, key agents in the 9/11 cover-up, are both orthodox Jewish Zionists.  Chertoff and Hellerstein are certainly fully aware of their huge crimes against the American people, but their religious duties to the Jewish people - their "community" - mean much more to them.  Their religious ethics dictate that they serve only Jews.  Orthodox Jews like Chertoff and Hellerstein consider non-Jews as animals and slaves.  To cause the death of a non-Jew is not considered a sin or a punishable crime among orthodox Jews.  This is not merely hyperbole on my part.  To understand how orthodox Jews really view non-Jews, I strongly recommend reading Israel Shahak's book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight of Three Thousand Years.  I met Israel Shahak in the 1990s in Chicago and was very impressed with the man and his writing.
Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight of Three Thousand Years

"A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a court. To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all."

"According to the Talmud, Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other Jews to idolatry, and contempt of rabbinical authority. All classical Jewish sources which mention his execution are quite happy to take responsibility for it; in the talmudic account the Romans are not even mentioned."

- Professor Israel Shahak, "The Laws Against Non-Jews"
Question:  I have received two questions about Mark Lane and American Free Press (AFP). Since they both pertain to the Liberty Lobby and its publications, I will answer them together:
Question No. 1 - Subject: Mark Lane: CIA agent
I'm familiar with these charges by Bollyn. His problem is that Lane has been proven correct about Lee Oswald and if Piper indeed works for Lane, then how does Bollyn explain the most important book on the JFK killing, Final Judgment, which is the only book to nail the Israelis for being part of the assassination? That's where Bollyn's thesis falls down. My main problem with Lane is with his presence at Jonestown, but I have read nothing definitive about it other than his being the lawyer for Jones. Lane's probably lucky he wasn't killed, too, which is why I suppose he disappeared for a while. I suspect it was a CIA mass murder of an experimental population. I'm not ready to accept Bollyn's version without more than just his being a Jewish lawyer who successfully defended Liberty Lobby from a CIA lawsuit, which is not a bad thing.
Question No. 2 – From an AFP insider named George K.
I am working now at the AFP office and keep bumping onto all kinds of unreasonable hysteria around...Paul (Tudor) Angel, Chris Petherick and Mike Piper presenting me with all kinds of s....t that I am not really looking for. What is going on here? It feels like I stepped into a hole loaded with sneaks. I feel something far deeper than the usual "don't take my job or I kill you" garbage. Paul Angel keeps screwing my articles, he is steering the whole of the AFP toward the left...Willis is unable to control them...Is this new or just an old story? What did actually happen around you, why did they want you out so bad?
Bollyn Responds: These questions pertain to my former employer, the Liberty Lobby, and its publications, American Free Press (the erstwhile Spotlight) and the Barnes Review. Having worked for the Liberty Lobby from June 2000 until October 2006, I have some insight into the organization and the people behind it. Let me begin with a few facts and observations.
I am an honest and hard-working investigative journalist who worked for the Liberty Lobby’s publications from June 2000 until October 6, 2006.  While working for the Spotlight and American Free Press, I did a great deal of original research on 9/11, depleted uranium weapons, school shootings, and electronic vote fraud, among other things.

The basic question asked by George, "Why did they want you out so bad?" can be answered in a few words.  I was assaulted by undercover police and ousted from American Free Press because my 9/11 research was revealing too much about who had carried out the false-flag terror attacks - and how they had done it.  My scientific research (with Dr. Steven E. Jones and Dr. Thomas Cahill) about Thermite being used to pulverize the World Trade Center seems to have been the proximate cause of the undercover police assault and subsequent attacks against me. The people who were behind ousting me are the same people I had worked with for 6 years.  These are the same people who run AFP today.  They didn't seem at all interested in my research about Thermite and 9/11 - quite the contrary.  Earlier, Chris Petherick had told me not to be so critical of the war in Iraq, saying that some of our readers liked the war!

In mid-August 2006 I was assaulted at my home (on private property) by a heavily armed three-man squad of undercover police who TASERed me (while I was handcuffed and held down by two armed men) and broke my right elbow. Willis A. Carto of American Free Press began collecting money for a “legal defense fund” and encouraged me to take Mark Lane as my lawyer. When I spoke to Lane on the phone, he told me that I would have to trust him completely and admitted that he was a Zionist. I decided to look for another lawyer.

After undercover police assaulted me at my home AFP raised money for my legal defense, but they fired me and kept the money instead.  Instead of making a case out of the outrageous fact that a working journalist had been attacked at his home in America, AFP ousted me and began a campaign of slander against me.
Shortly after the attack, Mike Piper of AFP began attacking me and insisted that I not be allowed to speak at the Labor Day conference in Washington. In early October 2006 I was fired from AFP by Chris Petherick who claimed that I had been disloyal to the paper and filed false stories. He never provided any evidence to support these claims. Carto disposed of the money raised for my legal fund and I was purged from American Free Press in the same way that Stalin would purge someone from the Communist Party - and the memory of the Soviet Union.  I have been subjected to a vicious campaign of slander from Mike Piper and his cronies ever since.
While it may be difficult for an outsider to make sense of all of this, as a person who worked for the Liberty Lobby for more than 6 years and who was then ousted and slandered by the people I had worked with, I have some insight into this odd outfit that calls itself a “populist” newspaper.
Mark Weber wrote about Willis Carto and the Liberty Lobby in August 1998:
Although Liberty Lobby claims to reveal the hidden forces that secretly control the world, it never discloses just who runs this self-described "populist institution," or how. Even the name is deceitful. Liberty Lobby does almost no lobbying. In fact, Liberty Lobby is essentially a fraud. Although it claims to be directed by its "Board of Policy," it is actually run from behind the scenes by Willis A. Carto -- a shadowy 72-year-old whom a California court has found to be a crook and a liar.
Weber is right. I should know, I was the lobbyist for the Liberty Lobby. I was the “Congressional Liaison” when I began working at the Liberty Lobby, which meant that I was to visit the offices of members of Congress on behalf of the lobby and write articles about legislation. There was, however, no structure or instructions for this position whatsoever and I was free to pursue whatever issue I chose. I never received any guidance or met anyone who represented the membership or Board of Policy of the Liberty Lobby except for Willis Carto, whose office was adjacent to mine. There was a door in the wall between our offices and it was always open, except when Carto had meetings with Mark Lane and the accountant, a man named Blayne Hutzel, who wore a Masonic ring.
The offices we worked in were dismal and dirty, far below standard for any organization calling itself a newspaper. I found it impossible to work in such conditions and asked Mr. Carto if I could freshen up my office with some cleaning and a new coat of paint. He refused, saying that if I fixed up my office the others would also want their offices cleaned up.
In the fall of 2000, after about five months on the job, I was suddenly given a new contract that made me an independent contractor. Mr. Carto gave me this contract to sign while Mark Lane stood in the next room. This new arrangement meant that I lost all insurance benefits and was paid to submit articles.  I was responsible for managing my own taxes.  Hutzel told me that I should get a "good tax man".  This arrangement, which I knew nothing about prior to seeing the contract in front of me, allowed me to work from home but meant a significant reduction in compensation.  Later, between 2004 and 2006, Carto reduced my salary even further, twice, in cuts of 10 percent each.  He also wanted me to come back to Washington and be the lobbyist for the Lobby.  I didn't understand this because I thought our main activity was the newspaper business.  I was under the impression that AFP was created to be a real newspaper and not a newsletter of the Liberty Lobby.
Furthermore, I did not understand how they were unable to grow the paper in post-9/11 America.  Whenever I passed Union Station in Washington I would check to see if there were papers in the boxes, and there were not.  I spoke to the employee who was supposed to distribute the papers to the boxes and found that he was not doing it.  The paid circulation was only about 20,000, according to the person who managed the subscription data base.  The paper was clearly not growing and there was no movement in that direction coming from the employees, who seemed to lack any enthusiasm or patriotic zeal.
In January 2006, shortly after I had spoken about the evidence of Thermite at the World Trade Center at the Axis for Peace forum in Brussels, I was suddenly called back from Germany to go on a crazy mission to Venezuela.  This hare-brained scheme originated with Carto and Piper, but Piper did not want to do it - so he put it on me.  I was supposed to go to Venezuela and arrange a meeting with Hugo Chavez.  I was to get Chavez to buy subscriptions to the newspaper for every member of Congress or somehow get him to make a significant donation to the Liberty Lobby.  Nothing had been done to prepare for such a mission and very little was explained to me, but the whole thing was dropped on my shoulders.  Nobody had even made contact with the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington.  I could see that the chances for success were slim, but was willing to give it a shot.  The day I left for Venezuela, Carto told me that I would get ten percent of whatever I could get from Chavez.  Nothing was put down in writing. 

Christopher Bollyn converses with former prime minister and president of Lebanon, Salim El Hoss, at the Axis for Peace conference in Brussels in November 2005.  It was at this high-profile international conference that Bollyn discussed the scientific evidence of Thermite in the destruction of the World Trade Center.  He was called back to Washington shortly thereafter and sent on a wild goose chase to Venezuela.
I did not get to see Hugo Chavez, but turned over a package of materials to the Ministry of Information in Caracas when I realized that we (I had invited William Rodriguez and Jimmy Walter to come along) would not have a chance to speak to the president directly.  I returned to Washington and headed for Utah to interview Dr. Steven E. Jones on the evidence of Thermite at the World Trade Center.

Unable to meet President Hugo Chavez directly, I presented his Ministry of Information with the material I had brought from Washington.
Although I have written about a number of sensitive subjects, it seems like my articles and discussion of Thermite in the World Trade Center were too hot for the people who controlled American Free Press.  Having left Chicago because of intrusive FBI surveillance in the summer of 2005, we were reluctant to stay in our own home.  Feeling vulnerable in our home, we visited 9/11 relatives and researchers in the western United States and stayed in safe places.  AFP had limited me to one thousand dollars in expenses per month, but I was able to keep my costs down by staying with people who supported 9/11 truth.
I was in Davis, California, in June 2006 when Petherick suddenly cut off my expenses completely telling me that I would no longer have any funds for travel, phone calls, or any expenses at all.  This happened the day after I had merged the scientific research of Dr. Steven E. Jones with that of Dr. Thomas Cahill at U.C. Davis.  The research of these two men confirmed that some form of Thermite had been used to destroy the Twin Towers.  Cahill's data from the smoke particles rising from the pile of rubble from October through December 2001 proved that the fires that raged beneath the pile were hotter than the boiling point of iron

Dr. Thomas Cahill's Davis DRUM found that the bluish smoke that rose from the pile contained large amounts of nano-sized particles that can only be produced by fires hotter than the boiling point of the element involved.  The fires that raged beneath the pile were certainly no ordinary fires.
We now had scientific proof that we were dealing with extremely advanced Thermitic explosives.  The fact that I was being squeezed by my employers at AFP at the same time I was making scientific breakthroughs on the evidence of Thermite suggests the two are related.   When AFP cut off my expenses completely they knew I would have to return to my home, where undercover police were waiting to attack.

In the science library at U.C. Davis I was able to photocopy the most important articles from the USGS survey of the dust from the World Trade Center.  The photographs of iron spheroids in the dust were solid evidence that the demolition of the Twin Towers had resulted in
large amounts of molten iron.  This was proof that Thermite had been involved in the pulverization of the World Trade Center.  This was big. 
I brought this material back to Dr. Jones in Provo, who had asked me to find out whatever I could about the dust.  He was very glad to get this material.  I bid him a fond farewell in June and warned him of the dangers we faced.  Within three months we were both fired from our jobs.

Bollyn discussing the evidence of Thermite with Dr. Steven E. Jones at BYU in the spring of 2006
After being fired from American Free Press in October 2006, I learned that Mark Lane is the real owner of the Liberty Lobby and its assets, and has been since 1994. This information came from L.T. Patterson of Cincinnati, owner of the newsletter Criminal Politics. Patterson had been sued by Mark Lane in an attempt to shut down his newspaper and discovered that Lane owned the Liberty Lobby during the legal process. Mark Lane served in U.S. Army intelligence in Germany at the end of the war.  Army intelligence became the CIA after the war.  Lane played a key role in the Jonestown massacre by pushing the fear button on Jim Jones, which instigated the massacre.  Lane is the controlling agent of American Free Press, which pushes the fear button of patriotic Americans every week. Lane was also involved in the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, where he worked closely with Jane Fonda.  Later, Fonda married Ted Turner and convinced him to sell CNN to Zionist Jews in New York.  This completed the Zionist monopoly of the mass media in the United States.

The point of Zionists owning media is to control how people think about things.  Lane owns AFP in order to control the patriotic movement that is attached to it.  His control is meant to keep it from being effective as a political organizer.  It's that simple.  The books by Lane and Piper are meant to give them credibility.  In order to attract bees you have to offer honey.  If Carto, Lane, and Piper are serious about taking on the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith why don't they sue the ADL for branding AFP as an anti-Semitic newspaper?
The information about Lane owning the Liberty Lobby came as a surprise, but made complete sense and fit with what I had observed at the Liberty Lobby. There was absolutely no transparency about the finances at the lobby.  I remember in 2000-2001 seeing 4 women opening the mail with donations in Blayne Hutzel’s office. Elisabeth Carto and her sister were the ones who ran the daily counting of the donations that came in the mail.  I never understood where all that money went because it certainly was not being spent on the employees or the operation, which all ran on a shoe-string budget.  Jerry Myers told me that the Cartos had secret bank accounts in Switzerland and Austria.
There were certainly many shell companies controlled by Willis Carto. My paychecks, for example, came from an entity called the Committee to Expose Bunk. None of this was ever explained. Myers, an old hand at the lobby, told me a lot of the sordid history about the lobby and I knew it was a very secretive and dodgy operation, but I was glad to be able to write articles about things that mattered and see them in print in the nation's capital.
It always bothered me that the distribution of the paper was very poor. The paper was not easily available even in downtown Washington, D.C. It was not even sold in the newspaper shop across the street from the Liberty Lobby. There was clearly a problem with the way the paper was being run.
The main people on the production side of the paper were Paul Tudor Angel and Chris Petherick. Petherick was the editor and Angel did the layout. Chris Petherick was a self-proclaimed Satanist who wore a metal stud in his tongue and threw knives in the wall of the office. I never understood how he wound up being the editor of a populist and supposedly patriotic newspaper. He didn’t seem to fit.
I was invited to visit Paul Angel’s new house in Virginia toward the end of my career at AFP. He had bought a newly built house about 45 minutes south of Washington on the Interstate. He had married a Panamanian girl who worked at Lockheed and we were invited to see the new house and his baby girl. I was surprised when his wife said, “You don’t believe the stuff that’s in that paper, do you?”
Paul chipped in saying that I was one of the paper’s main writers, but I could see that his wife dismissed AFP as nonsense, which made me wonder why Paul worked so hard for Willis Carto and the Liberty Lobby. During the party, I spoke with Paul’s mother, Alice Jones Angel. She mentioned that Paul’s father had died some years earlier.
Paul’s father was a chiropractor based in Silver Spring, Maryland, named Dr. Harold H. Angel who was a governor of Optimist International. Harold Angel died in 1972 when Paul was about 12. Paul was still living with his mother when I started at the paper in 2000, and she drove him to the office. Alice Angel died in February 2009. She had worked at the Department of Health and Human Services.
Paul has two sisters, Alison P. Angel and Laura Angel-Hanratty. Alison had a career at the U.S. Information Agency and Laura is married to Dennis P. Hanratty, Security Manager of the Department of Defense and member of the board of the Defense and Intelligence Council of ASIS International, an agency that is closely tied to the U.S. Intelligence community. I suspect that Angel's family ties to the military and intelligence community are why Paul Angel is the driving force behind the production of American Free Press. I remember how he and Petherick refused to print my articles that discussed the role of Prozac and similar drugs in school shootings and sedating the 9/11 relatives.  "Nice try" is all Paul Angel wrote back when I submitted a story about Prozac-crazed school shooters in America.  Both Petherick and Angel told me that they did drugs when I began at the Liberty Lobby in 2000, but they did not mean marijuana.
The people behind American Free Press are there simply to control the patriotic movement. They are skimming the cream off of the movement and have done nothing to make it an effective opposition movement. Jerry Myers told me that the Liberty Lobby had paid Mark Lane some five million dollars in legal fees.
Mark Weber was correct in his analysis of 1998:
Carto has few personal friends, but perhaps his closest is Mark Lane, an East coast Jewish attorney who often represents Carto and Liberty Lobby in court. Lane has a long record of support for liberal and leftist figures, including Martin Luther King and Jim Jones (of Jonestown fame). According to legal documents filed by Liberty Lobby in May 1998, Liberty Lobby pays Lane an annual retainer of $92,500.

In spite of the millions of dollars it's controlled over the years, Liberty Lobby has no measurable impact on the political life of the nation's capitol. This is hardly surprising, however. Given the unethical way it's run, Liberty Lobby is inherently incapable of achieving its stated goals, not least because it cannot hold the support of persons of integrity and discernment.

Willis Carto has been bilking well-meaning but credulous Americans for decades, and doubtless many naive people on his "sucker list" will continue to respond generously to urgent appeals for money signed by Ryan or other stooges. Still, and as ever more people learn the facts about how Liberty Lobby really works, and of Carto's long record of scams, the day of reckoning for him and his empire may be coming at last.
Question:  How do you compare Camp Bucca to a concentration camp?  No one was executed there.  People were given more medical care than they had anywhere else in their country, including kidney transplants.  Personally, I ensure that people held in the area I was responsible for were given education by local Iraqis:  reading, writing, some basic social studies.  With the exception of those transferred to Iraqi run prisons, all of the people were released.  I completely understand the unpopular war, and the hindsight view of many things, but to compare Camp Bucca to a concentration camp, it's not even a stretch.  Please reconsider your analogy. - W. K.
Bollyn Responds: When I received this comment, I immediately posted a "Note on usage" at the bottom of the article about the Iraq War Logs about the meaning of the term "concentration camp."  There is much more to this comment than the question about the meaning of the term and I am in contact with W.K. to discuss these things.  I don't want anyone to think that I was using hyperbole in calling Camp Bucca a "modern day concentration camp".  I was not.  Having visited Dachau, Auschwitz, and Buchenwald, I know what I am talking about when I use the term.  This is how the term is defined in the Oxford dictionary at our home:
concentration camp - a type of prison, often consisting of a number of buildings inside a fence, where political prisoners are kept in extremely bad conditions
Source - Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th Edition, Oxford University Press, 2005
The following photos and text are taken from the end of my article on the Iraq War Logs, which were leaked to the media by WikiLeaks on October 22, 2010:

Camp Bucca, Iraq - This photo from May 2008 shows a barbed wire corridor inside the U.S.  "detention center" near the Kuwait-Iraq border. According to U.S. figures, the camp held 19,070 detainees at the time.  The camp is named after Ronald Bucca, a NYC Fire Marshal who died on 9/11, although neither Iraq nor the camp detainees had anything to do with the false-flag terrorism of 9/11.   Naming the camp after a victim of 9/11 is part of the deception of the U.S. military.

Camp Bucca is a modern day concentration camp in an illegal war of aggression.  Will the people behind this criminal war face a Nuremberg Trial?
Gen. David H. Petraeus described a concentration camp when he talked about Camp Bucca in 2007: 
"When I took command of Multinational Force-Iraq in February 2007, we still had Camp Bucca with 17,000 detainees at that time and it grew larger," said Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander, International Security Assistance Force and commander, U.S. Forces Afghanistan. "We still had all of the detainees in huge enclosures. It was just fenced-in enclosures of about 800 to 900 detainees per enclosure. Obviously, we have come a long way since then."

