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 LLP : Zeitgeist est Satanique  (Salim Laïbi, Le Libre Penseur) 


"Peter Joseph"

"Either we change or we die!"


Many thanks for that documentary. I’ll try my best to write a ‘few’ lines about it as you have requested.
N.B. At this date, Saturday 27th of April 2013, Colin Romp has run away from any kind of debate or exchange at all!  WHY?

"Who is Peter Joseph?" 

Full Version - A Mini-Doc by Charles Robinson


Peter Joseph - Truth Seeker 

"Peter Joseph" does not need money to inform us in writing about what the "factual errors" are and to correct them.  I emailed him many times as well as his supporters, but he never responded.
I not only found many (countless) factual errors, but also outright lies!  Jordan Maxwell (aka Pine Russell) and George Carlin lied outright at the beginning of Zeitgeist the Movie!

It seems to me that from day one “Peter Joseph” had decided to hide his real identity when apparently there was yet no reason at all to do so.  Is he hiding something else?  If he is so much against religion and Christianity, why chose two Biblical names as his personal identification?  He has assumed the role of one of the modern prophets (warners) like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell except that he does not speak of extra-terrestrials. 

But, although I have much affinity with the way he describes himself, we part company on some issues like religion, Islam, spirituality and fatherhood or motherhood. 

For somebody who sets out to be a public figure and teaches to the multitude it is not becoming of him to hide his identity (before any death threats!), to tell the world that he refused fatherhood, which means motherhood as well, because, he says, he cares for the earth.  Does he mean that he has also castrated himself as far as sex is concerned or is simply having free sex (fornicating) without having to assume parenthood?  Or is he also telling us that he is a homosexual or has adopted homosexuality as a way of life?     
It is apparent that he is indeed concerned about humanity, but what is he doing?  He is promising us the inevitability of being “SMACKED AROUND QUITE A BIT” (ARMAGEDDON - WWIII) before we “really understand what the Zeitgeist Movement Resource based economy is and the Venus Project Jacques Fresco is talking about.”

It was quite annoying for me to hear that young man say so many truths about the economy and finances and get it so wrong about religion, and in particular Islam.  David Icke (or Karl Marx) had problems with established religions likes Judaism and Christianity, but why drag Islam into their equation when it has no priesthood and is not holding any kind of hierarchical power since the destruction of the Ottoman Caliphate in 1924 (or earlier) that by the way never had any authority over Islamic matters?

The fact that “Peter Joseph” is hiding his real name and other affiliations make it difficult for me to understand what is really behind all this.  When I play cards, I like to see them all on the table!  Anyway, I am willing to say/write a few words about that documentary you (Colin Romp) sent me as it is a very interesting subject.

PJ says that he likes music as a form of ‘meditation’, but that he does not believe in GOD or of any Higher Intelligence.  How can this be when even Buddhists finds themselves elevated spiritually when they play their music or chant their hymns?

He dropped out of school.  Anyway, I am against the public school system.  He regards employed work as indentured servitude, shuns indebtedness, despises the market system, does not like bosses or being a slave to a corporate system – just like me.

I agree with him about economics.  I agree with him that Western Economics is not a science.  “It is an invention, a contrivance.  It does not have any relevance to the natural order of things. It is only blind, narrow consumption with absolutely no regard for the environment.”  My tutor at the Sorbonne was Mr Marzellier, a Parisian banker, so I understood.  I said to Mr Marzellier, after saying that I hated Economics:  There is something missing in our text book.  He asked me what.  I said no mention is made about the military without which Western Economics cannot work at all otherwise everything that is mentioned in the book is totally useless.  I never sat for my exam in Macro economics because there was nothing in the Curriculum that made sense to me and worth studying and I had other reasons too.      

By saying that there cannot be any action without conscience, PJ does not realise that conscience has to do with GOD-consciousness and moral goodness.  Did the Americans or the Europeans ever feel any sense of GUILT for all the holocausts they have perpetrated all throughout their history (and still carrying out today)?  When PJ says “any form of philosophy, any form of morality is absolutely meaningless, unless they are sprouted from the natural world”, he does not seem to know what he is talking about.

PJ wants his Zeitgeist Movement to be “the largest mass movement for social change the world has ever seen”, is this not only a religious HOPE?  Given his pessimism, how can he nourish such hope?  I noted tat he admitted that he was “backward in a lot issues that needed to be corrected”, but will he correct himself? 
Well, we agree again on the “corrupt banking system” and about “attacking and challenging the establishment”, but with what tools?  Yes, the “integrity of the box is inherently invalid”, that box we find ourselves in with leaks all over the ceiling.  Yes, the “system we are living is a parasitic paradigm – leading to self destruction”.  But, Alex Jones was always pointing to the US government and always hid the fact that Jews and Apartheid Israel were behind so many bad things that are happening in and to America and the world.  Do I see a pattern here where PJ points the finger at the Banking (Monetary) System and does not identify anyone of them?

