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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I read some comment on some site, where someone said, Shakespeare "nailed" the jews in the play Merchant of Venice, but thats wrong,

If this is the authentic text of the Merchant of Venice

Its typical of 97% of all art and entertainment for the last 2000 years

Its sympathetic to jews
It casts them in a favorable light,
and it casts Christians and Christianity in an unfavorable light

and why wouldnt it,

I am sure Shakespeare had to eat, and pay for clothes and housing

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craig wonders if the international community knows about the great depression in America, I wasnt there but I've heard it was bad

white slavery

I lost in chess 5 times today to a 38 year old black guy, I beat a 26 year old white Italian guy

I am pretty frustrated, with the losing 5 times,

we are keeping a tally at the place where I unsuccessfully attempt to make a lving ($1100 in 3 months pretax)

He is good at chess, he rushes me a little bit though, he makes me feel guilty when I take too long to move and then I move and I dont see something and then I lose,

but I am gonna beat him eventually, though I think he wasnt enjoying playing me during his 4th or 5th vidtory today, becuase I though I try to hide my ANGER when I lose or am losing, I think it shows on my face, and it makes the game less FUN and makes him not want to play me, because I get too upset when I lose,

but I tried to assure him that I am a good sport, mustered a decent smile(I think), I told him I have no hard feelings and I want to play him again tomorrow, he was like ok we'll see, but I dont think he fully believed me that I have no hard feelings,

I am over the 5 chess losses now, mostly

anyway that was my day

by the way in the 5 losses, 4 of them were under 10 minutes ass kickings,

during one of them, I was beating him, he had a rook and 3 pawns, I had a rook a knight, and five pawns, and somehow he came back and beat me, that was the one that I had a particularly hard time dealing with

Craig still waits to learn why TIbetan Monks, stood on the mountain tops, but even that was the wrong thing to do, from some guy on some site

Monday, October 18, 2010

"SO if u have someone to speak up for you at the right time, its a big help"

Craig in the mood for some Eustace Mullins, the Christian Eustace Mullins, who I see eye to eye with on many Important things

a few things I differ with him

but those differences dont bother me

I like the man

I like his style,

I think he is funny,

I like him a lot

He is a Christian, he died in his 80s, in February 2010

I like him a lot,

did I mention that?,

I like him

Craig has been reading the Old Testament more

The New Testament is much more important to understand

The Old Testament, I suppose its useful, as to the history and background of everything
So I am reading it for that, I dont base my life decisions on it at all,

I continue to get annoyed at the rich-jew-ass-kissing-jew-loyal-jew-mind-controlled-"Christians", that continue to spend far more time on the OT, then the NT

but, what is getting mad at them going to accomplish?

NOTHING thats what


I wanted to adress something that the Lebanese-Christian-from-Idaho said....

he described the God of the OT (the same current God) as..
no wait he qualified it, he said something like (me paraphrasing from my recollection)

"...the God described in the jewish bible, is vengeful,petty, and vindictive, and didnt create the universe"

*Just to defend the inferior-to-the-NT OT for a minute




So as far as my observation that the Glenn guy is not a Christian,

he is right, who am I to judge,

but let me say this

He doesn't understand the Bible or the nature of God at all, His understanding of it is piss poor, it sucks

Torture allegations Bulgaria / Libya

Craig in the mood for some Eustace Mullins, the Christian Eustace Mullins, who I see eye to eye with on most important things, but differ on some less

important things

but despite the differences

I simply LIKE him

I like the man

I find him pleasant and affable and I like him

I think he is funny

I like his style, and his manner

What I have retained so far from the Arabic lessons

-The first letter of the Arabic alphabet Alif (A), it looks like the number 1

-Marhaba = hello in some but not all of the Arabic dialects

-it moves right to left

-words are mostly consonants, some vowel markers

-sometimes letters are connected to each other in words, sometimes they are isolated

-letters change form depending upon where they are in the word *

*(I noticed something like that in the Greek language in the Greek spelling of Jesus (Iesous) with the two different sigma letters

writing arabic, consonants, lots of consonants, and -vowel markers-

writing arabic, letters, groups of letters

counting in Arabic, the numbers 1-10

Wahid ---one
Ethnaan --two
Arba--a'a four
Sitta----- six
Sab-a'a---- seven
A'ashara--- ten


what is Ethnaan plus Sitta ?

