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Obama's Wars and the Deepening Global Economic Crisis
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Global Research, October 18, 2010

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SUPERPOWER: Feature Documentary
Order from Global Research
- 2010-10-21

The Great Depression of the XXI Century
- by Michel Chossudovsky, Andrew Gavin Marshall - 2010-10-20

Sheikh Zaki Yamani, former Saudi oil minister denounces speculation: Different Role for OPEC in the Future
- 2010-10-18

US official: A new event "might surprise you the way 9/11 surprised us"
- 2010-10-18

The Parasitic Nature of the current Monetary System
- by Amanda Morales - 2010-10-18

Wall Street, White House blame homeowners in foreclosure crisis
- by Tom Eley - 2010-10-18

"Fraudclosures" and Unemployment in America
- by Danny Schechter - 2010-10-18

Israeli police look to settlers to fill ranks
First army, now police set for takeover
- by Jonathan Cook - 2010-10-18

Nearly Half of All Americans Believe "The Federal Government Poses An Immediate Threat To Rights And Freedoms"
Painting by Anthony Freda
- by Washington's Blog - 2010-10-18

Dirty War in Afghanistan
- by Douglas Valentine - 2010-10-17

The Global Crisis, The Role and Meaning of Art in Society
- by Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin - 2010-10-17
The more horrifying the world becomes, the more art becomes abstract. - Paul Klee
Quantitative Easing, Inflation, Hyperinflation and Global Deflationary Depression
- by Bob Chapman - 2010-10-17

Global Economic Crisis: Towards a Worldwide Process of Geopolitical Dislocation
- by GEAB - 2010-10-17

Are ALL Mortgage Backed Securities a Scam?
- by Washington's Blog - 2010-10-17

Labor Rights in Occupied Lands: US Busting Labor Unions in Iraq
- by Sherwood Ross - 2010-10-17

Winning The Currency War: The Unleashing of a "Financial Nuclear War"
- by Matthias Chang - 2010-10-17

Liu Xiaobo’s "Nobel Prize for Capitalism"
- by Stephen Gowans - 2010-10-17

US-NATO Casualties in Afghanistan Soaring
45 Service Members Killed in October
- by Farid Behbud, Abdul Haleem - 2010-10-17

“Obama Wars”: Woodward’s Ominous Narrative on the Af-Pak War
- by Mohammad Jamil - 2010-10-17

The Weaponization of Space: Corporate Driven Military Unleashes Pre-emptive Wars
- by Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat - 2010-10-17

Poem: Computer Keystroke Creditors
- by Roberta Kelly - 2010-10-17

Foreclosuregate: Time to Break Up the Too-Big-to-Fail Banks?
- by Ellen Brown - 2010-10-16

Medical Doctor Who ‘Inspired’ Torture Program Gets $31 Million Army Contract
- by Daniel Tencer - 2010-10-16

Central Bankers Defend New Capital Rules
- by Brian Blackstone, Michael R. Crittenden - 2010-10-16

My Oath to Israel’s “Jewish Democracy”
Why my fingers will be crossed
- by Jonathan Cook - 2010-10-16

US Eyeing Expanding its War on Terror Formally into Pakistan?
- 2010-10-16

New War Rumors: U.S. Plans To Seize Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal
- by Rick Rozoff - 2010-10-16
The expansion of the West’s war in Afghanistan into Pakistan with the ultimate goal of seizing the nation’s nuclear weapons.
The War On Terror
- by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - 2010-10-16
The “war on terror” is now in its tenth year. What is it really all about?
Pentagon Chief Asserts US “National Interest” in China Seas
- by Bill Van Auken - 2010-10-15

The CIA, the KKK and the USA
- by Sherwood Ross - 2010-10-15

Israeli Forces Test Transfer Scenario
Secret drill simulates riots by Arab citizens
- by Jonathan Cook - 2010-10-15

The Case Against Fluoride: Toxifying the Tap
- by Rady Ananda - 2010-10-15

Rwandan Opposition Leader Victoire Ingabire Arrested
- by Ann Garrison - 2010-10-15

