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My granddaughter Jumaymah's 5th Birthday 4 March 2010


Bill Cooper interview CNN 1992 Uncut original


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William Cooper - Aliens/UFO's are a Government Hoax Created For Project Bluebeam (Mirror)

Published on 8 Jun 2014

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 William Cooper U.F.O. coverup (Full Length)

Published on 10 Nov 2012

A Bill Cooper Lecture in which he explains Aliens (their presence among us, our collaborations with them, the Alien Treaties), Secret Governments, the Trilateral Commission and an insight into Secret Government plans to leave the Earth. A great lecture - poor video quality but there's no need to see....just LISTEN! Mr Cooper was a true American Hero, may he rest in peace
Atlanta 23 February 1991

 Shahid Azmi murdered

Today (Tuesday 11 February 2014)  is the death anniversary of a Great Lawyer Shahid Azmi, most known for defending those wrongly accused in cases of terrorism, including some of accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks,he also accused the Intelligence Bureau of perpetrating the 2006 Mumbai train bombings, which are otherwise believed to be the work of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Students Islamic Movement of India. When asked as to why Intelligence Bureau would indulge in such acts against national interests, he said it was to stereotype Muslims and lobby for stringent laws.

He was murdered (executed) on Feb 11, 2010 in his office at Taxi Men colony in Kurla, when four terrorist gunmen entered his office and shot two bullets, point blank and fled.

May his soul rest in peace!

In 1991, Christian Milton William Cooper published his great work “BEHOLD A PALE HORSE”. After Zionist liar, sex pervert and criminal Zionist President William Jefferson Clinton (notorious for having all his adversaries murdered) had labelled him the “most dangerous man (radio host) in America”, and less than five months after brave Cooper had warned the American people publicly that the US government would stage a terrorist attack (a third one!) on America and blame it on Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin, which occurred about two months later on 11 September 2001, Cooper was cowardly murdered at his home just before midnight by Sheriff Goldsmith (Jewish?) unleashed by the Federal government under Governor George Walker Bush (who stole the election for President) to get rid of a major dissenting voice more powerful than that of Pr Noam Chomsky and Alex Jones put together (both caught lying many times). M.W. Cooper was the Apostle of Truth and Bravery and victim of the Jewish Kabbalah.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with the beasts of the earth.”

“Holy Bible” The Book of Revelation - Chapter 6 - Verse 8
From what survived of the “The Christian Scriptures” after suppression and state censorship by imperialist Rome

Christian Martyr Milton William (Bill) Cooper [6 May 1943 - 5 November 2001] was a follower of righteous behaviour, but the Zionist controlled government callously murdered him after he had sent his wife and child away to hide from would-be-assassins. Daryl Bradford Smith, “Adriana Evangelizt”, Pr Edward Saïd (a Christian Survivor of the Palestinian Holocaust), Susan Arundhati Roy, Reverend Ted Pike, David Ray Griffin, Texe and Wanda Marrs, Michael Hoffman, Pr Norman Finkelstein, Brian Gerrish, Albert Burgess, martyr Dr David Kelly, martyrs Arthur Koestler and his wife, martyr Jack Bernstein, Eustace Mullins, Benjamin Freedman, Dr Lorraine Day, Kay Griggs, Eric Hufschmid*, Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani, Christopher Bollyn*, Benjamin Merhav, Pr Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, martyr Rachel Corrie, David Icke, Mrs Elizabeth Dilling, Gilad Atzmon, George Galloway, and many others (among the non Muslims) are among the many humans (but never and not yet enough to make a difference) who are truth, freedom and justice fighters (although like us all not infallible, but, each in his or her own particular way) at the cost of their comfort, career and freedom, and that of their loved ones, and, in many cases, of their own lives as well as those of their families and close ones. Many of them have a better and more righteous behaviour than most Muslims I have encountered in my life, and, who do not like it when I tell the truth. My ‘religion’ is universalist, but I am not a Globalist! I belong more to Humanity than to any particular religious and certainly not to any political group, and I do not speak just because I have faith in a particular religion. I regret to say that my Christian Brother Texe Marrs allows himself to be completely blinded by his Man-God faith! Only truth, morality, freedom and justice matter to me more than anything else, more than all the gods put together. From that perspective, I have learned much more from so-called non Muslims than so-called Muslims and I just take truth wherever I can find it, even from the Devil.

We may not see eye to eye on certain matters with the above named Freedom, Truth and justice Fighters, but, then, who is perfect? After the dismantling of the original Muslim Parliament of Britain, the Majlis al Shura fi Britanya, following the death of a great and unique Brother of the Faith and a great and unselfish soldier of truth, Dr Kalim Siddiqui (RA), known to me personally, I lost all hope for better days for Muslims all around the world, and this is being confirmed more and more as the years went by. Dr Kalim Siddiqui and others (including myself) denounced the European Union’s orchestrated Bosnian-Kosovan Holocausts and mass rape, the French orchestrated Third Algerian Holocaust, the Bolshevik orchestrated Afghan, and Chechen Holocausts (with Jewish finances!), the US-EU orchestrated Iran-Iraq Holocausts, with, in the background, the ongoing Palestinian-Lebanese Holocausts, but the majority of Muslims did not learn from them at all as they are themselves divided into so many sects many of which (Qadianis, Bahaïs, Ismaïli Hashashins, Boras, Khojas, and so on) are agents of the imperialist West against mainstream Islam and Muslims.

After yet nine bloody Holocausts, Muslims are still talking about secular democracy, white man’s human rights, peace talks, democracy, UN sovereignty over the whole world, “Her Majesty the Queen of England”, “His Lordship” the Law fascist dictators of the land, and participating fully in the political system of Kufr! By failing to FIGHT BACK (and we can fight back and be successful, although not without sacrifice), finding all kinds of lame excuses, we allowed a few more Holocausts to happen, and more in preparation. Muslims do not seem to give a damn when innocent Muslims (or non Muslims) are murdered by the millions or mass raped! Some are now busy commemorating the Zyklon B Holocaust while ignoring the real weapons of mass destruction used on their own people (Phosphorus Bomb and Depleted Uranium Holocaust) by the Zyklon B Survivors! Some Muslims are even collaborating with homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual and transsexual (LBGT) lobbies in order to advance the Muslim or “women’s” causes (like the ADWI headed and staffed by homos sexuals, and homosexual sympathizers like SAIDA ALI and others)! Britain has been turned into a nation giving priority and special privileges to disoriented homosexuals (the anussex community!), lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals, and has covered the whole nation with a blanket of intimidation in such a way that it has become a crime to show or demonstrate dissent against the murderous actions of the government, of its secret services, its lying and immoral media (inciting to hatred and violence and promoting immorality and crime) its death squads and its armies!


Dissenters, the very young and old are labeled “hard liners, fanatics, radicals, terrorists…” and are persecuted, ostracized, blackmailed, fined, jailed, while Israeli murderers, Tsahal mercenaries and their local helpers and Sayanim operate in all freedom all throughout the country, and the national soldier-assassins, torturers and rapists parade in great pomp and provocatively in the streets of England. But, it is more of our fault because we have never even given proper non-violent resistance a chance to work because of the lack of courage, and because of die-hard self interests. M.K. Gandhi taught that violent resistance is inevitable (and recommended!) in places where people receive bombs on their heads day in and day out. (Ref. Pr Norman Finkelstein) It is not funny at all to see the sheeple (term coined or used by William Cooper) denying the victims of genocidal wars the right to defend themselves. In the zones where war is not raging like France, Britain, USA, Europe, non violent resistance, boycott and civil disobedience remain the most powerful weapon in our hands, but we are letting the criminals not only destroy the fabric and cohesion of society and of all morality, but also take away our freedom more and more crippling all kinds of resistance. Human clones, killing drones and robots are being engineered to do the dirty work of the western perverts and war mongers, and now the masses are being tagged like cats and dogs for absolute control.