Ethnaan plus Sitta equals Thaminiya (2+6=8)

THis week is arabic language week, it might be arabic language month

Sunday, October 17, 2010

more Arabic language basics, lebanese dialect, (Marhaba = hello in lebanese dialect, in bedouin dialect hello is As-Salamou-Al-Eikoum)

dictionary dot com definition of "Bedouin".

Bed·ou·in   /ˈbɛduɪn, ˈbɛdwɪn/ Show Spelled
[bed-oo-in, bed-win] Show IPA
noun, plural -ins, ( especially collectively ) -in, adjective
1. an Arab of the desert, in Asia or Africa; nomadic Arab.
2. a nomad; wanderer.
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Bedouin.
Use bedouin in a Sentence
See images of bedouin
Search bedouin on the Web
Also, Beduin.


1350–1400; ME Bedoyn < MF beduyn < Ar badawī desert-dweller ( badw desert + -ī suffix of appurtenance)

—Related forms

Arabic words in a Bedouin dialect (very pretty young woman)

good teacher

I dont know what the video is trying to suggest, but its somewhat intriguing (MARHABA is english letter pronunciation of"hello" in Arabic

Arabic Alphabet (it moves right to left <------, like Hebrew) unlike English which moves left to right ---->

but enough about that, I want to talk about THE ARABIC LANGUAGE

I told some guy that he wasnt a Christian and he didnt like it, kind of funny I think

ME: you shouldnt refer to yourself as a Christian

its misleading to believers

some guy: –note from me, MG–I AM a Christian, you perfectly pompous ass and I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me differently. Why don’t you next challenge my ethnicity as well, since you are such an authority?

This was what I referred to in a previous post about how you make this wesbite appear with your small-minded comments. You are an embarassment to any intelligent conversation and it is people like you who make Christians look like clowns.

List of countries in the middle east and the main language according to Wikipedia

-language (acc to wikipedia)

Saudi Arabia
27 million people

79 million people

74 million people

Arabic and Kurdish

"Pashto and Dari(Persian)"

Arabic and French


Arabic and English



Arabic, French, Tamazight




United Arab Emirates:




many languages
nationalities in Dubai (Wik)
(2005)[4] 17% Emirati
9.1% Other Arab nationalities
42.3% Indian
13.3% Pakistani
7.5% Bangladeshi
2.5% Filipino
1.5% Sri Lankan
0.9% European
0.3% American
5.7% other countries

If you are not with Jesus Christ you are working against Him

so you have to decide

what side are you on

and siding with Jesus Christ means you are in for quite a challenge and quite a struggle, that is gonna take you to your limits, mentally, physicaly and every way possible, and it will test you for everything that you have, you will be persecuted from all sides and all angles and it may even lead to the first death

but even the worst case scenario, the worst case scenario that could happen under the watchful eye of our awesome, just and merciful God,

even that is not nearly as bad as the second death

Craig continues to - go off- on Mark Glenn on his website

not that, that will accomplish a damn thing

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Wikipedia facts about Madagascar

population: 20,653,556 (55th)

languages: Malagasy, French, English

%Christianity: 45%

10-15% - Islam
% Hindu - "small"

plus 10-15%
plus "small"

doesn't = 100%

so I guess, Wikipedia who often uses "C.E." instead of A.D. to signify the year, which I take as a not so subtle insult to Jesus Christ, didn't do a serious study about how many Christians there are in Madagascar,

President: Andry Nirina Rajoelina (below)

The Bush family, , I guess they are a royal blood line family

apparently that royal blood line stuff is taken seriously

really seriously


just becuase GWB was born into that

doesnt mean he is part of it

as far as GWB, I have never seen a nicer guy so hated and insulted and defamed and slandered as GWB

if u have seen enough of him to get a good idea of what type of human being is and you dont see

GOOD-NESS and righteous-ness

then I just cant respect your opinions and judgements on anything

if you havent seen enough of him, and u get the information filtered through layers and layers of lies and liars, then I could cut you some slack

his father

I am not sure what I think of him.

