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False Courts of the Sea (Admiralty Law)

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Taking The Kangaroo Courts Down – One Council Tax Hearing At A Time!

Posted on 10 April 2010 by admin

I am encouraged by the massive response that we have had to the last two “in court” videos that went out.

The Cwmbran one has now been embedded on over 100,000 sites globally and that’s created a massive awareness among the people of this country and many overseas to the fact that we CAN and WILL stand up to these false courts of the sea (Admiralty law).
Link to – Cwmbran Video
Link to – Gloucester Video

The Amount of people who have contacted me since and told me they are now going into court to stand up to these cowards on the benches who run at the first sight of trouble has confirmed to me that what we are doing here is right.
Now I don’t profess to be an expert in court, like all of you I am learning as I go, I’m just a bit further along the path than most and not as far along the path as many others. It’s a learning curve and we are all on it.
However by sharing our information and results we will find the chink in their clunky old armour that we are looking for and this will allow us to open the floodgates.
I think I might just have found it … and with all your help we CAN kill their stupid courts for once and for all.
So … here’s how it goes …
Most of the time we are being summonsed (invited) to their places of business (courts) for relatively small amounts of money extorted unlawfully. Parking Fines, litter dropping, Speeding Tickets, Over Zealous Wannabe dictators with a notepad and a badge, you know the sort of thing.
The amounts of money are on average a few hundred pounds if that.
Now, think about this, your average magistrate court appearance by YOU involves …
1. Security company at the doors
2. Clerk to gather names
3. 1 or 2 court ushers
4. Clerk of the court
5. The dipstick from the council/PCSO/Copper (delete as required)
6. THREE magistrates
7. A court Solicitor often as not

Now without anyone else that makes about 7 to 10 people and that’s BEFORE you have walked into the court!!
Now, I know for a fact that none of these useless tossers are on anything like MINIMUM WAGE in fact they are all going to be on fat civil service salary so let’s assume on average they are pulling £20 an hour! So, I make that so far about £140 per hour (7 x £20) at the very least.
However I happen to know from a whistle-blower I have in one council that council workers get “special money” for going to court and this can be up to £50 a day on top!
So let’s add that money in and now we are at about £190 per hour. The old bill is adding up here isn’t it?
OK – then we have lunch to consider. Now you and I know that the beaks won’t nip round the corner to MacDonald’s, Oh no far too Hoi Polloi for those folks. Instead they will be fed in a restaurant somewhere, with the obligatory bottles of wine / port etc. which is why they always go for two bloody hours at these “gigs” – AND – they are still being paid for those two hours. So lunch for the Magistrates will probably rack up at another £100.
So for a 6 hour day (10 – 4) we are looking at about £1200 – £1500 in costs for them to put on their fake courts. And that’s at a very minimum.
So, this means that their stated mission must be to get as much money out of YOU as is feasibly possible in the shortest amount of time so that they can all go down the pub (dontcha know).
Well, here’s a thing … when we went to Cwmbran we wasted 47 minutes of the courts time, we had 6 police officers in attendance (adding appx another £150 to the costs, 3 Magistrates, 1 Clerk, 2 Ushers, 2 Security Guards, 1 Council Solicitor (whose bill alone must have been about £400 for the hour). We totted it up and we estimate that our little venture to Cwmbran must have cost the court around £1,200 for the hour that we were there.
The Council Tax bill they were after was for a quarter of that amount!!
And so we now begin to see the cracks! Let me explain.
After Cwmbran I know that my good friend SB and JD have given the police lots of complaints (more cost to them) and badgered the hell out of the council with further letters (More cost to them) not contracted with any bailiffs (more cost to them) and now they have involved another police force OUTSIDE of the one where they made the original complaint. (More cost to them).
Now the beauty of all this “cost to them” is that they can NEVER claim it back from you!!!
So with all the added cost to them, and after talking to a few people we estimate that the total “cost to them” so far in the Cwmbran case must be at least £3,000 to £4,000 pounds by now … and they still only want £380 from SB.
Now I don’t know about you but I think to NOT pay £380 and yet being able to cause them all that grief and have them waste more money which they can’t collect, represents, in terms of entertainment – bloody excellent value for money!
Indeed, I had somebody tell me on the phone yesterday that this was better than a Sky Sports subscription – I asked why – he said well this way you don’t pay a penny and you are right there on the pitch! (God I laughed my head off!!)
Now … Gloucester … we did exactly the same there and I know that Andy & Sarah have been giving the Council and the Police Grief down there, Nutty Norm and I are in the process of preparing Liens to recover the £9,000 bill we put into the Council for them having the pleasure of our company (after all they invited us there and we told them the costs up front!!) so that case is going to cost them a HUGE amount of money that they can’t collect back off Sarah!
So here’s the thing …
If we all stood up to the puppet courts, put these judges on their oaths and bind them to OUR contract as Veronica shows us here:-
… then we are in a position to effectively take this system of courts and these attempts to extort private funds for public debts down very very quickly …
Here’s how …
Let’s do some simple sums …
let’s make an assumption that 1000 rebels decided NOT to take the crap in the courts and stand up to them aiming to get the judges out of the court and generally waste their time as they do ours.
Let’s assume that on average we can waste their time for an hour as we often do in these jollies to the courts that we go on.
now, we know that the cost is about £200 an hour minimum with all the people involved in the acting etc. (Magistrates, Clerks, Ushers, Security and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all).
So …
1000 people wasting 1 hour each case = 1000 hours
1000 hours x £200 per hour = £200,000 per hour cost to them
Now think about this … if that 1000 people could waste just 5 hours of the courts time per week the cost to them would be …
£1,000,000.00 PER WEEK!!! or £52,000,000 PER YEAR!
Now, if we, the founders of Freedom Rebels (and that includes ALL of you as you built this community) could persuade just 2% of this country to stop taking this crap and waste their time for just HALF of the year …
The cost to them would be …
THIRTY  TWO BILLION POUNDS PER YEAR!!! (£32,000,000,000.00)
How do I get to that figure … here’s how
Population = 60 Million – 2% = 1,200,000 (x 1 hours)
1.2 Million Hours x £200 = £1.2 Billion
£1.2 Billion x 5 Days a week for 26 weeks a year
= £32,000,000,000.00
Now, let’s take into consideration the fact that YOU are able to waste their time at no cost to you and with no risk of imprisonment for exercising your lawful right to question their authority and you have the CHINK IN THIER ARMOUR.
John Harris told me some time ago that the one thing they crave is money – they need it from you – it’s their LIFELINE. Without money they are finished, their fake money is gone, their rules are out of the window, our constables will stop taking their orders as they will once more be responsible to their communities and NOT the paymasters, the armed forces will come home to their families and leave the Afghans, Iraqi’s, Iranians and any other country with resources of Opium or Oil well alone and we will go back fast to the LAW OF THE LAND, the law that existed long before the Parliament ….