Like PJ, I have no academic credentials except for the few years I spent in a Medical Institute in the USSR and at the Sorbonne in Paris without graduation.  So, my academic rating would be like his – Zero, although I taught Biology for a few years back ‘home’, I mean back to the British Colony of client-slaves!  National Curricula make slaves not free people.  Alan Dershowitz is highly educated, but I prefer my dog rather than that despicable character! 

“A degree in Economics is the most wasteful thing that you could do!”  Well said, young man!

“We are all scientists.”  Pr Richard Dawkins would disagree, I don’t.  To me SCIENCE will always remain the equivalent of KNOWLEDGE BASED ON TRUTH.  In PJ’s place, any sensible person would be outraged when they hear President Bush say: God bless America and not any other country! 

“GOD would bless the planet, if we lived in a sane society, if there was a GOD, of course,  Anyway, I don’t want to go in that tangent?”

If President Bush shows racist bigotry, I do not see why PJ should condemn Islam!  Christianity and Islam are the only two universal religions in the world.  Judaism is not.  It is racist and ethnic based.  PJ is not wrong to be put off by Christianity, but he does not show that he knows anything about Islam. 

“Some of the most brilliant and beautiful people I have met are in fact Christians or Islamic or Hindus or Jewish.  They know where to draw the line or stop at the fanaticism because that’s where religious danger goes to.”  I would not disagree at all, but we say Muslim, not Islamic.

I also agree with PJ regarding “religious neuroses”, and that it does not really matter “whether Jesus existed or not”.  He quotes Jacques Fresco saying on Larry King: Show: “Christianity is great. When are they going to put it into practice?”  It is said that M.K. Gandhi was once asked what he thought of Western civilization, and answered that he felt it might be a good idea.

I think my affinity with PJ stops somewhere here when he says that “Religion: is nothing but a bunch of stories, allegories, gets distorted through interpretations, because that is the nature of semantics.”  No, this is too easy to say.  But, thank GOD, he added:

“But, I don’t want to rule out religion.  I don’t think religion should be outlawed or something like that.  It should be understood for what it is.”

Not bad at all, PJ?  But, I believe that some of his further statements need to be researched and eventually corrected. 

“All religions and Islam have nothing to offer for our survival.”???

“There is no such thing as ownership!” ???

PJ is preaching the End of Times when he says “established orthodoxies will be our death and the Free Market (monetary system) will kill everything on this planet” due to “economy, labour, energy, ecological collapse”.  But, as sure as there is life, there must also be death.  This world has a beginning, independent of us.  It will have an end no matter what we do.  Is PJ not preaching the Kingdom of Nature (GOD) on Earth with his Project? 

All right, religion speaks of GOD and Satan.  What is PJ doing?  He is showing us how to achieve Paradise on Earth, but admits that SATAN (Monetarism) is acting as a barrier!  Even if the imagery is different, is the REALITY not the same?

PJ says: “Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Capitalism …. are ideas that have been created that have no relevance to nature whatsoever … and that’s a problem to me.”  This is totally preposterous at least for Christianity and Islam. 

“WE ARE F……DOOMED if we do not start looking at our relationship with earth!
We have created an economic structure, a religious philosophic structure, that is absolutely decoupled from anything tangible, real, and these ideologies are what will destroy the human species and destroy the planet.”

PJ is mixing too much religion with Economics.  I know of only two theocratic entities in the whole world: the Vatican and Apartheid Israel.  Don’t tell me “Saudi” Arabia because it has been an occupied country (like all Muslim countries) since at least 1924.  Muslim countries are only wast concentrations and slave labour camps for the Godless Western Corporations - Freemasonic Secular Judeo Christian!

PJ gives us one extraordinary example about his understanding of religion.

“Catholicism = procreate constantly. GOD will take care of everyone.”

Does Islam teach this?  Obviously not as Islam is the Way of Life of the Middle Path!!

  “I AM NOT HAVING ANY CHILDREN! Why?  I wouldn’t feel good. I would feel utterly negligent, irresponsible at this point in time to bring in another human being.”

Au contraire, mon ami!   

PJ argues that he is more concerned about “the caring capacity of the earth and impoverishment” than adding to the already existing problem (calamity)!  He goes on making outrageous statements saying that “having children is just a TRADITIONAL thing … a selfish desire to build a FAMILY ….”

These grotesque, absurd and nonsensical statements prove that one part of his brain is not functioning properly! 

When PJ says, alluding to Zeitgeist the Movie, “RELIGIONS HAVE BEEN BORROWING FROM EACH OTHER”, he is not saying anything new.  More than fourteen hundred years ago, Islam claimed to be the continuation of ALL previous religions and even their PERFECTION!