People are being holocausted (I do not think Zyklon B is deadlier than napalm, phosphorus, thermobaric, cluster and vacuum bombs, ‘depleted’ uranium, etc) in Palestine and other countries, and we pretend to need the blessings of the warmongers responsible in the first place, directly or indirectly, for the holocausts, to send some help that will keep some of the survivors alive only to be bombed or raped again and again! Why? Because we have not identified the real cause(s) of the problems. By always addressing only the symptoms, we neglect the fight against the cause(s) which is more important than running “charities”, “begging for donations”, or shouting “democracy” or “human rights” in the streets of European and other westernised cities. Is it not pathetic to see every nationality fighting “non-violently” (they are told by the criminal tyrants how to resist and fight back tyranny!) for his or her own nation through “charities” and other venues, and they call it “humanitarian” aid? Are we serious when we get involved in singing, dancing, acting on stage, writing poetry, and shouting in demonstrations and claim we can thus (or hope to) stop the genocidal wars and embargos, and the racist and fascist laws enacted mostly by Zionists,mainly against Muslims and Islam?

Being almost totally unarmed or very inadequately armed, Muslim countries under direct attack or not can achieve little or nothing! Most of them do not realize that the only way out is armed resistance, boycott and civil disobedience by whatever means necessary, because the Bolshevik Fascists understand only that kind of language! Instead, many (most) Muslim leaders are collaborating with the Fascists through blackmail, out of fear, or even out of greed and selfish interests. Many traitors and spies operate in our very midst and little can de done about it. I sent to all the national newspapers here an article indicating that the British government and its “Secret Services” were recruiting Muslim patsies and crooks to work for them, to spy on the Muslims and infiltrate their organizations and mosques, to even recruit Muslims for training in CIA Camps in either Pakistan or Azaad Kashmir. I even informed “Lord” Nazir Ahmed (a personal acquaintance of mine), the Police and Scotland Yard in writing of one well documented case, that of a martial art teacher, and his brother who was in the British Terrestrial Army, but they did not carry out the required investigation despite the fact that I told them that one of the brothers, the martial art teacher had made death threats to me and my son and embezzled more than £25,000 of our funds with which he purchased a property in Sialkot. I still have the original title deed to that property (in his name or that of his family!). I did however receive a useless and pathetic reply from both “Lord” Nazir Ahmed and Scotland Yard, but the matter was not taken any further. Only last week I read in the London Independent newspaper that the Secret Services were recruiting Muslims (giving their names) through blackmail to work for them as special agents or spies against the Muslims.

Count Folke Bernadotte & his aide murdered by Zionist Jews (unpunished to this day, as usual)

“On 16 September 1948, Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations Mediator for Palestine, submitted his progress report to the United Nations. It contained what he described as "seven basic premises" regarding the situation in Palestine. In the one headed "Right of Repatriation," he declared:

"The right of innocent people, uprooted from their homes by the present terror and ravages of war, to return to their homes, should be affirmed and made effective, with assurance of adequate compensation for the property of those who may choose not to return.... No settlement can be just and complete if recognition is not accorded to the right of the Arab refugee to return to the home from which he has been dislodged. It will be an offence against the principles of elemental justice if these innocent victims of the conflict were denied the right of return to their homes while Jewish immigrants flow into Palestine..."

On 17 September 1948, the day after he submitted his progress report to the UN, Count Folke Bernadotte, along with his French aid [sic], Colonel Serot, was assassinated in Jerusalem by men wearing uniforms of the Israeli terrorist and occupation army who were subsequently discovered to be members of the Stern Gang, a Jewish terrorist group headed by among others, Yitzhak Shamir, a future prime minister of Israel.”

Palestinian Refugees' Right of Return
CanPalNet, Sept 2006


These are the Fascists that the Christian apostates and Secularists (and laïques) have joined with in order to achieve their hyper Orwellian Zionist Bolshevik World Government. They are the world’s experts of false flag terrorist attacks. Criminal Jews of the Diaspora (Sayanim) have been recruited and trained (like the Ismaili Hashashins) to assassinate religious and political figures, intellectuals and scientists, bomb libraries, hospitals, cinemas, foreign information agencies, embassies, night clubs, casinos, schools, post offices, railway stations, US, UK official buildings (USS Liberty, World Trade Centre, King David Hotel) in Muslim and non Muslim lands, often disguised as Arabs, and to blame them on Muslim “extremists” (LAVON AFFAIR – Operation Susanah). Pinhas Lavon was an Israeli Defense (War) Minister. Lindon B. Johnson (who had JFK murdered) used them to attack the USS Liberty, a spy ship, and murdered many ship personnel but could not kill all of them as was their intention, and blame it on Arabs during their Six Day US-Israeli War.


I was in Moscow in June 1967 when the US moved his Sixth Fleet to the Gulf Area ready to come to the help of the Israeli genocidal racists, terrorists and cut throats when they would launch their surprise attack on Egypt. The Bolsheviks had a long standing agreement with Egypt to intervene militarily, but they betrayed their promise (as I had expected) and allowed the Israelis to grab more Palestinian lands and decimate the Egyptian military. At the time I did not realize that General Abdel Gamal Nasser was a CIA agent and asset just like Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussain and Moussavi would be in later years. But, Arabs and Muslims never learn their lesson!

Governor George W. Bush used MOSSAD to attack American landmarks on 11 September 2001. In all these terrorist attacks, and assassinations, Jews are never found guilty or punished even when caught in the act. Jews are above all laws of civilised society! They are also behind all campaigns to promote homosexuality, to control guns (to completely disarm civilians like Stalin, Hitler, Britain and France have done), abortion, pornography, prostitution, gambling, licit drugs (alcohol, cigarette, etc.) and drug trafficking worldwide and “Planned Parenthood”, to remove God in our public schools and promote Macro Evolution and homosexual education (LGBT), etc. Anybody who has watched how an abortion is practiced by murderers in hospitals and clinics will understand how degenerate the criminal Jews and Christian apostates are. They regard a baby as a “carbon machine” and as “a source of pollution”! That is why they have absolutely no respect for life and for any civilised society at all.


The Christian world should have listened to the words of wisdom of Muhammad, the world’s greatest philosopher and statesman of all times, who decreed that all humans were born free and equal (not the Greeks or corrupt Jews and Christians!), and that the Arab was not superior to the non Arab and the White not superior to the non White, who forbade usury, perversion, crime, and recommended the freeing of captives and slaves, moderation in everything, and freedom and justice for all. But, Muhammad has failed miserably, and, now, it is too late as the already corrupted Christians have moved again in the wrong direction by surrendering themselves, body and soul, to Jewish Talmudist Supremacy that has brought to their nations the worse ills of modern times: Orwellian Zionist Oligarchy, Global Tyranny, Plutarchy, Talmudist Evilarchy, Intellectual and State Terrorism, Perpetual Monopolies, Stalinist Bolshevism, and Satanism through the diabolical Rothschild & Saxe Coburg Battenberg and Gotha Criminal Network with its terrorist cells like Apartheid Israel of the 4th Reich (a western WMD military base in Arab heartland).



