Saturday, 16 July 2011


Prince of the morlocks: William gives Illuminati hand sign

Royal Family's Baphomet head

A little explanation on the Baphomet Head - It's a mask worn by the Royal Family's official sorcerer. The 'royal wizard' is the successor to Merlin (and John Dee - there's always been one and there is one now. A little research should point you to who that person is!), and serves the same general function as the Tibetan Oracle does for the Dalai Lama. The Royal Sorcerer, or House Shaman, puts on the mask before going into a drug induced trance and then makes predictions. The predictions are always in the form of orders or commands to do something - which will cause a desired effect of avert an undesirable one if the oracle's commands are obeyed! So the Royal Baphomet Sorcerer is the channel through which Britain's lizard kings get their marching orders from their dark masters!

BTW Prince of Wales is Britain's Red Dragon Prince or Royal Red Dragon. The national flag of Wales is the Red Dragon. While Charles is official POW, and so Britain's Royal Dragon Prince, William bears the names "William Wales" or "William the Dragon".

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  1. CHRISTOPHER EVERARD, British film producer of the Series of Illuminati, Murdered by the Monarchs, and Spirit World, is one of the few people I would trust for their sincerity and research.