From Africa News dot com: Former Madagascar Prime Minister Tantely Andrianarivo returns to Madagascar after being in exile

from above article


Madagascar's former prime minister has returned home ahead of a constitutional referendum next month after spending nearly seven years in exile, witnesses said.
Tantely Andrianarivo who was prime minister under former president Didier Ratsiraka arrived late Wednesday. On his arrival at Antananarivo airport, he said, “It's with great humility that I once again set foot on Madagascan soil after almost seven years of exile.”

The former prime minister is the second major political figure to return from exile since the fall of the Ravalomanana regime 19 months ago and the seizing of power by Andry Rajoelina.

Pierrot Rajaonarivelo, a former deputy prime minister under Ratsiraka, returned from exile at the end of April 2009.

“I haven't come back to occupy a post but rather to understand the way of life and the wishes of the people of Madagascar,” said Andrianarivo.

Andrianarivo fled Madagascar in January 2004, a few days after he was sentenced to 12 years forced labour on charges including embezzlement and usurpation of office by the government of then president Marc Ravalomanana.

Prime minister under Ratsiraka, who governed from 1975 to 1993 and then from 1997 to 2002, Andrianarivo was arrested in May 2002 during the political crisis that put an end to the Ratsiraka regime and brought Ravalomanana to power.

“We were defeated but we were not at fault,” Andrianarivo told some 200 people who turned out to meet him, referring to his sentence.

The Indian Ocean Island has been mired in a political crisis since the end of 2008 and the March 2009 eviction of Ravalomanana

and his replacement by Rajoelina, a former mayor of Antananarivo.

A constitutional referendum is planned for November 17, followed by legislative elections in March 2011 and a presidential poll in May, according to a political agreement signed August 13 between the Rajoelina regime and around 100 political parties.

The process has been criticised by the camps of the three former presidents Ravalomanana, Ratsiraka et Albert Zafy

Tantely Andrianarivo (below)

so the fact that it has the acronym which I know so many fake front organizations have

that's enough for me to in good conscience file that in the non-sense drawer

acronym organizations = almost always bad

I take it back, maybe its not nonsense, but I am getting too old to totally revamp my thinking

Craig wanted to like that guy Eli James. but after reading title on one of his sites

"The official website of the Ecclesiastical Council for the Restoration of Covenant Israel (ECRCI), an organization of Christian Identity pastors, teachers, and researchers who have dedicated themselves to the awakening of the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Caucasian peoples as the true and only descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. "

what the hell is that nonsense

stocky jewish guy playing with the head of a non-jewish guy and then discarding him

Thursday, October 14, 2010

you look at the map of the middle east and you see teeny tiny Israel surrounded by all these muslim countries and u think aww poor Israel, they just

want that little piece of land, and even that, the friggen arabs have to come and push their way on to even that


the ruling classes in all the arab countries are combinations of jewish and traitors to their own people, sold out, soul-less, bought off and pathologically cowardly loyal to the jews,

just like in this country

In the "Ancient world" as Mullins put it, the satanic tyrants hoarded gold,

money "backed" - whatever that means- by gold, doesnt make money any less bull shit than federal reserve printing press money, Mullins missed that

Geraldo: or should I just call u reverend Bentley

Zhirnovsky: dollar dollar dollar, dirty green paper, soul-less

I made so few reserve notes,,I made so few electronic digits this week

I made so little money this week, its un believable how little money I made, so so little, and I worked (dialed a phone) like 8 hours a day

