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The Turkish-Islamic Union will be the salvation of the Pattani Muslims

Open Letter to the Burmese (Myanmar) Administration

The Harun Yahya Representatives in the 6th International Conference of Mahdism Doctrine (Islamic Messianism)

Europe and America must not remain spectators of China's new policy of repression against the Uighur Turks in the Kashgar Region

Antichrist deceives people by showing the truth like falsehood, and falsehood like the truth

New iPhone - iTunes Application

NEW BOOK: The Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come this century

The Darwinist deception of ''The number of chromosomes declined from 48 to 46''
 Why is National Geographic magazine so unhappy at the exposure of Ardi? Various videos of the Uighur Turks being slaughtered by beating on the streets of East Turkestan
A Conversation at the Bosphorus - July 16, 2010 How was Tiktaalik roseae turned into a false intermediate fossil by Darwinists?
Finding the real source of terror There is no claim to racial superiority in the Turkish-Islamic Union
Antichrist deceives people by showing the truth like falsehood, and falsehood like the truth Turkish leadership will be based on love, affection and compassion and will bring about peace and tranquility
'Stones and trees calling out 'kill the Jews',' as revealed in the hadiths, is meant in a figurative sense. A believer will not act according to a voice coming from stones and trees and will not kill an innocent person. A Muslim acts solely according to the moral values of the Qur'an Israel should abide by the Torah and act in line with the King [Messiah]
1. Allah makes medicine an instrument for recovery 2.  China must withdraw completely from East Turkestan and hand the region over to our East Turkestan brothers.
3. The wives of our Prophet (saas) and marriage according to the most of Allah's approval 4.  Faithful people are joyful and spirited both in poorness and in richness. Beautiful clothing and living shows Muslims' strength
5. Our Prophet (saas) had a very good and wealthy life. 6.  Darwinism collapsed in Kazakhstan at senior level
7. The persecution of the Muslims in Burma(Myanmar) should be ceased. Let everyone write letters to the authorities for this. 8.  China is the only country in the world where there is no law or justice. Neither judges, prosecutors nor the police in China are doing anything against the persecution of our East Turkestan brothers.
9. It's not difficult to discipline one's lower self 10.  The appellations of Hazrat Ali (ra)
11. Abjad calculation in Surat al-An'am about the end times 12.  The purpose of Prophet Jesus (pbuh)'s coming in the End Times is to invite the whole Christian world to the Qur'an
13. One of Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) Duties Is to Combat Bigotry and Reactionary Thinking 14.  Can dogs and cats be kept at home?
15. When the Turkish-Islamic Union is established, there will be no more constant devastation and cries of pain in the Muslim world. 16.  When the Jews follow the King Messiah they will attain the Holy Land, prosperity, worship, freedom, the state and all.
17. The Holy Relics will be found in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah 18.  About organ donation...
19. The interest shown in stars like Shaqira is an extreme fervor, not love. There are no loyalty and devotion in love lacking the approval of Allah. 20.  The windows of outposts have to be bullet-proof and armed, underground tunnels with connections have to be built.
21. How will the jinn accept Islam? 22.  Electricity was used in the time of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)
23. Those who say Hazrat Mahdi (as) came in the last century are wrong 24.  Golden ratio in snowflakes
25. It is unlawful to commit suicide 26.  It is more acceptable for someone open to fear not get scared, for someone easily presses to enter into difficulty, for someone with love for assets to give them away.
27. Israel should act according to the moral values of the Messiah and follow the Messiah's methods. 28.  Internet must not be turned into a time-eating machine. There should be no trifling on websites like Facebook.
29. The negative effect of Darwinism on economy 30.  An intellectual struggle against separatist terror is essential
31. Satan establishes a secret masonic lodge in every Muslim's home. 32.  A great many holy relics will be found in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as).
33. Muslim should strongly avoid altercation 34.  Everyone will enter the grounds of Hell. There is an entirely different creation in the Heaven.
35. In the end times the students of Risale-i Nur will possess key importance througout the world 36.  People who try to give the impression they are happy when in reality they are not are playing games with one another.
37. The fact that unbelievers could not harm our prophet (saas) despite his being their only target, is one of his miracles 38.  Insincerity means to prefer worldly interests to the religion of Allah. Religious observance is not enough for sincerity.
