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My name is Joe Cortina.  I am a retired Florida businessman who has done
substantial world traveling - some purely as a 'tourist' and some in areas -
shall I say- 'nothing to do with vacationing'.  I am a former special
operations officer and have done intelligence investigator work for over
15years - some of it overseas - mostly in Central America - but also in the
Mid-East. My political posture is ‘conservative’ and my religious values are Christian.

Exposing lies and revealing the truth was what I did professionally for a long time.
I have hunted REAL terrorists in jungles with Salvadorian Rangers
and Marines - so I am not a stranger to dangerous environments and am
familiar with basic protocols of civilized conduct regarding civilians and
the military - something that the Israelis do not consider applicable to them.

For anyone wishing to challenge my credibility - I am willing to show
credentials.  I have a flawless civic record, an honorable military record
and have never committed a crime nor ever been accused of such.  I am
mentioned as my father's son in the registry - 'PIONEER FLORIDA'.  My
grandfather was a pioneer in Florida in the most literal sense, and my
father was a respected businessman and foreign diplomat.

I was invited to Israel by a former military comrade who attained a
substantial rank and subsequently ended up as the ranking military attache'
from our govt., to the Israeli military (IDF).  I went places and saw things
only a hand full of 'private sector' Americans will EVER experience. My
'specially authorized' trips included Gaza City, Hebron and areas of
militarily protected Israeli 'settlements'.  I will touch on only a few of
what I considered the most revealing experiences. I can't stress this
enough. What I write here is but a tear in a sea of misery that I witnessed.

Treason to the United States
While there I witnessed MANY signs and graffiti showing enthusiastic and
shameless support by Israelis for the convicted American traitor Jonathon
Pollard - a Jewish - Zionist Soviet spy.  Intelligence experts in America
have termed Pollards treasonous acts second only to the Rosenbergs in the
level of betrayal and endangerment to every American man woman and child.
According to officials in Tel Aviv, Pollard was AND STILL IS considered a
hero - literally - to the Israelis.  So much for any notion of the Israeli
'love and concern' for American families.

Israeli destruction of civilian homes and businesses:

The road blocks as one neared Gaza strip became increasingly secure and
formidable.  The absence of any civilian traffic was conspicuous. Once in
either a suberb of Gaza or another city in the 'Strip' - I don't remember the
exact name - a ride down the main street looked like a scene from some WWII
movie.  Windows shattered, charred rubble and destroyed vehicles littered
the area. (I saw one still burning).  Then I noticed something a little
strange.  There was no building with any floor above the first.  ALL buildings had any
additional floors blasted into rubble - much of the jagged former
construction black and charred. This was a city street no much different
from any American small town.  Shops, restaurants, services, apartment etc.
blown to bits and vacant as a tomb.

I learned quickly why the upper parts of the buildings (peoples homes and
businesses, incidentally) - were blown away.  This was to reduce any cover
for potential snipers who might threaten Israeli patrols.  Kind of like the
mentality and rationale if it had been your hometown - after being occupied
by the Soviets or Chinese communists.  Just blow it all up!  It is of no
consequence if these were homes and businesses of the Palestinians  -- it
was occupied by the Israelis now!

Mockery of America:

At one of the many roadblocks - usually manned by a small IDF military unit,
we stopped our armored vehicle just long enough for the CIA to 'inspect' the
situation. I got outside and overheard 2 of these young soldiers speaking.
Much to my surprise, they had Brooklyn accents!  I asked them where they
were from, and they answered New York.  Apparently they had left the States
to serve a foreign power -remember - these were American citizens (who just
happened to be Jews)

Puzzled at this bizarre reply, I decided to give benefit of doubt and
responded with something like: "Boy, you guys are really something - having
served the military of your country (remember - they were AMERICAN citizens)
and then investing your time in a 'feeling for duty' to Israel".  They
answered proudly and without hesitation: " Oh no - we haven't served in the
United States military - there's no way".   So if there is any doubt where
their loyalties lie - consider their unabashed answer of mockery for the
notion of serving America.

I can't think of ANY male American CITIZEN who would sneer at serving the
United States but willingly owed their loyalties to -say Italy, or Greece or
Ireland, or France or Germany - just because his ancestors were of that
ethnic group.  AND - if one such person voiced such an opinion - you can
imagine what people would think of him.  But of course - apparently if you
are Jewish - such odious and OPENLY PROUD mockery of love of this
country is acceptable conduct.  So much for American Jewish loyalty to America.

