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Tears of Gaza

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  1. D Costa says:
    Politicians in all parties with the exception of a handful such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchnick need to take responsibility for what is going on in Gaza and Palestine not just Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya etc.
    “Sami Jadallah says:
    April 20, 2011
    We all need to keep in mind that Eric Cantor, the majority leader in the American Knesset is seeking to include all military and economic assistance to Israel as part of the DOD budget and not as foreign aid.. this way it is beyong argument and beyond reach. The Jewish Zionists in Congress and in the Administration are treating Israel as the 51st without this state being part of the American tax payers base, a special state that no other state in the Union is accorded such special status. Of course we fight and we die for the Israeli frequent wars, wars organized and initiated by Israel’s agents within our government… they on the other hand do not die for our wars… even the one who served as Obama Chief of Staff chose to serve in the Israeli Army and not the US.. and his choice of service and loyalty was not even questioned when he was offered the job of “prime minister”. One would think his service will be an issue, it never was… The former Israeli chief of staff on his first visit after leaving office traveled to California and speaking to the leaders of the American Jewish community, strongly suggested they send their children to serve in the Israeli Army… yet not one questioned this proposition, not the Homeland Security, not the FBI… it is like Russian or Arab leaders coming to the US and recruiting Arab or Russian Americans to serve in the Russian or Arab armies… will the US State, or Homeland Security or FBI be silent about this.. I do not think so. All this happens under our own eyes.”
    Michele Bachmann says that America will suffer if we dont stand with Israel.
  2. sam.r says:
    If thhis doesn’t move you, then you have no soul.
  3. D Costa says:
    This video: “Tears of Gaza” should be seen by every living person in the world including the prostitute politicians who pander to Israel. How dare these criminals continue to give our money to Israel thereby helping Israel to continue these crimes on innocent Arabs while also spreading false propaganda against Muslims.
    I like to have the link if possible.
  4. Mouser says:
    It is inhumane what the IDF is doing to Gaza and especially to its children.
    It is equally immoral for the world to watch silently.
    An Easter prayer for Vittorio Arragoni.
    l will always remember Rachel Corrie.
    The genocide must end.
    What is the world waiting for?
  5. B.Benhamid says:
    Zionism must be eliminated before all of us are doomed to bite the dust.
  6. Digger says:
    P-l-e-a-s-eeeee people – those of us that are awake and ‘in the know’, we have to get out there on those streets with our stickers, leaflets, posters, cds/dvds, and be as creative as possible in every way we can to get this ugly truth out to main stream society and wake up the NEWBIES.
    We have stop spending so much time ‘within the choir’. Let’s limit our time on forums, truth sites and truth meet ups – That’s where these khazar/jooos want us. it’s the newbies we need to tap into.
    This nonsense which is happening in Gaza is happening and soon to happen all across the Middle East. We cannot allow this to happen in our name, whilst we comfortably sit behind our computers with our cold beers or hot chocolate and simply be passive observers of the drama. We have to ensure we do our bit every day to stop these maniacs in their tracks.
    The monster that goes around chewing up everyone else’s life is the exact same monster that will chew up our lives – and currently is.
    Surely this is our moral and spiritual duty.
    When our head hits that pillow each night, we need to ask ourselves the question: “What did I do today to proactively prevent this ‘jooo world order’ coming into place?”

  7. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
    TEARS OF THE PEOPLE OF GHAZZA (Muslims, Christians and others) do not contain only saline fluid but also enriched uranium and phosphorus in great quantity – a gift of Western Israelisation!
    As for shedding tears on and for the Palestinian people, the civilised West (leadership and people) has lost that function of its lacrymal glands for ever because it has evolved into a monster deprived of all human emotions!

    David Icke says the rulers of this world are REPTILIANS, but even crododiles are known to shed tears – CROCODILE TEARS!

    Many people watch Hollywood and Bolywood films and even cartoons and shed tears, but don’t ask them to have any feelings for the sufferings of Algerians, Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Libyans, Kashmiris and so on!

    Is it a coincidence that all those seven countries have Muslim majorities? The next two on the line of Israeli fire are Iran and Syria – again two countries with Muslim majorities where the Jewish ritual killings (CIA-MOSSAD-XE) have already started, and they dare say it is not a WAR ON ISLAM, ARABS and MUSLIMS!


    However, the main people concerned primarily, the MUSLIM THEMSELVES, do not seem to give a damn, in their great, majority, about the plight of other Muslims! Maybe after the REPTILES have exterminated some half a billion of them, the other half a billion will finally wake up and start that ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT – that REVOLUTION I have been suggesting for decades! But, I doubt very much!

    I think we need another BIBLICAL FLOOD even if this was just a fictitious horror story!