39. Signs to the end times and calculations from Surat ar-Rum 40.  Secret knowledge (ilm al-ladun) of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) stems from his being very intelligent. The Mahdi will not be recognized instantly.
41. Today the youth is not happy as they don't live by the moral values of the Qur'an. Everyone will be very happy in the time of the Mahdi. 42.  Good opinion among muslims is essential. it is not right to believe any information.
43. Ones who want to bring goodness to Palestine should first strive for their faith and salvation in the Hereafter. 44.  Signs to the end times from the story of Hazrat Noah (pbuh)
45. Diseases and helplessness are created specially in order to prevent ambitious devotion to this world 46.  China must announce the fate of the 30 million Uighur Turks who have disappeared; it must open up the basements of all its prisons, police stations, mental hospitals and military facilities where torture has taken place.
47. A Turkish union is not enough without a spiritual leader. This is the main reason behind the embroilment in Kyrgyzstan 48.  All the people of the book who believe in Allah and say 'Allah is one' and all our muslim brothers are entrusted to us by Allah
49. Mischief, instigation, feeling of revenge and jealousy burns the bad. The good are always in peace. 50.  According to Islam, if just one person in a thousand, or even one person in ten thousand, is innocent, that person’s rights and the law must be upheld.
51. It is wrong to seek being a saint in easy matters; the character of a saint emerges from troubles, difficulties and danger. 52.  The prayer (salat) has been a religious observance of believers ever since the Prophet Adam (pbuh).
53. Allah puts man to trial about faithfulness. Responding with good manners against a bad manner is a part of the trial 54.  Darwinism-Communism connection
55. The people of the book are entrusted to us by Allah, and their safety is also entrusted to us 56.  Weapons in the time of the system of the Mahdi will be reason, knowledge, art and culture
57. There will be no more problem if control over Gaza passes to Turkey 58.  Religion can be preached to anyone. Muslims don't refrain from telling Islam in the face of rumor and disapproval.
59. Prophet Jesus (as)'s students in the end times 60.  Allah gave the corporal deficiencies so that man can understand his weakness
61. Being with Hazrat Mahdi (as) is not enough to find sincere faith. There will also be hypocrites with Hazrat Mahdi (as). 62.  Sheikh Nazim had stated that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) met with the Prophet (saas)'s spiritual being at the Yerebatan(Sunken) mosque.
63. Self-sacrifice is a sign of the love of Allah. 64.  Intelligence in the cell membrane
65. As a requirement of the moral values of the Qur'an, nobody interfered with anyone's religion or culture in Ottoman times; on the contrary, they were shown respect and kindness. 66.  The strength of the system of the Mahdi is proportionate to that of the opposing force; the stronger the opposing force is, the stronger would be the system of the Mahdi.
67. Mr. Adnan Oktar's anti-Darwinist, anti-Marxist and anti-communist activities are upsetting the PKK terror organization 68.  Some Muslims avoid the struggle because of their own interests, even though they want to be devout Muslims.
69. Commonly disregarded rulings of the Qur'an: Muslims being like well-built walls 70.  Hardship faced by our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) in his day
71. The importance of fear of Allah in Surah Yasin 72.  An experience person can benefit from the other person who has less experience.
73. Religious Jews want Turkey to be the leader of the region within the Ottoman vision 74.  Grief is unlawful; one can only cry out of love of Allah, fervor and happiness.
75. Importance of saying words selectly, talking and acting in a sincere, conciliatory manner 76.  Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will rule the people of the Book by their own Books.
77. Jews regard Muslims as people of Noah (as) and therefore as true believers 78.  The problems of the Muslim world cannot be solved with hooligan mentality; religious work, divine work is needed.
79. Mr. Adnan Oktar answers the claims about the axis of Turkey shifting 80.  No matter what they say, Badiuzzaman clearly explained that Prophet Jesus (as) is not a spirit.
81. Everyone is mortal. Even the grandest people will turn to dust in subterranean darkness. 82.  What should be done against the studies of the Jehovah's Witnesses and the missionary activities?
83. Jews pray every day for the immediate appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), another name for the King Mesiah 84.  The solution to end the artificial hostility policy between Palestine and Israel is Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Turkish-Islamic Union
85. Outlay for weapons can allay the hunger of the poor for 100 times over