All the World War II war leaders were Jewish or had Jewish bloodlines: Hitler (an illegitimate son of Rothschild?), Churchill-Jacobson, Roosevelt-Rosenfelt, Yoseb Djugashvili (“Stalin” the Jew man of steel), and Eisenhower-Eisenhaur (the “terrible Swedish Jew"). The Jewish team Roosevelt-Eisenhower was responsible for the Holocaust of over Three million German prisoners of war (1,2 million out of 1,7 POW deliberately starved to death in open fields and concentration camps upon Eisensenhower’s direct written orders) and 2 million anti-Communists turned over to Stalin for the Gulags or Soviet extermination Camps - Operation Keelhaul. Jews call it Talmudist Vengeance. The Jewish Bolsheviks carried out worse atrocities when they took over Christian-Muslim ‘Russia’, including the murder by the Jewish Commissars of Tsar Alexander II and his entire family, including their maid and dog. They have done the same with Palestinians, Chechens, Iraqis, Afghans, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Latinos, Philipinos, etc. Today, Jews have built Apartheid Walls in conquered Palestine and Iraq. Gilad Atzmon calls Israel “far worse than Nazi Germany”!

The Bolsheviks took prisoner some 3.5 million Europeans, the American Zionists about 6.1 million, the British imperialists about 2.4 million, the Canadian accomplices about 300,000, the French Zionists around 200,000. Americans put uncounted millions of Japanese in concentration camps, and the Bolsheviks about 640,000 in 1945. Since the Jewish Zionist World War II, entire nations have been bombed countless of times, the most horrendous genocides have been committed, and millions have been murdered by never ending embargos, deprivation of food, medicine and the bare necessities of life, including drinking water, electricity, fuel and sewage systems. The lands have been contaminated, the crops uprooted, people tortured and kept in concentration and torture camps all round the world including Europe, Apartheid Israel – ISRA HELL (Israel = Strong against God), and Diego Garcia! Wherever the criminal Jews set their feet, DEATH and HELL follow and they are never accountable for their crimes! In order to control (and cull eventually the undesirable elements) the masses, micro chipping of and spying on citizens have become common policy.


“You must demolish completely all the places where the nations whom you are about to dispossess served their gods [and their symbols] . . . Break down their altars, smash their pillars, burn their sacred poles with fire, and hew down the idols of their gods, and thus blot out their name from their places. You shall not worship the LORD your God in such ways”

Deuteronomy 12:2-4 [supposedly written by the legendary Moses]

Palestine is dead! This is the fate of Palestine under the Zionist United Nations, but, we will never destroy Jewish power unless we wake up, stand up, and do the right things at the right time with all the required will, energy, will, perseverance, weapons and sacrifice. It serves no purpose to repeat what others have so well written and exposed at the risk of losing their comfort and even their lives. They all confirm my own understanding and conclusions of the matter under treatment here. I do not need religion or dogma (or GOD!) to find the solution to our problem as any person, whatever his or her faith, who loves freedom and justice knows we cannot collaborate with the criminals unless we are like them. The solution lies outside integration, assimilation and collaboration with the devil. We need to get out of the criminal Jewish banking system to start with and from the UNO (or change it radically!) , and strip the Jews of all monopolist power in matters of our everyday life. We do not need Jews to tell us that abortion, homosexuality, usury, paedophilia, prostitution, pornography, gambling, GMO, drugs, vaccines, etc. are good or a matter of personal choice or orientation when we have our own values that are also found fundamentally in most if not all religions including authentic Judaism and Christianity that do not accept the corrupted part of their “Holy” Scriptures.


As far as “democracy and Human Rights” are concerned, in the name of which the West is carrying out its genocidal wars against defenceless nations, I have been writing for the past decade that western democracy is a farce and a façade for a fascist state. It was bound to lead and it led to fascist military dictatorships as we have seen in the US, Britain, France and Germany and other western regimes ! When I find Muslims promoting democracy (demoncracy), I am outraged! I have experienced fascism at all levels of both the French and British “democratic” State apparatus and their institutions for the past forty years or so including in their corrupt client State of Mauritius. All western-style democracies are now fascist regimes, and we must not forget that money (banksters) and big business are always in control of the electoral processes and of our way of life at the grass root level. As a Muslim, I see no better political system than an Islamic one (for Muslims) and a republic (for non Muslims) with a Constitution that guarantees unalienable rights, freedom and justice. Human Rights are God-given not granted by the UNO or mobsters!


Islam guarantees to the ruled inalienable rights for as long as humans will exist, but democracy always find ways to deprive the people of their civil rights under all kinds of pretences, namely the War on Terror when they are actually the real terrorists and the main purveyors of violence in the world. Many Americans are stil armed and will defend their Constitution, Bill of Rights and God-given Rights whether the Jews and Zionists like it or not! They are part of our hope for change - not Jewish and Zionist Obama-Sotero!

Dieudonné M. M’bala & Daryl B. Smith
Next martyrs on the line of Israhell Jewish-Zionist fire!

Why the Jewish/Zionist Mafia is a danger for the whole world is because the criminal Jews and their Banksters have no morals at all and are engaged in endless wars against religion, God, humanity, morality, procreation, and even contemplate reducing humanity from six billion to about 500 million for which reason their death laboratories are releasing every now and then pathological agents and poisons that are weakening the species and killing millions already, including unprovoked wars, lethal vaccines very profitable to their medical, pharmaceutical and other mafia. The recent massive bail out (through blackmail) of the private banksters by the Jewish controlled regimes in the West at the expense of the people (sheeple!) is indicative of how diseased the masses have become for not getting up and standing up for their rights. How many more State sponsored terrorist attacks and rip offs do they need to understand that they are the ones allowing all this to happen and that they can still stop it?

"The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx
'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928
Quote from Daryl Bradford Smith’s French Connection Website (


It is true that the criminal Jews furnish almost all the world leaders, but « … without encountering opposition », this is not yet granted because at least one and a half billion Muslims and freedom and justice fighters will oppose the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Bolshevik devils! They can count on that! Amen! (Amen Ra or whatever!) Muslim countries will not go down without a fight, and true Christian Americans will not (must never) surrender their guns and let Jewish criminals baffle their Constitution and Bill of Rights and use the Federal government that they control to deny them their civil liberties, enslave and terrorise them and their children! They still have the right to bear arms against their tyrannical government!

But, can the criminal Jews and Zionists really succeed in disarming the American patriots? Authentic Jews will not let Apartheid Israel, their eugenicists and blackmailers get away with crime and blasphemy! In Europe, we are living in a vast Jewish Stalinian Gulag where criminals are armed to the teeth and their victims are sent to jail for defending themselves. Apartheid Israel control the US military and the entire Western world. Dissenters are silenced and masses are brainwashed. Lawyers are jailed for defending their clients against Jewish tyranny. Sects, apostates, homosexuals, vices, crime and immoral ‘values’ are promoted to combat mainstream religions and inherited morality. Charles Darwin is idolized and Atheists (Pr Richard Dawkins and Marxists) are given free platforms, often at public expense, to fight God and Freedom and Justice Fighters. Criminals and blasphemers are knighted!