    P.S. I have tons of such documentaries – Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Angola, Chechnya, Kashmir, Gujerat, and so on, but I cannot watch them! They will TEAR ME APART!
  8. MJ says:
    “Oh Allah, forgive us for doing nothing, but watch them die!”
    (26:150) So fear Allah and obey me.
    (26:151) And do not obey the order of the transgressors.
    (26:152) Who cause corruption in the land and do not amend (reform).”Quran
    Nasheed (song) for Gaza:

  9. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
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  10. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
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    MJ says:
    April 21, 2011 at 6:08 pm
    “Oh Allah, forgive us for doing nothing, but watch them die!”
    Where are our MEN? Our men should wear women’s dress, those selfish cowards and hypocrites
    Ashamed of being a Muslim!!
  11. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:
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    We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza) - Michael Heart - OFFICIAL VIDEO


    Uploaded on 7 Jan 2009
    A SONG ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, NOT RELIGION. It is a song of hope for the Palestinians in Gaza. Composed and performed by Michael Heart - Copyright 2009.

    For more info about the song, click link below:

    This is the original video. The very first one that was posted on YouTube in Jan 2009, by Michael Heart, before it spread like wildfire all over the internet.

    Wanna find more about Michael Heart? Check out his 2-part video interview here below:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Also check out his most recent song "Freedom" here:

    Also, check out Michael's debut Pop/Rock CD "Unsolicited Material" here:


    "WE WILL NOT GO DOWN" - Lyrics:

    A blinding flash of white light
    Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
    People running for cover
    Not knowing whether they're dead or alive

    They came with their tanks and their planes
    With ravaging fiery flames
    And nothing remains
    Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

    We will not go down
    In the night, without a fight
    You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
    But our spirit will never die
    We will not go down
    In Gaza tonight

    Women and children alike
    Murdered and massacred night after night
    While the so-called leaders of countries afar
    Debated on who's wrong or right

    But their powerless words were in vain
    And the bombs fell down like acid rain
    But through the tears and the blood and the pain
    You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze

    We will not go down
    In the night, without a fight
    You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
    But our spirit will never die
    We will not go down
    In Gaza tonight

    We will not go down
    In the night, without a fight
    You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
    But our spirit will never die

    We will not go down
    In the night, without a fight

    We will not go down
    In Gaza tonight

    But, I repeat for the nth time: I am not interested in the least in “the news”. I never voted and never belonged to any political or religious party. I serve only GOD, the One and Unique GOD whether He exists or not as most Believers in Him describe Him, and serve no man or government. Although living in slavery under the yoke of several military groups of inhumans, the most heavily armed in the history of Mankind, always working together as one deadly super power all around the globe, I regard myself as Sovereign Freeman-on-the-land. 

    Although many people know that all governments lie and that they are put to power through manipulations and deceit with supreme power over our lives and which actually do violence to us on a daily basis. Governments are associations of the worse kinds of perverts, mad men and women and criminals one can find under the sky.

    The world did not change on 11 September 2001, but only when Muslims became decadent and did not learn the lessons of the Crusades and the Mongol mercenaries invasion and eventual Holocaust of Muslims, and were ethnically cleansed and kicked out of Muslim Spain, and then again when the Ottoman Caliphate became decadent too because they did not learn the lessons of the Crusades, the Roman Catholic Inquisition and of Western slave trade, their imperialism and colonialism madness, and allowed themselves to be destroyed by the joined forces of Jews, Christians and Atheists (Secularists).

    The US Government was not complicit in the September Eleventh 2001 tragedy, but actually carried out the explosions (three nuclear, most probably) and the probable murder of plane passengers, and the murder of some 3,000 of its own people. Although several millions Americans have finally uncovered all the evidence they require tenfold to indict their own government for those crimes, and the media and academia for covering them up, nothing significant has happened ten years later and matters have gone a lot worse.

    The direct participation of Jews and of Apartheid Israel in the explosions as well as in the wars that followed is beyond any reasonable doubt. Many American citizens including British and European ones have done extensive research, found out who the real culprits are, wrote extensively in scholarly works, and we owe them an immense gratitude because in doing so they put their profession, livelihood, and even lives in many cases, at great risk. The Jewish style deceit of their governments go unpunished although hundreds of thousands of innocent people have lost their lives, and seen their countries bombed and devastated, their children living in horrendous conditions, their babies born with deformities due to radioactive weapons used on them with no general outcry against it, and still lived under Western terror. Western cruelty knows no bounds. Treacherous and guileful the West always hides behind so-called democracy!

    Powerful secret-societies are at work to enslave all of us, steal all our wealth and destroy all original cultures and civilisations including the world’s two major religions, Christianity and Islam. With endless wars, entire nations living under permanent terror and bombings, absence of freedom, unarmed nations cannot defend themselves and can never prosper. The very survival of the human race is at risk because Mankind wastes its time gossiping, reporting and commenting “the news”, talking endlessly about the problems without ever implementing the solutions.

