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You Promised Me Democracy

You Promised Me Democracy

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You promised me democracy,
But look what you have done to me.
You robbed my past,
and future stole,
and a present
left to me,
crushed beyond
a mending hope.
Ten years before invading me,
you broke my dams
and bridges bombed,
and power plants,
and sewage lines,
and water mains,
You fed the plants
with pesticide,
The baby food and medicine
you destroyed;
and the silos
of my grain
you set aflame.
So I may not
make good my loss
nor repair
my water mains,
you shackled me
in sanctions,
and a million kids
you starved to death.
I lived Saddam’s
nightmare through.
I knew what I
must watch out for.
But now I don’t know
where to hide
for death has lost
its pattern now.
He used to kill
and bury us,
friendless in
our unmarked graves;
but our names
he kept on files.
And now that you
are killing us,
we do not even
have a grave,
nor a number
nor a name–
thus in your books
we never lived.
He was your friend
who hurried us,
so many to their
early deaths,
with weapons that you
sold to him,
while you looked
the other way.
He was not
a ‘tyrant’ then,
which of late
he has become.
You merely changed
the label,
so you could come
and liberate,
the wealth that we
are sitting on,
and this you call
our liberation!
You promised me
but look what you
have done to me.
With bombs you won
my heart over,
with blows you changed
my mind.
You tore into
my home at night,
and pulverized
my only peace.
And shrieking as
my mother watched,
with frightened children
Gathered ‘round,
you floored my father
in a heap,
with kicks and blows
and rifle butts,
and tore my humble
home apart.
Then you led
our men away,
with tied hands
behind their backs,
and with their eyes folded blind,
into the endless prison night.
And there you tore
my father’s robe.
To cover then
his nakedness,
upon his head
you put the hood,
and leashed him like
a dog on show,
and your dogs
unleashed on him.
You promised me
but look what you
have done to me.
You took my youth
in prime away–
you shredded wedding
The little joys
that I had left,
merriment in
a broken life,
now in collateral
damage rest,
rising up
in smoke and flame,
of a mindless
bombing run.
‘Tis peel and husk
I have for food,
and water mixed
with sewage now
is all I have
to slake my thirst.
You even took
my sand away,
polluted by
uranium dust,
so when I have
my children they
shall be deformed,
unlovely and
and so unlike
your lovely kids!
My millions homeless
roam the road,
and orphaned children
beg in streets.
My women raised
in sanctity,
are now the stuff
of ravishment.
My men are slaughtered
out of hand,
and widows search
the morgues for them.
My dawn is dull,
and dusk is blood,
and bombs and blasts,
my afternoons.
My night in hopelessness is sunk,
when peace with me
a refuge takes,
and heaps on me
another dawn–
another search
of bodies lost;
another count
of heaped insults;
another day
to death evade,
call it life,
and celebrate.
So now when I
am fighting back,
my fearlessness
is causing awe.
but unafraid,
when I equalize myself,
and blow my only
life away,
you are shocked,
and label me
a terrorist!
I who want
my honor lost
and country back–
–a terrorist?
And you who came here
for my oil,
on crutches of
a shameless lie,
are and always
shall remain,
the humanist!
I know your type.
I see your greed
and hunger know,
but it is those
I want to know,
whose vote does so
empower you.
Do they not see
what they have done?
They promised me
but look what they
have done to me!
(c) 2010 by Saeed Malik


The sad thing is that even those foolish Muslims (like the stupid Zionist Christians) have been successfully indoctrinated into believing in DEMOCRACY, which in real fact means JUDEOCRACY, rule by DEMONS or DEMONCRACY! 

There was never such a thing as Western democracy except in the books; it has always been FASCISM from day one!  And, like Dr Kent Hovind used to say, all democracies end up in FASCISM and DICTATORSHIP!

Whether I like or not the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they at least granted Americans INALIENABLE RIGHTS, GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS making sure that nobody could ever take them away from them, but for some Kabbalistc reasons JEWS managed to con the Goyin and take away those God-Given rights without them putting up a fight and made the Christian themselves vote for scrapping them, and placed all their perverts at the top of all American Institutions.

Ever since I read history by myself (outside the Citadels of Slavery), I learned that NOBODY SHOULD EVER BELIEVE ANY PROMISE MADE BY WHITE EUROPEANS!  Ask Jewish Pr Howard Zinn (deceased now and for ever because people will never learn!) what did the "WHITE GRAND FATHER OF WASHINGTON" do with all their Treaties with the Natives?

What did the JEWISH BARBARIANS AND THIEVES do with all their PEACE TREATIES, ACCORDS, PEACE PROCESSES,AND PROMISES?  At least, they are more honest than the White Europeans, because they have been saying all along that they are KOLNIDRISTS and will never respect any promises they make to the Goyim because it is a tenet of their Satanic religion to LIE, to PROMISE and not to respect their promise!

The Judeo-Freemasons said they carried out the French Revolution.  I heard the representative of the Grand Orient de France (situated withinn 5 minutes walk from my home and work place and in the very heart of the Jewish Quarter) say this on French television.  The Freemasons chopped the heads of the Christian monarchs and gave the sheeple a UTOPIC LIBERTÉ – ÉGALITÉ - FRATERNITÉ concept that they knew perfectly well France would never achieve until the end of times!

The best system of government which will grand real FREEDOM (Liberty), EQUALITY and BROTHER/SISTERHOOD (that is JUSTICE FOR ALL) remains the ISLAMIC STATE or a REPUBLIC where there are no citizens and where all people have INALIENABLE GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS that no Jewish or Atheist Devil can ever take away from them. 

AMERICA had the best Republic in modern history, but it became a Jewish Terrorist State at least since 1913 with its bastard child ISRAEL in the very heart of Arab land!


Ghyslaine ROC
Servants of GOD and of no man or government
Tuesday 28th of September 2010  

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