(Ref. One nation under Israel by Andrew Hurley, Thunder over Zion and Mystery Babylon by Texe Marrs)


Islam is the most dangerous and barbaric religion Mankind (evolved from the Apes) has ever devised, which means , of course, that Muhammad, that Arab savage of the Desert of Arabia was the most evil man to be born on planet earth, and has to be DESTROYED and the 1,5 or more billion of Muslims of the planet CRUSHED, ANNIHILATED, unless they CHANGE their religion, if we are to believe that “creature” called WAFA SULTAN that appeared all of a sudden, like Baruch Hussain Obama-Sotero, and coming, according to my research, straight from the satanic mind control laboratories (Edward Bernay’s Tavistok type). Sultan was sponsored by the US controlled Al-Jazeera media network to slash at Islam and Muslims, and preach a New Islam, but with the same name??? Muslims must not only completely change their backward religion Islam, but they can still keep the old name Islam for their new religion! You can see how deranged a mind she is. She also wants to make Islam compatible with the wishes of the Jewish-Kabbalist West! That “creature” is supposed to be a “psychiatrist” (Psychiatry is a Jewish monopoly), a Syrian from America, with apparently no Curriculum Vitae (like Adolph Hitler and Obama-Sotero she is of uncertain and doubtful origins!).

Wafa Sultan claims to be waging a war against Islam, and is currently the foremost Islam Destroyer of the times, and is invited like other similar clones (Salman Rushdie…) in all the Western Islam hating media to spew her racist venom and hatred and call for the EXTERMINATION of the entire Muslim nations of the world. THEY (THE MUSLIMS) CHANGE OR THEY GET CRUSHED, WAFA SULTAN SAID! She was indeed programmed to do exactly that by the Tavistok Mind Control Factory of London reputed to have produced Stalin, Hitler and Churchill, and other psychopaths to help in the Jewish control of the world. V.I. Lenin was here in London, but I cannot yet confirm that Tavistok Institute used him as a guinea pig too! The Syrian Wafa “creature” is perfect, and many Jews and Israelis say that, after listening to her blasting Islam and the Muslims and approving the Palestinian Holocaust, they now feel great, love her so much, and confess that they were never so beautifully moved by anybody else to that extent before! The reason is because she said Israelis cannot and must be blamed for killing Palestinians because that is what the Palestinians are asking for in order to go and play with virgins in their paradise, and Israelis are helping them to do exactly that by hastening their deaths!!! How sick can one be? What can of a woman or mother can she be?


Mind control is the obvious danger, but the Jewish Kabbalah is the ultimate weapon for Jewish power. However, Muslims do not believe in all that ‘nonsense’ coming from the supernatural! Although they say (more often hypocritically) that they believe in GOD (but, who they disobey at will), they do not accept the existence of any real harm that may come from the Devil or from Dark Forces. Just by claiming to be Muslims, they think they are protected. In old days, there used to be great healers amongst Muslims, great saintly people, people with great spiritual and exorcist power, because they had inherited much of the science of natural laws (called magic) from Babylon, Persia and Egypt, but they found very good excuses from the Arab and Muslim Traditions, I think, never to get involved in the paranormal at all, which means they are the worse in matters of exorcism and healing and will remain the slaves and victims of Kabbalistic Jews for ever unless they wake up! 


I love “Adriana Evangelizt”, the mystical poet, the Hermetist, the rebel, probably of Jewish or Freemasonic extraction! But, how can I love a Hermetist who could also be from the Kabbalah that I always condemn? Apart from the evident male-female magnetism (did I say same sex?), which anyway has nothing to do with sex as it is all in the mind (it is not given to all people to understand this), she told me that although she was not a Christian, she does heal and is also a clairvoyante, and it is clear from her writings that the Biblical Jesus Christ (a mythical symbol, but more likely a real Sun God from the Babylonian and Egyptian Mystery religion!) does play a great part in the fabric of her soul. Her “Jesus, the Messenger of Light” (Lucifer?), is the best poem in French I have ever read in my entire life! Well, if Adriana is from the Kabbalah, so be it, because I would still love and cherish (and protect) anybody coming right from hell if that person stands for love, freedom and justice. It may seem paradoxical, but this is my truth and my religion! All I have read from Adriana Evangelizt regarding the sufferings of the Chechen, Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian and Lebanese people makes her one of the best HUMAN beings I have ever encountered in my life, and she deserves to be loved more than anybody else, maybe because we have a lot in common as well. I love her cosmic poetry, her independence of thought and action, and to say the truth, she is a quite rare gem, although I am still questioning her promotion of Memphis-Misraim, the woman’s freemasonry. 

20 DECEMBER 2011 OR 21 DECEMBER 2012

"Adriana Evangelizt" writes about a major change in the world on (or by) 20 December 2011. There may be some truth in this, but most Muslims are utterly ignorant of the occult and the ‘paranormal’ (which is perfectly normal, by the way!). But, if they want to defeat the Kabbalistic Jews, they better learn more about it, because without this knowledge there is no way they can break the spell, and start arming and defending themselves against all the armies of Shaytaan specialised in mass rape, butchery, torture, sadistic pleasure, sodomy, and addicted to blood, especially that of babies and of pregnant women!

If we can break the spell without having to master occult phenomena, so be it, but to this day humanity is as if under a spell and finds it impossible to break it. Jews, Christians and criminals of all sorts have destroyed the Muslim Khilâfah and have occupied and plundered the majority of Muslim lands for more than two centuries, but, instead of fighting back straight away, they wait for their lands to be invaded again and then fight lost wars at tremendous costs when it is too late. The Devil is winning al the time even if it does not have it o easy. The main advantage the West has now is to have prevented Muslim nations from adequately arming themselves. But, they know this cannot last for ever. For that reason they have prepared concentration camps, torture camps, and has already started to poison millions of us with their fake medicines, lethal vaccines, dumb down drugs (fluoride…), and highjacked our genetics and cultures.

The present analysis concerns the occupied nations if their intentions are to survive and succeed in getting back their homeland, THE WHOLE OF PALESTINE, not a “strip”! It they will be content with the actual Bantustan (in Pr Noam Chomsky’s or Pr Norman Finkelstein’s words) the Jews have generously allowed them to have with all its Apartheid Walls, we cannot blame them, as they need to survive at any costs. But, as Muslims, Palestine is not a national or nationalist problem, but one of the Universal Ummah of Muhammad. Whatever the Palestinian decide through blackmail, bribe, terror or otherwise, Muslims will never let this injustice rest until the criminal Jews, Christians, Zionists and others have fully accounted for their crimes. The world can call me extremist or by whatever other name, justice remains justice, and freedom has to be achieved (snatched) at all costs for all oppressed people.

13th of March 2010

P.S. * Regarding Hufschmid and Bollyn I learned some bad things about them when I joined The Ugly Truth in 2010 and new Truth Seekers like MARK GLENN (my best one), Reverend Mark Dankof, Keith Johnson, Michael Collins Piper, Jonathan Azaziah, Nashid Abdullah Khaliq, etc.