    First, the West created the myth of the New World when they exterminated almost entirely the Natives of the Americas, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Now, they came up with the other myth of the New World Order when what they have created is in fact a World of Chaos and of perpetual wars – a renewed Imperialism and colonialism – the old neo-imperialism and neo-colonialism of the sixties revamped.

    It was the mission of Prophets to warn Mankind and they did their job, but Mankind is very forgetful, but not the Dark Forces, which have to work more, sleep less, be faithful to their agenda of Evil, and loyal to their Satanic causes. In many ways, they are better and more efficient than the Forces of Good, which really forgot HOW TO BE GOOD! Muslims were given power as promised by GOD because they deserved it, and the only reason why they lost all power is because they are undeserving, not because the enemy is evil. We gave the inhuman Demons that power over all of us.

    I keep asking myself why the people of the Earth keep accepting the tyranny of the UN dictatorship, Secret Societies, the kinds connected with the Rhodes (Round Table), the Carnégies, the Rothschilds, the Jewish Kabbalah, Skulls & Bones, the European Royal Freemasons, the Club of Rome, the World Council of Churches, the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Tavistok Institute, the Rosicrucians, and so on.

    They are now back in the Muslim lands with a vengeance, and we see blood in running the streets of all occupied Muslim towns and villages after they have bombed every infrastructure, hospital, school, university, place of worship and culture, and factory.

    All they want is power and more wealth without working for it. They are engulfed in endless waves of crime and cruelty. It seems that the only sane people left on planet earth are some Muslims and Christians with a few others. Ten years ago, I did not hear of any of those (not yet Muslim) intellectual giants like Pr Texe Marrs (minus his fanaticism), David Icke (minus his New Age religion), Mark Glenn, Joe Cortina, Reverend Mark Dankoff, Reverend Ted Pike and his wife Alyn, Victor Thorn and his wife Lisa Guliani, Michael Collins Piper, Daryl Bradford Smith, Pr Norman Finkelstein, Pr Edward Saïd, Pr Noam Chomsky (minus his treachery), Pr Howard Zinn, Eustace Mullins, William Milton Cooper, Alex Jones (minus his Jewish entourage and his lies), and many others. They form what I regard as the best of our modern intelligentsia although I may not be in total agreement with some or most of them on certain issues. But, except for a few among them, we are essentially fighting the same battle.

    I am glad to see that there are minds like me out there that are not afraid like me to face THE TRUTH. We have the same view that those vampires have no legal or moral right to dominate humanity and all aspects of our daily lives. They cannot own us and enslave us. We will not let them because we are the “civilised” ones and the forces of good! With the exception of Pr Noam Chomsky maybe, we are all in agreement that Apartheid Israel represent the greatest force of Evil on planet earth, the instrument of the Devil who might very well be the USA and Great Britain who spawned the bastard.

    For centuries after the Crusades, we had a peaceful and harmonious Palestine under the Muslims until it was conquered again by the modern Crusaders and given to Talmudist Jews, Judeo-Nazis and Bolsheviks this time as a gift for eternity. The days when Muslims were babysitting their Jewish neighbours’ children and dancing together at religious celebrations are far gone. Today, what is remembered is Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatila, Jenin, organ theft, torture, phosphorus bombs, Apartheid Walls, USS Liberty, the daily crucifixion of Palestinians, the persecution of Christians, the spitting on crucifixes, graves, priests, the burning of Bibles, and the ban on the freedom of non Jewish religions, and the daily harangues of rabid Rabbis calling for the extermination of the Palestinian men, women, children and even cattle.

    I am less interested about Atlantis, Lemuria, alien invasion, and other pre-Diluvian civilisations, the Reptilian bloodlines that rule over us, and more about genetic engineering, mind control, HAARP, aspartame, fluoride and mercury poisoning, and the Jewades the modern Crusading Thugs (at least 70 million in the name of US Zionist Judeo-Christianity!) have unleashed on the Muslim world and Islam as well as on the Arabs.

    I need to say THANK YOU to all those above named HEROES and FREEDOM FIGHTERS (with the exception of Pr Noam Chomsky and Pr Howard Zinn maybe who I did not see showing any compassion for Muslims) for their admission at great personal costs that Muslims, Arabs and Islam are not at all responsible for the Evils that are plaguing Mankind for these past five centuries or so, at least since Christopher “Colombus”! If Christians could go back to CHRIST and not to the Old testament, the Talmud and Rome, we may stand a better chance against our common enemy – THE JEWS!

    We Muslims say they did not crucify Jesus nor did they kill him!



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