Source: "Petraeus Discusses Future of Afghan Detainees" by U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Maria Yager, Parwan Province, Afghanistan, September 30, 2010
A concentration camp is defined by Merriam Webster as a camp where persons (as prisoners of war, political prisoners, or refugees) are detained or confined.  The Holocaust Encyclopedia has the following definition, which correctly describes U.S. camps like Camp Bucca:
The term concentration camp refers to a camp in which people are detained or confined, usually under harsh conditions and without regard to legal norms of arrest and imprisonment that are acceptable in a constitutional democracy. In Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, concentration camps (Konzentrationslager; KL or KZ) were an integral feature of the regime.
Source: "Concentration Camps", Holocaust Encyclopedia, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Christopher Bollyn and son (left) with the archivist at the Nuremberg Document Center. 
Question:   We have all read about Barack Obama's intention to build an Islamic center near Ground Zero.  This project does appear very suspicious.  What, in your opinion, are the real motives behind such a controversial project?
Kuwaiti Feisal Abdul Rauf and his proposed Park51 project are supported by the Zionist media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose company published Rauf's book.  For nine years Murdoch's News Corp. media empire has pushed the evil lie that Muslims were behind the terrorism of 9-11 and promoted the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror" with its wars of aggression and occupation - against Islamic nations and movements.
Bollyn Responds:  BUILDING A MONUMENT TO A FALSEHOOD - This is a sophisticated propaganda ploy by the Rothschild/Zionist-controlled U.S. government and media, designed to underline and cement in the public mind the blatant falsehood that Muslims were responsible for the terror attacks of 9-11.  This project is founded on the false premise of Muslim guilt and is meant to create a permanent monument to the falsehood that 9-11 was carried out by Islamic terrorists.  The people behind this project are the high-level Rothschild agents involved in the Zionist false-flag terrorism and cover-up of 9-11, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, whose sprawling media empire has pushed the lies about 9-11and the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
 High-level Zionist agents Mayor Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. are key sponsors of Park51 - a monument to the immensely evil media lie that Moslems were behind 9-11.

The Park51 project, based on the false premise that Muslims were behind the false flag terrorism of 9-11, is supported by extremely wealthy Arab leaders such as Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who is the second largest shareholder of Murdoch's News Corp.  Any Moslem who supports a monument to such a hateful and anti-Muslim falsehood is a traitor to his faith -- and the truth.
The political support from the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton for this monument reveals it to be a nefarious Zionist plot to hijack the discussion about 9-11 by distracting the public from the real evidence and stirring up anti-Muslim feelings as the ninth anniversary nears.  The recent knife attack on the Moslem taxi driver in Manhattan is the kind of reaction such evil plots produce. 


The college student accused of slashing the taxi driver simply because he was a Muslim was quickly moved to a psychiatric ward, which is really where anyone belongs who still believes the Zionist fairy tale that Moslems from Afghanistan were behind 9-11.  The government/media version that Osama Bin Laden and 19 Arabs were behind 9-11 remains utterly unproven and flies in the face of evidence of the extremely advanced form of super-thermite that was used to pulverize the Twin Towers.  Bin Laden certainly did not produce or apply the coating of nano-composite super-thermite to the interior surfaces of the World Trade Center towers.  So, who did?  Answer that question and we will solve the crime of 9-11.

The Twin Towers were pulverized by an extremely advanced explosive coating of super-thermite, made with nanotechnology.  How obvious does it have to be before people realize they have been deceived?  To accept a lie is to be enslaved by it.  The suffering and death brought about by the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are the evil results of being enslaved to the lie that Moslems carried out 9-11.
The Israeli government's plan to destroy two mosques on the West Bank is a similar action of the same strategy, which is meant to cause violence and increase tension and hostility against Islam.  The Israeli announcement of the outrageous plan to destroy the mosques, which are on Palestinian administered territory in the West Bank, is clearly designed to scuttle - with violence - the planned peace talks in September.  Why else would they even consider taking such a unnecessary, self-defeating, and provocative action at this crucial time, especially during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan?
Question:  Do you have any articles about Dov Zakheim? 

Bollyn Responds: 
In several articles I have written about Dov Solomon Zakheim, the orthodox Jewish rabbi who was appointed by George W. Bush to oversee the Pentagon budget prior to and after 9-11.  I wrote one a few years ago that focused on him specifically. That article is entitled “9/11 and the Elders of Zion” and can be read at:  

I will be writing another article about the Zionist agent Zakheim, which will discuss his long relationship with the Rothschild family and the state of Israel. Zakheim, who is clearly a foreign agent and devoted Zionist with strong links to the Rothschild family, was a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews in 1971—1972, and a member of the Chief Rabbi's Chaplaincy Board of England, 1971—1972. He then went on to become assistant to the managing director of the U.K. branch of Tibor Rosenbaum’s International Credit Bank Geneva, 1974-75.  This was a criminal enterprise.  

James Casbolt, a former agent of MI6, wrote this about the Mossad-linked bank where Zakheim began his career: 
Tibor Rosenbaum, a MOSSAD agent and head of the Geneva based Banque du Credit International. This bank was the forerunner to the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce international (BCCI) which is a major intelligence drug money laundering bank. 'Life' magazine exposed Rosenbaum's bank as a money launderer for the Meyer Lanksky American organised crime family and Tibor Rosenbaum funded and supported 'Permindex' the MI6 assassination unit which was at the heart of the John F. Kennedy assassination.   Source: "MI6 Are The Lords of the Global Drug Trade", by James Casbolt (Former MI6 Agent c. 2006)  
When Rosenbaum’s criminal bank (where Zakheim worked) was exposed in the mainstream media in 1975 (e.g. TIME magazine), Zakheim, an agent of the Rothschilds, was brought to Washington and began his new career as an associate analyst of National Security and International Affairs with the Congressional Budget Office.  Who did a background check on Dov Zakheim?  Zakheim’s most peculiar move from being a senior executive in a criminal Mossad banking enterprise to a position with the U.S. government happened under the reign of Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the Rothschild's senior agent in the U.S. government.

Question with Follow-up Comment:  Why do you speak of American soldiers with sympathy in your articles? They are all cold-blooded killers and terrorist occupiers who have murdered millions of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis, Pakistanis, etc. U.S. soldiers are cowardly skum who deserve to be loathed, scorned and cursed in their graves.
Bollyn Responds:  I have sympathy for those who are deceived and that certainly includes most of the American soldiers serving in these criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They have all been misled and deceived.  Do we blame the honest and patriotic young man who has been deceived or do we blame the billionaire master of deception who has tricked the nation into war?  Who am I to pass judgment on a person who has been deceived?   I am doing my best, as I have since September 2001, to expose the evil deception behind 9-11 and the criminal wars that we have been taken into as a result.  I have met many Americans and Europeans who have been tricked into these wars and naturally I really feel very sorry for them and their families because they either don't know or can't control what they are doing.  Many joined the military out of patriotism, like Pat Tillman, or because their parents wanted them to, like the late Dustin Brim of Daytona.  Most, of course, simply signed up because they needed the money.

Pat Tillman turned down a $3.6 million football contract to join the Army Rangers and join the "War on Terror" in Afghanistan, where he was killed by friendly fire in 2004.  Like so many others, he was deceived that the terrorists behind 9-11 had come from that poor and remote Central Asian nation.  Unfortunately, this evil deception continues.

Dustin Brim was a fine 19-year-old from Daytona.  His mother thought the Army would be good for him.  She was promised that he would not be sent into combat.  He worked with damaged tanks and vehicles in Iraq, most of which were contaminated with depleted uranium.  He had no protection against this extremely toxic poison and quickly contracted cancer.  He died age 21.
At a restaurant in Iowa we talked with our waitress who had refused to go back to Iraq after the army had made her drive trucks up and down "suicide alley" - after they had coaxed her to sign up with a $10,000 bonus.  She had been promised that she would have a safe secretarial job but soon found herself driving in fuel convoys on the most treacherous highway in Iraq.  They had lied to her and when she came home for a visit, she refused to go back.  The army wanted the $10,000 back.

Many of the U.S. soldiers are actually from National Guard units, which are not meant for foreign service.  Whether they are drafted or sign up, once these people are sent off to the war, they no longer have a choice.  Their bodies and minds belong to those who command them.  I recall seeing on CNN how the U.S. troops had a talking to before going into Falluja on their revenge mission.  Their commander told them that the people of Falluja were evil and deserved to be killed in the same way that Ilya Ehrenburg told the Soviet troops to kill without mercy the German civilians they came across as they wiped out some 2.1 million innocent Baltic and Eastern Germans at the end of World War II.
I know men who have committed mass murder.  Two that come to mind were young men during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, twenty eight years ago.  One was a young Israeli from Kibbutz Afikim in the Jordan Valley, where I worked as a lifeguard at the pool.  I had known this fellow since he was about 13.  His family had migrated to Israel from Argentina and he was a big and friendly boy, at least until he was forced to fight in Lebanon.  Later, he confessed to me about the murders he had committed of whole families in Lebanon during the war.  He had been a member of a tank crew and as they drove through Lebanon families would come out of their homes with white flags.  He had been commanded to fire at them, which he did.  He was very tormented by these unjustified killings and he needed to tell me what he had done.  I felt sorry for him.
More recently, I met a fellow who was involved in the massacre of Palestinians in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila.  Again, without asking, this person told me what he had done.  When he showed me his scars on his arms and told me that he had been in Sabra and Shatila, I was quite shocked.  These massacres are among the most horrific war crimes committed by Israel during my life.  This man was only 15 years old when he murdered many innocent people.  He is a Maronite Christian who joined the Phalange (with Elie Hobeika's unit) when he was a 13-year-old boy.  At that tender age, he was given military training in Israel at Nahariya in 1980.  When the Phalange leader Bachir Gemayel was murdered on September 14, 1982, Ariel Sharon sent the Phalange into the Palestinian camps of West Beirut, which the Israeli forces had completely surrounded.  The Phalangists, with assistance and support from Israeli forces, massacred with knives thousands of defenseless refugees during a period of three days.  The 15-year-old had been deceived by Ariel Sharon and the Israeli Mossad that the Palestinians were responsible for the Gemayel murder.  The Israeli military had trained this 13-year-old boy to kill and then used him to murder innocent Palestinians, a crime he will be burdened with forever.

Samuel Maoz, an Israeli veteran of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of 1982, was a 20-year-old soldier (Israel has obligatory military service) when Israeli forces, under the command of defense minister Ariel Sharon, invaded. Maoz made a film about his experience as a gunner in an Israeli tank, killing hundreds of innocent civilians for no reason. This is a modern example of wrongful killing, a crime that Socrates says is the worst offense one can commit. To kill innocent people inflicts the greater harm and pain on the person who commits such killings. As Socrates has taught the world (via Plato) since about 400 years before Christ, a person who commits such injustice causes more harm to himself than he does to the sufferers of his crime. Unfortunately, this fundamental lesson is not taught to American school children -- or to Israelis. As a result, many wind up as soldiers committing wrongful killings and as a consequence suffer the eternal torment that such actions bring.  

Very much like the young Israeli kibbutznik I knew, Maoz was a gunner in a tank crew and at 6:15 a.m. on the morning of June 6, 1982, he killed a man for the first time in his life. “The rest of the people I killed in the war are just a blur,” he told the Jewish Week. “But not the first one.”  Maoz remembers an officer telling him that when he went into Lebanon, there would be people on the balconies of the apartment buildings. “You can’t open the option of morality,” he says. “He told me, ‘On 50 percent of those balconies you’ll have soldiers with anti-tank missiles. The other half will be ordinary families.’ You see, there are no good guys or bad guys -- you need to kill to stay alive.” 

Steven Erlanger of the New York Times wrote a piece about the Maoz film entitled Lebanon, which is about his actions and crimes committed during the war. For Maoz, now 48, the sense of responsibility for killing remains strong. “There is no escape from it,” he said softly. “In the end you were there, and your finger pulled the trigger…you see the result, and you can’t say you’re not responsible. Maybe in court you’re not guilty. But you can’t cleanse yourself from this guilt.”  Twenty-eight years later, Maoz said that what he did during the war remains the first thing he thinks about in the morning and the last before going to sleep. “I wish it were that simple, just to have nightmares,” he said. “That would be a nice deal to buy.”
Reader Follow-up Comment: You mentioned how a 15-year old was trained to kill in preparation of  Sabra and Shatila massacre that took place in 1982. How can someone be "deceived" to kill women and children and unarmed civilians?  ...when someone already has foreknowledge that there are civilians and yet carries out orders to kill knowingly then they're criminals - straight and simply. They're not deceived, they are killers and there's no excuse for them. If we use your logic then why not feel pity for Sharon or Ben Netanyahu and say they were deceived by their parents or his community, or relatives, or whoever it was for indoctrinating the Zionist ideology into his head to make him who he is today.  I'm not saying that they're aren't people deceived into entering a war, but the example of the 15-year old involved in the Sabra and Shatila massacre was a very poor one.
Bollyn Responds:  This is a good point.  First, this boy was only 13 when he was trained by Israelis in Israel.  His Phalangist unit was given military training for three months in Nahariya.  He was not trained to massacre Palestinians with knives, which is what he and his unit did in Sabra and Shatila.  The Israelis cultivated Maronite hatred against the Palestinians with the murder of Bachir Gemayel, as well as previous massacres and killings.  Elie Hobeika, the leader of the boy's militia unit, had secret information on what had really gone on in the camps and was ready to tell it to a court in Brussels when he was blown up in a huge car bomb in Lebanon.  Of course the actions of the boy were criminal, but I consider the real criminals to be the ones who train 13-year-old Lebanese boys and arrange such massacres in the first place and that responsibility falls squarely on the Israeli military leadership, which was the occupying power controlling access to the camps.

Question:  My question is:  Why would Jews want to bring down the World Trade Center?  I understand the Jew Silverstein wanting it for the insurance money, but why would the nation of Israel want it?  Why would Zionists want it?  Was it because they knew it would get the U.S. military to start killing Muslims?  How much control do Zionists have over the U.S. government and its policies?  Is Rockefeller a Zionist?  David Rockefeller was a Baptist, and I don't know of any that are Jews.  Zionists, perhaps?  Why would Baptist bankers, the Mossad, and Zionist Jews all be working so closely together?  That seems like a somewhat strange alliance.  Bush's brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center and turned off the cameras the weekend before the attacks.  Are the Bushes Zionists too?
Bollyn Responds: This is an excellent set of questions that frames the subject of my next article, which has the working title "The False Flag Terror of 9/11 and Nine Years of Deception."  The media and government deception about 9/11 is massive and clearly very well concerted, but who is really behind the whole thing?  Who has that much power and influence over the U.S. government, the Israeli government, and the mass media, to carry out such a global deception?  Who wields the power behind the Zionist state?  And who does the state of Israel really serve?  Who are the real Elders of Zion?

These are the questions that will be dealt with in the next article, which will probably become the concluding chapter of my book, Solving 9-11.  In the meantime, I will provide these comments and links to give some insights into the subject:

"There is a much larger group behind these [9/11 attacks] which is the international banking cartel which controls trillions of dollars and which has an interest in controlling countries in the Middle East which are not under their control."
- Professor Steven E. Jones on KUER (Salt Lake City's NPR affiliate), September 5, 2006

I have been reading many articles on the 9-11 atrocity and other major world events. I am a 46-year-old Ashkenazi Jew from London, England.  I believe the Rothschilds and the banking conspiracy are behind EVERYTHING. When I bring the subject up with my peers and family, I am told it is anti-Semitic nonsense, probably paid for by the Saudi Arabians.
- Letter to, April 2010

The Rothschilds are the ultimate financiers of the state of Israel (along with the U.S. Treasury), the Likud terror gang, and the Mossad.  The Rothschilds are also the ultimate owners of the Federal Reserve System and through JP Morgan, of BP.  A BP oil tanker was the first to be filled with stolen Iraqi oil under the U.S.-led occupation, headed by Jerry Bremer of Kissinger Associates.  During the entire time that Bremer controlled the "sales" of Iraqi oil there was no accounting of how much oil was being loaded onto tankers.  See "Ownership of the Federal Reserve" at

The current cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is more than $1 trillion, i.e. more than one thousand billion dollars.  This works out to more than $9,000 per American household or $7,650 per U.S. taxpayer.  See -  Who benefits from the massive U.S. government debt?


The following extracts are taken from Paul Goldstein's 1978 article entitled, “B'nai B'rith, British Weapon Against America”:

The B'nai B'rith, as the oligarchy's agents-in-place in America, has functioned as the clearinghouse for British subversion against the American republic. Therefore, the story of the B'nai B'rith, its Isis-cult roots, its 136-year record of treason against the United States, is essential to understanding who and what our enemy is, how it operates, and how we will destroy it...

Financing for the British colonization scheme was arranged by Queen Victoria's "favorite Jew" Sir Moses Montefiore, who, along with his brother-in-law Nathaniel Rothschild, used their financial conduits in the United States as a major feature of the plan. The Montefiore Society, the North American Relief Society for Poor Jews in Palestine, the Widows' and Orphan Fund, plus dozens of other benevolent societies, provided the funds to establish a "Jewish homeland"…

The point to be understood about these early developments in the U.S. is twofold. First, the British had to create the conditions for imposing upon American Jews the belief that the American notion of progress and assimilation could not be allowed to occur. Therefore the need for a "separate" Jewish organization based on the mythos of Zion, on the return to the "promised land of Palestine," had to be infused into American Jewish thinking as the only chance Jews had for true salvation…At the time [Samuel] Morse wrote [1860], the B'nai B'rith was a British intelligence cult dedicated to the destruction of the American Republic. It was an arm of British intelligence with that chartered purpose at the time of its founding in 1843, and remains so to this day…

B'nai B'rith emerged in 1842 as the American extension of the "Jewish" Rite of Freemasonry in America.  According to the history of B'nai B'rith by Edward Grusd, "the mastermind" behind the early growth of this Jewish Masonic order was Baruch Rothschild, relative of the original Meyer Amshel Rothschild who founded the family banking dynasty in 18th century Germany.

Baruch Rothschild, from Bavaria, was trustee of account No. 10,744, a bank account for the Zion Widow and Orphan Society, which was the B'nai B'rith.  The B'nai B'rith was created by the Rothschild family.
Rothschild was sent into the B'nai B'rith shortly after its founding to launch a ''membership drive" because, as he himself put it, "the members were not all equally well educated and of far different mental capacities." In short, B'nai B'rith was not for just any Jew. Through Rothschild's building job, it was to become an intelligence executive body, whose leaders would subsequently play controlling roles in other British networks, directing the Abolitionist-Slaveholder confrontations of the 1840s and 1850s, the Secession of the South that produced the Civil War, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and numerous post-war destabilizations of the American Republic. - “B'nai B'rith, British Weapon Against America”, by Paul Goldstein, The Campaigner, December 1978

Question:  Recently, the editor of Uncensored magazine (New Zealand) sent me an e-copy of your e-book Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World.  Wow!  I thought I knew a lot, but your book reveals/exposes so much more and connects all the dots!  So far, I've only read the first 50 pages and I must say, it is certainly one of the best books on this topic.  I can't wait to read more... I will certainly be telling everyone I know about your book and website, which I spent hours reading the other day.  Excellent!  I could see the years and depth of research that has gone into your work.  Good on you!

Question -  Is a hard copy of your book available?  If so, where and how much?  A few people I know have been asking.
Bollyn Responds:  No.  My book has not been published, so the only way to get a hard copy is to print the book out from my website.  This is the easiest way to get the information to the widest audience anywhere in the world for the least cost.  I provide the information, the reader provides the paper and printer. The complete book (in its current edition) and the nine years of background articles I have written about 9-11 can all be printed out free of charge by clicking on the online book section of Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World.  There is an easily printed pdf version of the book or you can go to the Table of Contents and select the individual chapters and articles by clicking on the bold blue titles.  There are about 150 articles from 2001 through 2009 that can be accessed through the table of contents or the archives found in the left-hand margin.

Question:  I have read your essay about The Coming American Revolution, which includes the following statement: "Armed resistance, on the other hand, such as that of the Hezbollah in south Lebanon, is the legally and morally justified resistance to an armed invasion. The Intifadah of Palestine is fully justified as the legal resistance to the illegal occupation of Palestinian land. These resistance movements are defensive, essential, and legal and I certainly would not condemn them."

