Thursday, 11 November 2010



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11/06/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: Denis Rancourt.

2nd Hour: More debate with Denis Rancourt on 9/11.

10/30/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: Six innocent men: Denis Gullickson, John Gaie and Mike Piaskowski.

2nd Hour: With Splitting-the-Sky.

10/23/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Mike Palecek.

2nd Hour: With Tod Fletcher.

10/16/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Mark Siljander.

2nd Hour: With Tim Cox.

10/09/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Glenn Edwards-Seaman.

2nd Hour: With Anthony Hall.

10/02/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq.

2nd Hour: With Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Joe Quinn.

09/25/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Mohammed Ismail.

2nd Hour: With Anisa Abd el Fatah.

09/18/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Elias Davidsson.

2nd Hour: With Khalil Bendib.

09/04/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Teddy Woodward with friends Derek and Doug.

2nd Hour: With Lenny Charles.

08/28/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Bill "Anab" Whitehouse.

2nd Hour: With Enver Masud and A.K. Dewdney.

08/21/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Harun Yahya.

2nd Hour: With Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

08/14/2010    Saturday - Meria Heller, Sander Hicks, Richard Gage, Enver Masud, Luke Rudkowski, Barry Kissin, Nick Bryant, Rev. Ian Alterman, Paul Zarembka, Mark Glenn, and USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney...all on the same show? Is this the Marx Brothers' stateroom scene...or am I shooting for a world record? Check this archive and see how I did.
08/07/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Craig Ranke.

2nd Hour: With Enver Masud.

07/31/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With David Livingstone.

2nd Hour: With Don Meserlian.

07/24/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Gordon Duff.

2nd Hour: With Henry Makow.

07/17/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Mark and Eric with "We Are Change".

2nd Hour: With Nick Bryant.

06/26/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Craig Ranke.

2nd Hour: With Four Arrows.

06/19/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Max Ajl and Jim Fetzer.

2nd Hour: With Ken Jenkins.

06/12/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn.

2nd Hour: With Nick Bryant.

06/05/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Adam Shapiro and Darlene Wallace.

2nd Hour: With Splitting The Sky With Anthony Hall.

05/22/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Tim Donaghy

2nd Hour: With Rodrigue Tremblay

05/15/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Franklin Lamb

2nd Hour: With Gordon Duff

05/08/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Callers

2nd Hour: With professor Ira Chernus

05/01/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Ian Fletcher

2nd Hour: With Matt Naus

04/24/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Thomas Dalton

2nd Hour: With Roberto Muehlenkamp and Andrew Mathis

04/17/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Michael Murphy

2nd Hour: With Enver Masud

04/10/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Jared Ball

2nd Hour: With Alfred Webre

03/27/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With

2nd Hour: With

03/27/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Dave Lindorff

2nd Hour: With Webster Tarpley

03/20/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: Dr. Richard Curtis and Betsy Metz

2nd Hour: 9/11 family member Manny Badillo

03/13/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Bruce Leichty

2nd Hour: With John Hankey

03/06/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Splitting the Sky and Anthony Hall

2nd Hour: With James Petras

02/27/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Anab Whitehouse

2nd Hour: With Professor Craig Hill

02/20/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Karen Tostado

2nd Hour: With Professor Graame MacQueen
02/13/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Jonathan Mark

2nd Hour: With Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
02/06/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Nick Kollerstrom and Tina Foster

2nd Hour: With Ted Pike.
01/30/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Frank Tolopko

2nd Hour: With Brother Raymond Schwab.
01/23/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Susan Clarke and Tim "Tribute to John Lennon." At 5:25 pm A.K. Dewdney.

2nd Hour: With Imam Elahi.
01/16/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Elias Davidsson.

2nd Hour: With Mike Casner and Frank Tolopko.
01/09/2010    Saturday - 1st Hour: With Mark Graham.

2nd Hour: With Jerry Mazza.

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