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PUBLIC NOTICE - The Hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission

by Ken O'Keefe on Thursday, 28 July 2011 at 01:04
As the founder and Managing Director for the Samouni Project and Aloha Palestine CIC, the social enterprises that form the partnership of the Trade Not Aid Mission (TNA Mission) to Gaza, I must declare that a hostile takeover of the TNA Mission is currently underway. The primary instigators of this takeover are Catherine (Cate) Myles and Saeb Shaath. The latter going from no formal position or significant contribution, financially or otherwise to this mission, to being the leader of a “committee” that effectively renders my position as leader redundant. For the record, this committee is the primary vehicle for a blatant power grab.

I cannot deny that this takeover attempt is a direct result of my atrocious character judgment, specifically my entrusting one Catherine Myles as my “personal assistant” and accountant. Believing in her sincerity, TNA Mission funds were channeled to Ms. Myles with direction from myself to carry out certain tasks. Among those tasks was the purchase and registration of TNA Mission vehicles, these include a full sized coach and a mobile office mini-bus, both specifically designated for the Samouni Project, along with an 18-ton truck to be used as the primary trading vehicle for Aloha Palestine. In my failure to verify registration details however, these vehicles were fraudulently registered in the name of Catherine Myles, rendering them her personal property. The level of deception and pre-meditation for this takeover is ever clear to me now, and it relied upon the fraudulent registration of these vehicles in the name of Catherine Myles.

Knowing she was the legal owner of the vehicles, Police were called by Ms. Myles in order to protect her property as the vehicles and cargo secured for the Trade Not Aid Mission were taken against my will to a destination unknown. To be 100% clear, these vehicles have been literally hijacked from the mission and are now controlled by people who conspired to subvert myself from within the mission.

I apologize to every supporter of this mission, to the people of Palestine and everyone distracted from more important matters. But I also call on you to effect justice and the end of this takeover once and for all.

Regardless of these developments I shall remain a diligent, loyal worker for Palestinian justice, as well as an honorary member of the Samouni family. I continue to have the families full support as the leader of this mission. Samouni family members will be joining this mission and so I urge those involved in this fraud to distance yourself from it and condemn this takeover in the interest of the vehicles and cargo being returned without delay.

Mona Samouni announcing support for Trade Not Aid Mission in Gaza.

The following people require specific mention for their role in this takeover, they took the vehicles and aid and are ultimately coordinating and facilitating this takeover. Cath Jenkins, Jez Cuthbert, Allison Hubbard, Catherine Myles, Doug Myles and Saeb Shaath.


Slander vs. Sanity - Catherine Myles & the Endangerment of Woman

by Ken O'Keefe on Saturday, 30 July 2011 at 20:41
I shall continue to limit my writings to almost exclusively facts when it comes to the outrageous injustice that is the hijacking of the Trade Not Aid Mission.

Please read the following screenshot of Catherine Myles, this was posted on July 26th, one day after she and Saeb Shaath hijacked the Trade Not Aid Mission.  I would like everyone to read the words of the new co-leader of the Trade Not Aid Mission, Ms. Catherine Myles;