The Tide Has Changed: A Musical Essay and a Lesson in Humanity
- by Ramzy Baroud - 2010-10-15

A Plunge into a Monetary No Man’s Land
- by Bob Chapman - 2010-10-14

Tom Donilon: Obama’s new National Security Adviser
- by Eric Walberg - 2010-10-14

"Blood on British Hands": The Fate of Guantanamo Detainee 239 British National Shaker Aamer
- by Felicity Arbuthnot - 2010-10-14

Afghanistan Air Strikes Up 172 Percent
- 2010-10-14

Spiralling Defense Budget. Congress Urges Cuts in Pentagon’s Budget
- by Project on Defense Alternatives (PDA) - 2010-10-14

Spain on the Ropes
- by Ignacio Ramonet - 2010-10-14

Chile's Ghosts Are Not Being Rescued
- by John Pilger - 2010-10-14

Evidence Refutes the Official 9/11 Investigation: The Scientific Forensic Facts
- by Richard Gage, Gregg Roberts - 2010-10-13

“Reset” in US Russian Relations and "Missile Defence"
- by Valentin Zorin - 2010-10-13

Big Brother: Spying on Americans, The Threat of Satellite Surveillance
- by John Flemming - 2010-10-13

Pipeline Geopolitics. Betting and Bluffing in the New Great Game
- by Pepe Escobar - 2010-10-13

The New York Times Defends Assassinations. The Right of US Government "to assassinate anyone it pleases"
- by Patrick Martin - 2010-10-13

Shifting the "War on Terror" to Pakistan: The Real Target is Pakistan’s Nuclear Potential
- by A R Jerral - 2010-10-13

America Threatens China: World Should Be Wary of Cold War Practices
- 2010-10-13

New ‘Cold War’ in the "Warming Arctic"? Confrontation in Global Race for Resources
- by Boris Volkhonsky - 2010-10-13

"The Largest Financial Swindle in World History". "Counterfeit" Mortgages "Laundered" by the Banks
- by Washington's Blog - 2010-10-13

Poll: Most Americans Don’t Want War with Iran
- 2010-10-12

America´s Shadow Class War and the 2010 Elections. The Rich are Getting Richer.
- by E.J. Dionne Jr. - 2010-10-12

Inside the Global Banking Intelligence Complex, BCCI Operations
Part II
- by David DeGraw - 2010-10-12

No International Justice for Congo. UN Coverup of War Crimes
- by Ann Garrison - 2010-10-12

Britain: Frog Numbers Plummet 80% as Virus Decimates Adult Population
- 2010-10-12

Nuclear Weapons and the Survival of the Homo Sapiens (Part II)
Michel Chossudovsky's presentation at the University of Havana
- by Fidel Castro Ruz - 2010-10-12

US Elections, Global Banking, Nuclear Weapons and Democracy
Selected Articles
- 2010-10-12

Russia and America are doomed to Remain Political Enemies
Interview with Alexei Fenenko
- by Samir Shakhbaz - 2010-10-12

Predatory Finance: The New Mode of Global Warfare
- by Michael Hudson - 2010-10-12

Bolivia: ‘Never Before Have We Seen Such Changes’
- by Alina Canaviri Sullcani - 2010-10-12

Judge Bars Torture Evidence in Ex-Guantánamo Detainee Trial
- by Bill Van Auken - 2010-10-12

U.S. Threat to Attack Iran with Nukes is “Criminal"
- by Sherwood Ross - 2010-10-11

The Top Censored Stories From 2009-2010
- by Project Censored - 2010-10-11

America’s “Afghan Trap” Enters 10th Year
- by Robert Bridge - 2010-10-11

Foreclose This: There’s More Than Robo Signatures To Blame For The Ongoing Foreclosure Scandal
- by Danny Schechter - 2010-10-11