The Darwinist deception of ''The number of chromosomes declined from 48 to 46''

The idea that Darwinists have been expressing for some time now, that “the 48 chromosomes in apes gradually declined to 46 through the fusion of two chromosomes and human beings were the result may be highly misleading for some people. Because although this account is extraordinarily illogical in scientific terms, it is also exceedingly simple and may convince people who lack adequate knowledge of the subject. Because such people will be unaware that a single gene possesses an extraordinary complexity and is far too sensitive to permit any random change or transition. The really important thing is that these people do not know that DARWINISTS ARE UNABLE TO ACCOUNT FOR THE EMERGENCE OF EVEN A SINGLE PROTEIN.
Not even a single protein inside the cell can form spontaneously and by chance, let alone entire genes. There have to be other proteins and the cell itself in order for a protein to form. Yet genes are far more complex than proteins. There have to be both proteins and also all the organelles inside the cell in order for genes to exist. For that reason, for Darwinists who are unable to account for a single protein to engage in speculation and tell tall tales regarding genes could only possibly deceive children. Though not even children today believe in such fraud.

Further evidence of the hopeless position in which Darwinists find themselves
Darwinists came up with the claim that the 48 chromosomes in apes fell to 46 as the result of the fusion of two chromosomes on the basis of a disease seen in human beings. Chromosome 2 (the fusion of two chromosomes) in human beings is a genetic disorder that occurs at a rate of only 1/1000. In order to explain the giant gap such as chimpanzees having 48 chromosomes and human beings having 46 chromosomes, science is being biasedly distorted by Darwinists, who try to portray chromosome 2 in human beings as evidence for the imaginary common ancestor. However, there is no evolution here. The fusion that happens in the human chromosome (the fusion of two chromosomes) is not evolution but a disorder that causes handicaps and even the death of the individual. The best-known example is Down Syndrome. Scientific experiments so far have revealed that this fusion delivers no benefits; on the contrary it produces unhealthy mutants or infertile individuals. That Darwinists try to present a disorder as a proof for evolution indicates the great pitiful state they are in.  Besides, it is utterly illogical and groundless to look to similarities between chromosome numbers or genomes in order to maintain the deception that human beings evolved from chimpanzees. In terms of genome sequence, there is a 75% similarity between human beings and nematode worms. In terms of chromosome numbers, on the other hand, the genus Peromyscus, or the species commonly referred to as deer, mice, potatoes and tobacco also have 48 chromosomes. The chromosome number of human beings, on the other hand, is 46, as it is, for example, in Lepus europaeus, a species of hare. Therefore, having the same number of chromosomes not does necessarily imply similarity. Even with the same number of chromosomes, a difference in one single gene can make that organism a totally different life form. Therefore, human beings are no more the same as chimpanzees than they are the same as the potato or the tobacco plant.
Allah has created the superstitious faith that is Darwinism in such a way as to collapse and be defeated. The supporters of this theory, which lacks one single piece of supporting evidence, are trying to make people who are ill-informed on the subject their supporters. In order to avoid being taken in, the public must realize that Darwinists are unable to account for the beginning of life, that they are in a state of despair and bafflement in the face of a single protein and that there is not a single piece of fossil evidence to corroborate their claims. What Darwinists talk about is nothing more than speculation based on deception.
Jul 08, 2010

A response to Terry Jones, leader of the church planning protest actions against Islam on the anniversary of September 11