We can do this – all you guys have to do is do what we are already doing.
None of us knew how it would go the first time we went into court on our own to give some verbal to the berk on the bench, however driven by an instinct that we knew it was right – we did it anyway. Why?
Because there is NOTHING to fear! It is THEM who should be afraid, VERY AFRAID and I have personally stood in court with Jaydee and Others and we have witnessed their programming shutting down and watched them stare in to space not knowing what do then getting up and leaving.
As Lewis Carrol said in Alice …
“The Time Has Come The Walrus Said … to speak of many things …”
People, Rebels, that time is NOW, we can hit these Kangaroo courts where it hurts – in the pocket- we don’t need violence (that just breeds more violence) we just need US … that’s it …. nothing more.
Just US, faith in our convictions that we are not subservient to anyone because as I, Veronica, John Harris and many others will tell you.

They do not have ANY authority over us – any authority they may have – you give to them by your consent – DONT CONSENT, DONT CONTRACT, DONT ACCEPT ANYTHING FROM THEM.
The time has come for us to take THIRTY TWO BILLION back from them in wasted time.
I’ve made a start, so have these people …Nutty Norm, Jaydee, Sssonick, John The Bat, Graeme & Phylippa, Ian W, Drew in Chichester, Veronica, Guy Euden, John Harris, Steve in Wirral, Captain Scarlett, Rhapsody Angel, Muchly Jip, Pigdog and many others on this site and other sites / organisations.
We have lit the path, nothing more, now you can follow that path if you choose – as Veronica so aptly puts it.
There is no path to freedom … freedom is the path.
Today, I call upon you all, my fellow human beings, brothers, sisters, old and young alike … Rise Up From Your Knees and Stand!
The Time Has Come! This Is OUR time … the time our children and Grandchildren will thank us for or hate us for … a time of which they will want to hear the stories or look at us disdainfully asking … “what did you do to stop this?”
How that turns out is up to us.
Let’s do this and where you can, please please video proceedings, they will not put these courts on record (obviously) so we must. Post your videos on here and on YouTube / Vimeo and post your stories here.
The more of us that do this the more people will do the same … remember the film “field of dreams”

Well, we’ve built it – now it’s time for us all to come to the playing field and hit the ball out of the park for once and for all.
Thank you for your time, support, encouragement, involvement and above for you being YOU! The wonderful Freedom Rebels Community. You make me proud to be a Human Being!
Check out the “Court Reports” Group on http://www.freedomRebels.co.uk – you can find the group here:-

Henry II created the common law in the twelfth century, which resulted in revolutionary changes in the English legal system, chief among which were the action of debt, the assize of novel disseisin, and trial by jury.

The sources of these three institutions have long been ascribed to influences from other legal systems such as Roman law.

Professor Makdisi has uncovered new evidence which suggests that these institutions may trace their origins directly to Islamic legal institutions.

This Article explores the origins of these three institutions by tracing their unique characteristics to three analogous institutions in Islamic law.

The royal English contract protected by the action of debt is identified with the Islamic 'Aqd, the English assize of novel disseisin is identified with the Islamic Istihqaq, and the English jury is identified with the Islamic Lafif.

The evidence lies in the unique identity of characteristics of these three institutions with those of their Islamic counterparts, the similarity of function and structure between Islamic and common law, and the historic opportunity for transplants from Islam through Sicily.

The origins of the common law are shrouded in mystery. Created over seven centuries ago during the reign of King Henry II of England; to this day we do not know how some of its most distinctive institutions arose.1

For example, where did we get the idea that contract transfers property ownership by words and not by delivery or that possession is a form of property ownership? Even more importantly, where did we get the idea that every person is entitled to trial by jury?

Historians have suggested that the common law is a product of many different influences, the most important being the civil law tradition of Roman and canon law.2

Yet, as we shall see, the legal institutions of the common law fit within a structural and functional pattern that is unique among western legal systems and certainly different from that of the civil law. The coherence of this pattern strongly suggests the dominating influence of a single preexisting legal tradition rather than a patchwork of influences from multiple legal systems overlaid on a Roman fabric. The only problem is that no one preexisting legal tradition has yet been found to fit the picture.

This Article looks beyond the borders of Europe and proposes that the origins of the common law may be found in Islamic Law.
References:North Carolina Law Review, June 1999, v77, i5, pp. 1635-1739
The Islamic Origins of the Common Law
By John A. Makdisi

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