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Manufacturing the Muslim Menace - Crescent And Cross

“Manufacturing the Muslim Menace”

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1. Today I just want to do a couple of things quickly.  First of all, Skulz Fontaine has been sending me some great stuff and I’ve been a bit remiss in not sharing some of these with you.  I like this one.

But of course the land theft continues, as does the killing – killing Palestinians being the Israeli national pass time.  Plus it just seems that attacking, harrasing and shooting at Palestinians is as Israeli as assaulting the USS Liberty.

2. But I want to address something else as the main topic today. What some people like to call Islamophobia – I call it what it is – Anti-Muslim Bigotry – in the United States is getting out of hand. Our country is sick and we need to understand the source of this sickness and do something about it.  One good place for you to go as you begin searching for the source is an article I’ve linked to before by Max Blumenthal. It is here. And  here’s another real interesting one.    And you should read all about David Horowitz – who pays Robert Spencer something like 132k a year to write his bullshit.  I strongly recommend you go to Loonwatch and do a search on David Horowitz.  Oh hell, I’ll do it for you.

And this brings me to:

3. But I also want to draw you attention to something else. Islamphobia is being actively supported by local, state and federal governments and law enforcement. Anti-Muslim hatemongers routinely train local, state and federal officials to hate Islam and Muslims and it looks like they get good money for it. I tell you, I am in the wrong business, but I digress.
It is very possible that these hate mongers have trained people in your community and your state and for sure some of them have been saying some real interesting bullshit to people in the federal government. I mean real wackos like Nonie Darwish and Walid Phares and Steve Coughlin.
I can hear you know, “Okay, Mantiq, prove this. How come you haven’t provided one single link under this topic whereas you are always linking everything to everything else and we can’t even finish your goddamn posts because we are running of all over hell’s half acre reading your links?
Never, fear. Your link is here. It is to a new 80-page study of this phenomenon done by Thomas Cincotta of Political Research Associates. It is entitled:

Manufacturing the Muslim Menace: Private Firms, Public Servants and the Threat to Rights and Security. It’s a nice PDF file and you can download the whole thing for free.
Here is an excerpt from the preface to the report about how effectively your public officials are being trained:

“Kill them, including the children.”
That’s how to solve the threat of violent militant Muslims?
The above quote is from what one official involved in homeland security said was how she understood the underlying theme of a speech by Walid Shoebat at an anti-terrorism training in Las Vegas in October 2010. Our investigator had turned around after Shoebat’s speech and asked the woman seated one row back what she thought was the solution offered by Shoebat.

The report focuses on three private training outfits and the loons who work for them.  They are:
A. the International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA)
B. Security Solutions International, LLC (SSI)
C. The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI Centre)
I like how the CI Centre (where Walid Phares plies his trade) spells centre the British way. Makes them look cool.

And the report has a section on each of the following people who work for one of the three firms mentioned above:

Mark A. Gabriel – ICTOA guest speaker
David Gaubatz – SSI guest speaker
Walid Phares – CI Centre Faculty
Clare M. Lopez – CI Centre Faculty
Tawfik Hamid – CI Centre Faculty
Stephen Coughlin – CI Centre Faculty
Nonie Darwish – CI Centre Faculty
Detective Ebrahim Ashabi – SSI Expert
Walid Shoebat – ICTOA Guest Speaker

This report is a must read and it is free. Send it to your congressmen and your state representatives and demand that your state, local and federal governments stop funding these modern-day equivalents of the Ku Klux Klan.

4. There are five million decoy Muslims in the US. They are here to trick you and then to kill you.
(I bet Shas Party members won’t get this.)

5. Shakira law spreads to MUST (Missouri University for Science and Technology)

“Black hater animals rob, beat, strip, and molest white tourist right in front of federal courthouse. A black mob gathers and laughs. Black police do nothing, then Baltimore’s police chief, a black man, says it was not a hate crime. White people are treated like dirt and scum in Barack Obama’s America—and white Republican conservatives sit silent and let it happen. God help us!”
Texe Marrs

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