There are many accusations in here, let me address them sequentially.
1)     There is a reference to the visas, this is about our visa application to bring out four Samouni family members out to Europe and to lead the mission to Gaza, along with myself (this was always part of the plan).  Catherine says effectively that I have lied to the Samouni’s and told them that we have the visas; this is the first lie.  We have been told by the EU reps that the application will be rejected because it is “to political”.  Those working on the application in Gaza thought I would say enough to this then, instead I had given direction to send the application which makes clear that the application is made so the Samouni family can tell their story to the European audience directly.  I have every intention of doing this, if necessary I want to force the EU to reject the Samouni family’s right to share their story.  After all, this is what the EU does, sleep with and stroke Israel on every level.  But you never know, if pressure came to bear we might well have the Samouni’s with us as planned.  Among the Samouni’s coming would be a truck driver and the head of the family (Mukhtar).
2)     Next Catherine says I am banned in Gaza and Egypt, and that I knew this.  Now I have called my contacts in Gaza, which includes Dr. Ghazi Hamad, Chairman of the Border Crossings Authority in the Gaza Strip, this is man the runs Rafah Crossing.  I also called the former Deputy Foreign Minister and a couple of other well connected people, needless to say these comments by Catherine are lies as well.  I am welcome in Gaza and although I was indeed blocked from leaving Gaza by Egypt, when I finally left they never told me I was banned, to the contrary I was allowed to stay in Cairo after leaving Gaza.  When I did, nothing at all was said to me about being banned.
3)     Lie number three is built on lie number two, that I was banned and unwelcome.  Catherine goes further here to say that Hamas were protecting the reputation of herself, Cormac and Saeb by not revealing this.  Saeb consequently was never officially a part of this convoy until shortly before he showed up as part of the hijack crew.
4)     The next lie is hideous and dangerous, “KOK (Ken O’Keefe) was almost jailed twice in Gaza for trying to make young women go to his flat with him…”  As a result of this lie Noor, the Director of the Samouni Project in Gaza, has quit her position.  Yesterday she was crying and in fear for her life.  She is in serious danger and I repeat, Saeb Shaath is also responsible for any harm that comes to her for this lie, a lie that is purely intended to discredit me and protect the hijacking agenda and its instigators. Noor is nothing but a pawn to be used, Saeb Shaath (by his silence and complicity) and Catherine Myles are simply ruthless for doing this, never mind the nastiness of trying to destroy my name with such a lie, but to risk the life of Noor while you are at it is beyond disgusting.
5)     She says as well that I “committed other insane offences whilst he was there”, but she gives no details, leaving one who believes the first lies wondering just what other craziness I have been up to.  This is slander/liable at its best.
6)     She says I bullied and intimidated women.  Of course this is supported by no facts, but she felt like throwing in a bit of female abuse while we are at it.
7)     Next she says the “security forces hate KOK and have had him followed constantly.”  Well I know for sure that I am not hated, to the contrary I have made real connections with many brothers on the ground in Gaza… although I did not train any commando units for Hamas (as Israel has said).  As for them watching me all over Gaza, indeed they did, and that is why I am most welcome and respected, they know all that I have done there… and all I did was work very hard for the Palestinian cause and the mission that Ms. Myles and Saeb Shaath have hijacked.
8)     Ms. Myles says anyone who wants to check these facts then please do call ministers in Hamas.  Well I too encourage people to do this, but imagine very few of you actually have contact numbers, which is surely why she suggests you people call.
9)     Next quote, keeping in mind everything she has said to this point is complete bullshit; “There is much we knew that we could not reveal at all.  We were set tasks by the Mid East and we have done them.  We have exposed this man and we will bring him down.”  Right, so apparently the Ms. Myles acting as my PA thing was merely cover for the big job of exposing me.  In other words she has been lying to me in every way for months.

And so it goes, the real enemy of Palestine and the people of Gaza is none other than me, Ken O’Keefe.  I have been the problem and the mission I founded, that was merely a ploy for my dastardly plans to subdue and abuse young woman.  But thankfully the real heroes of Palestine have come, enter Saeb Shaath and his sidekick Ms. Catherine Myles.  Gaza fret no more, all will be well, the new and improved Trade Not Aid Mission is coming!

Co-leaders of the hijacked Trade Not Aid MissionI sincerely hope that everyone who is learning the facts about this horrendous display of deception, fraud and theft is as repulsed as they should be.  I encourage you to share this post and the facts surrounding it to such a degree that this hostile takeover becomes the signiture of Saeb Shaath and Catherine Myles.  If a pro bono attorney is found, liable charges will be filed.  Just today in Bradford I had a fundraiser set up for Trade Not Aid, they cancelled due to this circus.  Who loses?  We all know the answer to that and the only way I know to right this awful mistake of mine is to expose and retain control so the mission can move forward in the way it was always intended to do.  If enough of the people reading this get outraged then justice will be served and this mission will succeed.

A Response To The Transparent Assault Against Ken O’Keefe

Posted: August 4, 2011 by crescentandcross in Uncategorized
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M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. Associate Editor

(WINDSOR, N.H.) – I am not going to claim full knowledge of all the events behind this issue. As a veteran of many political endeavors, movements and radical groups both above and below ground, however, I will comment on the realities of such smear campaigns.

First, and most important in my mind, is that Ken has certainly proven himself as the “genuine” article through all the work he has thus far accomplished with regard to Palestine and for the beautiful Palestinian people. Anyone who questions this does so with intentionally closed eyes and ears.

I defy those who are attempting to malign his character to produce any verifiable evidence in support of their malicious claims against him. To date, no one has accomplished this, let alone actually try.

Second, what is being demonstrated through this obviously orchestrated attack upon his person and his efforts is a well worn program of deceit very well known and understood by veterans such as myself. We have seen it played out over and over again.