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William Cooper

May 6, 1943 - November 5, 2001
[Editor’s Note: William Cooper was murdered by police on November 5th, 2001 at the age of 58. He was an American writer, shortwave broadcaster who came into public awareness in the late 1980s. William was also a radio host, author and political activist known for his best-selling underground book titled Behold A Pale Horse and his worldwide shortwave radio show Hour of the Time. Cooper was also known for his court battle with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the recorded attempts to dissuade him from pursuing his case.
William Cooper founded Harvest Trust, the CAJI News Service, Veritas newspaper, The Intelligence Service, and Harvest Publications. Under his leadership Harvest Trust ventured into publishing. The first book under the Harvest Trust imprint was Oklahoma City: Day One (ISBN 0-9653307-1-0), by Michele Marie Moore about the Oklahoma City bombing.
An advocate for free radio, Cooper operated the unlicensed Independence Foundation Trust at 101.1 FM in Eagar, Arizona. Cooper claimed to have helped over 700 low power FM affiliate stations get equipped and on the air.
My belief is that Cooper was murdered by the Illuminati because of his work to expose the Beast to the public. This series of talks on B’nai Brith and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was part of his work to enlighten the public on who’s who behind the veil. Right at the beginning of this series he makes a comment about just such a scenario arising for many who did what he did. God willing he’ll be the last one to die for such efforts. Bless his soul.
The title of the series on is mine. Seeing as the ADL is but an offshoot of B’nai Brith and many people here in Canada think of this organization as B’nai Brith I’ve decided to use it in the title.]

 Anti-Defamation League #1
Tape No. 524: “ADL No. 1″
Wednesday, January 11, 1995
This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service, and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled “The Ugly Truth About The ADL”, and “Dope Inc.”.
Folks, tonight I’m going to embark on a course from which there is no return. It is important that you learn the information that I’m going to begin to impart to you tonight; and yes, it is a part of the “Mind Control” series. It is also a part of the history of the Illuminati in this nation. And it will explain an awful lot of things to you that have never been explainable before. It’s going to explain to you the link between the Lodges of the Illuminati, the intelligence community, and the underworld.
It is extremely dangerous what I am embarking upon, simply because so many people who have attempted to reveal this history previously have been killed in the process of doing it. I have no fear, and I will finish what I start, or someone will, because it needs to be done.
Tonight, I begin to narrate to you a special report of the “Executive Intelligence Review” entitled “The Ugly Truth About the ADL”.
Now, I want you to understand something. I am not talking about Jews. I am talking about a branch of the Illuminati: the control structure that is bringing one-world government into fruition, destroying the sovereignty of nations, and many, many other things.
As you will see, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL does not represent the Jewish people; but instead, is using them, and is manipulating them so that they, innocently ~ as many of you have done throughout your life innocently ~ are helping to bring about the destruction of the sovereignty of individual nations, the destruction of individual, Creator-endowed, Constitutionally- guaranteed rights, and the formation of a one-world, totalitarian, socialist government.
I want it clearly understood that “The Hour of the Time” has stated on many, many occasions that we oppose racism of any kind, in any form, by anyone.
What you’re going to discover is that the ADL, while calling many, many people anti-semitic, are themselves one of the most racist groups that has ever existed upon the face of this earth.
Ladies and gentlemen, the original research was done by the “Executive Intelligence Review”. CAJI has duplicated the research down to the T to make sure that this material is true. And it is absolutely, 100% legitimate and historical truth from beginning to end. And that’s why the ADL and B’nai B’rith has never sued the “Executive Intelligence Review” over this report.
April 14, 1865, the day Abraham Lincoln was shot, will live forever, ladies and gentlemen, as a day of infamy for American patriots, and lovers of freedom all over the world.
But for the leadership of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the Order of B’nai B’rith, and it’s twentieth-century police arm, the Anti-Defamation League, April 14th, 1865 is a day that will be long remembered for a very different reason.
The B’nai B’rith, a pivotal player in the British Freemasonic plot to destroy the Union, was implicated in Lincoln’s assassination ~ something that you’ve never been taught.
That fact does not square very well with its long-cultivated–but totally unwarranted–reputation as a Jewish social service organization, and a champion of civil rights. For that reason, B’nai B’rith and the ADL have gone to great lengths, ladies and gentlemen, to bury that history and much, much more.
Simon Wolf , 1835-1923, was the Washington, D.C. lawyer for the Order of B’nai B’rith during the entire period of the United States Civil War. He would later head the International Order of B’nai B’rith for many years.
In 1862, Wolf was arrested by Lafayette C. Baker–the Chief of Detectives for the City of Washington, D.C., and later, Lincoln’s Chief of the United States Secret Service–on charges that Wolf was involved in spying and blockade running on behalf of the Confederacy.
Baker arrested Wolf, who was the attorney representing a number of Jews accused of spying for the South, on the grounds that he was part of a conspiratorial organization working on behalf of the secessionist cause behind the lines in the nation’s capitol. The conspiratorial organization named by Baker was the B’nai B’rith.
Both Baker and United States General Ulysses S. Grant targeted the Order of B’nai B’rith as a Confederate spy agency. Upon taking command of the western front in 1862, General Grant issued Order No. 11 which expelled all Jews from the military district within 24 hours of its implementation.
U.S. Grant was no anti-semite, ladies and gentlemen. He was reacting to the activities of B’nai B’rith and leading Confederates like Judah P. Benjamin.
Lincoln, however, cognizant of the need to avoid blanket attacks against religious or ethnic groups, rescinded the order ~ which was the proper thing to do ~ for all Jews are not members of B’nai B’rith; and B’nai B’rith was not solely at guilt.
The Civil War was actually engineered and brought about by British intelligence through their arm of the Illuminati in the United States headed by Albert Pike: the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, whose headquarters at that time was in Charleston, South Carolina.
A 1987 B’nai B’rith-authorized biography of Simon Wolf by Esther L. Panitz offered the following highly suggestive ~ albeit incomplete ~ description of Wolf’s personal relationship with President Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
Now, bear in mind, folks, that this biography, written on the basis of B’nai B’rith’s archives ~ written on the basis of B’nai B’rith’s own archives ~ paints Wolf in the most favorable of lights.
The mere fact that the author had to include Wolf’s links to Booth and Wolf’s earlier arrest as an alleged Confederate spy and blockade-runner implies that the actual story is far uglier. I quote from the history of the B’nai B’rith:
“Wolf’s concern for culture first expressed itself in the formation of a private club devoted to the arts and humanities, and frequented by young men avid for learning.
“Were pride and ambition his only motives in seeking the intellectual life?
“Clearly, Wolf hoped that if he and his friends would devote themselves to the pursuit of learning, they would deflect the prejudicial statements of their Christian neighbors.
“Wolf was upset that terms such as ‘money-changers’, ‘cotton-traders’, and ‘clothes-dealers’ had become words of reproach.
“Locally, the groups theatrical productions received a good press. Wolf, who would often play the Ghost in ‘Hamlet’ or Shylock in ‘The Merchant of Venice’, bore an uncanny resemblance to John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s assassin. Earlier in Cleveland, Booth had joined Wolf and Peixoto in dramatic performances.
“Years afterward, Wolf remembered that he had met Booth once again at the Willard Hotel on the morning of the day Lincoln was shot.
“There at the bar, Booth explained that Senator John P. Hale’s daughter had just rejected his marriage proposal. Wolf attributed Lincoln’s murder to this personal tragedy in Booth’s own life. Wolf also recalled that once he sat for a picture entitled ‘The Assassination of President Lincoln’.”
End quote. In his own book, ladies and gentlemen, entitled “Presidents I Have Known”, Wolf says that he and his long-time acquaintance, John Wilkes Booth, did some drinking together at the Willard Hotel on the day Booth shot Lincoln.
Wolf’s, and a second leading B’nai B’rith figure, Benjamin Peixoto’s dealings with John Wilkes Booth, were hardly cultural. Nor could Wolf have possibly believed that Abraham Lincoln was killed because of John Wilkes Booth’s unrequited love affair.
Even John Hinkley, the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan, was declared insane when he tried to peddle the line that he had tried to kill Ronald Reagan due to an unfulfilled fantasy love affair with actress Jodie Foster.
To understand the circumstances under which B’nai B’rith’s Washington, D.C. leader and one of its founding members were circumstantially tied to the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, and explicitly linked to the secessionist insurrection against the Union, it is necessary to look briefly at the circumstances under which the Order of B’nai B’rith was founded in 1843.
Following the American Revolution, the British monarchy and its East India Company colonists’ apparatus never for a moment abandoned their commitment to reconquer the lost colonies in North America.
Although the military effort at reconquest in the War of 1812 failed, other efforts to seed the United States with British agents, some drawn from the ranks of anti-Republican Tories ~ who were permitted to retain their citizenship and property in America under the terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1783 ~ were more successful.
In 1801, the Tory faction of United States Freemasonry ~ the grouping of Freemasons who had sided with England during the American Revolution ~ opened up shop as the Grand Council of the Princes of Jerusalem of the Mother Supreme Council of the Knights Commander of the House of the Temple of Solomon of the Thirty-Third Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Order of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the United States.
This United States-based British Freemasonic Lodge was chartered in Charleston, South Carolina. The members of this British-led secret society would direct the Confederate secessionist insurrection a half-century later; and other Scottish Rite members would be among the founders of the B’nai B’rith. They, too, would be leading Confederates.
Apart from the esoteric mission of spreading an explicitly anti-Christian form of Roman pagan worship and occultism among the early generations of American citizens, the Charleston Lodge also sought to build up a network of pro-British merchants, spies, and politicians in both the North and the South who would one day play a pivotal role in the reconquest.
Many of these early Masons became wealthy through their business dealings with the British East India Company and the Dutch West India Company in both the cotton and the slave trade.
Among the founding members of the Charleston Scottish Rite Lodge were many prominent Jews, including Isaac Dacosta , Moses Cohen , Israel Deleiben , Dr. Isaac Held , Moses Levy and Moses Peixoto.
Many of these men, ladies and gentlemen, were Sephardic Jews from North Africa or from Spain who had originally settled in the Caribbean and engaged in the early slave trade.
These Jewish Masons set up their organizations which also maintained active liaison to Great Britain’s powerful Jewish community.
The Hebrew Orphan Aid Society was one such nominally benign group that would produce one of the most rabid secessionist leaders: Judah P. Benjamin.
Although today any reports of the Freemasonic roots and structure of B’nai B’rith are usually greeted with a torrent of allegations of anti-semitism, back in the formative years, B’nai B’rith’s own magazine, “The Menorah”, offered the following information about the founders of the group and listen to this very carefully. Quote:
“Their reunions were frequent and several of them being members of existing benevolent societies, especially the Order of Freemasons and Odd-Fellows, they finally concluded that a somewhat similar organization, but based upon the Jewish idea, would best obtain their object.
“The Jewish religion has many observances and customs corresponding to the secret societies known to us. The synagogue, for instance, might be compared to a Lodge room. It used to be open twice a day. For a Jew desiring to find a friend, they had but to go there and make themselves known by a certain sign and token.
“The sign consisted of a grip with a full hand and the magical word ‘Shalom Alakim’. The mezuzah on the doorpost was the countersign–’Shema Israel’. ‘Hear O Israel’ was the password.”
End quote. Indeed, to this day, all local chapters of the B’nai B’rith are referred to as Lodges, a practice borrowed whole cloth from the Scottish Rite.
When Moses saw some Jews of this B’nai B’rith-type who tried to make the religion into a pagan secret society, he took the calf which they had made, and burned it in the fire, and ground it into powder. And Moses returned unto the Lord and said: O, this people have sinned a great sin and made them gods of gold.
The majority of Jews in America during the first generations following Independence were opposed to the idea of a Jewish Freemasonic secret society.
Most Jews are ordinary people, like all of you listening, and don’t know any more about what’s happening in the world than you do. They are lied to, just like you are lied to. They are deceived, just like you are deceived. And they are easily manipulated, because throughout the history of the world, they have been chosen as the scapegoat, as the enemy. And because of that, they can be easily led by organizations such as B’nai B’rith and the Anti-Defamation League.
Israel Joseph Benjamin, a noted European Jew, in his memoirs, “Three Years in America: 1859-62″, wrote of the B’nai B’rith that, quote:
“This is a secret society like the Freemasons with passwords and the like, and was quite a new phenomenon for me. Still, I think the existence of such a society not at all necessary.”
End quote. He was right, ladies and gentlemen. The secret agenda of the B’nai B’rith, like that of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, was to destroy the Union and pave the way for reconquest.
The ultimate goal: one-world, totalitarian,