Christopher, I agree with most of what you write, but I don't see how you can allow the use of violence for armed resistance (Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan) and disallow it for armed rebellion (in the USA or UK). If the people of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan have the right to fight for their freedom by whatever means necessary, why shouldn't the people of the USA have the same right? Surely not because we have 'elected' our representatives. Your own critique of voting machines and elitist control of the political parties, the political process, and the media, demonstrates that the institution of government in the USA is not representative or consensual.

9/11 demonstrated unequivocally that the elitist rulers of the USA have no respect for the lives of US citizens. The claim to authority by the US government over US citizens was certainly broken on 9/11. Why shouldn't an American have the same right to fight for their freedom as the people of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan have?

Bollyn Responds: The statement about legally and morally justified resistance to an armed invasion is actually from my Statement on the Importance of Non-Violence.  In "The Coming American Revolution" I wrote this about violence and revolutions:
Revolutions are usually associated with violence, but they don't have to be.  Since 1990, half the nations of Europe and Asia have gone through peaceful revolutions that replaced the former dictatorships of the once mighty Soviet Union.  The apartheid regime of South Africa also came to an end without violence.  The revolution to restore the sovereignty of the American people certainly need not be violent, and really should not be.
This is an excellent question and most appropriate for July 4, when we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which articulates the fundamental political philosophy of the American Revolution.  I am in complete agreement with the signers of July 4, 1776:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson working on the Declaration of Independence
I think the American form of government, as enshrined in the Constitution, is a truly excellent system of government.  The U.S. Constitution has been adopted by other nations.  Switzerland, for example, used the U.S. Constitution as their model and it has worked very well.  The primary difference is that in Switzerland the legislative branch has more power than the executive branch.  They did not want an all-powerful president, which I think was a wise decision.  In the United States, the executive branch has far too much power having taken over powers that rightfully belong with the people's representatives.  The right to declare war, for example, belongs to the U.S. Congress - not the president.

There are many reasons why I am opposed to the use of violence in the struggle to reclaim our lost sovereignty in the United States of America.  Firstly, because it is neither called for nor would it be effective.  Americans have lost their sovereignty because they have not been vigilant or engaged.  If one compares the Swiss system to ours it is clear that the citizens of Switzerland are much more involved in the running of their confederation.  If we were to liken our two states to gardens we could say that the Swiss garden is carefully maintained, watered, and weeded.  The American garden, on the other hand, has been neglected and has become terribly overgrown with noxious weeds that have taken over and suffocated the beautiful flowers and bushes that were planted by the original gardeners 234 years ago. 

The American system gives citizens the power to choose their representatives.  The just powers of our government come only with the consent of the governed.  This is how our democratic franchise is supposed to work
.  The fundamental problem with the American republic today is that this representation has become a fiction because our elections are fraudulent.  Our presidents and Congressmen do not represent the American people but are beholden to the people who put them in power, i.e.  the people who own and control the electronic voting machine systems used across the United States.  These people have stolen our sovereignty but maintain the fiction that the American people still elect their representatives.  Anyone who has been involved in U.S. elections knows that the whole two-party system is rigged, from the control of the parties and selection of candidates to the counting of votes.  Both political parties are owned by big money and special interest groups.

The most effective way to restore the stolen sovereignty to the American people is to restore integrity and transparency to our elections.  The only way to get our nation back is to return to hand-counted paper ballots in every polling place across the United States.  The American people can do this without violence.

Question:  RE:  “Why Do Jews Commit Massacres?” 

Very well-written article. They accept no rules but the ones they choose to accept.  However, what I'm wondering now is why can't they even understand why the rest of the more-sane world is viewing them as sociopaths??  Unless, of course, they actually are sociopaths as well as pathological liars.

Bollyn Responds: 
This is an excellent question that goes directly to the serious antisocial personality disorder of the "Jewish state" of Israel.  The world is a society of nations, and like individuals, nations have personalities.  The state of Israel, a racial/tribal state in which orthodox rabbis have a great deal of influence over laws and policies, clearly has an antisocial personality disorder.  The question is:  Do Israelis not understand that the rest of the world views their state as sociopathic?  This question raises another:  If Israel is a sociopathic state, how did it become sociopathic?

To understand what is meant by sociopaths and sociopathic disorder I recommend reading Profile of the Sociopath at

A sociopath is a psychopath with strongly antisocial tendencies.  In the 1800s this personality disorder was called "moral insanity." By 1900 it had changed to "psychopathic personality" and is now called "antisocial personality disorder."

Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD or APD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) as "a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others." 

The state of
Israel has a long history of showing "disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others" and consistently displays the following behaviors, which are common features of sociopathic people:
Sociopaths never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behavior as permissible. They may appear to be charming, but are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.
They have no problem lying and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. They can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities.
They have a deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, at their core. They do not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.
When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.
They are unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.
They believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, and entitled to every wish.  They show no sense of personal boundaries and have no concern for their impact on others.  They may even state that their goal is to rule the world.  Their goal is the enslavement of their victim(s) and they seek to exercise despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life.
The sociopath does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.  A sociopath does not perceive that anything is wrong with them.
There is a disregard for and violation of the right's of others, those right's considered normal by the local culture (or international law).  ASPD is indicated by at least three of the following.  I have indicated those behaviors which Israel displays consistently:
    A. Repeated acts that could lead to arrest.  (Israel often violates international law, e.g. war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon, and the recent piracy and murders committed against the Freedom Flotilla.)
    B. Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying, or the use of aliases.  (Israel is constantly conning the U.S. government and always lies about its actions.  Israelis often use aliases, even committing Mossad murders using stolen identities of foreigners visiting Israel.)
    C. Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.  (Israel is often taking actions that backfire.  Are such blunders really intentional?)
    D. Repeated assaults on others.  (Israel has attacked all of its neighbors and nations far away.  Nearly all of its assaults have been illegal under international law.)
    E. Reckless when it comes to their or others safety.  (The aggressive and illegal actions of the Israeli state put all Israelis and Jews at risk.  They claim to be acting on behalf of the Jewish people but their reckless actions increase the dangers for all Jews, even those who have nothing to do with Israel.)
    F. Poor work behavior or failure to honor financial obligations.  (Israel never actually repays its loans from the U.S.  These loans are all eventually rolled onto the U.S. taxpayer, who winds up footing the Israeli bill.)
    G. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others.  (Israel always rationalizes the pain and suffering they inflict on the Palestinian and Lebanese.  Israel even blames the Freedom Flotilla for the deaths of the nine people killed by Israeli Defense Forces – on the high seas.)
If one considers the behavior of the state of Israel, as expressed through the actions and words of its leaders, especially since the late-1970s when the extreme right-wing Likud Party came to power, one can easily see that Israel – as a state – displays all the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder.  It should be remembered that the Likud Party of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the political party of the former Irgun terrorists, headed by such notorious Zionist terrorists as Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir.  A political party founded by mass murderers and terrorists certainly must be seen as having antisocial tendencies.
Although many clinicians use the terms psychopath and sociopath interchangeably, a sociopath's criminal behavior is shaped by social forces and is the result of a dysfunctional environment, according to psychopath expert Robert Hare in his book Without Conscience


The Israeli state acts without conscience or respect for international law or the norms of civilized society.  This is why I call Israeli behavior "amoral" rather than "immoral".  Israelis do not act according to the moral standards of the civilized world but follow a completely different set of rules based on the Talmud, which apply only to them.  The Talmudic laws that guide the behavior of orthodox Jews (and Israelis) turn the Ten Commandments on their head and discriminate between Jews and non-Jews, who are seen as less-than-human beasts.  (See Israel Shahak's excellent book Jewish History, Jewish Religion online.)  It is important to note that the key people involved in the 9-11 crime and cover-up are all Israelis, orthodox Jews, and rabbis (e.g. Alvin K. Hellerstein, Michael Chertoff, and Dov Zakheim).
Orthodox Judaism as defined by the rabbis (i.e. Talmudic teaching) is the basis of the "antisocial religion," which is the origin of the "social forces" and "dysfunctional environment" behind the antisocial personality disorder of the state of Israel.  Orthodox Jewish children are raised with a supremacist worldview that Jews are superior to all other people and that non-Jews exist only to serve Jews.  This sociopathic doctrine of Jewish supremacism is taught to all Israeli children, even those from non-religious families.  The discrimination against non-Jews is reinforced by the language of the Jews, which calls a non-Jewish woman a "shiksa" and a non-Jewish man a "shegetz".  The Hebrew root word of both is "shegua", which means something so foul that it cannot be touched.
Tacitus, the Roman senator and historian of the 1st Century, described the antisocial behavior of the Jews, which were part of the Roman Empire of his time:  "Among the Jews all things are profane that we hold sacred; on the other hand they regard as permissible what seems to us immoral."
The antisocial essence of the Jewish religion is caused by "the hatred" (i.e. "the deep seated rage" of sociopaths) with which they confront the "rest of the world", as Tacitus wrote:
The other practices of the Jews are sinister and revolting, and have entrenched themselves by their very wickedness. Wretches of the most abandoned kind who had no use for the religion of their fathers took to contributing dues and free-will offerings to swell the Jewish exchequer; and other reasons for their increasing wealth may be found in their stubborn loyalty and ready benevolence towards brother Jews. But the rest of the world they confront with the hatred reserved for enemies.
Question:  How do you prove if a person has been exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU) and what can a person do about the health problems it causes, such as brittle teeth? Does the Veterans Administration (VA) have a policy to help and compensate veterans?  I am a retired Army officer, my son was in Iraq with the first group that went in. He was there for 13 months. His job included evacuation of blown out damaged and destroyed armor vehicles, artillery, and tanks from the battle field along with moving troops in and out the front lines. He has a series of health issues that I believe are a result of his time in Iraq (including brittle teeth since he returned) and it is taking a toll. I find it hard for the VA not to acknowledge there is a problem when there is so much documentation and research on the subject. Something needs to be done to help veterans like my son with this.

Bollyn Responds:  This is a very relevant question because there are currently more than 800,000 disabled vets from the Gulf War Era (300,000 from Desert Storm in 1991 and 500,000 from Operation Iraqi Freedom since 2003).   I have written a series of articles about the very real health damage caused by the use of depleted uranium.  These articles are ground-breaking in that they explain the extreme danger of what is called "the particle effect," which is caused by exposure to nano-size particles of DU. 

To see if there had been any changes in the position of the military regarding DU exposure, I turned first to the VA website where I found that they still deny the existence of any health problems among vets related to depleted uranium: 

Health Problems Associated with Depleted Uranium

DU is a health hazard if it enters the body, such as through embedded fragments, contaminated wounds, and inhalation or ingestion. Simply riding in a vehicle with DU weapons or DU shielding will not expose a service member to significant amounts of DU or external radiation.   The potential for health effects from internal exposure is related to the amount of DU that enters a person’s body.

So far no health problems associated with DU exposure have been found in Veterans exposed to DU. Researchers and clinicians continue to monitor the health of these Veterans. Go to the Department of Defense's Depleted Uranium (DU) Library* to learn about results of medical and scientific research and other DU topics.
Although the VA claims it has found "no health problems" from DU exposure, the following section on VA Benefits certainly says otherwise:  "Veterans who were exposed to depleted uranium during military service may be eligible for health care benefits."  The VA also says it provides "disability compensation benefits for disabilities that VA determines are associated with depleted uranium exposure." 

Why would veterans exposed to DU be eligible for health care  and disability benefits if the VA claims there are "no health problems associated with DU exposure"?  This makes no sense.

I then contacted Doug Rokke, a U.S. Army (ret.) expert on the effects of DU. In previous interviews Rokke had informed me that he suffered from brittle teeth as a result of his exposure to DU. I asked Rokke about the problem with brittle teeth among vets. 

This is a "severe" problem, Rokke said. He lost all of his teeth due to DU. "They disintegrate," he said. This he said is caused by DU's effect on phosphorus and calcium.  Asked about the VA claim that "no health problems" have been found related to DU exposure, Rokke said, "They lie through their teeth." They know all about the serious health problems caused by DU but are unwilling to acknowledge the connection. 

Comment from a relative of a 9-11 victim:  I am so shocked and horrified by the information I am reading here. My dear cousin Tom was the co-pilot on American Airlines Flight 11 and I believe he was one of the first to die that day.  Reading that the government of Israel had advance knowledge of this, that the so-called movers were actually Israeli operatives exposes Israel in a light I had never before imagined, yet I cannot disregard. The tragic death of this husband and father, as well as all the other innocent lives lost that day, is brutally compounded by the complicity of one of this nation's allies.
Bollyn Responds:  This poignant comment from a relative describes our common 9-11 predicament very well.  The evidence of Israeli (and Zionist agents) involvement in the terror atrocity cannot be disregarded.  The events of 9-11 (and the subsequent cover-up of the truth) are of much greater historical importance than simply being the seminal events of the fraudulent "War on Terror."  The false-flag terror atrocity of 9-11 is the harbinger of a revolutionary change in world history.  The role of our corrupt political systems and the controlled media in the cover-up of what really happened on 9-11, and the growing awareness of this evil deception, presents us with a pregnant political situation which can only be called pre-revolutionary.  The official version of 9-11 has been proven to be nothing but a pack of treasonous lies.  The political status quo, in which the Zionist-controlled political establishment exploits blatant lies about 9-11 to carry out illegal wars of aggression and impose draconian "homeland security" policies on the American population is neither acceptable nor tenable in the long run.  The tremors that precede the upheaval can already be felt.
Question:  I just wish that you had footnoted your writings.  I would love to believe you, but without sources backing up your facts, it makes it difficult.

Bollyn Responds:  This skeptical reader raises a very good point.  In my articles written as a professional journalist (2000- October 2006) I always provided the sources of the information in the text.  Since 2007, when I began writing my book Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World, I mention the sources in the text (as a journalist should) and give the details and location of the material at the end.  By providing the documents and sources of the information I try to make it easy for the reader to check the veracity of the information found in my articles and see it in its full context.  I am certainly not asking for anyone to "believe" anything I write.  One publisher sent my chapter on the Architecture of Terror to an independent and professional fact checker in Britain.  The fact checker was actually opposed to my hypothesis that Israel was involved in the terrorism of 9-11 and examined more than 100 points or facts that I present in this key chapter.  Every one of them was found to be correct.  As Professor Steven E. Jones would say, "The data doesn't lie." 

Question:  We met in the summer of 2005 when you brought William Rodriquez [9-11 survivor from the World Trade Center] to speak at the Schaumburg Library [Illinois]. You mention in your notice to Eric Hufschmid that you categorize him with Mike Piper and Darrel Bradford Smith – why?  You also referred to Victor Thorn who seems to have lifted some of your ideas about Zionist involvement in 9/11.  Are Piper and Smith disinformation agents? 

I have Piper's Final Judgment.  I think your research is impeccable and felt badly when you "left" AFP. Your online 9/11 book is amazing. I hope that you and your family are happy and secure. I have noted that people who divulge too much truth, like Sterling, Peggy Seagrave, and yourself receive similar treatment and have to flee.

Bollyn Responds: This is a good question about a subject that I don't usually delve into, but which certainly deserves to be discussed because it concerns the role of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) as the source of much of the deception and evil that afflicts our world today.

The people you ask about:  Hufschmid, Piper, Smith, and Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn), are four detractors who have spent years attacking me and waging a vicious campaign of slander and libel against me and my family.
   What these agents of deception have done is spread lies and calumnies about me, my wife and children in an effort to discredit me and damage my credibility and reputation. Smith revealed how this vicious slander campaign works in a taped telephone conversation with Eric Hufschmid. I have written about this in an article entitled "Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can", which is exactly what Smith told Hufschmid to do. Why would Smith want to "slam" me, an honest journalist and leading 9-11 researcher? 
While Hufschmid has not attacked me as maliciously as the others, he has made the ridiculous claim since the summer of 2007 that I have been kidnapped by the Mossad. Using this bizarre claim (which he stubbornly maintains despite abundant proof to the contrary) he says that my writing is "bait" approved by Israeli intelligence. Although he employs a different method, Hufschmid's slander against me has achieved the same result. He has successfully sown suspicion about my credibility and drawn attention to me as a person while completely marginalizing my 9-11 research, which he has ignored since 2007.  
To understand what this slander campaign is really all about, and who is behind it, we need to employ some Socratic dialectic. We will start by asking a simple question: Are these people attacking me as a defensive tactic because I have attacked them or treated them badly?  

No. I have not wronged any of these people and not even discussed them until after they began attacking me. As a matter of fact, I have helped all of them a great deal. I helped Piper, for example, with his RBN radio show when I filled in for him for several weeks in a row, while on the road with my family in the West during the summer of 2006. This required a great deal of time and effort on my part - with absolutely no compensation. Does Piper do his daily show from free?   

I also helped Piper by appearing several times as a guest on his show, as I did for Hufschmid and Smith's "French Connection" show. While I agreed to be interviewed by Piper, Hufschmid, and Smith, I have always worked as an independent journalist (for Spotlight and AFP from 2000 until October 2006) and was never affiliated with any of them in any way.  I have been interviewed by many people.  Being interviewed by a person or having my material posted on somebody's website does not indicate any deeper association than that.  The attempts to link me with Hufschmid and Smith are part of an intel trap to discredit my work by connecting me with them.  Piper always introduced me with fulsome praise, calling me "America's best journalist, bar none." Piper, Hufschmid, and Smith have, as a matter of fact, all greatly relied on and gained from the original 9-11 research I have done. None of them can say that they have suffered because of knowing me. So why do they attack me?

Christopher Bollyn (left) and Darrel Setters (a.k.a. Darrel Bradford Smith) at Smith's home in central France, the morning after Thanksgiving 2005
Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Thorn) wrote a book about Israel's role in the 9-11 attacks (that I have not read), which must contain a great deal of my research. Thorn's book was published by American Free Press, where I worked from 2000 until October 2006. 

Scott Makufka (a.k.a. Victor Thorn)
Although I was the first journalist to write about the Israeli role in the 9-11 attacks and have done far more research (for eight years) than any other writer on the subject, AFP was never interested in doing a book about 9-11 with me. This is an intelligence tactic called "stealing the thunder." If AFP were truly interested in exposing the Israeli role in 9-11, why have they not asked to publish my ground-breaking book, Solving 9-11 – The Deception that Changed the World? 
So, what have I done to deserve being subjected to the vicious and concerted campaign of calumny, slander, and libel? What is it that I have done that bothers them so much that they spend time attacking me? 
This is easy. Apart from raising my family, for the past eight years my only vocation has been to research and write about the false-flag terrorism of 9-11. As an investigative journalist I have led the way in investigating the role of Israeli intelligence and Zionist agents in the United States in the terror attacks of 9-11. 
If my 9-11 research and writing is the reason these detractors are attacking me with slander and libel, who are they doing it for?  
It stands to reason that these four are working as agents of an agency that is interested in my research being discredited and marginalized. Because my thesis is that the state of Israel and Zionists in the U.S. are behind 9-11, these must be the same entities behind the anti-Bollyn slander campaign. This makes sense because well-known Zionist entities such as Rupert Murdoch's FOX News, CNN, and the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz have all tried to smear me as an anti-Semite. 
Are these four detractors connected with a Zionist agency or the state of Israel? 
Eric Hufschmid's father, with whom he works closely, is the father of the wife of Rupert Murdoch's son James, heir apparent of the Murdoch media empire. Smith is a former narcotics user who has several felony convictions that were suddenly cleared up immediately before he began his career with "The French Connection" in early 2005. 
Piper and Makufka (a.k.a. Thorn) work for a newspaper called American Free Press, where I worked as an independent contractor (since the fall of 2001) after being hired in the spring of 2000. AFP claims to be an employee-owned newspaper, which is a deception meant to fool readers. AFP has no assets to own. Everything of value associated with the Liberty Lobby and American Free Press is held by a host of shell companies with names like "The Committee to Expose Bunk", which issued my paychecks, for example. Michael Piper is one of the people allowed to sign checks from these entities.  
The person who is the mastermind of the shell game involving the assets of the Liberty Lobby is Mark Lane, the Jewish lawyer who played a crucial role in the massacre at Jonestown, Guyana. 