Terry Jones, leader of the Dove World Outreach Center church in Florida, USA, has announced that the Qur’an will be burned as a protest against Islam on the anniversary of September 11. In the context of that decision, which is totally incompatible with the provisions of the Gospel and is a violation of good conscience in all respects, it will be of great use to remind the church officials in questions of the following very important matters:
  • THE QUR’AN CONTAINS MANY VERSES WHICH PRAISE THE PROPHET JESUS (PBUH), MARY (PBUH), CHRISTIANS AND THE GOSPEL. Even if certain errors in Christianity are corrected in the Qur’an, the Qur’an still confirms that the Gospel is a holy book of revelation sent down by Allah. CHRISTIANS AND JEWS ENJOY A SPECIAL STATUS AS THE ‘PEOPLE OF THE BOOK’ IN THE QUR’AN AND ARE MUSLIMS’ ALLIES AGAINST IRRELIGION. Therefore, those who thoughtlessly support this action, the work of provocation, must know that they will be burning all the praise of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the Qur’an.
  • In addition, it is obvious that satan is directing the way that such unpleasant words are being spoken against the Qur’an and this perspective is being transformed into an ugly protest action at a time when the market is full of hundreds of atheist books all full of anger and hatred toward the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), without saying a word against such works. Our Christian brothers must not forget that when someone whose heart is predisposed to faith but who is ignorant of religious matters reads the Qur’an their love for the Prophet Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them) will grow and they will want to adopt their moral values as role models. The Qur’an is therefore a true book that will make new friends for Christianity and is also under Allah’s protection. Muslims are also Christians, just like those sincere Christians who espouse the Gospel, a true scripture, and genuinely love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
...You will find the people most affectionate to those who have faith are those who say, ‘We are Christians.’ That is because some of them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant. (Surat al-Ma’ida, 82) 
And We sent Jesus son of Mary following in their footsteps, confirming the Torah that came before him. We gave him the Gospel containing guidance and light, confirming the Torah that came before it, and as guidance and admonition for those who have taqwa. (Surat al-Ma’ida, 46)
  • As well as being a Muslim, a Muslim is also a GENUINE JEW AND A GENUINE CHRISTIAN. HE BELIEVES IN, LOVES, LAUDS AND PRAISES ALL THE PROPHETS. Christians and Muslims are together AWAITING THE COMING OF THE PROPHET JESUS (PBUH) in the End Times in which we are living. At the same time, as a requirement of the moral values of Islam, a religion of love and peace, TRUE MUSLIMS ALSO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO LOVE, PROTECT AND WATCH OVER CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, DESCRIBED AS THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK IN THE QUR’AN. Therefore, this air of hostility some people are trying to establish between Muslims and Christians IS TOTALLY ARTIFICIAL AND THE RESULT OF A GRAVE ERROR.
  • AN ATHEIST LOBBY, MADE UP OF ATHEIST FREEMASONS AND ATHEIST ZIONISTS, is inciting certain Christians, and particularly Evangelicals, against Muslims. It is trying to target Muslims by causing these Christians to forget that it is actually atheist-Darwinist philosophy and atheist masons, the system of the antichrist, that they should be fighting. And some Evangelical Christians under the influence of this atheist lobby have been encouraged to abandon the intellectual struggle against Darwinism, materialism and such atheist philosophies and ideologies as communism and to spread hatred of Islam instead. (See herefor statements on the subject.)
  • It would appear that Terry Jones has fallen under the influence of the same system and become a part of this provocation waged against Islam on a deliberate and organized basis. He is probably unaware that the system of the dajjal is an atheist one set up by atheist masons and that he is being misdirected under its influence. As a tool of this sinister maneuvering, Terry Jones has developed an unjust and hateful perspective toward Islam, while unaware of its true nature and not being properly acquainted with it.
  • In particular, it needs to be emphasized that the COMMANDS IN the Gospel in question, that they are seeking to use as a weapon against Islam ARE ALSO BINDING ON MUSLIMS. These true pronouncements in the Gospel are therefore ones that Christians and Muslims must obey, sign up to and agree on together.
  • This also applies to the true pronouncements in the Torah, by which Muslims also have an obligation to abide.
