Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's Destroy David Icke Time (But They Won't)

It's Destroy David Icke Time (But They Won't)


I have been saying in articles and newsletters since last year that during 2010 there would be a long-planned campaign to discredit me with the aim of destroying my work in the wake of the publication of my new book. 
I knew it was coming and I knew who the source was planned to be because I was warned well in advance and I said that people would be surprised by who it was (though certainly not those who have had experience of this glove-puppet for the forces I have spent two decades exposing). 
That campaign has started behind the scenes and no doubt will 'go public' eventually. 
Don't be shocked by anything that is said about me - the people behind it are vicious, cold, callous, thoroughly vindictive, deeply devious and totally self-obsessed who hide behind a fake persona of 'love and light and kindness' while wishing only to do as much damage as possible to me, my work, and my wider family whom they hate with a vengeance. 
They couldn't give a damn about how many people worldwide my work is helping, nor how many billions are suffering because of the way the world is controlled and manipulated by the few. All that matters is them. The only focus is what is in it for me, me, me? There is no-one else in their Universe. 
And they certainly couldn't give a damn about how many people they hurt. To them, hurting people is just 'collateral damage' in pursuit of what is in it for me, me, me. Hurting people is the idea, anyway.
It is going to be bumpy for a while (when hasn't it been?), but me, my work and my family will not be destroyed, only those wishing to do it because they are in the process of self-destruction while thinking the opposite (it is a playing out of the collective energetic transformation now unfolding all around us as the energy of a dying and malevolent epoch desperately seeks to retain its position of control, deceit, parasitical exploitation and pre-eminence). 
It has got no chance and I'm not going anywhere - no matter what
For 20 years I have taken untold ridicule and abuse - and there is much more to come - and yet I'm still standing, still doing what I know to be right. 
So many people have tried to destroy my work over the years and some came close, but none succeeded. 
Where are they now? 
The same place these people will be before long. 
The Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, 'threw the bones' for me in August (the same principle as the tarot cards or rune stones) and said that I was going to face a 'big battle' to stop an attempt to bring me down by someone who had 'the ability to make people feel pity for them', aided and abetted by others, but that this major (and desperate) attempt to discredit me and, by association, end my work, would not succeed.
Too right, Credo. Too right, mate.

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