Mark Lane was present at Jonestown during the massacre.  He is considered to have played a key role in provoking the massacre by playing on the fears of Jim Jones.  This photo with Jones (left) was taken shortly before the mass suicide/massacre.  How odd that Lane became the lawyer, and then owner of the Liberty Lobby several years later.
Lane has been the lawyer of the Liberty Lobby since the mid-1980s and received some $5 million in legal fees, according to a veteran Liberty Lobby insider. Lane, who served in U.S. Army Intelligence in Germany at the end of the war, acquired the assets of the Liberty Lobby in 1993 or 1994, according to L.T. Patterson (owner of Criminal Politics), who discovered this fact during a court process in which Lane was suing Patterson. 
Who does Lane work for?  
Lane must work for the C.I.A. Having worked for Army Intelligence in the mid-1940s, it stands to reason that Lane became one of the head honchos in the Jewish intelligence cabal in Army Intelligence that became the C.I.A. in 1949. This would explain Lane's role in his writings on the Warren Report, the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, Jonestown, and the so-called patriot movement at the Liberty Lobby. 
But isn't the C.I.A. working to protect the nation and the people of the United States? 
Obviously not. The C.I.A. was criticized for being asleep at the switch on 9-11, but it is really much worse than that. The C.I.A. actually works against the interests of the republic and the American people. The C.I.A. is obviously deeply involved in the commission of the terrorism crime of 9-11. Rather than preventing 9-11 or finding the culprits of the atrocity, the C.I.A. has been exploiting the 9-11 deception to wage war using drone warfare in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Asked about the C.I.A. attacks in Pakistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded as if she had no legal authority or control over the C.I.A., which was a remarkably candid response from a U.S. Secretary of State. Her response indicated that the C.I.A. is a rogue agency that acts outside the control of the U.S. administration. How can that be? 
What is the C.I.A.'s interest in Afghanistan and Pakistan?  
The C.I.A. is clearly not interested in solving 9-11 or finding the culprits. We know that the Twin Towers were demolished using an advanced form of super-thermite (produced using nano-technology) and that the official version that Osama Bin Laden carried out 9-11 from a cave in Afghanistan is nothing but a pack of lies. The C.I.A. is involved in Afghanistan because that's where most of the world's opium is produced. George H.W. Bush, the former director of the C.I.A., was also a director of the Eli Lilly Company, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures Prozac. Bush was also one of the first students at Israel's Yonatan [Netanyahu] Institute of terrorism in 1979. Since the production of opium has skyrocketed since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, we can assume that opium production is one of the purposes of the war and occupation. Prior to the invasion of 2001, the Taliban regime, which the U.S. is fighting against, had succeeded in eradicating nearly all opium production in Afghanistan. 
This explains why American Free Press was so strongly opposed to my articles about the dangerous effects of Prozac and similar drugs. When Ellen Mariani, a 9-11 widow, told me that the grieving relatives had been sent to Red Cross doctors who had prescribed Prozac – the editor at AFP cut it out of the story. My subsequent articles about serotonin-affecting drugs and school shootings were rejected out-of-hand. This was clearly a subject that the American Free Press did not want to take up.   
One has to remember what Andreas von Bülow said about intelligence agencies in December 2001: "Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation." The first target of the deception and disinformation of the C.I.A. is the people of the United States. This is a rogue agency that must be disbanded if the American republic is to survive. The C.I.A. is no sacred cow, some sacrosanct institution that can be allowed to carry out its own agenda, wage war, and maintain secret prisons, all in the name of our democratic American republic. The C.I.A. is a rogue agency that is obviously an enemy of American democracy. The United States of America cannot survive as a democratic republic with the C.I.A. operating as the shadow government. The C.I.A. is nothing but a band of organized criminals operating under the guise of the United States. By dissolving the C.I.A. we would obtain answers to many of the crimes committed in the past 60 years.

Question:  I am making an appeal that you repost the following important articles on your website or link to them somewhere. They are increasingly getting harder to find on the Internet. Many sites just link back to your site and yet they are no longer available at Some people are just beginning to wake up - they really need to hear what happened and understand the nature and character of Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith. I hope to see this information on your site again soon.

"Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can" – Daryl B. Smith (Understanding the Methods of Defamation)Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid
James B. Phillips Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid & Daryl B. Smith
Bollyn Responds to Malicious Slander of Daryl B. Smith

Bollyn Responds:  I have recently received quite a few questions about my detractors, namely Michael Piper, Daryl B. Smith, and Eric Hufschmid.  I have reposted these articles under the section entitled The Cure for Disinfo.  As the former German intelligence chief Andreas von Buelow told me in December 2001, "Ninety-five percent of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation."  Marion Fulk, the retired scientist of the Manhattan Project and Livermore Lab, used to tell me that the government "has buildings full of agents" to do their dirty work.  When we would go to a restaurant in Livermore after a day spent studying the effects of depleted uranium, there would be several agents tailing us and listening to our conversation.  My detractors and those who slander and libel me are working for such people.  The truth is coming out and we can all see who has been working for the truth and who has not.  The functions of Michael Piper and sticky fly-paper operations like American Free Press are a bit more complicated and something I will take up in the next question. 

Marion Fulk (left) and Christopher Bollyn at Fulk's home in Livermore, California
Question of April 14:  In human history, are you aware of examples in which the entire population of a country believed in a lie for years, then discovered the lie?  Does recognition of truth happen rapidly?  What is the usual outcome?  What do you predict Mr. Bollyn?

The Katyn Massacre Memorial
Bollyn Responds:  Big lies are really not that unusual, especially when massacres are involved. History is littered with them.  The Katyn Massacre comes to mind. The recent crash of the plane of the Polish president and 96 others has brought this extremely painful “Big Lie” back into the spotlight.  The Katyn Massacre was the mass murder of some 22,000 Polish nationals by the Soviet secret police, a massacre which had been approved by the entire Soviet Politburo, including Joseph Stalin, Britain's ally in its "unnecessary war" against Germany. Nazi Germany announced the discovery of mass graves in the Katyn Forest in 1943 and was immediately blamed - without a single stitch of evidence - by the Allies and Western media for the atrocity.  Hitler actually called for an investigation into the killings, although it was not until 1990 that the Soviet Union officially acknowledged and condemned the perpetration of the killings by the Soviet NKVD, and the subsequent cover-up.

The Ground Zero Cross
The massacre and terror atrocity of 9-11 are very similar to the Katyn Massacre.  The blame was wrongly placed on Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida - without any evidence - in order to usher in the pre-planned "War on Terror" with an illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and subsequently Iraq.  The crucial evidence of the crime of 9-11 was quickly destroyed and a politically controlled non-investigation managed under the direction of Michael Chertoff, a dedicated agent of the actual culprits - Israeli intelligence and their Zionist quislings in the United States. 

Michael Chertoff was the key person responsible for the destruction of the evidence of 9-11 - and the cover-up.  Chertoff, the son of an Israeli Mossad agent named Livia Eisen, is an Israeli by birth. 
The Zionist-controlled media ignored the evidence of Israeli involvement and pushed the official version, which is really nothing more than a pack of lies.  Nothing good will ever come from such evil deceit, and nothing good has come from the lies surrounding 9-11.   For more than 8 years the world has been deceived about what really happened on 11 September 2001 and why we are engaged in the War on Terror - but the truth is coming out.  The dam of lies and deceit is breaking and it is no longer possible to hold back the Truth.  The culprits and those who have assisted the cover-up are becoming very uncomfortable.  The liars and rats of the 9-11 deception will be washed away by the flood waters of Truth.

The Dedication of the Cross
Comment of April 9:  Dear Mr Bollyn. I am one of your fans. I thought you would like this article, in case you did not read it yet. I wonder if Mr. Wilkerson [Col. Lawrence B.] might be one of many "whistle blowers" who come to light in coming weeks and months? 
George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'
The Times (U.K.) April 9, 2010

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld covered up that hundreds of innocent men were sent to the Guantánamo Bay prison camp because they feared that releasing them would harm the push for war in Iraq and the broader War on Terror, according to a new document obtained by The Times 
Donald Rumsfeld believed that releasing the innocent detainees would harm the Administration, according to a signed declaration by a top aide to Colin Powell.
The accusations were made by Lawrence Wilkerson, a top aide to Colin Powell, the former Republican Secretary of State, in a signed declaration to support a lawsuit filed by a Guantánamo detainee. It is the first time that such allegations have been made by a senior member of the Bush Administration.
Colonel Wilkerson, who was General Powell’s chief of staff when he ran the State Department, was most critical of Mr Cheney and Mr Rumsfeld. He claimed that the former Vice-President and Defence Secretary knew that the majority of the initial 742 detainees sent to Guantánamo in 2002 were innocent but believed that it was “politically impossible to release them”.

Who said never again?  Guantanamo is a real concentration camp in our time.  Children as young as 12 and 13 and elderly as old as 92 or 93 were taken to Gitmo.  Why are the people behind this outrageous crime being protected from prosecution?  When will President Obama close the Gitmo Gulag and begin an investigation of the abuses committed there?  Why delay what has to be done?
Answer:  Yes, there will certainly be others coming forward who will expose the lies and deception of 9-11 and the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror."  The real question is when and what kind of legal action will follow to investigate and punish those who are really behind 9-11 and the subsequent "War on Terror" that has destroyed so many lives?  I recommend Andy Worthington's article of April 14. “Wilkerson Demolishes Bush, Cheney, And Rumsfeld’s Lies About Guantanamo” in The Public Record:
For Col. Wilkerson, who remains “extremely concerned that the Armed Forces of the United States, where I spent 31 years of my professional life, were deeply involved in these tragic mistakes,” the need for accountability has a particularly personal meaning, but for the rest of us, it should be no less important that torture was used to justify an illegal war, that it infected the U.S. military, that those who authorized it remain free to continue spreading their poisonous lies (in Dick Cheney’s case, at least), and that men continue to languish in Guantánamo as a result of it — and also as a result of the Obama administration’s unwillingness, or refusal to confront the very facts that Col. Wilkerson has disclosed.
Worthington's article is at:

Wilkerson's signed statement (pdf) of March 24, 2010 is here.

Question of April 6:  Dear Mr. Bollyn,

I have been reading many articles on the 9-11 atrocity and other major world events. I am a 46-year-old Ashkenazi Jew from London, England.  I believe the Rothschilds and the banking conspiracy are behind EVERYTHING. When I bring the subject up with my peers and family, I am told it is anti-Semitic nonsense, probably paid for by the Saudi Arabians.  If there is no actual proof, and the Rothschilds are so powerful, please help me to understand why so much data is available on the Internet.  Am I missing something?  Surely the Rothschilds would be able to prevent this data surfacing under libel or slander laws, or anti-defamation.  Thank you. I look forward to your reply.

Answer:  Yes, the Rothschilds are behind much of what goes on - especially when it concerns the outlaw state of Israel.  The Rothschild family was the prime mover and financier of the Zionist project to settle Russian and Polish Jews in Palestine.  The 1917 Balfour Declaration which promised British support for a home for world Jewry in Palestine was addressed to Lord Rothschild (Lionel Walter, 2nd Baron Rothschild 1868-1937), head of the English branch of the Jewish banking family - and unofficial head of British Jewry.  The Balfour Declaration gave great impetus to the Zionist movement that eventually resulted in the state of Israel.  The Rothschild bankers were obviously calling the shots in Britain in 1917.  Lionel's father, the 1st Baron Rothschild, was able in 1875 to give £4,000,000 to Britain's first Jewish prime minister, D'Israeli (later Disraeli), to become the principal stockholder in the Suez Canal Company.

Prior to World War I Zionism represented only a minority of Jews, mostly from Russia, but led by Austrian and German Jews.  By 1914 there were about 90,000 Jews in Palestine; 13,000 settlers lived in 43 Jewish agricultural settlements, many of them supported by the French Jew Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

The Rothschilds are able to control governments by being primary lenders of money to national banks, like the Federal Reserve.  In the past 40 years the United States has gone from being the largest creditor nation to becoming the largest debtor nation.  This is how the U.S. has lost its independence and much of its felicity.  The greater the debt, the greater the control gained by the international bankers like the Rothschilds. (to be continued...)  

Question of April 2:  I just listened to Dr. Sabrosky's broadcast. He was pretty convincing although I felt he was a little short on details. He seemed to place a great deal of his case on the fall of WTC 7, but never once did he say anything about Larry Silverstein and only one very brief mention of nano-thermite.  9-11 was such a complicated operation and required the cooperation of many people.  I'm sure you have told us before, but why was it necessary to bring down WTC 7?  The fall of WTC 7 is so obviously controlled demolition, why would those responsible take the risk of exposing their crime by demolishing 7 in this way? There had to have been something in that building that was so important to make it worth their great risk to demolish it. Or did they simply feel so confident that they could do this in plain sight and have complete confidence in their control of our government and media?

Answer:  The demolition of WTC 7 is the event that revealed to Dr. Alan Sabrosky and Dr. Steven Jones (and many others) that the official version of 9-11 is a pack of lies.  Destroying WTC 7 was obviously crucial to the whole false-flag terror operation.  There are two main explanations for this.  First, it may have housed equipment and personnel that played a role in the destruction of the WTC towers, for example in the specially fortified bunker on the 22nd or 23rd floor.  Secondly, it housed the offices of federal agencies involved in investigations of serious financial crimes.  The destruction of the evidence would have been crucial in both cases.  The vault beneath WTC 6 held much of the evidence for the federal agencies in WTC 7 and this vault was evidently cleaned out the night before 9-11, according to
Kurt Sonnenfeld, the FEMA photographer who looked into it.  The Zionist perpetrators have complete confidence that they could get away with this because of their control of our government and media, as you say, but the real key was having control of the buildings prior to 9-11 and having Michael Chertoff in the key position to control the destruction of the evidence and non-investigation of the crime.
WTC 7 was owned by Larry Silverstein and had been built with Israeli contractors in the mid-1980s, when the Zionist plan for the destruction of the WTC had already been developed.  The main strategic reason for the Israeli false-flag terror of 9-11 was to usher in the "War on Terror" and bring the U.S. military into the Middle East on a permanent basis - to protect Israel's hegemony in the region.  See: "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"

Question of March 26:  In a recent radio interview, Dr. Alan Sabrosky (a former director of the US Military War College, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research, among other highly impressive credentials) stated that top American military brass know Israel did 9/11. A four part series of this interview is on Youtube. Dr. Sabrosky stated that in recent weeks he has brought this to the attention of many high level military contacts, who now realize Israel's role in 9/11. Do you believe it's true that top military officers are just now beginning to realize what you've been saying, and if so, what might be the outcome?

Dr. Alan Sabrosky discusses increasing awareness in the U.S. military that Israel is behind 9-11 and disastrous war policies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

IT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN that 9-11 was a Mossad operation - period.
- Dr. Alan Sabrosky
If these Americans and those like them ever fully understand just how much of their suffering - and the suffering we have inflicted on others - is properly laid on the doorsteps of Israel and its advocates in America, they will sweep aside those in politics, the press and the pulpits alike whose lies and disloyalty brought this about and concealed it from them. They may well leave Israel looking like Carthage after the Romans finished with it. It will be Israel’s own great fault.
-  Alan Sabrosky, 
"Treason, Betrayal and Deceit: 9/11 and Beyond", Sept. 10, 2009
Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.
Answer:  In the video clip, Dr. Alan Sabrosky (who says that he has Jewish ancestors) claims he has informed people at the highest levels of the U.S. military that Israeli Mossad criminals are behind 9-11.  He says that most of the people in the U.S. military brass were not aware of Israel's role in 9-11 and are truly shocked and enraged when they realize that the U.S. has been duped and deceived by Israeli intelligence.  I don't doubt that for a minute.  I believe that the 9-11 deception was not understood by the people at the top.  This is why the title of my book is Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World

Had the deception of the false-flag terror atrocity been widely understood in the military, I certainly would not have been attacked, maliciously prosecuted, and tried in a corrupt Chicago court in 2007 with virtually no support from the U.S. military and other institutions.  Articles about the conspiracy behind the brutal police attack and my trial can be found in 
The Bollyn Trial section.

There has, however, been a very significant and noticeable sea change in how the U.S. and British governments and media treat Israel during the past few weeks and I think that Dr. Sabrosky's revelations may be connected with that change.  I am very encouraged by this development, to say the least.

Question of March 17:  Just today, Wayne Madsen has disclosed another very important link in the chain of evidence: he reports that an El Al 747 departed from JFK for Tel Aviv at 4:11 p.m. on 9/11/2001 and it was full.  Would you please pause for a moment to contemplate the evidentiary significance of confirming the complete list of passengers who embarked for Tel Aviv on that unauthorized flight?

Answer: I would expect that Ehud Olmert and many of the Israelis who were behind the terrorism of 9-11 were on this plane.  As I pointed out in
December 2007, Ehud Olmert, the Likudnik mayor of Jerusalem and deputy prime minister of Israel, was in New York City on the eve of 9-11.  The fact that this high level Israeli politician was in New York City on September 10, 2001 has been kept secret.  I would assume that this visit has been kept secret because it involved the false-flag terror attacks of the following day.  I suspect that Olmert was in New York City during the attacks.  It would, of course, be very interesting to get the passenger list.  I will see what I can do. 
Question and Comment:  With the information that is now available, why has the insurance company that paid off on Lucky Larry’s [Silverstein] fraudulent World Trade Center terrorism claim not made some kind of effort to get their money back?  Hope you can provide some insight on this. I would also like to comment on my view of the state of the world.  Obviously things were not “hunky dory” prior to 9-11, but since that fateful day, the criminal network has been given a blank check to do anything.  The American populace seems asleep, thinking only of shopping, sports, money – just making it through their own lives.
Answer:  This is a very good question.  Much of the money that has been paid out in 9-11 claims has actually come from U.S. taxpayer funds.  I had read that the insurance companies were actually reimbursed in this way, but have not seen the documentation.  The recently litigated payout to the first responders came from a $1 billion FEMA fund, for example.  I will try to check if the WTC insurers were also compensated with U.S. taxpayer money. 
One thing that needs to be understood about the ownership of the WTC towers is that agents of the state of Israel became the de facto owners of the WTC when Silverstein took control of the towers in late July 2001.  "Sources in the Port Authority intimated that even though they were still in the vicinity, Silverstein was in control," Haaretz reported in its 2001 article, "Up in smoke".  Through the Silverstein takeover, which was supervised by Lewis Eisenberg of the Port Authority, agents of Israeli intelligence gained access and complete control of the WTC property that was the target of their carefully planned terrorist attack. 

Lewis Eisenberg at the scene of the crime - Eisenberg, a partner at Goldman Sachs, was the head of the Port Authority (the owner of the World Trade Center) in 2001 and was the key person who facilitated the property falling into the hands of Larry Silverstein.
The Silverstein takeover was essential to the Israeli's evil plan because in order to carry out such a sophisticated false-flag terror operation with complete security, owning the property was a requirement.  Here are the three principal agents of the takeover:

Larry Silverstein
Larry Silverstein, former owner of Runway 69, a Queens strip club, is a close friend and business partner of Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak.  Silverstein has been close to Netanyahu since he served as Israel's ambassador to the United Nations.  "For years they kept in close touch.  Every Sunday afternoon, New York time, Netanyahu would call Silverstein," Haaretz reported.  "It made no difference what the subject was or where Netanyahu was, he would always call, Silverstein told an Israeli acquaintance.  A recent article on claims that Silverstein was treasurer of Netanyahu's terrorism school, the mysterious Jonathan Institute and of his electoral campaigns.  I have not seen that before and will look to see if it is true.  A good article on Silverstein's friendship and business connections to Netanyahu and Barak is "Up in Smoke" from the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz.  (American Friends of the Jonathan Institute was established in Washington, D.C. in March 1977 and in New York City in care of Feder & Gopin in June 1977, two years before its first conference.)  Silverstein was accused, along with Bill Clinton and Colin Powell, of being involved in drug smuggling and other crimes in a 1997 lawsuit Harry P. Miller v. Larry Silverstein, et al.

