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Israel’s Delusion=The World’s Misery
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Note to those scratching their heads over Israel’s “recent” belligerent behavior viz-a-viz the Obama Administration’s insistence that the Jewish state actually abide by international law and cease construction in the territories pirated by her in 1967–


Neither should anyone be shocked over the fact that–with miniscule exceptions–protests from the Chosenite quarter of humanity over all the bloodshed and chaos caused by the Jewish state in what used to be called the Holy Land are virtually non-existent. For the sake of those who have suffered incalculably, namely the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis and others in the region, let us not pretend we had no way of knowing.

We knew, or at least we should have. As we are always told–“ignorance of the law is no excuse, the “law” in this case not being just some ordinary, run of the mill law, but rather THE LAW, meaning the word of God Himself, or so they say.

No, we’re not being cheeky here. Indeed, GOD HAS SPOKEN and all anyone need do in figuring this out for him or herself is crack open the playbook being used in mapping all this misery out and see for themselves.

After all, lest we forget, according to the narrative in question, for some indescribable reason the creator of the universe DID decide one day to focus His infinite attention and affection on one tiny, seemingly insignificant percentage of his handiwork, commanding them to then go about the business of invading, stealing, enslaving and genociding those who did not “bless them” in a way deemed acceptable.

That right folks, invasion, theft, enslavement, and genocide, all the things we are told by Jewish interests are part of “Islam”, but which in reality are not, but rather the nuts and bolts of the Jews‘ religion.

And let’s not dabble in the business that this is all a “Netanyahu” thing. Miraculously, Bibi (the same war criminal credited with gloating over the deaths of 3,000 Americans after the 9/11 attacks, characterizing such as “good” because of the “immediate sympathy” the tragedy would generate for Israel) actually spoke the truth in his recent speech to AIPAC when he pointed out that the Judaization of Palestine (termed “redemption by the Jews) through expanded settlement is something that has gone on from the very beginning. Indeed, as inconvenient as it is and as much as it may fly in the face of the fashionable business these days of separating between “good” Jews (leftists who sort-of/kind-of dare to consider Palestinians as human beings) and “bad” Jews (rightists who take literally all that stuff in the Old Testament about the Arabs being “Amalek“ whose eternal destruction is commanded by God) the fact is that they are 2 wings on the same bird. When comparing the two, they differ from each other as much as the Corleones did from the Tattaglias in The Godfather–two crime families engaged in similar “business” but with different names.

As we said earlier, no one should be scratching his or her head over any of this intransigence or belligerence. This was as hard to predict as birds flying south for the winter or 2 dogs sniffing each other’s rear ends upon meeting for the first time. There was, is, and always will be this irrational, magnetic pull towards this kind of business when it comes to Jews and Jewish interests. Remember that old saying we were all taught growing up, meant to make us mind our diet–”You are what you eat”? Well, the Jews have been “eating” all this Old Testament garbage now for 4,000 years and as a result it has gone to their collective head and done almost irreversible internal damage. Having made heroes out of their Hebraic forefathers who invaded, raped, enslaved and stole, why then should anyone be shocked when 4,000 years later we get Ben Gurion, Begin, Rabin, Sharon, Netanyahu, et al?

You see, that’s the problem when certain people claim to hear the voice of God in their heads. Things get lost in translation. Remember Abraham? He starts hearing voices telling him he and his bloodline would be exalted above everyone else, and the next thing you know he’s got a knife to his son’s neck, ready to slit his throat and burn his body as proof of his loyalty to those voices he’s hearing.

No, the problem is not “Islamic extremism”. The problem is what we can call the “Annie Wilkes Syndrome,” a disturbing and dangerous condition wherein a group of nutcases base their entire collective identity on a book, its cast of characters and how these characters behave, to the point the “captive audience” is incapable of living in the real world in a rational, logical and moral way.

If that name–Annie Wilkes–sounds familiar, it should. She was the character in a Stephen King novel entitled Misery later made into a movie of the same name. The reader will recall that her character was that of a lonely, middle-aged woman who rescued her favorite novelist from an otherwise fatal car crash. With both his legs broken she takes him to her home in the mountains so she can “care“ for him in what would later become his stay in Hotel Hell.

What makes the character of Annie Wilkes so interesting is that–like the Jews of today–she has based her entire life and identity on a story, in this case the same series of books written by the very author she rescued from the otherwise fatal car crash. Like the Jews of today with their Old Testament, Annie knows every word by heart. Every twist and turn appearing in the 8 books her beloved novelist wrote she has used as a template in organizing and arranging her life. The fact it is all fiction doesn’t even cross her mind. It is a story she falls so much in love with that reality has no place in her life.

And, as the reader will recall from the movie, all is fine regarding the novelist’s rehabilitation until his “#1 fan” Annie gets a copy of his latest book where the main character in it–her beloved Misery Chastain–dies during childbirth. Annie comes into the author’s bedroom as he lie on a bed with two broken legs and, revealing the true depth of the mad waters raging beneath her otherwise calm and disarming demeanor, lets loose with a tirade that would scare the hell out of the Devil himself.

And then of course, who could forget that infamous scene when Annie–in order to keep her author around a little longer–puts a wooden block between his two angles and then takes a 12-lb sledgehammer to his feet, breaking them and by doing so, leaving him permanently crippled and unable to fend for himself while under her “care”.

Finally, at the end of the movie, the true depth of her madness is apparent as she plans to kill the author and then herself at the same time. The way she sees it, if she can’t have him, no one can, justifying with

“Don’t feel bad Paul…It was bound to happen sooner or later…It’s a sign…You see, I’ve known for some time why I was chosen to save you…You and I were meant to be together forever…Now our time in this world must end…But don’t worry Paul, I’ve prepared for what must be done…I put two bullets in my gun…One for you and one for me…Oh darling, it’ll be so beautiful…”

Behold, life imitating art, as we see Jewish behavior today (and particularly with regards to American foreign policy in the Middle East) dictated by the twists and turns of a certain book. God has spoken and it cannot be undone. Like Misery Chastain, the character at the center of Annie Wilkes’ madness, it MUST be, forever, exactly as described by the black images on the white paper. America, (and indeed the west in general) like the novelist, tied to the bed, her ankles broken and in her crippled state, powerless to stop the mad woman Israel.

Now, certain “mysteries” such as Israel’s intransigence with regards to the settlements becomes clear, as well as all the bloodbaths and the (almost) complete absence of moral reasoning on the part of the international Jewish community.

At the end of the movie, the crippled author must devise a plan–executed from his wheelchair, to boot–for freeing himself from a deranged woman bent upon his demise. America and the rest of the world must do the same before the final chapter is written, for those who are writing it, claiming to hear voices in their heads, cannot be relied upon to think or act rationally.

© 2010 Mark Glenn



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