I feel the words have more power in big bold red, thats why I like to type posts more than the body of the post

in the below, I was speaking literally, I did not descend into hell

I was speaking literally below

I am starting to like my new glasses, they fucken rock I look so cool

Craig decides to re-add the Mark Glenn, ugly-truth guy, but he is on a short -dont-annoy-Craig leash not that he cares

dont annoy Craig, or cause Craig to think you are playing games or deceiving, even though shitloads of your commenters are,

apparently he likes having fake commenters on his site

that wouldnt fly around here

no fakes

part 3 of 3, Japan connection to Israel

doesnt know how the 33 years of Jesus's life is treated, as far as B.C. or A.D. or if those 33 years are in between but will try to find out

part 2 of 3: Japan connection to Israel

I like at 4:07 "locals were amazed at how serious and deep the investigation was"

if this is not bull shit

Craig's anti-judaism jets cool off a little bit,not much, but a little bit

comic relief, Heckle and Jeckle, King Tut's Tomb (1950)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

speaking of connections, this is a youtube video about connections between Japan and Israel

Japan who has the highest richest standard of living by far of all the Asian countries, while other Asian countries all around them have lots of poverty and suffering

The video paints Israel as victims, which is bull shit

but the connection between Japan and Israel, I think there is something to that

Snake charmer in Jaipur,India

Map showing how far away Egypt is from India, not that there is any connection at all between Egypt and India

Dictionary dot com defintion of "Sphinx"

sphinx   /sfɪŋks/ Show Spelled
[sfingks] Show IPA

–noun, plural sphinx·es, sphin·ges  /ˈsfɪndʒiz/ Show Spelled
[sfin-jeez] Show IPA
1. (in ancient Egypt)
a. a figure of an imaginary creature having the head of a man or an animal and the body of a lion.
b. ( usually initial capital letter ) the colossal recumbent stone figure of this kind near the pyramids of Giza.
2. ( initial capital letter ) Classical Mythology . a monster, usually represented as having the head and breast of a woman, the body of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. Seated on a rock outside of Thebes, she proposed a riddle to travelers, killing them when they answered incorrectly, as all did before Oedipus. When he answered her riddle correctly the Sphinx killed herself.
3. any similar monster.
4. a mysterious, inscrutable person or thing, esp. one given to enigmatic questions or answers.
Use sphinx in a Sentence
See images of sphinx
Search sphinx on the Web


1375–1425; late ME < L < Gk sphínx, equiv. to sphing-, base of sphíngein to hold tight ( cf. sphincter) + -s nom. sing. ending

picture of a king cobra snake from google images

so it seems to me that a "sphinx" which looks a little bit like a cobra to me, guards the pyramids

more to follow as I think about it and check stuff out on the internet more

gateway truths

truths Truths,

the capital or lower case t is irrelevant to me
I've noticed that some people make a big deal about it, I would suggest to avoid talking to people like that

but some truths are gateway truths,

gateways to lies

The money/satan controlled media, when they see how barely anyone pays attention to them let alone believes anything they say,

they sometimes go thru phases of trying to legitamize themselves in younger (the only partially trusting/believing-their-lies audience they have left)impressionable people that have some respect for truth

but its always


truth that has other damaging lies tied to it and embedded into it
truth that has advertisements for other lies and liars tied and embedded into it

its gateway truth,

so you are better off just completely ignoring the tv, the radio, and the newspaper, and most of the internet, except for say sites like this one and a few others,

doesnt know if Ahmadinejad is jewish, but would not be surprised if he is

its meaningful because some that purport to be interested in the truth, that take his side, (when he may be jewish and secretly in on it so to speak)

show themselves to be either fake or ignorant to the point of not paying attention to them


if he is not JEWISH, and that is just some bull shit from the UK telegraph,

then those people that take his side are OK

they still have some level of moral authority

He does have a big nose, but, there are non jewish people with big noses, so that doesnt prove anything one way or the other

