Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The Horror Of Religious Persecution
9/20/2010 Update

The Most Holy Reverend Jacob Judicial

Six Web Hosts Cancelled Judicial This Month

Is Armageddon At Hand

It Makes You Wonder
Judicial is nothing but a 'Cyber Ministry', but Zionists are going to enormous lengths to completely shut down the website.  This website fought the Beast for six years, but recent attacks have been devastating.

September 20,Update
The Zionist's plan for world control is in full swing. 50,000 troops are left in Iraq guarding the Mosul/Haifa pipeline, and the plush Green Zone, where the Zionists run the country from. In addition there are 80,000 mercenaries, and the Israeli controlled Iraqi police (Death Squads).
100,000 American troops are now shifting into Afghanistan, looking for Osama Bin Laden. The Zionists are rushing in Immigration Laws to legalize 20 million Mexicans. The radical Tea Party sponsors turn out to be three billionaires.
The culmination of all of this will be an economic collapse, a few years of darkness, which will be the catalyst for a New World government. It's forerunner is the European Union, and the 'Euro' currency. The key will be a False Flag on America, a 'super 9/11', which will be blamed on Muslims. Americans are sick of wars, so something is needed to justify annihilating Iran.
The ADL contracted stalker has flattened my tires again, and local police follow my car.

August 30, Update
American Christian soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan in mysterious ambushes, Zio-crime abounds, and the economy falls deeper into a recession. It appears that all the other 'Free Speech' websites have remained untouched. Our church has received countless emails regarding a possible massive False Flag on America used to kick off the war in Iran, so Zionists can control the world's oil. Knowing the 'creatures' penchant for the dramatic, a possibility is the attack will occur on 9/11/2010. Because the last WTC attack didn't achieve the outrage intended, this attack should be a nuclear event. The WTC attack involved too many people, resulting in the discovery of Israeli specialists in a shootout on the first jet. With a nuclear bomb in an American city, all you need is a few Israelis at best.
The stalking, sponsored by the ADL, has actually increased. Car tires have been flattened, five separate incidences involving thugs approaching the Reverend Jacob Judicial in parking lots, and two incidences of local police following as the Most Holy Reverend as he took neighborhood walks.
The world needs Judicial-Inc more than ever, but web hosting companies won't touch the site, and from the ferocity of the various threats, it appears Reverend Jacob Judicial will face Zio-Wrath if he continues.

July 25, 2010 Update
Judicial-Inc went into remission in June of 2010 after 7 hosts cancelled, and a stalker targeted the Holy Reverend 'Jacob Judicial'.  The Church of Judical-inc has been offline for over a month, but the threats have increased making any renewal a risky proposition. Oddly, the 20 plus websites with the identical format haven't been touched.
The stalker is an ADL contracted gunzel named Jacob Levy, and it's been made plain that this site will not reopen. Within the last thirty days, I have received 8 threats.


The Ministry Of Judicial-Inc Suffers Another Web Outage, the internet's premier 'Christian news website', has been cancelled by GoDaddy hosting with no notice, and no refund



The Internet's Premier Christian Website Is Shut Down Again' has been cancelled by four hosting companies this month. An additional four mirror sites have been cancelled in the last few days
Amazingly all the other sites (Revisionists, Neo Nazis, Alternative news, Conspiracy, etc are unscathed). To date we have contacted the major hosts in India, the UK, and the US, with no luck. One host - HostGator/BlueHost allows 'Adult Hosting' but finds Christian News too offensive.
We will attempt to maintain a limited web presence until we can find another host.

Judicial's Flock Is Terrified
Who will protect the flock if Judicial gets shut down?


Judicial's Goal Is That Of A Shepard
Our purpose is simply to provide you with news that can benefit you and your family spiritually, and financially. We take today's news and give a Christian interpretation of what is actually behind various key events.

Extremely Critical Period
This is the culmination of a 2,000 year plan for world domination.  The stock market frauds, banking frauds, the housing debacle, a nuclear terrorist strike, war with Iran, economic collapse, biological agents, and so on.

Judicial's Holy Book
This contains 4,800 pages documenting the horrors committed on Christians. Indecencies of moral perversion, attempts at False Flags, Nation Wrecking, and Satan's master plan. Exposés on who killed Natalee Holloway, the Black Dahlia murders, and countless crimes.
This book was read by four million annually, but has been banned.

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