socialist government.
You see, B’nai B’rith is not the synagogue. B’nai B’rith is not Jews. B’nai B’rith is not Judaism.
B’nai B’rith is just another organ under a different name of the ages-old Illuminati, who practice the Ancient Mystery Religion of Babylon in secret. They call themselves the Great White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Man, the Illumined Ones. And if you’ve listened to our series on “Mystery Babylon”, you know the rest.
Two leading B’nai B’rith-allied figures would serve as exemplars of the strategy for permanently dividing the Union. One was Judah P. Benjamin, and the other August Belmont.
Benjamin, who lived from 1811 to 1884, was born in the British West Indies to Sephardic Jewish parents who moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1827.
He was inducted into the Charleston Hebrew Orphan Aid Society, one of the precursors of the B’nai B’rith.
After attending Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut, he was forced to drop out under a cloud of scandal.
Benjamin surfaced in New Orleans where he quickly won the patronage of John Slidell–Slidell, a United States Senator who would later play a pivotal role in the Confederacy and sponsored the career of August Belmont who married Slidell’s daughter.
With Slidell’s assistance, Benjamin became a prominent attorney, even serving for a period of time as the United States Attorney for New Orleans.
Benjamin gained notoriety for covering up the growing terrorist activities of the Scottish-Rite-sponsored Knights of the Golden Circle while serving as the local federal prosecutor.
In 1852, Benjamin was elected United States Senator, a post he retained until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 when he resigned to serve the Confederacy.
Benjamin was the first Confederate Attorney General. He later served as Secretary of War and Secretary of State, ultimately running the Confederate Secret Service on behalf of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
And as the Mossad does today, he used innocent Jews in the North who were opposed to the dissolution of the Union to furnish information to the intelligence arm of the Confederacy.
Judah Benjamin escaped to England following the defeat of the Confederate secessionist plot.
It was Benjamin’s Confederate Secret Service which organized and supervised such figures in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as John Wilkes Booth and his accomplice John Serrat .
Benjamin was charged with sedition for the Lincoln assassination, although he was never brought to trial due to his protected status in England.
With the help of a leading Rothschild political asset in England, Baron Pollock , Benjamin continued his legal career in London. He never abandoned his commitment to subvert and destroy the American republic. However, as a wealthy lawyer for the British merchant oligarchs, Judah Benjamin collaborated with other exiled Confederate and Masonic strategists in England such as James D. Bullock and Robert Tombs .
Benjamin’s continuing preoccupation with defeating Reconstruction is indicated in letters he wrote back to the United States with complaints such as these, quote:
“I have always looked with the utmost dread and distrust on the experiment of emancipation so suddenly enforced on the South by the event of the war. God knows how it will all end.”
End quote. And then he went on to say, quote:
“The South is kept crushed under Negro rule. I can never consent to go to New Orleans and break my heart witnessing the rule of Negroes and Carpetbaggers. Nothing is so abhorrent to me as radicalism which seeks to elevate the populace into the governing class.”
End quote. And that, indeed, is the sympathy of all of those who call themselves “illumined”.
You see, we are all nothing but cattle, stupid animals. And they are the only ones who have truly mature minds ~ and thus, are the only ones with the right to rule.
The Ku Klux Klan ~ and none of you were ever taught this, but it’s the truth– ~ he Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in Tennessee in the late 1860s by the Southern Scottish Rite leadership under Albert Pike. The KKK drew its membership from the pre-Civil War Knights of the Golden Circle.
Judah P. Benjamin’s early role in sponsoring and protecting both the Knights of the Golden Circle and the Ku Klux Klan offers a crucial insight into the B’nai B’rith-ADL’s later role in fostering the revival of the KKK and the post-World War II period.
We shall return to that sordid tale, ladies and gentlemen, later in this series of broadcasts.
Another Rothschild and B’nai B’rith ally who enjoyed the political patronage of arch-Confederate John Slidell, August Belmont, was Judah Benjamin’s Northern counterpart.
A private secretary to the British House of Rothschild who arrived in New York City from London in 1837, Belmont rose to the Chairmanship of the Democratic Party, a position he held for 20 years. Belmont was a leading advocate of free trade and states’ rights, both cornerstones of the British reconquest scheme.
Prior to his emergence as a leading figure in the National Democratic Party, Belmont worked closely with the Charleston, South Carolina B’nai B’rith in fomenting radicalism among America’s youth. The effort was, in this case, run directly by the Mother Lodge of the Scottish Rite in England, then under the command of Britain’s Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston.
At Belmont’s behest, Charleston’s B’nai B’rith leader, Edwin Deleon , wrote a pamphlet in the early 1850s entitled, “The Position and Duties of Young Americans”. Deleon, whose family were slave traders, B’nai B’rith founders, and later leading Confederates, peddled free trade and openly advocated a strong Anglo-American alliance. While by today’s standards the appeal for a strong Anglo-American alliance may seem palatable to some, back in the middle of the nineteenth century, this was borderline treason.
Belmont’s Young America members were among the draft rioters and radical abolitionists who disrupted Lincoln’s Union war mobilization to the benefit of the Confederacy and England.
During the early phase of the Civil War, England tried repeatedly to intervene into the conflict with cease-fire plans that would have insured the permanent dissolution of the Union.
During the Civil War itself, while the majority of American Jews sided with the North ~ make sure you understand this, folks, so you know that this is not a racist or anti-semitic program or report ~ the majority of American Jews sided with the North and fought valiantly to preserve the Union, the B’nai B’rith was predominantly pro-Confederate. Even in New York City, the Lodges preached secession.
The Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, founded by Dutch Jews who made their money in the slave trade, heard sermons by Rabbi Morris Raphel and the following. And he said this, quote:
“Who can blame our brethren of the South for their being inclined to secede from a society under whose government their ends cannot be attained, and whose Union is kept together by heavy iron ties of violence and arbitrary force?
“Who can blame our brethren of the South for seceding from a society whose government cannot and will not protect property rights and privileges of a great portion of the Union?”
End quote. Following the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln, many of the Jewish slave and cotton traders from the south, typified by the Lehman Brothers, moved to New York City and became prominent in Wall Street banking and brokerages.
With the defeat of President Lincoln’s Reconstruction Program following his assassination, President Andrew Johnson pardoned the Scottish Rite insurrectionists.
Now, listen to this closely.
President Andrew Johnson pardoned the Scottish Rite insurrectionists, including General Albert Pike, and accepted a rank of 32nd Degree in the Southern Jurisdiction Freemasons.
That was his reward.
Suspected Lincoln assassination plotter, Simon Wolf, was also absolved of any criminal culpability for his wartime activities.
Only non-Freemasons and non-B’nai B’rith were prosecuted for the crimes they committed during the Civil War.
The legacy of British Freemasonic treachery against the Union survived intact, including the B’nai B’rith.
Although the slave trade nominally was banned in the United States as a result of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, a new form of slavery had already been launched by the British East India Company and its Scottish Rite Directors, including the same Lord Palmerston who had played so pivotal a role in the secessionist insurrection.
The new form of slavery was drugs ~