  • It is therefore a terrible mistake to use these true pronouncements against Muslims. This is the result OF CONDITIONING AND MISDIRECTION BY THE ATHEIST FORCES OF THE ANTICHRIST DESCRIBED ABOVE; it is all part of the antichrist movement’s plan to set believers in Allah against one another. Church officials making such claims must therefore think again about this serious error in their behavior and see the sinister game being played here
  • It is of the very greatest importance for the church officials in question to bear in mind certain commands from the Gospel that Muslims also regard as obligatory acts (fardh):
Love your neighbor as yourself."(Matthew 22:39)
…"Love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” (Romans 13:9-10)
And the Lord's servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. (2 Timothy 2:24)
…Always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else. (1 Thessalonians 5:15)
Be merciful, just as your Lord is merciful.(Luke 6: 36)
It is highly important, in the light of these passages from the Gospel, for church officials to free themselves from the influence of atheist masons and see that this is all a ruse of the antichrist. They must realize what millions of Muslims, their neighbors, truly believe and realize that Islam is a faith at the heart of whose moral values lie love and peace.
  • Church official Terry Jones probably regards Islam as a bloodthirsty faith because he knows nothing about its true nature and its true face as described above and has been misled and falsely conditioned. But this is a very grave error. ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE, LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD. (You can read statements on the subject hereand here.)
  • The bloodthirsty appearance ascribed to Islam is a rule being played by the atheist masonic system, the system of the antichrist. Atheist masons are using some parts of the press and some Christians FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE of spreading THIS SLANDER AGAINST ISLAM across the world.
  • In fact, the terrorist leaders who turn up in the name of Islam in America and various European countries are people with atheist mindsets brought up to be ‘spoiled and arrogant’ in a manner far removed from the moral values of Islam, who spend all their time in night clubs and generally live degenerate lives. When the time comes for these people to go to work they grow beards and generally assume an Islamic appearance, but still do so as unbelievers. They take the necessary instructions from intelligence agencies under atheist masonic control and have no qualms about perpetrating appropriate crimes. THESE FALSE MUSLIMS, WHO ARE SECRETLY UNBELIEVERS, HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH TRUE ISLAM. THEIR RELIGION IS MATERIALISM AND DARWINISM, NOT ISLAM. (You can access further information on the subject from here.)
  • It is therefore a grave error to ascribe to Islam terrorist actions carried out with the encouragement of certain atheist and Darwinist forces. (For further detail, see
  • It is a terrible error to ignore the provisions in Islam that command peace and brotherhood, to ignore those provisions in the Qur’an that support the Gospel and to equate a small, bloodthirsty group directed by atheist masons and atheist zionists with Islam itself. ISLAM CONDEMS THE PERVERTED MINDSET THAT CARRIES OUT TERRORIST ACTIONS IN THE NAME OF ALLAH – no matter what religion or nations its members belong to. (You can watch statements on the subject by Mr. Adnan Oktar hereand here.)
The church officials in Florida must admit the possibility they are acting under the influence of atheist forces and seek to comprehend the true essence of Islam. They can access accurate information on the subject from  us and acquire a close acquaintance of Muslims by tearing down the artificial walls between them. They must investigate and learn the truth, as commanded by the Gospel in the words ‘Love your neighbor’ in the words of the placards in front of the church in question and obey this command of Allah’s. Otherwise, what they will be doing is simply to serve the atheist, communist, materialist and Darwinist system.
It must not be forgotten that the more true believers in Allah fall out with one another over this artificial conflict, the stronger the atheist systems in question will become. And that is just what the system of the antichrist made up of atheist masons is trying to do. Instead of falling for their tricks, what genuine believers must do is to seek out the truth as Allah commands and seek to understand the essence of Islam, as good conscience requires.
We invite the church officials in question to make the acquaintance of true Islam and true Muslims, without falling for the unpleasant ruses of atheist masons, and to behave in a manner compatible with reason, good conscience and the Gospel. 
For more detail on the subject, see: -
Aug 11, 2010

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