Israeli sanctioned creation of 'incidents':

 I witnessed 'settlers' vehicles driving around and around the homeland of
the Palestinians (JUST LIKE YOUR HOMETOWN - NEVER FORGET THAT FACT!) whose purpose was only to taunt and humiliate the local inhabitants.  One of these
cars had a sun roof through which protruded an Israeli flag (just like a Red
Chinese flag from a car driving around in your American 'occupied'
neighborhood)  -  AND an M-16 automatic rifle to insure their torment of the
helpless Palestinians was 'enforced'.  ANY resistance to the dreaded
'settlers', and the UNITED STATES supplied - IDF rolls in and just blows
them away.

After all - remember - the Palestinians are considered no more than animals
to the Israelis. Do you see some sort of hypocrisy here?  Regarding the
horrendous brutality to the Palestinian civilians - more than one
conscientious Israeli journalist has concluded that "the Palestinians are
now the Jews - and the Israelis are now the NAZIS".  This is a COMMON
reference in Israel today.  Ever see that analogy in an American Newspaper,
magazine or TV presentation?  Ever wonder why not?

There are dozens of such stories involving brutality and inhumane treatment
of the Palestinians by the Israelis - which must be put in historic
perspective.  This is the ancestoral heritage and home of these Palestinians
for over TWELVE HUNDRED YEARS!  An entire MILENNIA longer
than the United States has been in existance! Just immagine a FOREIGN power
GIVING AWAY some 85% of the entire United States to an invading foreign

This land has been the home for generations and generation of
Palestinians, and  'Israelis' are the intruders and occupying force here
-- NOT the other way around. Cold-blooded murders, torture, shelling
of schools and hospitals, bulldozing of homes with civilians buried alive,
destruction of ambulances - and nearly every type of war crimes imaginable
including torture of  eight out of ten Palestinians brought in for "questioning"!
 Many of these incidents were shared with me - although several from
UNQUESTIONABLY reputable sources,  I cannot PERSONALLY
 attest to them - but what I have told the reader and will tell -
are incidents and conduct I witnessed FIRST HAND.

Brutality against children:

 I will share one more incident - one I will not forget - which classically
characterized the Israeli attitude to people which they OPENLY refer to as
"animals".  While in another area of Gaza, we were following our IDF Para
escort. It was an open jeep with heavily armed Paratroops.  Suddenly it screeched
to a halt not 10 yards in front of us and out jumped the men - one
immediately dropped to one knee and took careful aim at his victim to our
immediate right. The 'enemy' some 50 feet away - throwing egg size rocks at
their tormentors.  Hardly sophisticated or dangerous - but there he stood -
proud, defiant and fearless - a 10 year old child. This was HIS neighborhood
and HIS country and HIS land -and he was a prisoner in this Israeli
'concentration camp' for "animals".  Think of it as a 'role change' for
David and Goliath.

Children like this young lad, routinely 'disappear' in
occupied territories.  They are just never seen or heard of again.  I have children
- and grandchildren whom I would defend with my life. I would like you to imagine
 for just a moment that you are not an American - just close your eyes and visualize
-- finding your beloved 10 year old child with half his head blown away - the flies
feasting on his scattered brains. The unimaginable accident ? - NO - a war crime- and it is
YOUR child!  The 'sin' of your child?  He was throwing egg sized rocks at an Israeli tank
 - BOUGHT and PAID FOR by AMERICAN citizens. Could you just forget it as if
were only the family cat - or would you swear revenge/ justice against the monsters that
 made it happen? Could you possibly be so arrogant as to believe that this Palestinian
mother and father loved their child any less than you would - or that 'his' life is 'worth'
less in the eyes of God? 

I had a Canon 35mm camera (official CIA issue at the time) and immediately
jumped out of our vehicle and zeroed in on the would-be murderer - not 10 paces in front of me.
Apparently he saw what I was doing and muttered something I couldn't hear -
as he withdrew back to his jeep. I never saw the child again and was
grateful that I had been able to save his life by my 'intimidation' with a
camera. God only knows how many children that same jeep full of soldiers had
murdered before or after I was there. It is a common practice by the Israeli
govt. military to murder children for even the slightest provocation. It is doubtful
that the young child in this incident ever saw another birthday. Just another nameless
dead "goy" - animal- to the Israelis.