When PJ says: “They all come back to nature”, Islam says it is the one and only natural religion of one and all.  Is Islam too founded on “primitive ideas” as is alleging PJ? Is there anything more natural than the Islamic FITRA?  He should keep quiet when he knows nothing about Islam!

Other colossal errors he makes is when he says of all religions: “It’s nothing metaphysical, nothing esoteric - just absolutely obvious… Religion is a verbal hobby.
The age old scam of the establishment is to hand religion to the populace…Religion is one of the age old tools to subdue the masses.”

His disillusion with Christianity (like millions like him!) makes him hate all religions even the ones he knows nothing about, in particular Islam!

After attacking the very essence of religions, he is right to mention “the political usage of religion which carries on to this day”, but fails to identify which ones.  Who is using what religion as a political tool?  The only two I know of is the Zionist Christians and the Jews!  Muslims are their victims and are permanently demonised and blamed for DEFENDING themselves!  But, does PJ not know this truth yet?

“President of the United States says God bless America … What an offensive insulting thing to say to the American people … Religion to me has two sides.  On one side you have the dogma, the indoctrination, the resurrection …(a photo of the Kaaba is shown?) all the fantasy notions that exist in literary books...”

“On the other side there is a brilliant philosophical disposition.  I happen to love a lot of things the Jesus character has stated….  I see beautiful notions in almost every religious figure.  There are time-tested values that exist in religious thought that do need to be adhered to.”

This seems to contradict what he said earlier.  But, life (like truth) itself is a contradiction.  When he says “You have to do whatever pays you.” to earn his living, I do not think he really means “whatever pays you”.  But, he is again wrong to say that we live in “a world sick and distorted by religious processes”

For Socrates “slavery was normality….Whether it is Karl Marx, Plato, they are locked in an established paradigm, and their thought processes can only go so far, and this includes probably myself.”

Here again, he is quoting only a selected few to base his arguments.  Why not quote Muhammad, for a change?  It can be proven that his ideas, even if they do not come from GOD, are not primitive at all!  PJ condemns dishonesty, but is he not being unfair by dragging Islam too in his analysis when he shows no knowledge at all of that religion and of its history?  

The barriers (Satanic) PJ’s Movement is facing comes from the “self-appointed guardian of the status quo” who “are berthed in economics, the illusion of democracy, pointless monetarism (capitalism), socialism, fascism … based in dishonesty”.

I do not thing that the Zeitgeist Movement has shown us how and why we have “to learn how to identify and break our own indoctrination if we expect to move forward at all as a civilisation”.

I think he has first to define all these concepts like “civilisation” and “culture” as well before proposing or arguing for any change.  I am saddened at hearing that PJ has received death threats, but this was to be expected mainly FROM JEWS and MOSSAD!  Is he not aware of this or is he playing dumb?   

Martin Luther King and Gandhi did notdeserve to die…for making themselves known” and did not die because they did not hide their identity.  If PJ has received “death threats from the religious community”, he has the bound duty to tell us which religious community if he wants to be taken seriously, given that he himself says:

“Even if someone finds out my real identity, where I live, who my parents are, who everyone of my friends are, it’s not gonna change a damn thing.”

Being still young, unfortunately, PJ has still a lot to learn, for example that we cannot equate spirituality with nature or say that “GOD IS IN THE LAWS OF NATURE AND NOTHING MORE”.

Working together and sharing resources … how can this be construed as a “spiritual awakening”? 

THE EARTH DEMANDS THIS. THE SPECIES DEMANDS THIS FOR OUR SURVIVAL!  This will give it a spiritual awakening if you want to use that kind of term. TRUE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING

Finally, I would love to see the scientific evidence that it takes “hundreds of millions of years to renew fossil fuel” as well as that of the “Neolithic Revolution”!  Regarding the “Industrial Revolution”, a Western Monopoly, I do not think Africans and Asians really give a damn about a civilisation that has slaughtered them by the hundreds of millions thanks to their Satanic technological capability.

If there is a “primitive and dumb arse species “on earth, the Europeans do qualify first because they are the ones with a “sick culture” and a “mentally ill” people!  And, it is not up to religious people “to shed their religious ideas … everything that they have been taught …” in order to please the Zeitgeist Movement, which despite all its noble intentions, still has not got everything right.  PJ proposes the “redesigning of a culture”.  Which one?  Who has the authority to do this?  The imperialists and Colonialists have tried it for centuries by oppression, cultural terrorism, perverting the morals, and many other barbaric means.  Have they succeeded?   

With the little time I had at my disposal, I hope I have not done a bad job.  If some think that I am anti-Western, I do not give a damn.  They just have to look at the facts and refute my arguments and correct me if they can because I do not claim infallibility.  I know what I am writing about and can prove every single one of my statements.  Any mistakes will be corrected.  Fresco’s “Venus Project” is fascinating – a real Paradise on Earth!