Lloyd M. Goldman
Lloyd Goldman is Silverstein's behind-the-scenes equity partner on the World Trade Center lease, was chairman of the finance committee of the American Associates of Ben Gurion University in 2000 and is currently national vice president.  Ben Gurion University is affiliated with Israel's Nuclear Research Center - Negev (NRCN), which is involved in developing nano-composite energetic materials like the super-Thermite which was found in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers.  The crucial question about 9-11 that needs to be answered is who made the super-Thermite that demolished the concrete of the World Trade Center, and who applied it to the interior surfaces, probably the undersides of the 220 floor pans?  The evidence indicates that 9-11 was an Israeli-engineered act of false-flag terrorism, which would mean that Israel probably produced the nano-composite of Thermite.  The Nuclear Research Center Negev, which is where Israel produces its nuclear weapons, has long been involved in development of super-Thermite.  Lloyd Goldman's close connection to Ben Gurion University means that getting super-Thermite from the NRCN into the Twin Towers would practically be an in-house operation.  Goldman is poised to take over the World Trade Center project when Silverstein, who is nearly 80, retires.  See - "Meet the Other Trade Center Builder", Wall Street Journal, September 11, 2008

Frank Lowy
Frank Lowy is the third key partner in the World Trade Center takeover.  Born in 1930 into a family of modest means in Slovakia (then Czecho-Slovakia), Lowy spent the war years in Budapest, then moved to Palestine where he fought in the underground for the Zionist army, the Haganah. By 17, he was in an elite commando unit of the Israeli Army, fighting behind enemy lines in the War of Independence. In 2006 he established Israel's Institute for National Security Studies, which incorporates the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies.
Comment of March 8:  Chris, just wanted you to see this article....dang, I don't understand people lying about you this way, just wanted you to see it, thank you, and keep up the good work, N.

Bollyn Responds:  I have not read the whole article but can clearly see by the style and content that it is written by Michael Bernard Piper (a.k.a. Michael Collins Piper) of American Free Press.  This is obviously more of his nonsensical lies and slander.  One needs to understand that Piper is paid to attack me on behalf of the Zionist Jew Mark Lane and the controlled opposition/flypaper outfit Lane runs out of the Liberty Lobby.  If there was a fire in the HVAC unit on the roof of the building of the former I.B.M. Global Network Services (sold to AT&T a year before I left the company in May 2000), how should I know about it and what does it have to do with me?  I was living in Germany where I had been since November 2001.  How should I know about a minor fire in Schaumburg, Illinois?  The main point of the article is to attack my credibility by calling me a liar, a Judas Goat, and an "intelligence operative".  The detailed information about Piper and his show indicates that the source of the article is Piper, and he is lying throughout.  He is the Judas Goat who is projecting his sins on me in an effort to sow suspicion about my work and motives.  When Piper says that he "allowed" me to stand in and host his show during the summer of 2006 he is using the wrong word.  I was asked to do this and tried to avoid it because it was an extra obligation that I would have difficulty doing as I was on the road in the western United States.

The real question is why does Piper, who lavished fulsome praise on me everytime he had me on his show in 2006 about being "America's best journalist, bar none", spend so much time and effort attacking me?  Piper has obviously been tasked to do everything he can to sow suspicion about me and try to discredit my research and writing.  He reveals how he tries to damage my credibility in these lines:

If Bollyn really were an honest truth teller and genuine investigative journalist, he would not be lying like this. And if a supposedly honest journalist is known to be lying about some matters of fact, how can his word be trusted on anything? Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.
It is interesting that Piper and Eric Hufschmid are doing the exact same thing, albeit in different ways.  Hufschmid claims that I have been kidnapped and that my articles are being written by the Mossad, while Piper calls me a liar and intelligence operative.  Both of them want to sow suspicion, which once planted in a reader's mind, is very difficult to remove.  But, what have I done to deserve this treatment? 

Answer:  I have investigated and revealed too much about what really happened on 9-11.

This is the same reason I was treated by the undercover police in Hoffman Estates as I was, and prosecuted as I was.  It is interesting to note that Piper takes the word of the corrupt police of Chicagoland as gospel truth.  My statement that the water had been turned off in the cell and that I was told "drink from the toilet" is supposedly disproven by the fact that there is a photo of a Hoffman Estates jail cell with a sink and toilet.

Michael Piper
It should be noted that Piper sent me a very nasty email in December 2001 as we prepared to go to Moscow for a 9-11 conference.  I thought at the time that it couldn't possibly be from Piper and that someone must have hacked into his mailbox, but I now realize that this is exactly how he operates.  He acts like he has a license to lie.  He has never been a friend of mine.

Question of March 5:  Is Barbara Olson back from the dead?  An anonymous person sent me a photo of Barbara Olson (said to have died on 9-11) side-by-side with an image of Lady Booth, the wife of Theodore Olson, former U.S. Solicitor General.  There is no doubt that these two women look nearly identical.  The question is whether the Barbara Olson (born Barbara Kay Bracher in Houston on December 27, 1955) is the same person as Lady Evelyn Booth (born in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 26, 1960) - or do they simply look very similar?  While it is certainly possible with plastic surgery and the theft of an identity that this could happen, it is also possible that Ted simply chose a new wife that looked very much like his previous wife.

The similarity between the two wives of Ted Olson is remarkable.  Is Lady Booth really Barb Olson after plastic surgery?  The face on the right seems to have had cosmetic surgery.

Barbara Olson's ear, seen here, can be compared with those of Lady Booth.  Are they similar?

Lady Booth Olson
This is an interesting question, which I will look into.  What is very interesting about Barbara Bracher is that she earned her Juris Doctor at Yeshiva University in New York City.  Yeshiva University is a private Jewish school which is very Jewish.  Why would a young Catholic girl, who had worked for H.B.O. and Stacy Keach in Hollywood, choose to study law at Yeshiva University?  It is possible that Barb Olson has Jewish roots and that this is why she chose Yeshiva University.  Another odd thing about Barbara Bracher is that she lived in McLean, Virginia in the early 1990s which makes one wonder if she was working for the C.I.A. 
While Barbara Olson had very close connections to orthodox Jews and Zionism, her husband actually worked to protect the crimes of the state of Israel when he defended the Israeli spy, Jonathan Jay Pollard.  How did he get that case - and why did he take it?  Ted and Barbara Olson's ties to Israeli intelligence need to be taken into consideration when pondering their roles in the false flag terror of 9-11.

As a partner of the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Theodore Olson served as lead counsel for George W. Bush in Bush v. Gore before the U.S. Supreme Courth, which secured Bush's election as President of the United States. Bush then appointed Olson as United States Solicitor General which he was from, 2001-2004.  At Yeshiva University, Ted Olson recalled that Barbara Bracher had been the person who officially kicked the Palestinian office out of the United States:
In her third year of law school [Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University], Barbara somehow managed to finesse herself into an internship in the Department of Justice in Washington. And, as a very brassy and gutsy intern, she managed to be the only employee of the government of the United States willing, feisty, and fearless enough to personally serve the papers on the PLO mission to the United Nations in New York announcing that it was being expelled from this country—because they were terrorists. How proud Barbara was to tell that story to her friends at Cardozo!
Question of March 2:  Have you heard that it is very possible that Dr. Steven Jones and his nano-thermite theory could very well be misleading the 9/11 Truth Movement down a false path?  Dr. Judy Wood theorizes that a Directed Energy Weapon was used to turn the steel into dust. Her theory is very compelling, and this could very well explain why Steven Jones has gotten so far with his nano-thermite theory.

Answer: Yes, I have heard about that theory.  I was probably the first person to have
written about this "theory" of a directed energy beam being involved in 9-11 after having an interview with a "former" spy from East Germany, who admitted to having worked with the Mossad.  See: 

The evidence, however, of nano-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is solid proof that this advanced nano-composite explosive was used to pulverize the towers.  This is not to say that other explosives were not used, such as cutter charges on the central columns or huge bombs in the basements of the towers.  As Dr. Jones would say, the data doesn't lie.  The theory of an energy weapon being used to demolish the towers is not supported by the evidence.  I consider it to be a kind of red herring theory meant to distract people from the evidence of explosives and super thermite. 
Question of February 26:  It's been at least a week with no postings on your website?  Are you OK?  Inquiring minds want to know...

Bollyn Responds:  Yes, I am fine.  I have been busy doing the final editing of the first 14 chapters of my book,
Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World.  I did this and printed out the chapters for a supporter in Canada who requested a copy of the book.  This took some time away from the article that I am working on, which is about Kenneth Feinberg, the Special Master of the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund.  It will come as no surprise that Kenneth Feinberg is a high-level agent of the Israeli government and the Mossad.  This article involved quite a bit of research but I hope to have it published in the coming days.

9-11 Special Master Kenneth Feinberg and his wife Diane "Dede" Shaff Feinberg are high-level agents of the state of Israel. 
Feinberg and his law firm was given an open account from the U.S. Treasury and doled out billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars - without any oversight or accountability - to the families of 9-11 victims to keep them from seeking justice and discovery through the courts.  Some 98 percent of the 9-11 families took the money from the fund.  Who got how much and who all got paid in the process is a closely guarded secret.  Why?  The 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund is U.S. taxpayer money after all.  We have every right to see how it was disbursed.

Alvin K. Hellerstein: Orthodox Jew and devoted Zionist
The same law that created the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund also stipulated that all 9-11 related lawsuits would go through the U.S. District Court of Manhattan, where Alvin K. Hellerstein, an orthodox Jew and devoted supporter of Israel has prevented any case from going to trial.  Nearly every single lawsuit concerning a victim of 9-11 has been settled out of court.  Thanks to the efforts of the dedicated Zionist team headed by Kenneth Feinberg and Alvin Hellerstein it is very unlikely that there will ever be a 9-11 trial for the worst terror crime in U.S. history.  What kind of justice is that?  Who are they protecting?
Comment:  I am reading your book, Solving 9/11. Your quote attributed to Menachem Begin "We are the master race" supposedly delivered at a meeting of the Knesset seems far fetched. Did you check the source of that quote? I did a little checking and read that it was invented by Texe Marrs. Do you have any sources for the quote? Thanks, your work is fascinating.
Bollyn Responds: The addition of the Begin quote was a recent change.  Since the quote cannot be sourced, I have removed it. The text now uses the Begin quote from Kapeliouk’s article: "[The Palestinians] are beasts walking on two legs." - Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the 'Beasts,"' New Statesman, June 25, 1982. 
Comment from a Gulf War Vet: 

Hello, I am not sure if this goes to Mr. Bollyn or not but I am giving it a shot.  I was reading your August 15, 2004 article on depleted uranium and Gulf War Vets. I was a combat engineer during the Gulf War and I wanted to support your article.  I am 39 years old and have spent my days since the war in college and now I teach school. I am a non-smoker and live a simple life.  In December I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and it spread a bit to the lymphnods.  The surgery was hell and now I face a life with cancer.  Well thanks for your time and thanks so much for your article on this subject. I am filing a claim with the VA.

Bollyn's Response:  This vet is suffering from the effects of D.U. exposure, as are many others.  This is an extremely dangerous weapon that should be banned.  My four-part series on depleted uranium can be read here:

Marion Fulk and Christopher Bollyn
My research on "depleted" uranium weapons was aided immensely by Marion Fulk of Livermore, California (left).  Marion spent most of his working life as a scientist in the employ of the U.S. government, from the Manhattan Project to Livermore Lab.  Now retired, Fulk said he wanted to help inform the public of the long-term damage to human health caused by the use of uranium-tipped weapons.
Question:  Do you post or send articles to Rense and Jones?  Did look, can't find much recent.

Answer:  Websites that post my material or links to my articles do so of their own choosing.  Two very good sites that re-post my material are and  Here is the link to some of my material on and here is the link to my material on
Question:  Can't even say in words how much I appreciate such extremely rare honest reporting in these dangerous times!  Suggestion: Times are tough--can you add a $5 button to the array of PayPal buttons for donations, since even $10 might be too out of reach for some?

Answer:  Yes, I will do that.

Comment:  Re the black box on Flight 77 shows "cabin doors not open" means nothing since there was no evidence that a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon. There was no released video of Pentagon crash. No recognizable Boeing 757 parts, the penetration of the walls was too deep and too narrow for a 757, no wing or engine marks on building, etc.  So, why do you think this story is special?  Just curious?

Bollyn's Response:  You are quite right.  There is no evidence that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon nor do I think that one did crash into the building.  We don't know where this black box of Flight 77 really came from but the story is about an independent investigation of the data on the box that is said to be from Flight 77.  It is just another small piece of the puzzle showing the massive deception of 9-11.  

Question:  My friend sent me this link about an upcoming 9-11 conference in Manhattan. I wish you were on it. Lenny Charles is putting it together.
Bollyn Responds:  I was not invited to the 9-11 event being put on by Lenny Charles, owner of INN World News.  Judging from the invited speakers and panel subjects, I seriously doubt if his 9-11 event at the Walker Stage will discuss the evidence of Israeli involvement, which is the basis of my thesis about the false flag terror that precipitated the Zionist "War on Terror" and the invasion of Afghanistan.  Having spoken with Mr. Charles on September 3, I am even more inclined to believe that the question of "Who did it?" will not be delved into.  The Orthodox Jewish and Israeli gangsters (e.g. Joseph "Yossi" Shereshevsky, Amnon Cohen, and Avi Benamu) behind the WexTrust Securities scam are the Jewish criminals who financed the current (secret) owners of INN's 56 Walker St. building.  Why are the Israeli partners in the WexTrust fraud being protected by the court and media?  Although the Israelis involved in the WexTrust scam are kept concealed and protected, this is clearly the real reason why Lenny Charles is reluctant to discuss the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11.  The Israeli connection is specifically meant NOT to be on the agenda.  That's what controlled media means.  Even the alternative media is controlled.  Who controls Lenny? (The answer to this crucial question is shocking and will be subject of my next article.)

Lenny Charles (right) of INN World Report

Lenny Charles of INN is the front man for the mystery owner of 56 Walker Street.  Who might that be and why is his identity kept secret?
I don't know much about Lenny Charles.  He said in a 2009 video interview that he is from New Jersey and that he was educated at the El Paso campus of the University of Texas, which is an unusual place for a kid from New Jersey.  Lenny says he was a jazz musician for 25 years before starting INN World News, which is based in a high-rent building in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood.  How does Lenny manage it?  Charles is also listed as representing a company called SKG Media and as the contact person for Walker Stage, located at 56 Walker Street in Manhattan.  SKG is often used to refer to the media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen, but are they the money behind Lenny Charles and INN?  Walker Stage is a nightclub owned by 56 Walker LLC, whoever that might be.  A search for the owner turns up a host of legal cases that involve 56 Walker LLC and people named Avroham and Joseph Shereshevsky and a sprawling octopus company called Wextrust, which has many holding companies such as WexTrust Capital LLC, doing business in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan in Israel and operating mining operations in Africa.  How does Lenny Charles and his 56 Walker Street job fit in with all of this gang, which is clearly involved in criminal fraud?

For the details of INN's connections to Zionist money, read: "The Zionist Gang Behind New York's 9/11 Conference" by Christopher Bollyn

Joseph Shereshevsky (left, son of the rabbi Chaim Shereshevsky of Brooklyn) a Norfolk resident and former COO of WexTrust Capital and Steven Byers, the company's founder and CEO, were each hit with fraud and conspiracy charges.  When he was arrested for his part in the $100 million pyramid scheme in August 2008, Shereshevsky held a one-way plane ticket to Israel.  After they were busted, Byers made a $500 donation to Barack Obama on August 23, 2008. (Courtesy of
In August 2008, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged WexTrust Capital and its affiliates with fraud, alleging that the company ran a Ponzi scheme that raised at least $255 million by targeting members of the Orthodox Jewish community.  The S.E.C. said WexTrust’s principals, Steven Byers and Joseph Shereshevsky, deceived at least 1,196 investors since 2002. The defendants diverted at least $100 million to unauthorized purposes, according to the S.E.C.’s complaint.  The SEC charge against WexTrust, a Chicago-based company, can be read here.  An interactive time line of the case is here.  

Question:  I found it interesting that your ancestors are related to Anne Boleyn. Aren't you spelling your name wrong?
THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL - Queen Elizabeth I, the most famous queen in English history, is known for fostering the English Enlightenment and defeating the Spanish Armada.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Anne Boleyn, the most persistently maligned of English queens.  The Boleyn family has suffered a vicious and relentless campaign of defamation for nearly 500 years.  Prior to the religious reforms initiated by the Boleyn family, the Vatican owned a third of all the land of England.
Bollyn Responds:  The Bollyn (Boleyn) name is originally from West Flanders.  The ancestors of Queen Anne Boleyn came from the area around Calais in Boulonnais, which was then English territory across the channel from Dover.  Anne's great-grandfather, Geoffrey, was a wealthy mercer (importer of fine fabrics) who became the Lord Mayor of London in 1457.  There were no strict rules for spelling in English at the time.  Anne's father spelled the name Bullen.  In the historical literature about Anne Boleyn there are at least 30 different spellings of the name.  Anne, who was well educated and multi-lingual having lived in Flanders and France as a child, seems to be the one who made the "Boleyn" spelling stick.  "La petite Boulain" is how the Archduchess Margaret of Austria described the 12-year-old Anne, who served as a maid of honor in the court of Burgundy at Mechelen.  The Boulain spelling captures the long "ay" sound in the second syllable, which is actually the correct pronunciation of the name, at least in Flemish or Dutch.
Our family has spelled the name Bollyn since at least 1860 in St. Louis, which is as far back as I have documented.  Some time before that the family of Henry Bollyn immigrated to the United States from Switzerland.  Henry's first daughter was named Anne, but she died in Kentucky at the tender age of 10 months.  A year or two later he was blessed with another daughter, which he also named Anne.  My father and grandfather were named Albert Bollyn, which happens to be the same name as a Belgian held in the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau from 1944-1945.  I don't know much about this Albert Bollyn but I suppose he was probably arrested for resisting tyranny.  It runs in the family.

Question:  Do you receive the American Free Press (AFP) newspaper? There are two copies in September 2010 that try to convey that they are right on top of the 9/11 issue, which makes me annoyed, as you are the one who has done all the serious research.
Bollyn Responds: This question came from a person who has been reading my work for a long time.  No, I don't read AFP, which is a newspaper I wrote for from 2000 until October 2006.  The newspaper is run by Willis Carto and his lawyer friend Mark Lane.  According to information gleaned during a lawsuit in which Lane was suing L.T. Patterson of Criminal Politics, Mark Lane acquired the assets of the Liberty Lobby in 1994.  This indicates that AFP is nothing but an asset of the C.I.A., which runs it as a controlled opposition mouthpiece.  Mark Lane is an old Army intelligence agent from WWII in Germany.  Lane played a key role in the Jonestown massacre, which he witnessed and is said to have instigated by using fear tactics on the paranoid Rev. Jim Jones.  This is similar to what AFP does to its readers.
Lane's relationship with AFP explains the paper's bizarre actions I observed as I got closer to the truth about 9/11.  AFP is now publishing articles about 9/11 that suggest that there were no planes on 9/11 (see "Absence of Real Photo Evidence Leads to Video Fakery Speculation", October 11, 2010).  In an article from September 20, 2010, Makufka asks whether "mini-nukes" were used to bring down the WTC.   These "disinfo" articles are written by Scott R. Makufka who writes under the name "Victor Thorn". 

Makufka and his girlfriend Lisa Giuliani teamed up with Michael Piper after I was attacked by undercover police.
  They sought to impugn my credibility and claim my research as their own in a concerted Zionist effort to marginalize my work, and have me prosecuted and thrown in jail.

