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Witness to Israeli War Crimes

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  1. Israel you are morally repugnant state in this age.If your people support these actions they are a morally repugnant collective too. If others who are your friends and allies support these actions you all deserve each other and May you all live with pharaoh and other oppressors in the depths of hell for eternity.
    What is 60-90 human years against infinity? A speck of nothingness in which you will be judged here on earth and in the next life.
    You are materialists and so do not see these truths just like your one eyed king. Your messiah who is still not in our time/space.
    However there are others who see your ugliness and who are not internally or morally blind. They see with the heart. Even if it takes many years truth will defeat falsehood and Isa/Jesus peace be upon Him will defeat your one eyed king.
  2. In trying to understand the Israeli war on the Palestinians it is best to remember that these are the same communist Jews who financed, led, implemented and maintained the Lenin/Stalin reign of terror against the Christians in Russia and then tried to do the same thing in Spain in 1936 as they infiltrated every country in the world with communist spies. In Russia and Eastern Europe they destroyed thousands of Christian churches, murdered thousands of priests, killed millions of Christians and slaughtered the Russian Royal family and then had the nerve to claim all innocence when the Nazi hatred turned against the innocent, non communist Jews of Germany and Europe.
    These Zionists went from collaborating with the Nazis from 1933 to 1945 in order to populate Palestine with German Jews to their well planned destruction of the Palestinian Muslims and Christians to putting their main Nazi collaborator, Adolph Eichmann, on trial in the blink of a historical eye. But don’t forget who the Israelis really are, where they come from and what they do when they can. They consider themselves the Chosen ones….the Master race….. and don’t you ever forget that in trying to understand them.
  3. For the sake of US Dollars (zionist jewish money) they will sell their own mothers eg. egypt leadership – so why would they care for Palestinians ?
  4. The legal definition of “human being” is MONSTER!
    human being See MONSTER.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)
    monster A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster hath no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.
    —Ballentine’s Law Dictionary (1930)
  5. MJ October 31, 2010 at 4:18 pm
    “Israel you are morally the most repugnant state in this age.”
    But, GOD knows they are only the accessories of the Rothschilds, Elizabeth II and the Black Nobility! Those who gave birth to the monster are right here in America and in Europe! The battle has to be waged here in the West by all Freedom and Justice lovers and not in occupied Palestine!
    The only solution for us is to keep on supporting TO THE MAXIMUM the Palestinian Resistance because these people are facing TOTAL EXTERMINATION! The more we can damage the Western economy from the inside, the more Apartheid Israel will be crippled and isolated.
    I keep saying that the solution will be a religious one, a joint Christian-Muslim one, or a Muslim one alone, but not a political one, unless Muslims end up acquiring adequate weaponry to face those Devils, which is most unlikely!
    THE DEVIL is not only an overt mass murderer, a liar, a pervert but also the biggest thief of all times and he has many names: America, Europe, Britain and Russia. Jews, Israel and India are just pawns on his grand chess board. Catholicism for sure since its take over in 1827 by the Rothschilds, but, China, I doubt very much, but the recent take over of China by the Rothschild finances has widened the field of action of the Devil. One question is actually puzzling me. Why is it that if he owns and control all these named entities, which is almost the entire of the planet, and has even succeeded in greatly damaging the Biology of the species, the ecology, and even what constitute gender by making men more effeminate and women more masculine, does he want Islam too to join his Armies of mass murderers, liars, perverts and thieves? He wants Islam so badly, but he seems to have failed to take it over as he has done with the others. So, we see him go to such lengths as bombing the lands under his own control (Oklahoma, Madrid, London, New York, the Pentagon…) in order to blame it on Islam and the Muslims. But, he failed again. So, now he is attacking the religion itself by making his war he labelled a war on terror a religious war pitting Hindus and Christians against Muslims all over the world, a less known war against motherhood. From the demonising of the Islamic Code of Dress, the Arabic language and culture, the Islamic Civilisation, the Muslim looks, Muslim and Islamic institutions and groups, he hopes to finally conquer the entire world and enslave its inhabitants for ever. This is the most evil religion that is known to only a few men and women, including the author. But, his agenda is only semi-secret because we know enough of it to understand what he has in store for humanity while the defeated disciples of the less visible GOD who waste their times in Faith, vain Hope and without the required efforts and bravery that can guarantee a sure victory over the Devil !


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