Sunday, 16 January 2011


David Icke Newsletter Preview



The point has come in the agenda for human enslavement to discredit and demonise those who are exposing that agenda - and we have seen nothing yet.

It is time for the three 'bees' - brain, backbone, balls - and to expose the real motivation of the 'civil rights' frauds and fakes.

The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

For a President who has vastly increased troop numbers in Afghanistan and whose first action in office was to sanction unmanned civilian-killing drone bombings in Pakistan to moralise about violence makes me fit to puke. But at the core of all this there is no contradiction at all. What is best for the agenda is the common factor.

For them, it is best that they mass-slaughter in foreign lands and make the police and other agencies of government more violent and trigger happy. And it is also best for them that, in stark contrast, they vehemently condemn violence by a mental case in a Tucson street so they can attempt to demonise anyone who is exposing their game ...

... This is a moment to choose between standing tall in the face of the coming onslaught against those are exposing the tyranny, or running away and hiding while the messengers are demonised and their sources of communication targeted.

Where will those people be who, instead of facing the consequences of speaking out publicly for what they believe to be right, choose instead to hide behind anonymous log-in names to abuse and seek to undermine those with more guts and commitment in their smallest digit than they will have in their entire being should they live to be a thousand?
Oh, those people? They will stay, heads down, way out of trouble and if ever it finds them they will be running home crying for their mum - those that are not paid for their Internet rants and 'debunkery' by the agencies of control, that is.

Some of us are in it for as long, and at whatever cost, as may be necessary. Others, especially those who sit on the sidelines and boo-suck the doers, are not 'in it' at all.
Like I say, brain, backbone, balls. It is going to be quite a ride, but the genie's out of the bottle and he ain't going back - much as they will try. 

The Self-Obsessed 'Spiritual' Fakes and Frauds

David Icke opens his heart to Meria Heller - 'It's been a bad day'

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