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Question if you assume 4 generations per 100 years, how many generations has there been since the time of Jesus Christ

2010-33 = 1977 (not getting into the idea that some say Jesus Christ was born 6-7 B.C)

1977 / 25

so lets say 79 generations

while 2010 years seems like a long time

79 generations doesnt seem that long

and I really think He is coming soon,

79 generations is like


great great great... 76th great, grandparents

I mean its a long time ago

but its not THAT long

and also

the whole world had to hear the gospel

He couldnt forget about anyone

He couldnt say ah, screw it, its too hard to get over there

it had to get preached everywhere on the whole planet

and now it has

but I trust that i really dont even have to explain what i tried to explain below, to people that I would be interested in speaking to

If I would have to explain that to someone and make that qualification to someone, then I wouldnt be associating with them in the first place

when I say education is a scam, if someone teaches you something tangible and useful thats good

education in its inextricable interwoven-ness with the money system is one of the many corrupt institutions all tied up in its bull shit,

but if someone teaches you how to put wood and/or metal together with nails and/or screws, and nuts and bolts, and washers, and wingnuts,

or teaches you about wiring and electric circuits, or welding, or plumbing or air conditioning, or heating,or how to farm, and make food, or make energy with chemistry or physics,

then that is good

ideally someone can show you it for free without an exchange of money

or they could show you it and teach you it in exchange for you doing something for them.

banks are what fuck everything up,

as Mullins pointed out, people left Europe because they were tired of banks taking over their land and reaping the fruits of their labors and energies

knowledge is good

the institution of education isnt about real knowledge its theft plain and simple, it works with and advertises for the banking system and the legal system the twin satanic evils on this planet,

SO many people, so many fake Christians that really deserve to be shot for their deceptions, c mon GOd, get involved soon

Wikipedia facts about Egypt

-Population: 79,089,650 (thats around 3x as many people as in Saudi Arabia)
-Language: Arabic
-%Christianity: 10%

90% Muslim

There is a term called "Coptic" applied to Christianity,

According to

Coptic: n
1. an Afro-Asiatic language, written in the Greek alphabet but descended from ancient Egyptian. It was extinct as a spoken language by about 1600 ad but survives in the Coptic Church
— adj
2. of or relating to this language
3. of or relating to the Copts

Leader of Egypt (below): President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak

I was on a plane in July, and there was an egyptian guy sitting near me

I heard him tell someone he was from Egypt,

he was such an asshole

He was driving the flight attendants crazy, so demanding

asking for drinks, and more drinks, and tea, and coffee, and orange juice, and snacks, and as much as he could get, asking for pillows and blankets,

one of the flight attendants said in a somewhat exasperated tone
"my are u thirsty"

he was driving them crazy, and also annoying everyone around him,

He was asshole, that was my most recent experience with an egyptian

but I am sure that doesnt mean all Egyptians are assholes just because that one Egyptian guy was most definitely an asshole


but enough about that, lately I have been thinking a lot about the Pyramids in Egypt, and I want to investigate all that

Craig purchased glasses with bigger lens to try to minimize the appearance of his nose, but feels his nose still looks big

I mention stuff in my about me section, but I have zero respect for the institutions of education and money,

education is a scam

banking is a scam

they are filthy rackets,

all who advertise for these institutions and try to bolster their credibility and legitamacy will answer for it.

If were in charge woe unto them right now, but when the righteous judge starts His righteous judgement and sends all the advertisers for the satanic institutions, education, banking, law, just to name a few, I really hope I can watch it

I am not advertising for them, but I know that when I examine someone that purports to be telling the truth, or seems to be interested in the truth, I am a little curious as to where they have been and what might have influenced them,

while I dont discount everything Mullins says, it seems to me his serious personal issue with G HW Bush -fucks up- his reasoning a little bit

Monday, October 11, 2010

Eustace Mullins

youtube video about Christianity in Saudi Arabia

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