Scott Makufka and Lisa Giuliani were part of the anti-Bollyn disinfo hit squad, along with Michael Piper.  Why would AFP turn on its own reporter after 6 years of good reporting?
It is very clear from the evidence that Boeing airplanes hit the Twin Towers, the only question is exactly which planes they were.  Photographs reveal that more durable parts, such as landing gear and engines from the aircraft, landed on the streets of Manhattan. 

This engine from the aircraft that struck the South Tower landed on Murray Street.  The parts of this engine are all marked with specific numbers that would identify precisely which aircraft they belonged to.  Why haven't they been shown to the public?  Why the secrecy about exactly which jet engine this is?

Every time-tracked part of the aircraft is numbered, such as this piece.

This landing gear would also contain time-tracked parts with specific serial numbers which would precisely identify the aircraft that struck the tower.

All of these aircraft parts were collected by the F.B.I., which was under the command of Michael Chertoff, the Assistant Attorney General...

who authorized for the aircraft evidence to be taken to the dump at Fresh Kills...

where they were treated like garbage - not as crucial primary evidence from the scene of a mass murder.  Why would Michael Chertoff, an Israeli national and the son of an Israeli Mossad agent, allow such critical criminal evidence to be treated like garbage?  Why wasn't this engine taken to a high-tech FBI crime scene lab (like we see on television) and its time-tracked parts compared with the maintenance records for the planes said to have been involved?  There is only one logical answer to these questions:  the aircraft parts were not examined and shown to the public because they are not from the planes that are said to have hit the Twin Towers.  The FBI and U.S. military only solve such crimes on TV shows, not in real life.  That's part of the deception.
Question: Thanks for your sincere response. I greatly respect and sympathize with you. I don't know how Americans, and people of other countries around the world, have lost their ability to think critically. Even among my own family, they are focused on college football, pro golf, or some other distraction. The phony "right wing" commentators like Glenn Beck, et al, don't help either…
As for your case, and the "criminal" case brought against you, the most amazing thing is that other journalists do not come to your aid. The same can be said of firefighters re: 911, why don't they organize and make demands for a new investigation!!?! Pilots too. Sometimes it really makes me re-think my own beliefs.
Bollyn Responds: The way my case was handled by the media in the United States speaks volumes about the controlled press.  I was, after all, known to be a working journalist when a three-man squad of undercover police broke my arm and tortured me with a TASER me at my home - in front of my daughter - in August 2006. 
Shocked and saddened - Christopher Bollyn with his children in Schaumburg after the police assault.  Bollyn's 8-year-old daughter had seen three heavily-armed undercover police torture her father with a TASER as they held him down in handcuffs after an unprovoked assault that left him with a broken elbow.  Bollyn was subsequently charged with attacking the police.  But, of course.
The fact that I was a journalist (for more than six years) with a national newspaper based in Washington, D.C. was carefully omitted in all the media reports about the bizarre and brutal police incident.  I was sometimes referred to as a "blogger" -- but never as a journalist.  This is because the controlled media has always sought to marginalize my work.  The fact that I had been interviewed - as a journalist - by FOX News and the BBC in London, and spoken about 9/11 in the capital cities of Europe and the United States meant nothing to the Chicago Tribune and the local paper, the Daily Herald.  This was, of course, no simple oversight.  These papers know very well who I am.  I had been a candidate for mayor in Hoffman Estates in 2001.  I have corresponded with these papers for years and was interviewed by an editorial board of two journalists and an editor in the offices of the Daily Herald prior to the special election in 2001.  After the police attack at my house, the Chicago Tribune even hired an outside ghost writer from TIME magazine in order to smear me properly.

There are two main reasons for the controlled media's slanted reporting of my case:  Firstly, to marginalize my 9/11 research and writing, and secondly, to minimize the signficance of the undercover police action against me at my home (i.e. on my property).  It certainly doesn't look right (or very American) for three heavily-armed undercover police to TASER and break the arm of an American journalist working to find the truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001 - in front of his 8-year-old daughter and wife.  The truth could not be told in my case.  It's that simple.  The nine-month process in the Cook County Court was equally bizarre and corrupt.

Your comments about American media distractions are very apt.  As a child, I grew up in a house with no television.  The only TV shows I saw were those I watched at a neighbor's house.  I remember watching "Bozo's Circus" and "The Mickey Mouse Club".  My favorite shows were "The Adventures of Superman" and "The Rifleman" with Chuck Connors.
Chuck Connors as "The Rifleman"
These shows were all basic moral plays in which the good guys fought against corruption, crime, and evil - and always won.  Because we did not have a TV, my time spent watching television was very limited in comparison to my friends.  My mother told us that the average American child watched something like six hours a day, something I found incredible.  But Americans really do spend many hours consuming television on a daily basis, most of which is nothing but staged fantasy and propaganda posing as news.  This is a huge problem because television shapes and informs the sense of reality for most Americans and what they watch these days isn't nearly as good as "The Rifleman" was.  The same holds true for the demise of American music.  When I was young the music we identified with was generally much more optimistic than what kids hear these days. 

9/11 and Israel: Interview with Alan Sabrosky

July 18, 2011
Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Managing Editor at Veterans Today, was interviewed on 9/11 and Israel’s involvement and their influence in American affairs. Dr. Sabrosky is interviewed by Susan Modaress of Press TV...
Alan sticks to the facts, takes the facts to logical conclusions and stops there. Any American of any political leaning or ethnicity can and should, out of patriotism and out of sanity, watch this interview.
- Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

The Alan Sabrosky interview and commentary from Gordon Duff can also be seen here:

The Death of American Democracy by Anthony Lawson

July 8, 2011
Anthony Lawson has produced an excellent new video entitled "The Death of American Democracy".  This video deals with the corrupting influence of fifth column Zionists who undermine the American republic from within the corridors of power.  This video is highly-recommended viewing.

Demystifying 9/11 by Alan Sabrosky

June 30, 2011
Many years ago I read a fascinating discussion of the “tactics of mistake.” This essentially entailed using a target’s prejudices and preconceptions to mislead them as to the origin and intent of the attack, entrapping them in a tactical situation that later worked to the attacker’s strategic advantage.

This is what unfolded in the 9/11 attacks that led us into the matrix of wars and conflicts, present (Afghanistan and Iraq), planned (Iran and Syria) and projected (Jordan and Egypt), that benefit Israel and no other country — although I concede that many private contractors and politicians are doing very well for themselves out of the death and misery of others.

I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone. They needed local help within America (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (the misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US Government (USG), who in the 9/11 attacks got the “catalytic event” they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf, only eight months after coming into office.
- Dr. Alan Sabrosky,
Demystifying 9/11:  Israel and the Tactics of Mistake
Alan Sabrosky's latest article about 9/11 is an excellent analysis of great historical importance.  Sabrosky believes, as I do, that the terror attacks that ushered in the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror" were part of an Israeli military intelligence/Zionist fifth column false-flag operation.  It is very important for the public to see that a person with Dr. Sabrosky's insight and credentials as a military strategist is openly supporting the thesis I have been researching and developing for the better part of the past 10 years.

I have investigated and written about the hypothesis that 9/11 was an Israeli false-flag operation since September 2001, and was for many years like one hand clapping.  I was the only journalist working on an hypothesis that was strictly taboo in the mainstream (i.e. Zionist-controlled) media - and the 9/11 "truth" movement.  I was banned from most 9/11 "truth" conferences and prevented from speaking at forums where I was supposed to speak.  To have Dr. Sabrosky finally validate my thesis with his extremely insightful and articulate analysis is a great relief.  I have paid a very heavy price for writing about a subject most would simply prefer to ignore. 

There is, however, one point I would add to Sabrosky's analysis.  There is something about the Zionist state of Israel that is not widely known, but that needs to be clearly understood.  That is the salient fact that Israel is ruled by a small group of absolutely ruthless extremists who have been raised as the sons and disciples of zealous Zionist terrorists.  The ruling Likud party, currently headed by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was actually founded by Menachem Begin, the former head of the Irgun - a notorious terrorist organization in Palestine in the 1930s and 1940s.

Arthur Koestler, a Hungarian Zionist who once served as the personal secretary for Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of the Betar and Irgun, described the Irgun as a terrorist movement in "The Rise of Terrorism", a chapter from 
Promise and Fulfilment - Palestine 1917-1949, his book about the creation of the state of Israel:
Irgun was from the beginning organized on the strictly conspiratorial lines of a terrorist underground movement.
...and about the Stern Gang, also known as LEHY or LEHI (Lohmey Heruth Israel), Koestler wrote:
The Sternists were believers in unrestricted and indiscriminate terror.
What is not widely known is that it was the leaders of these two Zionist terrorist factions that created the Likud party in 1973 - and who came to power in Israel in 1977.  Since then, this extremist party of terrorists has ruled Israel for most of the time.  The first political leaders from the Likud that came to power in Israel were Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, the former terrorist leaders of the Irgun and Stern Gang.  It should be noted that this is when the Israeli planning for the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 began.  In 1979, Isser Harel, the former head of the Mossad, told an American Zionist of the "Arab terrorist" plan to attack the tallest buildings in New York City.  9/11, however, was not really planned or carried out by Arabs, but by Israelis who sought to deceive the world by placing the blame on Arab Muslims. 
Zionism is a movement in which a form of social Darwinism has taken place.  That is to say that the most extremist, ruthless, cut-throat, and unscrupulous political players have prevailed over the less violent Zionists.  Israelis often complain that they wanted Athens but got Sparta.  This is true; they got Sparta in spades.
The Israeli leaders that followed Begin and Shamir have been no less ruthless and unscrupulous in their actions.  In early 2001, when Ariel Sharon was elected prime minister, I warned that he was a known genocidaire and terrorist.  What else should one expect from such a leader besides more terrorism and killing?  As history has shown, this is exactly what we got. 
Source:  Dr. Alan Sabrosky, "Demystifying 9/11:  Israel and the Tactics of Mistake", 28 June 2011,   

Questions about Olmert's 9/11 Visit to NYC

June 15, 2011
In an effort to learn more about Ehud Olmert's secret visit to New York City on the eve of 9/11, I sent the following question to Shaul and Meir Levy of Wings beachwear company after trying to reach them through their New York City-based real estate company, the Wings Group.  The Levy brothers, Israeli immigrants of Syrian ancestry, have become extremely wealthy selling beach towels, sun lotions, and beachwear.  I was trying to get answers from Shaul and Meir Levy about their meeting with Ehud Olmert in New York City on September 10, 2001.  Although the meeting was reported in a 2004 article about the Betar football club in the Jerusalem Post there has been no discussion of Olmert's 9/11 visit elsewhere.  The Levys are evidently not interested in answering my questions.

Shaul Levy (here with his wife Elaine) has made millions from his chain of beachwear and souvenir shops in the Carolinas, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, and California.  Levy gave $2 million to create a Chabad Lubavitch center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  He and his brother were co-owners of the right-wing anti-Arab Betar football club of Jerusalem, which is supposedly the reason they met with Ehud Olmert in New York City on the eve of 9/11.  If that is really all their meeting was about why has it been kept secret?

The Levy brothers, Syrian Jewish immigrants from Israel, came to the United States in 1967.  They oddly named their beachwear chain after the "wings" emblem given to Israeli pilots in the air force.  Their beach stores in Florida are usually staffed by young Israeli men fresh out of the military.  How much sense does that make?  The Wings company has a documented history of allowing the Israeli men running their warehouses to sexually abuse female employees.  Such boorish behavior is actually quite typical in Israeli military operations.  Is the Wings network providing logistical services for the Mossad?

The Levy brothers' retail stores are usually stand along operations with large warehouse spaces in the rear.  This does not make a lot of sense.  Is there an off-the-books backdoor business that has enabled the Levys to become millionaires in a competitive market in which most merchants barely break even?  Every other store in Florida sells beach paraphernalia, including the corner drug store.  How is it possible for the Levys to have done so well with so much competition?  Are they running more than beachwear through their network of stores?  Where does all the money come from?

The Levy brothers have grown their Wings business into plazas...

turning small stores like this one (in the Brompton in 1990) at 200 E 86th Street in New York City (a beach store in Manhattan?)...

into large commercial properties.

The Wings Group is based at 666 Broadway in this building in which they own the majority of the floors, according to their website.  The 666 building is also home to Ariel Levy's Avenue Real Estate.

Some of the Wings Group properties are clearly engaged in logistics, like the Levys' Palmetto Center in Myrtle Beach...

like this unmarked warehouse building at their Airport Industrial Park at Myrtle Beach airport in South Carolina...

or this Miami warehouse next to the Opa-Locka airport in Miami...

or this row of warehouse type buildings at 170-180 Jacobs Lane near the Myrtle Beach airport...

and next to this huge warehouse run by the Israeli Rafi Moshe in Socastee, South Carolina.  Why would an Israeli come to America to run a warehouse in South Carolina?

The warehouse is actually the home of the Israeli-run Strand Imports at 550 George Bishop Parkway - 1 mile from the Myrtle Beach International Airport.  Why are the Levy's invested in warehouse properties near airports on the East Coast?  Is the Levy network involved in drug smuggling?  Is the Wings operation the real reason Israeli "art students" were snooping around DEA offices prior to 9/11?  If you run a large drug smuggling operation you need a multi-state logistics network and inside information from law enforcement agencies to protect the operation.  See the DEA report "Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities"

The Wings group is also developing residential real estate projects in Costa Rica, along the coast - but of course...

and in Jaffa, the old Palestinian port city near Tel Aviv...

and, of course, in Jerusalem - the Israeli occupied capital city of Palestine.  The Levys are very much involved in Israel, especially with the ruling extreme right-wing Betar/Likud faction of Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Menachem Begin, and Benjamin Netanyahu.  So why did the Levy brothers meet with Ehud Olmert, the Likudnik mayor of Jerusalem, in New York City on the eve of 9/11, and why has this visit been kept secret by the U.S. media and political class?

I called the Wings Group and asked to speak with Shaul or Meir.  I was told by a receptionist named Andrea that I should send my questions by email.  After two days, I have not received any response so I am posting the email that I sent as an open letter:
Question for Shaul and Meir Levy about Betar and Olmert
Monday, June 13, 2011 7:52 AM
From: "Christopher Bollyn"
Shaul and Meir Levy,

I am a journalist working on an article about Ehud Olmert and the Betar football club.  These questions are for the purpose of this article.

The Jerusalem Post reported that you were formerly co-owners of the Betar football club:

"Three years ago, Betar was sold to a four-man consortium (US businessmen Meir and Shaul Levy, local businessman Meir Finegel, and Jerusalem real estate agent Sasson Shem Tov, who pulled out a few weeks ago), following a meeting in New York with then-mayor Ehud Olmert on September 10, 2001. There were no other potential buyers."

Source:   "A fallen empire," by Daniel Ben-Tal, Jerusalem Post, July 23, 2004

I assume Meir Finegel is actually Meir Panigel?  How long were you owners of the Betar club?  What was the purpose of the meeting in New York with Ehud Olmert on September 10, 2001?  Where did this meeting take place?  Did Mr. Olmert remain in New York until September 11, 2001?

Thank you for your consideration of my request,

Christopher Bollyn

Israel and 9/11: Mossad in Florida

June 6, 2008
Reposted from

Roy Sarfati, on the left, is the son of the Israeli weapons smuggler, Maurice Sarfati, who runs the family business and websites under the alias Moshe Tzorfati.  Does these Americans really know who they are doing business with?
Is the Israeli Weapons Dealer Maurice Sarfati Still Doing Business in Miami?
Maurice Sarfati, the Miami-based Israeli who brokered the 1989 sale of Israeli weapons to the Medellin drug lord Rodriguez Gacha of the Colombian drug cartel, is apparently still doing business in the Miami area under the alias, Moshe Tzorfati.
Sarfati was one of the Israelis who supplied 500 machine guns (Uzis and Galil assault rifles) and other weapons to one of Colombia's most notorious drug traffickers. The illegal weapons transfer was directed by three Israelis, Maurice R. Sarfati, Yair G. Klein, and Israeli Brig. General (Res.) Pinchas Shachar. The deal was financed by Bank Hapoalim, an Israeli bank in New York.
The Colombian authorities discovered the Israeli-made weapons and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition when they searched the ranch of Jose Rodriguez Gacha after he was ambushed and killed by the Colombian police.
Jane Hunter wrote about the Miami-based Israeli weapons dealers in an article entitled "Covert Operations: The Human Factor." The article appeared in The Link in August 1992.
Hunter wrote about Pinhas Shachar (Shahar):
Shachar, according to a British television report, was a Mossad agent and an “undercover representative” of the state-owned Israeli Military Industries (IMI). He was part of a network of Israeli arms dealers in Miami that had been selling Israeli weapons to Latin America since 1982.
And about Yair Klein:
Klein's work in Colombia, where his Israeli-licensed security company, Spearhead Ltd., trained the hit squads of the Medellin cocaine cartel in assassination and bombing techniques, was beginning to attract unwelcome attention. In August 1989, a promotional film that Spearhead made of the training exercises in Colombia would fall into the hands of Colombian authorities and, to Israel s acute embarrassment, it would be aired by television stations around the world. Colombian authorities would lay much of the blame for the 1989 assassination of a leading presidential candidate, a series of massacres, and the bombings of a passenger aircraft and the headquarters of the domestic intelligence agency on Spearhead's tutelage. In 1988, Klein was in Antigua, looking for a new way to provide arms to his Medellin client, Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha.
About the Sarfati Weapons Deal:
In 1988 Shachar, Klein and Sarfati convinced Antiguan officials to provide a false front to ship $381,500 worth of rifles and ammunition to Medellin boss Rodriguez Gacha. Gen. Shachar placed the order with IMI. His name, Klein's and Sarfati's would all appear on the paperwork for the sale and, when the operation was exposed, Shachar would quickly depart for Israel.

In March 1989, Israel dispatched the Medellin's guns on a ship, escorted by Captain Philip Earon, subsequently the deputy mayor of Eilat. The arms would be discovered in January 1990, buried on a farm belonging to Gacha's son, with papers and serial numbers identifying Israel as the source. Already fending off charges that it had sanctioned, or assigned, the Spearhead training team to Columbia, Israel insisted that Antigua had ordered the weapons fair and square. Although, after intense international pressure, it put Klein on trial and handed him a token conviction, Israel insists to this day that its security maestros were training Colombian ranchers.

Klein, depending on which story you believe, was paid in cocaine delivered to him in Israel or in narco-dollars delivered in the U.S. and subsequently transported to Israel by a network of Orthodox Jews specializing in laundering.

Sarfati used his melon farm as a front for Israeli activities with the Colombian drug cartel. Sarfati's illegal business activities on Antigua had been bankrolled with U.S. taxpayer money from the Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC), an agency of the U.S. government.

Sarfati's OPIC loan application had been submitted for his company called Roydan (Antigua) Limited. The Roydan company is apparently the combined names of his two sons, Roy J. Sarfati and Dan A. Sarfati.

By July 1988, Roydan Ltd. was $8 million in debt. By February 1989, Sarfati's Roydan Ltd. was no longer in existence, but Sarfati was.

Sarfati had received $1.3 million in loans from OPIC in 1985 and 1986, the Washington Post reported in November 1990. OPIC later suspected that not all of the money ended up in melons. In 1988, OPIC sued Sarfati for defaulting on the loans.
The Post article reported:
The loan requirements of the Overseas Private Investment Corp. read like those of any bank in the United States. The only difference is that OPIC is a government agency and if a borrower doesn't pay back a loan, American taxpayers are the losers.

Under the circumstances, one would expect OPIC to be tight with its money. But one would be disappointed. In recent years OPIC, which lends money for business ventures in developing countries, has come under increasing scrutiny for risky loan practices. Now an investigation into an arms deal threatens to resurrect one loan that OPIC would just as soon keep buried.