It is commonly understood that any group of advocates and/or activists who gain public awareness for their actions and accomplishments will, without exception, be infiltrated by agents of either governments (which is the more frequent) or politically oppositional organizations.

Ken’s gained western press attention of time and time again when others tried but could not, pressuring Israel to end Human Rights violations in Gaza by ending the several year old illegal blockade.

In fact, the more effective an organization or individual is, the greater the need these detractors have for infiltrating and destroying them. The sole intent of such infiltrations is to create dissent within the activists’ circles and diminish their effectiveness and ability to continue their work.

This is easily accomplished through rumour, innuendo, slander, libel, planting of evidence and creating illegal and harmful situations in direct opposition to the core principles and values of the organization in such a way as to bring criminal charges against members and/or the organization itself.

I could easily outline the factual scenarios supporting this for each and every activist organization I have ever worked for or with and a great many for whom I did not work. To do so, here, is not practical. Instead, I suggest anyone seriously interested merely type in Infiltration of Activist Groups into their Google search and commence reading.

Third, the fact that commenters, here, have raised the ridiculous “arguments” presented, absent any attempt to support these foolish claims with any evidence, demonstrates the standard attack used by infiltrators and their network of side promoters.

The concept of repeating a lie or lies again and again, without regard to evidence, and most commonly through pretentious “challenges” such as “How do you know he has an Irish passport?” or harping on his possession of an American passport despite the matter (of what little worth it is) having been thoroughly explained is the sort of subterfuge used by anyone who cannot honestly sustain a reasonable argument under any circumstance but who desires to create some manner of doubt about the intended target. If there is anyone out there that does not recognize the organization behind the “Birther” movement, please now fall upon your sword (or a nail studded board, or pen…).

Fourth, I can personally assure anyone with doubt that, to the degree Hamas trusts anyone not Arab or with lineage within Hamas, Ken is quite highly regarded for the work he has done for Palestine and the beautiful Palestinian people. More important, there is absolutely no question as to the regard the Palestinians hold for Ken.

Ken and the late, great Gaza Activist, Vik Arrigoni. Ken had to ID his body after his murder last April. This is who Ken is…

Having requested comment from sources I do have in both Egypt and Gaza, if Ken is banned in either country, no one seems to be aware of it, they look forward to his presence and express deep regard for his safety wherever he might be. One source, having heard a bit about this smearing, stated he is sad that such a genuinely compassionate individual has to endure this “trial by fire” but assured that his friends and family in Palestine would always, and proudly, stand with him. Far from being considered a rock star or god, they consider Ken a family member… as do I and all of his family at Salem-news (and I am certain a great many more).

Finally, Ken has learned a difficult lesson. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this most despicable infiltration (and this is exactly what this is) have further victimized the Palestinian people in attempting to hurt Ken. Ken is going to survive this bit of nonsense precisely because the people who truly know him will stick with him and those who have or had ulterior motives will drift away. Ken will continue to do the good work while his detractors will perhaps make an attempt to glorify their positions with some cosmetic actions or simply move on, having convinced themselves of their efficacy in destroying his name. Fools that they are, they may just believe they actually have the power to do so.

To Ken: Every good organization needs a shake up at some point in order to understand itself and its true allies. These shake ups can be painful at times and self doubt can seep in. You are morally and mentally too strong to succumb to this (far stronger than they must think) and you will definitely come out on top in this matter..stronger and wiser. Don’t let the drama become your focus. Let the infiltrators dance in their illusions/delusions and sing whatever tune makes them giggle.

Don’t play into it with any written or verbal exchanges for public edification. That is what they want.. to draw you into their arena. Focus on your next effort and ignore them. Find the legal team you need and let them deal with these clowns. Your deeds are going to prove them wrong.. not your words. You are a very trusting person and that is a beautiful quality.

In fact, before this all happened, I’d no doubt that had either Judas asked, you would have taken a bullet for them. They knew this.. and they used it against you. In the real world, you have many detractors such as ShuRAT HaDin, Bibi, the Psychotic “Religious” right, and on. Every one of them will attempt to seat you with a Judas. Keep your heart open and continue to trust.. but vet carefully as you have learned that grievous harm can come, to those you love, from filth that would use your trust. You don’t have to prove anything to us or the Palestinians, Ken. We know. The people that truly matter are all behind you, beside you and with you. Shake these desert fleas and move forward.

Stay Human, Brother!!

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

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