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"Who is Peter Joseph?" Full Version - A Mini-Doc by Charles Robinson 

  • Colin Romp The truth is always best my friend (Basheer), so no your first comment is great.... Welcome .
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 Basheer Frémaux-Soormally

Colin Romp in this interview peter talks about this subject have a watch let me know what you think.
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Saturday 27th of April 2013 (updated)

"When you call yourself ..."

  • J. Krishnamurti:
    When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.
    Freedom from the Known, pp.51-52

Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
Basheer Frémaux-Soormally commented on Dennis Robertson's blog entry: Do you see why it is violent? 
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 Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
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    • Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
      Basheer Frémaux-Soormally I never claim to know the truth unless I have the evidence to prove it. So, I welcome any correction. I need to dig my very first criticism addressed to the producer of Zeitgeist the movie to which I never received any response. 
      As far as I can recall, there was an improvement in Zeitgeist the Addendum. I seem to remember that Alex Jones interviewed him (Peter Joseph). Regarding how the brain evolved into the human species, this is RELIGION and not science. I challenged Pr Richard Dawkins many times and on his own website, but he ran away from debate. He has not an iota of evidence that MACRO evolution is a scientific fact. I taught Biology for a few years as Head of Department, but I never saw any evidence at all and even saw LIES in the text-books. 
      The problem with (most) people of religion is that they all want to be right and claim to be right just like the Atheists! 
      But, provable TRUTH is more important to me than anything else. Otherwise I would not write at all. I never belonged to any particular religion or political party...    less
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    • Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
      Basheer Frémaux-Soormally http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw9IHJNB75E&feature=player_embedded "Who is Peter Joseph?" Full Version - A Mini-Doc by Charles Robinson ZEITGEISTISM, THE NEW NATURE RELIGION! Either we change or we die! 
      Many thanks for that documentary. I’ll try my best to write a ‘few’ lines about it as you have requested. It seems to me that from day one “Peter Joseph” had decided to hide his real identity when apparently there was yet no reason at all to do so. Is he hiding something else?
      If he is so much against religion and Christianity, why chose two Biblical names? He has assumed the role of one of the modern prophets (warners) like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell except that he does not speak of extra-terrestrials. But, although I have much affinity with the way he describes himself, we part company on some issues like religion, Islam, spirituality and fatherhood or motherhood. For...    less
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    • Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
    • Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
      "The truth is always best my friend..." It looks like this one is quite ugly and not palatable at all!
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    • Basheer Frémaux-Soormally
      in this interveiw peter talks about this subject have a watch let me know what you think."

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From the Zeitgeist Video “Activist and Orientation Guide” narrated by Peter Joseph

The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political Movement and does not recognise nations, governments, religions, creeds or class.  We see the world as one organism with the human species as a single family.  We depend entirely on our environment.

What Peter Joseph is saying in brief is that he too has a dogmatic religion that does not recognise nations, governments, religions, creeds or class.  When he says that he sees the world as an organism with the human species as a single family, he is just repeating what Islam said more than 1400 years ago.   

But, when he says that we depend entirely on our environment, he is again expressing the fundamental of his religion, that is, that we do not depend on God anymore, partially as in Islam that gives us the choice of choosing good or evil, but ENTIRELY on the environment, meaning that our God should henceforth be THE ENVIRONMENT!  

 If we cannot agree about the nature or the very existence of God, on the contrary we know the nature of the environment and know it cannot continue existing if we do not have a set of principles to guide us at a universal level, like the ones provided by religion, in particular Christianity and Islam, to protect both the environment and all life forms including the natural resources that did not just came about NATURALLY, by chance, by accident, by no inteligent design.

So, the environment by itself cannot suffice.  Peter Joseph or his Zeitgeits Movement hold this view only because they have rejected guidance from our past wise people and are inventing new rules that are in fact only a selection of older rules and concepts.  This is dishonest! 

Wednesday 25 July 2012

July 1, 2012

"Either we change or we die!"
I have been waiting for a whole year for a feedback regarding this matter!



  1. Colin Romp

    "in this interview peter talks about this subject have a watch let me know what you think.
    Tue at 10:18"

    Well, as requested, I told Colin Romp what I thought on 14 June 2011 and later sent him a few reminders, but he kept a total silence. WHY? Did Mr Colin Romp find out that I was too hot to handle?

    23rd of January 2012

  2. Either “Peter Joseph” is naïve, which I do not think he is, or he just lied about the impact his movie would have on the public. When you make a movie attacking religion and God, or a pornographic movie, for example, you are damn sure millions will watch it because the impact of those two issues will always be great! Any idiot should know that and Peter Joseph is far too intelligent and clever to be called an idiot!

    7th of October 2013