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Phoenician ship.
300,000 people now visit us each year to discover more about the Phoenicians who sailed from Lebanon into the pages of history.
It is true that the Phoenicians were the great sea-traders of the ancient Mediterranean, famous for their cedar ships, the alphabet, purple cloth, cities in Lebanon, Carthage, and Hannibal. Here you see additional details and images that explore all those things. 
Yet the Phoenicians were also much more than that, creating a strong and unique society, and interacting with the other great societies of antiquity such as Greece, Rome, Egypt, Persia and many others. This part of their life is just now coming into view through scholarly research and archaeology. The latest information available anywhere on the Internet is found here in a series of academic papers which are fully annotated with sources.

The book Phoenicians: Lebanon's Epic Heritage by Sanford Holst is the source of most of the general information shown here. There is much more content in the book, and it is completely understandable to members of the public. The book was also the starting point for the research papers, which delineate more rigorous details and source materials. For academic work, the book and the research papers should be read together to arrive at a more thorough view of Phoenician society and its history.
Academic Papers & Research
Provides the background and common 
thread that runs through all the papers
From a paper presented at
Queen Mary College in London
     The Minoans
From a paper presented at
California State University, Long Beach
     Sea Peoples                 
From a paper presented at
Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco
From a paper presented at
Marquette University in Milwaukee
General Interest History
     Phoenician Alphabet     
     Phoenicians Images        *****NEW*****
Phoenician Legends & Mythology
These are the immortal legends involving the Phoenician people, passed down from generation to generation among themselves and other ancient societies.  They tell of epic love, great men and noble women.
The journey begins here.  Regardless of how much you already know about the Phoenicians, you will almost certainly find something new.-
 Phoenician book 

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