These are the events that occur daily in the 'concentration camps' of the
Israelis - and MUCH MUCH worse!  You will NEVER EVER see these horrors in
the 'news' and rarely if ever even hear of them. Virtually ALL of these
brutal activities are 'filtered' from the American public. You are ONLY
ALLOWED to see what the 'entities' which control the media see fit for you
to see.  ONLY relatively recently - with the wider offerings of 'chat rooms'
'web sites' and other similar internet facilities, do we begin to gain
access to the truth without thousands of miles of travel - years of seasoned
intelligence experience or personal perils.

If you are disgusted with the mega-lies and misleading propaganda - educate
yourself as to what is REALLY going on in the world.  You will NOT find the
complete truth in the newspaper - or Time - or Newsweek - Or Rush - or our
Govt. - or TV or even our hypocrite evangelical pseudo-Christian church
'leaders'.  These daily atrocities committed by the Israelis AND funded by YOU and ME,
are carefully 'filtered' by our Israeli controlled press. Despite the one-sided
propaganda, disinformation, distortions, and outright lies that we have been fed for years,
you may now find and know the truth. The REAL truth – as in “so help me God”

We American have been responsible for the deaths of WAY to many
innocent human beings throughout the world recently. Sooner or later - the
truth will come to light - as it always does.  Do YOU have innocent blood
'on your hands'?  ESPECIALLY encouraged by the blasphemous hatred sponsored by your supposedly ‘Christian’ church?  A LOT of American do - and a 'higher' Judge WILL hold them accountable for these crimes against humanity - even if not in this life.

Keep your eternal soul.  Keep you conscience clean. The truth IS available.
World War III is in the 'making' folks. The ‘model’ revelation for ‘Armageddon’ as described by Nostrodamus centuries ago, is now, at the beginning of the second millennium - becoming frighteningly clear. It is a no-brainer if you just open your eyes and your ears.  There is till time.  Thank you for taking time to read this.  I am willing to speak personally with any moral American who still possesses a conscience and must know the truth.

 I may be contacted through
May God grant you the conscience to care about the good and the evil
May God grant you the wisdom to distinguish the good from the evil
May God grant you the courage to defend the good and expose the evil
May YOU open your eyes and your ears- AND your heart
so God may be able to grant you these priceless gifts.

Joe Cortina




I am finally convinced that a huge percentage of the American people are the worst hypocrites imaginable – considering the fact that some 80% of us claim to be “Christians”.  The AVAILABLE facts that our barbarian young sons have murdered many thousands of  COMPLETELY innocent women and children in Iraq and ten times that many in Afghanistan tell me a great deal about our present day character.  The number of innocents dying or dead from disease, starvation, suicide, and deformed mutated newborn ( thanks to our “safe” DU weapons) are now over SIX figures.

But – that’s OK – because these are Arab peoples and are only “animals” as we are taught by our criminal Zionist leadership – and as I was advised while in the Occupied Territories’ at GAZA in the Summer of 89.  The Talmudic  Jews call them ‘golem’ ( cattle), and our own ‘intellectually challenged’ people slander all of them with terms like “sand niggers” – “camel jockeys” –  and “rag-heads”.  The tens of millions of American evangelical ‘Judeo-Christians’ who have been weaned on the blasphemous Oxford University Press’s ‘New and Improved’ revised Schofield Bible don’t consider Arab/Muslim people worth being respected as fellow humans – and these ‘sub-humans’ are ALL considered to be “cursed” by God.  But of course we are just doing “God’s will”.

I suggest that all this will – in the very near future - lead us into more and more pre-emptive serial wars.  I believe that this madness will ignite consequences of unimaginable proportions and will ultimately lead us into a ‘dark age’ in America’s history the likes of which will eventually destroy ALL semblance of  any goodness left in this country. A country that has endeared itself to me – in uniform and civilian life for over 60 years. As the venerable French philosopher, writer and statesman, Alexis De Tocqueville so ominously stated over 170 years ago: “ America is great because America is good, and when America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great”.      Remember that - always.

So, - for those Americans who feel so arrogant and proud of the unspeakable horrors we have committed AND abetted in committing -- against these innocents – including Palestinian women and children – murdered by the thousands with equipment WE have supplied – and in the name of “just cause” – “honor” –  “liberation” etc. - I have decided to do something different.