Israel's Other ‘Peace’ Plan. Arm-Twisting Obama
- by Jonathan Cook - 2010-10-11

Who Controls "Big Money"? The Barclay's Octopus
- by Matthias Chang - 2010-10-11

Reports Expose White House Cover-up of BP spill
- by Tom Eley - 2010-10-11

Over 60 Percent of Afghans Suffer Mental Health Problems
- 2010-10-11

Argentina Protests UK Falklands Military Exercise
- 2010-10-11

Afghanistan: Global NATO’s First Ground War In Its Tenth Year
- by Rick Rozoff - 2010-10-11

Invasive Cyber Technologies and Internet Privacy: Big Brother is only a "Ping" or Mouse Click Away
- by Tom Burghardt - 2010-10-11

Why Is Unemployment Rising?
- by Washington's Blog - 2010-10-10

Does Your Food Contain Genetically Modified Organisms?
- by Rady Ananda - 2010-10-10

The Wealthy are Bursting from their Financial Seams: The Struggle for a Workers' Recovery
- by Shamus Cooke - 2010-10-10

Pakistani, European Officials Charge US Manufactured Terror Scare
- by Robert Stevens - 2010-10-10

The Ecuadorian Coup: Its Larger Meaning
- by James Petras - 2010-10-10

The Afghan War, Past and Present
- by FAIR - 2010-10-09

US Banks Fake Documents to Rush Foreclosures
- by Tom Eley - 2010-10-09

The US Economy is Faltering. An Inflationary Depression is in Progress
- by Bob Chapman - 2010-10-09

Impasse of US-NATO Military Adventure: Coalition loses 150 Tankers in Pakistan
- by Syed Moazzam Hashmi - 2010-10-09

The Nightmare: The Iraq Invasion's Atrocities, Unearthing the Unthinkable
- by Felicity Arbuthnot - 2010-10-09
They promised that the invasion of Iraq would be without a bloodbath...

The Financial Crisis Continues to Take its Toll. The Burden That Haunts Obama
- by Danny Schechter - 2010-10-09

Elections in Brazil: US Covert Intelligence Operations in Support of "Democracy"
- by Nil Nikandrov - 2010-10-09

Side-by-Side Gaza Flotilla Timeline Report
- by Friends of Charities Association (FOCA), International Bureau of Humanitarian NGOs (IBH) - 2010-10-09

Pentagon Partners With NATO To Create Global Cyber Warfare System
- by Rick Rozoff - 2010-10-09

Nuclear Weapons and the Survival of the Homo Sapiens
- by Fidel Castro Ruz - 2010-10-08

Cuban 5: 34 Years of Impunity
- 2010-10-08

The Rwandan Genocide: Revenge Tragedy
- by John Laughland - 2010-10-08

US and Japanese Air Forces Target North Korea
Misawa American Base Town in Northern Japan
- by Saito Mitsumasa - 2010-10-08

Corporate Cash Floods US Congressional Elections
- by Patrick Martin - 2010-10-08

October 7: Ten Years of War in Afghanistan. Obama Should End the War or He Will Pay a Heavy Political Price
- by Kevin Zeese - 2010-10-08

New Side-by-Side Gaza Flotilla Timeline Report: Discredits Israeli Version of Events
- by Friends of Charities Association (FOCA), International Bureau of Humanitarian NGOs (IBH) - 2010-10-08

America’s Third World Economy
- by Paul Craig Roberts - 2010-10-08

Fraud in Home Mortgages: "ForeclosureGate" and Obama’s “Pocket Veto”
- by Ellen Brown - 2010-10-08

IMF Calls for Huge New Round of Bank Bailouts
- by Washington's Blog - 2010-10-08

Afghanistan: 57 NATO Tankers Set Ablaze in Fresh Assaults
- 2010-10-08

The Rights of America´s Veterans: Protests of Bonus Army ¨Were Not In Vain; Their Effort Led To The GI Bill of Rights
- by Sherwood Ross - 2010-10-08

What's Behind the One Nation Rally
- by Jack A. Smith - 2010-10-08

Media Disinformation: Washington´s "Regime Change Hit List": Iran versus Honduras
Part 1
- by Edward S. Herman, David Peterson - 2010-10-07

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