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Evening Standard - Monday 15 January 2018

Poppi Worthington was sexually abused before she died, coroner rules

 Patrick Grafton-Green, Evening Standard 3 hours ago
David Icke Newsletter Preview

Beyond Heartless ... Beyond Soulless ...

... Stealing Children For The State (And Who Else?)

The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday
Soulless, adj
1. lacking any humanising qualities or influences; dead; mechanical soulless work
2. (of a person) lacking in sensitivity or nobility
3. heartless; cruel
4. Lacking sensitivity or the capacity for deep feeling

It also became clear - never more so than now - that there is another major source of children for the paedophile and Satanic rings that span the globe - Social Services.
These organisations are supposed to be there - officially at least - to protect the vulnerable, especially children, but the truth is that they have become vehicles for stealing children from their parents for no other reason than to provide an endless supply for the Satanists and paedophiles - many, once again, stolen to order.
A child in a community will be identified and put on the 'wanted list' and then Social Services will invent a reason to take the little boy or girl from their parents and hand them to 'foster parents' who are connected to the rings. Of course, this does not mean that all foster parents are paedophiles and Satanists, the vast majority are not, but a highly significant number are.
This is why the figures for stealing children from their parents on ludicrous grounds and in outrageous circumstances of cruelty and injustice are soaring across the world. It is also why the 'family courts' that make these decisions on the say-so of corrupt social workers and police are held in secret. The authorities claim that the secrecy is to 'protect the child' when it is really there to protect the Satanists and paedophiles, and the system itself, from public exposure.
Corruption is hardly a word that will suffice. Anyone with a functioning mind must know that the 'legal system' worldwide is corrupt to its core and about anything except justice; but the secret family court system is beyond even that. It is truly, truly evil.

Can you imagine what it must feel like to have your children stolen by the State when you know you have done nothing whatsoever to deserve it and the 'evidence' has been fabricated by social workers in league with police and judges? The pain has to be beyond understanding if it has not happened to you. 

Paedophiles Helped By 'Absurd Rules, Gove Says

Some of Britain's most vulnerable young people have been effectively left at the mercy of paedophile gangs because of "absurd" secrecy rules, Education Secretary Michael Gove has said.

The Cabinet minister said red tape surrounding children's homes prevented police being given basic information about where youngsters lived and who was responsible for their care, leaving them at risk of "gangs intent on exploiting these vulnerable children".

His comments came as an in-depth report by the Department for Education into children's homes in England revealed councils were spending more than £200,000 per child each year -  £4,135 a week - to place a child in accommodation.

It was compiled in the wake of the Rochdale sex abuse scandal of May 2012, which led to the conviction of nine men for offences relating to so-called localised grooming.

The report, which revealed for the first time the location of all children's homes in the UK, found that almost a third of homes fell below the Government's preferred minimum standard.

Mr Gove said almost half of children were placed in homes outside their local authority areas, and over a third sent more than 20 miles away, a practice he described as "indefensible".

The Daily Telegraph reported that councils spent more than £1bn a year to care for fewer than 4,900 children, with Bexley Council spending more than £3m a child on specialist privately-run homes last year.
Writing in the newspaper, Mr Gove said he had been met with a "wall of silence" when he tried to find out information about children's homes, with his department lacking basic information about their locations and  who was responsible for them.

The regulator Ofsted was barred from giving information to the police by data protection rules and other "bewildering regulations", he said.

But he added: "There was one group of people, however, who did seem to possess all the information: the gangs intent on exploiting these vulnerable children.

"They knew where the homes were; they knew how to contact the children: at the fish and chip shop, the amusement arcade, in the local park, or just by hanging around outside the houses.

"In the name of 'protecting children' by officially 'protecting' their information we had ended up helping the very people we were supposed to be protecting them from.

"We shielded the children from the authorities who needed to be looking out for them.

"An 'out of sight, out of mind' culture developed."

Ellen Broome, policy director at the Children's Society, said she was "delighted" the Government had made information public, adding: "Only with transparency, scrutiny and accountability will things get better for these vulnerable children."

Barnardo's UK director of strategy Puja Darbari said: "Out of sight must never be out of mind when we are talking about vulnerable children in residential care.

"It is scandalous that criminal gangs know the whereabouts of these young people while those who are meant to protect them do not."

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