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05/27/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Christopher Bollyn. 2nd Hour: With More with Christopher Bollyn.

05/25/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Tyler Volk. 2nd Hour: With Dorion Sagan.

05/23/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With William Ramsey. 2nd Hour: With Imran Kurter.

05/20/2011    Friday - Peymon Mottahedeh guest hosts and speaks on freedom issues.

05/04/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Jerry Mazza. 2nd Hour: With Lori Price.

05/02/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Elias Davidsson. 2nd Hour: With Adrian Salbuchi.

04/29/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Tom Breidenbach. 2nd Hour: More with Tom Breidenbach.

04/27/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Mohamed Khodr. 2nd Hour: With Ramon Grosfuguel.

04/25/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Eric Walberg. 2nd Hour: With Bob Nichols.

04/22/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Williamn Cook. 2nd Hour: With Ellen Brown.

04/20/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Michael Murphy. 2nd Hour: With Abdullah Braun.

04/18/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Splitting-the-Sky. 2nd Hour: With Alison Weir.

04/15/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Lenni Brenner. 2nd Hour: With Adam Syed.

04/13/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Philip Giraldi. 2nd Hour: With Allen Roland PhD.

04/11/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Anthony Hall. 2nd Hour: With Cynthia McKinney.

04/08/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Davidson Loehr. 2nd Hour: With Anab Whitehouse.

04/06/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: Best of Replay. 2nd Hour: With Hal Fleming.

04/04/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Senator Mike Gravel and Adam Syed. 2nd Hour: With Henry Makow.

04/01/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With William Pepper. 2nd Hour: With Kevin McDonald.

03/30/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Kaukab Siddique. 2nd Hour: With Richard Gage.

03/28/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Dr Bob Bowman. 2nd Hour: With Ken O'keefe.

03/25/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Joshua Blakeney. 2nd Hour: More with Joshua Blakeney and a visit from Tony Hall.

03/23/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Lori Price. 2nd Hour: With Alan Abbadessa.

03/21/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Jonathan Elinoff. 2nd Hour: With Gordon Duff.

03/18/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Jim Fetzer. 2nd Hour: With Adam Stulberg.

03/16/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Paul Craig Roberts. 2nd Hour: With Muad'Dib.

03/14/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Ian Fantom. 2nd Hour: With Joel Hirschhorn.

03/11/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Alan Sabrosky. 2nd Hour: With Peter Kirstein.

03/09/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Susan Lindauer. 2nd Hour: With Four Arrows.

03/07/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Howard Ross. 2nd Hour: With Bob Koehler.

03/04/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With William Blum. 2nd Hour: With Jim Duensing.

03/02/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Eric Walberg. 2nd Hour: With Ed Thompson.

02/28/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With James Petras. 2nd Hour: With Barbara Honegger.

02/25/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: Best of Replay. 2nd Hour: With Barry Kissin.

02/23/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Raymond Schwab. 2nd Hour: With Sander Hicks.

02/21/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With George Mapp.Jr. 2nd Hour: With Jim Fetzer and Rolf Lindgren.

02/18/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Dmitri Khalezov. 2nd Hour: With Dmitri Khalezov and Gordon Duff.

02/16/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Jonathan Mark and Adan Syed. 2nd Hour: With Ken Jenkins.

02/14/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Mike from Kentucky and Ed Rynearson. 2nd Hour: With Jerry Mazza.

02/11/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Dmitri Khalezov and Gordon Duff. 2nd Hour: With Francis Boyle and Richard Curtis.

02/09/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Hal Fleming. 2nd Hour: With Mohammad Malkawi.

02/07/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Jonathan Azaziah. 2nd Hour: More with Jonathan Azaziah.

02/04/2011    Friday - 1st Hour: With Fouzi Slisli. 2nd Hour: With Bill Warner.

02/02/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Jerry Mazza. 2nd Hour: With Ellen Brown.

01/31/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With John Loftus. 2nd Hour: With John Kozy.

01/28/2011    Friday - 2nd Hour: Live With Alison Weir of "If Americans Knew", setting the record straight on the Palestinian-Zionist conflict.

01/26/2011    Wednesday - 1st Hour: With Eric Sayward and Rosalind Peterson. 2nd Hour: More With Rosalind and Eric.

01/24/2011    Monday - 1st Hour: With Victor Thorne. 2nd Hour: With Kevin Annett.

01/22/2011    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Evelyn Gilbert. 2nd Hour: With Susan Lindauer.

01/15/2011    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Carolyn Yeager. 2nd Hour: With Gordon Duff.

01/08/2011    Saturday - 1st Hour: Kevin's special guest was Paul Topete of Poker Face. 2nd Hour: More with Paul Topete of Poker Face..

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