Although there is no evidence that Sarfati was involved in arms trafficking at the time the loans were made, court documents from OPIC's 1988 lawsuit when Sarfati defaulted indicate he was a risky loan. OPIC did a marginal job in checking out Sarfati before handing him $1.3 million.

For example, in 1983 Sarfati had the Bank of Credit and Commerce in Miami send OPIC a letter of recommendation. The bank called Sarfati "one of our valued customers" and said he had five companies with accounts at the bank. Sarfati later testified in the lawsuit that three of the companies either had no assets or never got off the ground.

In 1988, the General Accounting Office looked into Sarfati and found that if OPIC had looked closely enough, it would have found that the melon business was showing a loss before OPIC gave Sarfati a second loan.
Maurice Sarfati is apparently still doing business in Miami under the name Moshe Tzorfati. The Sarfati family has a website called the D.R.I.M. group, which apparently uses the first initial of the four family members: Dan, Roy, Ilana, and Maurice -- or Moshe.
The website says this about the D.R.I.M. Group:
Established in 1995, The D.R.I.M. GROUP is a multi faceted group of companies, with diversified activities:

-Strategic Consulting in sophisticated financing vehicles for income producing real estate and other specific type of businesses.

-Commercial Aviation Consulting.

-Research and Development of a treatment method (Patent pending) for speech dysfluency (stuttering), language and communication disorders.

-Development of specialized centers in traditional and alternative healthcare.
The website provides the contact information:
4601 Sheridan Street
Suite 301
Hollywood, FLORIDA 33021
Tel: 954-965 6924
954-965 6925
Fax: 954-965 6926
MTzorfati is evidently Moshe Tzorfati, whose website domain is registered at: 19901 E Country Club Dr., Apt. 2101, in Miami. This is in the Zip Code area of 33180, where the Sarfati family (ies) have several residences and relations.
Moshe Tzorfati and Maurice Sarfati are both listed as living at 20314 NE 34th Court. After his criminal role was exposed in supplying weapons to the Colombian drug cartel, he evidently decided to change the spelling of his name. Maurice Sarfati is the name of a famous French actor but that name could no longer be used in Miami and the United States.
Here is Sarfati's old listing from the U.S. Public Records Index:
Name: Maurice Sarfati (along with Ilana and Roy J.)
Birth Date: Jun 1941
Street address: 20314 NE 34th CT
City: Miami
County: Miami-Dade
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33180
Phone Number: 305-466-1832
Record Number: 829168268
Here he is after his Israeli makeover with an new Hebrew alias:
Name: Moshe Tzorfati
Street address: 20314 NE 34th CT
City: Miami
County: Miami-Dade
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33180
Phone Number: 305
Record Number: 838149884
It is interesting that the Sarfati's D.R.I.M. group is involved in aviation, finance, and healthcare. Here are the sections from the website:

The Aviation Consulting Division has extensive experience in commercial aviation. Specifically in the formation of start up companies for passengers transport, charter programs, and cargo airline.

The Aviation Consulting Division, provides a variety of services, including over-flight rights, landing rights, and opening new routes. Such services were provided to governments, international travel corporations, and airlines. We are uniquely placed to facilitate aircraft refurbishing and pre sale inspections.


The Financial Strategic Consulting Division developed a structure specifically designed for qualified start up or existing corporations acquiring income producing real estate, to use this vehicle, and seek financing under certain terms, by way of a Private Offering(rule 144-A). This ready structure reduces considerably the time and costs, usually required.

The D.R.I.M. GROUP engaged a leading legal institution, and a team of experts in sophisticated Asset Backed Securities transactions, to adapt the structure.


Communication Disorders

The D.R.IM. GROUP developed a comprehensive treatment program,The Ultimate TM SpeechCare Systems, for individuals who stutter. Innovative and unique techniques, presently under patent review, were developed by Roy J. Sarfati, MS,CCC-SLP, and incorporated for the first time in specific intensive treatment programs for children and adults. Our team consist of highly trained clinicians in a variety of fields, is at the forefront of progress.

Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging

This program is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive available today. Headed and developed by Dr. Cass Terry MD,Ph.D., one of the world leading experts in this field, the program is designed to address every facet of aging and rejuvenation.

Geriatric and Rehabilitation Centers

The D.R.I.M. GROUP began diversifying into healthcare in 1997. Its team designed and developed a unique program for Geriatric and Rehabilitation Centers, operated with the state of the art technology.
The activities of the Sarfati family clearly show how Israeli criminals working with their network in Miami are able to operate with impunity. At least for the illegal transfer of weapons to the Colombian drug cartel Maurice Sarfati (a.k.a. Moshe Tzorfati) should be prosecuted and tried. Why has the U.S. government not pursued its case against Sarfati, the Israeli criminal who masterminded illegal Colombian weapons deals from his home in Miami?
Sources and Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "9-11: The Florida Connection", 21 May 2008

The Sarfati Connection, Art Students & Israeli Support to Colombian Drug Lords

June 5, 2008
Reposted from
"Some day, perhaps, if it's decided that the stories can be told, you'll see that the state [ Israel ] has been involved in acts which are a thousand times more dirty than anything going on in Colombia . But these things were decided by the government, in cabinet meetings. As long as the government decides to do something, something that the national interest demanded, then it is legitimate. But if an individual wants to do the same thing, it isn't. That's just the way it is. It's very simple."
- Rafael "Raful" Eitan (killed by a wave), Jerusalem Post, September 1, 1989
Ehud Olmert, the current prime minister of Israel, held a very secret meeting in New York City with two Israeli businessmen, Shaul and Meir Levy, the day before 9-11. Olmert, who was then mayor of Jerusalem, was so secretive about his pre-9-11 meeting that nobody even knew about it for three years after 9-11. Why was the Likudnik mayor of Jerusalem in New York City the day before 9-11 and why has his visit been kept secret?

Shaul Levy of Myrtle Beach and New York City, met with Ehud Olmert in New York City on September 10, 2001.  The Levy brothers have apparently done very well selling tee shirts and beach towels.  They are now deeply involved in real estate with their Wings Group and have given $2 million to start a Chabad Lubavitch house in Myrtle Beach.  Is there a secret to their success?

A Wings store belonging to Shaul and Meir Levy...

and their logo, the wings of the Israeli air force.
I then raise the logical question: Were the men Olmert met, Israelis from the extreme right-wing Likud party and owners of a chain of beach stores in Florida called Wings, somehow connected to the Florida-based network of fake Israeli art students who tried to infiltrate offices of the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) and other U.S. government offices in 1999-2001?
There is, in fact, a very remarkable connection between Dror Levy, the Israeli military "computer systems analyst" who later became the vice president and marketing director for the Levy brothers, and one of the team leaders of the Israeli "art students" casing DEA offices in Florida. The evidence suggests that the Levys, the Israelis Olmert met in New York on September 10, 2001, are part of the Israeli intelligence network in Florida.
Dror Levy and a leader of the "art students," allegedly named Hanane Sarfati, actually lived at the same address - 4220 Sheridan Street, Hollywood ( Florida ).

The Sarfati family is well known in Israel – and Colombia . Maurice Sarfati, an Israeli living in Miami, caused an international scandal in 1990 when it was discovered that he sold Israeli weapons to Colombia 's most ruthless cocaine traffickers. This weapons transfer was approved at the highest levels of the Israeli military state.

The weapons smuggler Maurice Sarfati and his family live in the same neighbourhood to this day and may be related to the Sarfati mentioned below. It is also possible that they are the same people.
Maurice Sarfati was the broker in the Israeli government's shipment in April 1989 of 500 automatic weapons through the Caribbean nation of Antigua to the boss of the Medellin Cartel, Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha. The Israeli weapons were later used to assassinate the Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan. This is the highly illegal situation which prompted the above quote from the late Rafael Eitan. As you can see by what Eitan said, this is actually quite normal business for Israel.  (They do much worse.)

The DEA report about the Israeli students says this about one of the leaders, a "Hanane Sarfati":

…The name of her "Team Leader" and/or "Boss" is Hanane SARFATI, and the name of the art school is BEZALEL. The "boss" was to pick the art students up in downtown Tampa at approximately 5:00 p.m. Additional surveillance revealed a dark-colored mini van, driven by a white male with dark hair, picking up approximately six females, all carrying similar "portfolios," in a crowded area during downtown Tampa rush hour. The Florida license plate on the van was U71 DLD, a 1991 red Dodge mini-van, registered to Hanane SARFATI, W/M, DOB 06/03/1977, 4220 Sheridan St. #303, Hollywood, FL, and 701 S. 21st Ave., Hollywood, FL. A Florida Driver's License check revealed S613-320-77-203-0 to belong to Hinane SARFATI, 4220 Sheridan St.,, #303 , Hollywood , FL. This license has been suspended and is not currently valid…

80. S/A David Keikin interviewed subject Hanan SERFATY. SERFATY stated that he served in the Israeli military between the ages of 18-21. He further indicated that he arrived in the U.S. approximately one year ago at the age of 23. When questioned as to what he did between the ages of 21 and 24, he refused to answer. The interviewing agent indicated that SERFATY's command of the English language was excellent, even the utitilization of slang words. SERFATY indicated that he resides in Hollywood , FL , with a phone number of (954) 478-1006. He further related that he purchases the paintings from an Anglo male, TOM (LNU) for $8.00-$15.00/piece, In turn, each piece of artwork is subsequently sold for $50-80. TOM (LNU) allegedly resides in Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area, and reportedly has a storage unit in south Florida where he keeps the artwork to be picked up.

81. It should be noted that in SERFATY's possession were deposit and withdrawal slips for Washington Mutual Bank account #038300002297689, dating, from December 19, 2000 through February 21, 2001. The fifty-one (51) slips were for transactions at various banks in Dade and Broward County , FL , banks, specifically in Coral Gables , Miami , Hollywood , Aventura, and Tamarac , The deposits for the timeframe totaled $93,252.00, with withdrawals totaling $86,000. Also in SERFATY's possession were four (4) deposit slips for First Union Bank account #1010017986436, from February 26, 2001 through March 1, 2001, totaling $14,250.
The index of Israeli suspects at the end of the report says this about Sarfati, or Serfaty:
39. SERFATY, Hanan, aka Hanane SARFATI: NADDIS negative, 4220 Sheridan St., #303 , Hollywood , FL 33.021, and 701 S. 21 Ave., Hollywood , FL , DOB 06/03/1977, 6', FL DL S613-320-77-203-0, registered owner of red mini-van FL tag # U71 DLD, phone number (954) 478-1006, cellular phone number (954) 478-0961.
What a small world Hollywood must be. Dror Levy lived at the very same house as Hanan Sarfati:
Name: Dror Levy
Address: 4200 Sheridan St
City: Hollywood
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33021-3662
Phone Number: 954-985-0851
Residence Years: 1996
There are only six phone listings for a "Dror Levy" in the United States between 1993 and 2002 and they are all in Florida:
Dror Levy Hollywood Florida 954-985-0851 1996
Dror Levy Hollywood Florida 954-435-5802 2002
Dror Levy Miami Florida 305-792-9492 1999 2000
Dror Levy Ft. Lauderdale Florida 954-472-1952 1997 - 2001
Dror Levy St. Petersburg Florida 813-360-6132 1996
Dror Levy Clearwater Beach Florida 727-466-0941 2000
Dror Levy had this address prior to 9-11:
Name: Dror Levy
Address: 3300 NE 191St St
City: Miami
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33180-2451
Phone Number: 305-792-9492
Residence Years: 1999 2000
There also happened to be another man named Sarfati who lived at this address with Dror Levy. This Sarfati had the same name of the notorious weapons smuggler. What a coincidence – or is it?
Name: Maurice Sarfati
Birth Date: 1975
Street address: 3300 NE 191st St
City: Miami
County: Miami-Dade
State: Florida
Zip Code: 33180
There is much more to this story. Who are Hanane and Maurice Sarfati and where have they gone? What has become of Dror Levy? Is he the same Dror Levy who is now a director of the Israeli-run DSP Group, Inc., headed by the son of Itzhak Shamir?
Are these Sarfatis related to the Israeli weapons smuggler, Maurice Sarfati? Is it more than a coincidence that they shared the same address as Dror Levy, the Israeli who ran Levy brothers' Wings operation in Florida?

Behind Closed Doors: Israelis Dismissed from 9/11 Trial

June 12, 2011

Court document of 26 May 2011 showing that the Israeli Mossad company that controlled passenger screening operations in Boston on 9/11 has been dismissed from the 9/11 litigation.  Why would Donald Migliori and Mary Schiavo, attorneys for the victim's family, allow this to happen?  How can it be that the company responsible for allowing armed terrorists onto the planes is not held culpable for the losses on 9/11? 

The 9/11 litigation process is incestuous business.  David Werner Sass, a senior partner of the law firm of McLaughlin & Stern (law firm for ICTS), has been a director of ICTS since 2002.  Allowing a Zionist judge to administer "justice" has resulted in gross injustices for the 9/11 relatives and the nation.  This cannot stand. 

Ehud Olmert, the disgraced former prime minister of Israel and mayor of Jerusalem, is currently fighting for his life in an Israeli court.  Olmert, a disciple of the notorious Israeli terrorist Yitzhak Shamir, was in New York City on an unexplained secret visit on 9/11.  Will the Israeli court ask him to explain the purpose of his secret trip?  Olmert, a protege of Shamir, served as minister for minority affairs from 1988-1990 (during the First Intifada) and as Minister of Health during Shamir's regime from 1986-1992. 

Olmert has a long history of criminal activity and indictments in Israel.  He is clearly one of the architects of the false-flag terrorism of 9/11 as can be seen by his secret visit to New York City on September 10-11, 2001.  When will we see U.S. authorities calling for Olmert's arrest, along with the other Zionist masterminds of 9/11?
Sources close to the 9/11 litigation informed me that International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), the Israeli defendant in the 9/11 terrorism case, was dismissed from the lawsuit last week.  This was discussed in a document of 12 May 2011 that indicates that this move was on Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein's agenda for May 16.  The Mossad-linked company ICTS had apparently filed a motion to be dismissed from the lawsuit.  ICTS is the Israeli parent company of Huntleigh USA, the passenger screening outfit that allegedly allowed armed terrorists to board the planes in Boston on 9/11, according to the official version of events. On 26 May 2011, with the assent of attorneys for the plaintiffs, ICTS was dismissed from the 9/11 litigation.  This is completely outrageous, like all the other injustice the 9/11 relatives have suffered in the court of the Orthodox Jew Zionist Alvin K. Hellerstein.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein presides over all 9/11 litigation.  As a devoted Zionist Jew, Hellerstein has a fundamental conflict of interest because the key defendant in the 9/11 trial is ICTS, the Israeli company that allowed the armed terrorists to board the airplanes.  Hellerstein has a second blatant conflict of interest in that his son Joseph is a lawyer in a law firm that represents the owners of ICTS.  Hellerstein has obstructed justice for the relatives and the nation by preventing an open trial to determine who is truly responsible for the terror attacks of 9/11.

The Zionist judge Alvin K. Hellerstein discussed dismissing ICTS, the Israeli defendant in the 9/11 litigation, as this 12 May 2011 court document from the Bavis family case shows.
Judge Hellerstein has a clear conflict of interest in the 9/11 litigation.  His son Joseph is a lawyer in Israel with Amit, Pollak, and Matalon, a law firm which represents the Israeli owners of ICTS and Huntleigh USA.  In 2001, ICTS was run by a team of Israelis including the Harel brothers, Boaz and Ezra, and Menachem Atzmon.  Atzmon is a convicted Israeli criminal who was involved in illegal fund-raising for the Likud party of Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and Menachem Begin.  Olmert was in New York City on the eve of 9/11 and probably remained to observe the crime.  Ezra Harel "died" at age 53 on a yacht off the coast of Spain in November 2003 after being indicted with his father Aryeh Mualem of serious financial fraud in Israel.  Ezra Harel reportedly owned a 65 percent controlling stake in ICTS when he left the scene.
The St. Louis company Huntleigh USA was a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS, which had been bought by the Harel brothers, two well known financial fraudsters.  As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on 14 September 2001: 
Huntleigh is an odd blend of hometown business ownership and international security expertise. The U.S. subsidiary is owned by ICTS International NV, a publicly held company based in the Netherlands, which trades on the Nasdaq market in the United States. It has contracts in 50 U.S. airports and 30 airports elsewhere....

ICTS had a harder edge from its very beginning. It was founded in 1987 by former security officials of Israel's El Al airlines and bought in 1994 by Leedan, a Dutch investment holding company owned by two brothers, Ezra Harel and Boaz Harel. The former commander in chief of the Israeli air force, Amos Lapidot, is still on the board.
The following list is the directors and executives of ICTS in 2002.  Boaz Harel was Chairman of ICTS USA (1994), Inc. He was Chairman and Member of the Supervisory Board of ICTS International N.V. from March 2004 to August 2004. Prior to this, Boaz Harel was a Member of the Supervisory Board of ICTS from January 1, 1996 to November 12, 2001:
Ezra Harel (supposedly deceased 2003) 52 Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Menachem Atzmon 58 Member of the Supervisory Board
Matthew Albert Nissim 69 Member of the Supervisory Board, Secretary
Elie Housman 63 Member of the Supervisory Board
Moshe Winer 53 Member of the Supervisory Board
David W. Sass 67 Member of the Supervisory Board
Melvin F. Lazar 63 Member of the Supervisory Board and
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Lynda Davey 48 Member of the Supervisory Board
Lior Zouker 54 President and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Yahav 46 Vice President International
Stefan Vermeulen 32 Chief Financial Officer
Doron Zicher 44 Vice President - Products & Technology
Matthew Albert Nissim was clearly a key elder partner for the Harel brothers at ICTS and before.  He had been Co-Managing Director of Leedan International Holdings and served as President of ICTS-USA (1994) Inc. since January 1994. He was also Secretary of ICTS International since January 1994. From 1994 to 1995, he served as Managing Director of ICTS International B.V.  Nissim served as President of Harel & Partners from 1991 to 1994. He has also a Director with them of Pioneer Commercial Funding Corp. since September 25, 1997. He served as a Director of ICTS International NV and also served as its Member of the Supervisory Board from 2002 to December 6, 2006.
Nissim is not just an older partner with the Harel brothers, he is one of the key players in the 9/11 false-flag terrorism with other members of the Betar (Zionist militia) from China.  Shaul Eisenberg, Mossad's mega-agent in China and Japan, was also involved with the Betar brigades in China in the 1930s and 40s.  Eisenberg is the smoking gun between these Betar Likudniks from China and 9/11.  Eisenberg owned Atwell, a Mossad company that tried to get the security contract for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (World Trade Center, airports, harbors, tunnels, etc.) in 1987.  Rafi Eitan, Shalom Bendor, and Zvi Malkin were involved in this attempt to obtain the security contract for the World Trade Center.  Ehud Olmert's father and uncle were founding members of the Betar brigades in Harbin and Shanghai, China.  Matthew Albert Nissim of ICTS was born in Shanghai.  The fact that at least three architectural level players in the 9/11 attacks came from the Zionist communities of China suggests that this may be a key link between the masters of terrorism.  For more on the Mossadniks who controlled security at the World Trade Center see The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9-11.

There is a saying in U.S. courts that the side that gets the most evidence excluded wins.  In my trial the Zionist judge excluded all evidence that proved a conspiracy by the undercover police to injure me when they invaded my home in August 2006, and he refused to allow my expert witness to testify on the propriety of the actions taken by the police.  The judge's wife, Robin Warman Riebman, is active in the Chicago chapter of ORT America, a Zionist organization in which Stephanie Pritzker is the regional director.  Stephanie is the daughter of Michael L. Pritzker, a Chicago attorney with a documented criminal history.  Prior to becoming a director of ORT, Pritzker was an executive with the Jewish Federation/Jewish United Fund of Chicago.  The Pritzker family, owners of Hyatt Hotels, is a wealthy and powerful Zionist family from Chicago.  It is through Zionist networks like ORT that orders from higher-level Zionists can be passed to the judge through his wife.  This is exactly what happened in my case in the corrupt court of Hyman I. Riebman.

