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Received Thursday 27th of May 2010

Posted: 26 May 2010 06:07 PM PDT
The world media got chocked with the story of an attempted car bomb attack at Time Square, New York City on May 1, 2010. After about 53 hours U.S. law enforcing agencies arrested Mr. Faisal Shahzad an American of Pakistani origin from John F. Kennedy International Airport, while he was on board Emirates Flight 202 [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 04:31 PM PDT
THE OPERATIONAL STRUCTURE OF JIHADI GROUPS The entire Jihadi fighting force was united under the banner of Islamic Unity of Afghanistan Mujahideen, which was an alliance of seven Afghan parties fighting against the Soviets : Islamic Party (Khalis), Islamic Party (Hekmatyar), Islamic Society (Rabbani), Islamic Union for the Liberation of Afghanistan (Sayyaf), National Islamic Front for [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 04:14 PM PDT
The Pakistan government has planned to start 13 new projects worth Rs27.6bn under the National Space Programme (NSP) and an allocation of Rs3.6bn for new and ongoing projects is expected to be approved for the next fiscal year 2010-11, which begins on July 1, official sources said yesterday.  At present the total size of NSP is [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 03:02 PM PDT
Military psy-ops took over operation after intelligence project failed to take off Two former CIA officials have admitted to creating a fake video in which intelligence officers dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and his cronies in an effort to defame the terrorist leader throughout the middle east. The details are outlined in a Washington Post article [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 02:30 PM PDT
In a serial drama that promises a new twist every day, Hamid Mir has written a letter to The Washington Times newspaper responding to an article in that same newspaper on Monday that details the contents of the tapes and the storyline of the controversy. In his email, Hamid Mir makes clear that he no [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 02:17 PM PDT
A permanent internet connection is among the changes being introduced Spanish Defence Minister, Carme Chacón, was in Granada on Tuesday to discover what the future will bring for soldiers in the field. One of the ‘future combatants’ was presented to the press by the Minister, the result of a research and development program organised by the Spanish [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 02:05 PM PDT
GRAND STYLE RECRUITMENTS & INDOCTRINATION We have already seen how Abdullah Azzam, a CIA agent mentored Osama in setting up his financial and recruitment fronts; and also the main funnel at Peshawer. Azzam also followed this up by expanding the US network to 30 branches. For this reason Slate calls him “the Lenin of international jihad.” The [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 12:59 PM PDT
BIN LADEN AND THE INTERNATIONAL JIHAD Henry Kissinger had already used the close ties between Pentagon and Pakistan military to build a link with China. Now after Brzezinski’s visit to Pakistan, US defense secretary Harold Brown flew to China where he secured Chinese assent and active help for the global Jihad. OSAMA BIN LADEN It will be worthwhile [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 12:22 PM PDT
India will induct its 5,000 km range nuclear-capable Agni 5 missile by 2011 to allow it to join the group of nations possessing Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, the Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said. “Work is progressing satisfactorily in the development of Agni 5, which is expected to become a reality next year. With this, DRDO [...]

Posted: 26 May 2010 12:18 PM PDT
Approximately 200 U.S. military personnel are present in the country on the invitation of Government of Pakistan. According to US embassy spokesman there are approximately 200 U.S. military personnel in Pakistan – all assigned to U.S. Embassy’s Office of the Defense Representative to Pakistan (ODR-P). This small contingent is in Pakistan at the invitation of the Government [...]

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