Instead of endlessly trying to make the “deaf” hear or the “blind” see – I will give you something to remember, a ‘tool’ which should ease you collective consciences – should you ever come to the future realization - that the Godless horrors you now so proudly boast about – just might in fact be a hypocritical abhorrence in the ‘eyes of God.

If the time for soul searching comes – and the nightmares of unspeakable horrors that YOU and your mindless cruelty made possible -creep into your peaceful sleep – just repeat this mantra, over and over and over again until you believe it.

 REMEMBER – these dead, mutilate and dying  people were NOT your enemies – they were CREATED ‘enemies’.  Created by our press – our leaders – our willing cadre of psycho-monsters, and our own inane fears and ignorance.


This 'tool' is the creation of the psychologist. An intense hatred for people who have done us no wrong - whom we have never met or seen and whose sufferings and burdens and culture we may know nothing about. Here then is how the twisted mind of these pseudo physicians have incited weaker minded people to do their depraved murderous tasks.  THIS is how we turn our youth into cold-blooded murderers 'on demand'.  The humans that our leaders wish to exterminate must first be 'dehumanized' - ESPECIALLY in the naeive, pliable empty minds of our youth..

Start with an ‘empty canvass’ – then sketch, in broad outline, the forms of the men, women and children.

Dip into the unconscious inkwell of your own disowned darkness, and with a WIDE brush – stain these strangers with the sinister hue of the shadow.

Trace onto the faces of ‘the enemy’, the greed, hatred, and cruelty – you dare NOT claim as your own.

Obscure the sweet individuality of each and every face – ESPECIALLY the children!  Then erase all hints of the myriad of the loves, hopes, and fears that play through the kaleidoscope of every finite heart.

Twist the smile on every face – ESPECIALLY the children – until it forms the downward arc of cruelty.  Strip the flesh from bones until only the abstract skeleton of death remains.

Exaggerate each feature until a man is metamorphisized  into a beast – or vermin – or insect.  Fill in the background with malignant figures from ancient nightmares – devils, demons, and other specters of evil.

When your icon of the enemy is complete, you will be able to KILL without GUILT – and SLAUGHTER without shame or conscience.  The thing you destroy will have become merely ‘an enemy of God’ – an impediment to the sacred dialectic of history!

Envision this morbid panorama over and over until you are comfortable with it and rendered whatever conscience remains as childish and impotent. Then – in your mind-you will have made the truth into lies – evil into righteousness – horror into duty and feel at ease with having sold your soul to the devil. It worked in Afghanistan – it worked in Iraq and will work in every relatively defenseless country we allow the Jews to decide must be destroyed.  It works every time – at home ( WACO) and abroad (IRAQ), but ONLY with a dull witted ignorant criminally irresponsible people..

Death will become a merciful escape for most of the poor peoples of any country we decide to destroy next .  If we can find no more enemies to torment – be assured that Israel will identify them for us until their last enemy is murdered. THEN there will be only one last enemy – the Christians. The Jews murdered some 20,000,000 Christians in Lenin’s Marxist Russia.  WACO was just a ‘test’.  The forced removal of the Laws of God from Chief Justice Moore’s courthouse was just another ‘small’ test.  You may be ASSURED – it WILL NOT end there.

THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE – most of whom profess to be ‘Christians’ – and essentially - NOBODY offered to protect the people burned alive or the sacred tablets. We will witness more and bolder actions against our own people and our most sacred traditions in the very near future.  Not to worry – even if we run out of people around the world to destroy for our amusement - we will be provided with lots of “religious cults” to incinerate as “threats to society” and children to exterminate “for their own protection” right here at home.

And for those who begin to question these grizzly murders, there will always be and lots of ‘gladiators’ and ‘chariot races’  and other perversions in our ‘Coliseums’ around the country. There, of course, to keep our minds off of those ‘unpleasant’ issues like defending our Christian faith or defending our Constitution, teaching our children how to think for themselves, or even defending our OWN neighbors!   Here then is the capacity for the average American to set the example of responsibility and maturity and ethics for the future of their country and of their children. This brainless mentality can best be summed up in my community – the Tampa Bay Area with just two words  - the limits of our Republican horizon – GO BUCKS!.

Oh – BTW – I AM a registered Republican and a hawk to my friends – have been for decades – and am now not too proud of what we have become.

 May God forgive you.

Joe Cortina

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