Judge Riebman, for example, did not even sanction the police for intentionally destroying the video evidence they had made of the assault, a clear violation of police regulations.  He then allowed Michael Barber, the Hoffman Estates police officer who worked with the Department of Homeland Security, to testify on the effects and risks of using a TASER, based solely on information he had been given by TASER International.  Furthermore, it was Barber who had tortured me with a TASER while I was handcuffed and pinned to the ground with him on my back and Timothy Stoy kneeling on my temple.  On the stand both Stoy and Barber clearly lied about having given a verbal TASER warning, while none had been given.  Guess who won the battle in Riebman's court of injustice?

Hyman I. Riebman is the corrupt Cook County judge who presided over the seriously flawed Bollyn trial...

and his son Elliott is a defense attorney for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.  Here Blagojevich defense attorneys Aaron Goldstein, left, and Elliott Riebman are seen leaving court. 
In the trial for the family of Mark Bavis, who died on 9/11, the judge is now seeking to remove from the trial the Israeli company who was responsible for passenger screening on 9/11.  The evidence has already been removed, now Judge Hellerstein wants to remove the culprits.
The only remaining wrongful death case is Mary Bavis vs UAL Corporation, et al.  This case represents the only 9/11 trial that will ever be held and should be of great concern to all Americans.  The flagrant conflict of interest on the part of the judge cannot be ignored.  Judge Hellerstein must be removed from the case and a new process begun for all of the 9/11 families who have not been treated fairly in the tort litigation.
The simplest way to remove Judge Hellerstein is to show that his son's law firm has represented the owners of ICTS and Huntleigh USA. I am doing that with the following documents to show that Amit, Pollak, and Matalon (Joseph Z. Hellerstein is "of counsel" with Amit, Pollak, and Matalon) represents entities that include the owners of ICTS:
Amit, Pollak, and Matalon represents BOS (Better Online Solutions), Cukierman Investments, and Catalyst Fund.  Edouard Cukierman is Chairman of the Board of Directors of BOS, the founder and CEO of Catalyst Funds, and the Chairman of Cukierman & Co Investment House.

Edouard Cukierman (left) is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Funds and Chairman of Cukierman & Co Investment House.  Here he poses with his partners Yair Shamir, son of the notorious Stern Gang terrorist Yitzhak Shamir, and Boaz Harel, owner of ICTS with his brother and other Israeli criminals on 9/11.

Yair Shamir is the son of the notorious terrorist and murderer Yitzhak Shamir of the Stern Gang.  Shamir, born Icchak Jeziernicky in Ruzhany, Russia, served as prime minister of Israel from 1983-1984, and from 1986 to 1992.  It was during Shamir's reign that preparations for 9/11 were being made.  In 1987, for example, a high-level Mossad company owned by Shaul Eisenberg tried to get the security contract for the World Trade Center.  It was rejected when it was discovered that it was headed by known Israeli criminals who had stolen materials to make nuclear bombs from the United States.  Why was ICTS, a company run by convicted Israeli criminals, allowed to provide security services in U.S. airports?
Cukierman is also Chairman of the Board of BOS, a.k.a. Better Online Solutions of Israel.
Boaz Harel, co-owner (with his brother Ezra) and Chairman of ICTS International, is President & Managing Partner at Cukierman Investments.  This fact is often omitted from his biographical data but can be seen here:

 Source:  Boaz Harel, President & Managing Partner of Catalyst Fund and Cukierman Investments
The following two legal documents show that Amit, Pollak, and Matalon of Tel Aviv is on the record as being legal counsel for Cukierman, Catalyst, and BOS.  They include such statements as this, "The validity of the ordinary shares, including the ordinary shares issuable upon conversion of the note and the exercise of the warrants, will be passed upon for us by Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co., our Israeli counsel."
It should be noted that Edouard Cukierman is also “an officer of the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Unit”.  This shows his connection to the state of Israel and its military forces.
Edouard Cukierman is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Investments and Chairman of Cukierman & Co. Investment House. He is also on the Board of Sar-El, an Israeli Defense Forces volunteer organization. He serves as an Officer of the IDF Spokesman Unit, and is part of the Hostage & Crisis Negotiation Team (Reserves). 

The Boleyns and the English Bible

The Boleyns and the English Bible
February 3, 2011
Wherefore I do beseech you all, for the love of our Lord God, that you do at all seasons hold by the truth, and speak it, and embrace it.
- George Boleyn’s last words, 17 May 1536

The Great Bible of 1539 was the first authorized English Bible.  King Henry VIII commanded that a Bible be put in every parish in the kingdom.
Today, the Bible is the most popular book in the English language. When we read the Holy Scripture or hear it read in church we treat it with reverence, but it has not always been that way. In the 1520s, hundreds of Bibles, the first copies printed in English, were burned by the Roman Catholic Bishop of London. 

The first complete edition of the English New Testament by Tyndale was published in Worms in 1526.  It was illegal to own and those who had copies faced execution.  The Bibles were confiscated and burned by Roman authorities.  The whole printing was bought up by the church and burned in St. Paul's by Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall.

William Tyndale, the Father of the English Bible, was strangled and burned at the stake.
In 1536, William Tyndale, the Roman Catholic priest who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew, was strangled and burned at the stake near Brussels. Branded a heretic and hounded by agents of Rome, Tyndale lived and worked on the English Bible in exile in Antwerp, Marburg, and Worms for the last 12 years of his life.  His New Testament, translated directly from Greek, was first published in Worms in 1526.

Tyndale was strangled and burned at the stake in 1536 in Brussels. "Lord, open the King of England's eyes" were Tyndale's last words. 
"While William Tyndale was praying in his dying moments that God would open the eyes of the King of England, God had already answered the prayer in his own way: he had used a woman to influence the King and the nation with the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. That woman was Anne Boleyn," wrote Kath Dredge in Anne Boleyn: One Short Life that Changed the English-speaking World by Colin Hamer.
The four-hundred year old King James Bible that we use today is essentially the Tyndale translation, which is the basis for about 85 percent of the King James Version of 1611. The Tyndale Bible allowed the people to read the Scriptures in English for the first time. The first book of Holy Scripture printed in England was a copy of Tyndale’s New Testament, printed on vellum and presented to Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England, in 1536.  Anne already had a personal copy from the Antwerp printing in 1534, which she openly displayed - although it was a banned book.

"The Newe Testament, dylygently corrected and compared with the Greke by Willyan Tindale. Antwerp, 1534." Anne Boleyn's personal copy of Tyndale's New Testament, with her coat of arms at the bottom.

The Boleyn family had been instrumental in bringing the Scripture to the people in the English language. “Promoting the vernacular Bible was clearly a Boleyn family enterprise,” Eric Ives writes in The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn. To understand how revolutionary the English Bible was in the 1530s we need to consider that for seven centuries after the conversion of England to Christianity (in the Third Century), the common man had no access to the text of the Scriptures. It was not until 1538, when Henry VIII commanded the clergy to install the Great Bible in a convenient place in every parish church that the common people were able to read the Bible in English.

The Gospel of John translated by William Tyndale
In Catholic England the Scriptures were in Latin, often read by priests who understood very little of the text. The Church of Rome wielded immense political power and owned one-third of the kingdom. Keeping the Holy Scriptures out of the hands of the people was essential for the Church to maintain its power over the people and their king. Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, was dedicated to liberating England from the clutches of the Church of Rome, a mission for which she paid the ultimate price.

In "George Boleyn, Religion and the Reformation," Claire Ridgway points out that the Boleyns were "reformist Catholics":

Until Henry VIII broke with the Church of Rome, England was a devoutly Roman Catholic country.  Henry himself was fervently Catholic and, until his desire for a divorce led him to a break with Rome, he actively persecuted religious reformists. This led to the Pope giving him the title, ‘Defender of the Faith’, a title he was immensely proud of. Despite Henry’s active persecution of those who failed to conform to the orthodox Catholic faith, Thomas Boleyn favoured reform of the church, as did his youngest two children.  It was their religious idealism which bred in zealous Catholics a hatred of them which continued long after their deaths, and which spawned many of the rumours, innuendos and slanders against them that persist to this day.Reform amounted to a desire to rid the church of increasing greed and corruption, for the rites of the faith to be reformed, and for the word of God to be accessible to the masses. George and Anne Boleyn were not only devotees of this idealism; in time they came to embody it...They sought reform of the Catholic religion, not a complete departure from it, and both of them died as Catholics.  They obviously supported a break with Rome because that was essential in order for Anne to become Queen, but their passion for reform did not mean that they altered their basic religious beliefs, and for them, the break also meant that the reforms which they envisioned could be brought to fruition.  They died as reformist Catholics, not as Protestants.
Anne and her brother George were beheaded in May 1536. George Boleyn, a close advisor of King Henry VIII, said these last words before he was killed:

ruly so that the Word should be among the people of the realm I took upon myself great labour to urge the king to permit the printing of the Scriptures to go unimpeded among the commons of the realm in their own language.  And truly to God I was one of those who did most to procure the matter to place the Word of God among the people because of the love and affection which I bear for the Gospel and the truth of Christ’s words.
- George Boleyn’s scaffold speech, 17 May 1536
Anne Boleyn in the Tower by Edouard Gibot (1835)
"True religion in England had its commencement and its end with your mother."
- Alexander Ales to Elizabeth I from 'A brief treatise or cronikelle of the most vertuous Ladye Anne Bulleyne, late Queen of England' by William Latimer.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

Hamer, Colin, Anne Boleyn: One Short Life that Changed the English-speaking World, Day One Publications, Leominster, U.K., 2007
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, edited by Una McGovern, Edinburgh, Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd., 2003

Denny, Joanna, Anne Boleyn: A New Life of England’s Tragic Queen, Da Capo Press 2007
Ives, Eric, The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn, Blackwell Publishing 2005

Ridgway, Claire, "George Boleyn, Religion and the Reformation",, 16 April 2010

Their Blood Is Not Just On Breivik’s Hands

1. As is usually the case all of the experts on terrorism and all the  Islam-hating bigots were wrong.  Sometimes I am not even sure which group is the more loathsome and of course there is considerable overlap between the two. And even though Will McCants actually seems okay, he is only an expert on “terrorism” if the  term is only used to refer to Muslims.
According to the this link his areas of expertise are: “Early Islamic History & Exegesis; Babi/Baha’i Scripture & History; Jihadi Movement; Empire & Historiography”

2. As I am sure many of you are aware by now, the latest hero of the Zionist-inspired international club of Muslim haters, Anders Behring Breivik, has left us with at least two moronic anti-Muslim diatribes. One is a short video and the other (if he is actually the author) is a huge anti-Islamic tract. I’ve watched  the video and have scanned the tract and both could just as easily been created by the CI Centre or any of the other good-for nothing Islam-bashing contractors who train US government and law-enforcement personnel around the country. In fact, the written document even  quotes some of those cretins. Here is a picture of part of his asanine video.

Typical Zionist Bullshit

The two themes above are always misrepresented and then harped on by these scoundrels. And here is Breivik  quoting Shoebat and Spencer in his tome:
More Typical Zionist Bullshit

Readers of this website will recall that I have in the past talked about an 80-page expose of these groups called “Manufacturing the  Muslim Menace” which expose groups like the CI Centre and total fakes like Walid Shoebat. Also, you know that I often  link to Loonwatch, a site dedicated to exposing these assholes. And as Loonwatch says in this article, these promoters of hatred have created an atmosphere in which all sorts of horrible things are taking place.  The  blood of these innocent Norwegians is not just on Breivik’s hands.

3. One day I am thinking of having a contest or putting up a poll in which people can vote  for the US state that is the most Zionist controlled.  I used to think that New York would be the hands-down winner followed by New Jersey and then Canada. But my research keeps leading me back to the Cardin State, the state of so many traitors. Again, as readers of this site know, there is a multi-faceted tax-payer supported long-term Zionist radicalization program in the US whose primary target is American Jews and the goal of which  is to make sure they are loyal to Israel. The Cardin State seems to bend over backwards in this regard as the readers here know. Well, there’s even more. Take a look:

While each of the above noble efforts deserves serious attention, I’d like to draw your attention to the one on the bottom left.

This progam is not aimed at Jewish kids,  its aimed at the  goyim. According to Rep. Elijah Cummings (Likud, Maryland), “Our broad goal is to promote inter-ethnic understanding, as well as racial and religious tolerance.  The process toward achieving that goal includes hands-on, personalized engagement designed to help the ECYP scholars become the core of our region’s future leaders.”
So, in order to promote “inter-ethnic understanding” you send kids to Israel? You send them to one of the most racist places on  the planet? “But Mantiq” (I  can hear it now) “these kids are sent to the ‘Yemin Orde Youth Village’ which is for poor children with no place to go except to Palestine to be used as excuses in the future to steal more Arab land. Oh, and also Mantiq, the place is subsidized by the US taxpayer. Isn’t that cool.?”

Sigh: I wonder if the American kids Cummings is sending to this “youth village” will learn that it is named after General Orde Wingate, a Christian Zionist fanatic who trained Haganah terrorists in Palestine in th 1930′s.
Wingate also hated Arabs, I guess he would have made a fine Congressman.

“In June 1938 the new British commander, Gen. Haining, gave his permission to create the Special Night Squads, armed groups formed of British and Haganah volunteers. The Jewish Agency helped pay salaries and other costs of the Haganah personnel.

“Wingate trained, commanded and accompanied them in their patrols. The units frequently ambushed Arab saboteurs who attacked oil pipelines of the Iraq Petroleum Company, raiding border villages the attackers had used as bases. In these raids Wingate’s men sometimes imposed severe collective punishmentson the village inhabitants that were criticized by Zionist leaders as well as Wingate’s British superiors. Wingate disliked Arabs, once shouting at Hagana fighters after a June 1938 attack on a village on the border between Mandatory Palestine and Lebanon, “I think you are all totally ignorant in your Ramat Yochanan [the training base for the Hagana] since you do not even know the elementary use of bayonets when attacking dirty Arabs: how can you put your left foot in front?”[nb 1] But the brutal tactics proved effective in quelling the uprising, and Wingate was awarded the DSO in 1938.”

But I guess since they’ll all be there on Mt. Carmel which is where the Baha’i headquarters is and overlooking Haifa which was  ethnically cleansed by Israel it’s all perfectly okay.

Based on declassified Israeli documents, the Israeli historian Benny Morris concluded that the Jewish civilian population (especially Haifa’s Jewish mayor Shabtai Levy) was at peace with their Palestinian neighbors, but the Haganah and the IZL leadership had a different agenda to ethnically cleanse the city from its Palestinian Arab population. ”

Yeah, the Haganah, the outfit whose members Orde Wingate trained, got rid of  the majority of the city’s Arab population.

Out of the 61,000 Palestinian Arabs who used to call Haifa home, only 3,566 Palestinians were allowed to stay. The remaining population were in constant fear on their lives and properties, and many of them witnessed the looting of their homes and possessions by the Zionists.”

4. Now in case you have not had your full quota today of Zionist Bulllshit, let’s look at this AP article published not just in the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post but damn near everywhere else too about a wonderful cuddly miracle-working Rabbi.  He is just such a sweet heart.  I bet Monica Lewinsky wishes she could give him a blow job.

“Pinto began amassing followers as a young man in the Mediterranean port city of Ashdod, helped by his family heritage and reputation for uncanny insight into human behavior. Some of those followers saw him simply as an unusually wise man. Others believed his wisdom was supernatural, that his blessings had power and that he could see the future and heal the sick.

Getting warm and fuzzy? I hope so.

“Unlike most ultra-Orthodox rabbis, Pinto does not press his secular adherents to observe Jewish law and rejects the mixing of religion and government, he said. Pinto has also spoken out to condemn racism against Arabs.”

Well that is nice. May Elijah Cummings ought to do the same. But I digress.

He also works miracles.

“Pinto came to his hospital room when he was comatose, said Ben-Eliezer, who is 74. “I didn’t see this, because I was almost in the next world. He sat next to me for between four and five hours, crying. Then he stood up and said to the people in the room — he’ll wake up tomorrow morning.”
“And so it was.”
“He has not only his own life experience, but that of all of the generations that went before him,” Ben-Dov said. “Any attempt to describe him falls short of the reality.

How about “con-artist”?  Though it too  no doubt falls short of the reality. I’ve reported on this guy before.  He  lives in a 6.5 million dollar house in Manhatten which is actually owned by his very own charity to which you can make tax-deductable contributions.  His number one right hand man is a porn distributor.
Oh,  and you’ll love this:

“The New York Daily News is reporting that Weiner “regularly” stopped by the classes and holiday gatherings of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto for spiritual advice and counseling. In return, the good rabbi instructed his followers to contribute to Weiner’s campaigns, raising over $300,000 for his 2009 abortive run for mayor, and for other elections, the Daily News said.”

This from a guy who says he has nothing to do with politics.

Recently that 6.5  million dollar house that Pinto lives in but which is owned by his very own charity was subject to foreclosure. But an unusual white knight appeared:

“[Lebron] James apparently gave Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto a six-figure check to stop the foreclosure.”

Oh, and his alleged pro Arabness. Can’t find much on it. In this article he refuses to even answer a question posed to him about Israel’s treatment of Arabs.

And in a whole host of other articles he criticizes Rabbis in Israel who don’t want Jews to rent to Arabs but only because their racism might backfire on Jews in the US.

“”New York Jews come to me frightened, saying the newspapers are full of stories on what is going on in Israel. This letter is founded in stupidity. There’s great racism against Jews in America today. What does this letter mean? It means that Jews won’t be able to live in New York or anywhere else in the world.”

5. I want to switch gears for a moment. I am quoting  below, with permission, parts of an email I recently received from a Mexican journalist. This person makes some good points. The journalist asked to remain anonymous. I do not agree with all of it, but this person is far more right than wrong.

“Just one favor I’d like to ask: As you well point out, part of the liberal / Zionist agenda is to sort of promote hispanic immigrant sympathy in the U.S., surely for not the right reasons, but anyway they do. And the fact that they do, generates the opposite effect on the groups who try to break free from the Zionist agendas. It causes a lot of un-sympathy for the immigrant causes. It creates an “anti-Mexican” feeling, which is completely unfair.
Let me tell you: the reason the people are migrating, not only the Mexicans but most people in the whole world, are the unfair economic conditions caused by all forms of imperialism, old and new. In Latin America, natives were not “poor” or “needy”, until we were invaded. So first it was European imperialism, and more recently North American imperialism. Unfair trade, explotation and currency slavery, cause people to become “poor” in their own land. Mexicans, and any sort of illegal immigrants coming to the U.S., is the direct result of years of the U.S. exploiting the continent. Migration is now just an inevitable, natural reaction; a sort of payback.
Besides, immigrants do not migrate out of evil intentions; on the contrary, they go dreaming of giving an extra to their families. Actually, they love their lands and families more than anything.
And, the hispanic influence on the U.S. will not be a bad thing in the short and long term. Far from that, it will make the U.S. a nicer, warmer, less meaner place. Mexicans are family oriented, and keep strong values like the Muslims or like most of the rest of the people on the planet. The “mexicanization” of the U.S. will bring a lot of relief not only to the world, but also to the U.S. It may be the only chance to save the nation from an absolute economic collapse, because it will inject younger blood, values and hard working people to the heart of the nation.
So, my request is: let’s separate the Zionist problem from the Mexican / illegal immigrants problem. The Mexican people need the support from the open-minded, lucid, consciouss people like yourself. The Mexicans who travel are suffering all sorts of hardships for being illegal. They should be legalized, because they are already working there, living there, and helping the nation to survive.
We in Mexico are also victims of the Zionist powers. Many people believe they are fuelling today’s drug wars because they sell the weapons. They want the war to continue. They are also terrible exploiters of people in Mexico.”
6. Okay, it’s video time.
I need to buy that pork spray.
Why You Should Hate Islam
Somehow this song seems fitting here. I  still can’t  believe  he’s gone.

Like this:

You like this.

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