Henry Carey , one of the architects of Abraham Lincoln’s Reconstruction Program and a leading proponent of the American System of Political Economy, warned about Britain’s opium war against China and India in his 1853 book, “The Slave Trade: Domestic and Foreign”. Get the book and read it.
He described the trade in, quote:
“…that pernicious drug opium…”
end quote, as, quote:
“…one of perfect free trade….”
End quote. Defeated in the secessionists’ insurrectionist plot, Britain and its fifth column of agents in both the North and the South would eventually regroup around a strategy for running an opium war against the United States.
As the reader will learn in later chapters, the B’nai B’rith and its Anti-Defamation League’s Secret Lodge played a central role in the drugging of America.
Let’s fast-forward to 1992, folks, in the nation’s capitol where B’nai B’rith lawyer Simon Wolf conspired on behalf of the Southern slave trade.
The streets in many parts of town are dominated now by drug traffickers whose deadly poison has inflicted both a subculture of addiction and violence and a spread of AIDS among the predominantly black population.
Community-based efforts led by the Nation of Islam have begun to roll back that new subculture of slavery and despair, restoring safety and dignity to some of the most desperately poor neighborhoods in the United States.
And as soon as they began to be

 successful, they came under attack by the

True to its history, the B’nai B’rith/ADL intercedes to turn back the clock to the days of slavery, for drug addiction is a form of euphemistic slavery, and those who are addicted are subject to the whims of those who have enslaved them.
They can even control which way society goes, ladies and gentlemen. You see, if they want to create more crime in order to take rights away from the people–indeed, to make the people scream to have their rights taken away in order to take the fear away, get the crime and the drugs off our streets–they just elevate the price of the drugs so that the poor addict cannot afford to pay for them. So, he has to go out and steal, and rob, and mug somebody and even kill to satisfy the terrible craving of his flesh.
You never thought of it that way, did you? But it’s true.
Want to make it look like the police are succeeding? Want to make a politician look good? Lower the price of drugs way down to almost nothing and crime disappears overnight.
One of these days, you’ll begin to understand how we’ve all been enslaved for most of our lives–all of us: Caucasian, Jew, black, Indian, Oriental. It doesn’t make any difference. We’ve all been lied to. We’ve all been deceived. We’ve all been manipulated. And we’ve all been puppets on the end of somebody’s strings. It is the purpose of “The Hour of the Time” to stop that.
I’m not so foolish as to think we’re going to be successful and stop it all, but we may be able to stop most of it. And we may be able to hang those that are responsible by their neck from a lamp-post until they’re dead, once they’ve been legally apprehended and tried by a jury of their peers ~once the truth is known.
But the Illuminati, ladies and gentlemen, not the Jews, is in control of the judicial system. The Illuminati, Freemasons, sit on the benches of every court in this nation.
First, ladies and gentlemen, when this happened, the ADL set off a massive wave of anger and resentment in the African American community when in June 1992 it published “The Anti-Semitism of Black Demagogues and Extremists”.
The widely-circulated ADL report is a frontal attack on the Nation of Islam and its leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. It openly threatens retribution against any elected officials or political activists who associate with or publicly commend the Nation of Islam.
I’ve commended them many times on “The Hour of the Time”, and will continue to do that. I condemn them for their racism, but I applaud them and admire them for what they have done for the black community. No one else has done so much to bring them up out of poverty and give them a sense of self-worth, and bring their families together and where they stay together. No one else has taken the drugs off the streets like the Nation of Islam.
In July 1992, a major uproar developed in Washington, D.C. when the ADL, ladies and gentlemen ~ the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith ~ was caught red-handed in an ugly attempt to shut down any government contact with what has been the only effective effort to clean up drug and crime-infested areas in the nation’s capitol: the Nation of Islam’s now famous “Dope Busters”.
If you’ve investigated what happened in Waco, Texas, ladies and gentlemen, you always run up against the ADL and B’nai B’rith. They instigated it. They brought it into being. They promoted it. They pressed it. And they are the ones who released the lies to the press around the country that kept the American people in the dark.
When Washington, D.C. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly issued an official proclamation honoring Nation of Islam leader, Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, for his leadership in the Dope Busters campaign, and for his ground-breaking work in treating AIDS patients with Immuno-virun, an African-developed anti-AIDS drug, the ADL went absolutely insane.
They had ignored these people until they began to take the drugs off the streets. Make sure you understand that.
Kelly was repeatedly hit with ADL-organized delegations demanding that the proclamation be rescinded lest she, too, be identified as an anti-semite. And this is how they blackmail leaders, and police chiefs, and mayors, and military officers into doing their bidding for fear of being labeled anti-semitic.
You’ve all learned you can call me whatever you want. It doesn’t make any difference. I’ll tell the truth no matter what. Always. Always.
When she refused, the ADL engaged in a national barrage of media attacks against the Nation of Islam. The attacks culminated in an article run in the “Washington Times” co-authored by ADL National Director Abe Foxman and Fact-Finding Director Myra Lansky Bolland.
Ultimately, Kelly succumbed to ADL demands and issued an open letter to the community in which she continued to praise Dr. Muhammad’s work against drugs, violence, and AIDS, but condemned alleged anti-semitic statements attributed to him by the ADL.
You see how it works, folks? She caved in because she was afraid she wouldn’t be re-elected mayor in the next election. She lost my respect. She probably lost a lot of people’s respect. But she doesn’t care. Her political career is safe.
What was really at the heart of the “Washington Times” article ~ which was otherwise a potpourri of outrageous and unsubstantiated charges against the Nation of Islam ~ was a demand that Congress defeat the major appropriations bill for the Department of Housing and Urban Development over the question of whether HUD rules should permit a HUD contractor to hire the Dope Busters to provide security for a federally-subsidized housing project in Los Angeles.
The ADL was particularly upset about the national attention the successful Dope Busters drug eradication program was getting.
The Dope Busters were founded in Washington, D.C. in 1988. Since then, unarmed Dope Buster patrols have been able to eradicate drug trafficking at the street level in nine Washington ghetto neighborhoods and private housing projects, completely and totally disrupting the plans of the Illuminati to control those people.
They’ve done this with no deaths, and very, very little violence.
Exemplary of the success of the program is the Mayfair Mansions Housing Complex in northeast Washington. Mayfair Mansions went from an ugly, unsafe, open-air drug market in 1988 to being a handsomely restored, safe, vibrant community as a result of Dope Buster patrols.
When HUD Secretary Jack Kemp visited Mayfair Mansions earlier this year [1992], he admitted that the Nation of Islam’s Dope Busters deserved the credit, and indicated that he was open to granting the patrols federal government contracts.
Actually, it wasn’t this year, ladies and gentlemen. It was in 1992.
Tenants in public and private housing projects from New York to Baltimore to Los Angeles are demanding Dope Buster patrols. In most cases, the idea has the support of local police and government agencies who have failed to find any other effective way to curtail the intensifying pattern of drug trafficking and violence.
In almost every case, the ADL has attempted to block the tenants’ choice of security force. The tenant leaders who refuse to back down have been subjected to threats, harassment, break-ins, and other forms of intimidation.
This time, however, the ADL may have committed a fatal error in launching such an open and vicious attack on the Nation of Islam.
Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad is not only a leader of the Nation of Islam, he is one of the most respected community leaders in the Washington area, and his pioneering work against AIDS is gaining him international recognition.
The black and Hispanic communities in the United States are disproportionately infected by the deadly virus, but have had almost no access to the accepted treatment which consists of the prohibitively expensive and highly toxic AZT, DDI, or DDC.
And as we have revealed on this program, those drugs may really be the cause of death of AIDS patients.
Dr. Muhammad and New York City physician, Dr. Barbara Justice, have reported dramatic success in treating more than 600 patients who are HIV positive with Immuno-virun, the drug they brought back from Kenya.
The pair is also credited with bringing vital information concerning this new treatment modality to both the general public and the medical profession, taking the point in a courageous effort to avert what would otherwise be the worst holocaust to hit the human race.
Similarly, the ADL’s charges against the Dope Busters carry little credibility and leave the ADL completely exposed as nothing more than a protection racket for the drug cartel ~ and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the truth.
The Dope Busters enjoy the intense support of the communities they serve, and have an unprecedented record of success. Wherever they go, the Dope Busters convey an unmistakable message of hope and inspiration to the community that the war on drugs can be won.
Interviews with the residents of the communities served by the Dope Busters make clear that they believe that it is that message, and nothing else, that has made the Nation of Islam and the Dope Busters a target of ADL attack.
In a community where the twin plagues of drug addiction and AIDS are the most visible vestiges of slavery, the ADL has shown that despite the passage of time, its true loyalties lie with the slave masters.
Now, in 1985, the ADL proudly gave its Torch of Liberty Award to Las Vegas businessman Morris Barney Dalitz .
You don’t know who that is, do you?
The award ceremony ~ a strictly black tie affair ~ was given front-page attention in the League’s monthly bulletin which praised Delitz as a great philanthropist who had donated generously to the ADL over the years.
Delitz’s generosity was motivated by a lot more than an impulse to help out a favorite charity. As one of the most important figures in organized crime over a period of 60 years, and as a lifetime, right-hand man to organized crime’s twentieth century Chairman of the Board, Meyer Lansky, Mo Delitz was well aware of the fact that the Anti-Defamation League was, from its founding, a powerful, secret arm of the Illuminati ~ the go-between between the national crime syndicate and the respectable arms of the secret organization that is out to control the world.
Without the ADL’s undaunted public relations work on behalf of organized crime, the United States would have never been flooded with illegal drugs, and gangsters like Delitz, and Lansky would have long ago been carted off to the penitentiary.
Delitz was one of the kingpins of the Prohibition Era bootlegging business. And he, along with three other gangsters ~ Morris Kleinman , Sam Tucker, and Louis Rothkoff , ran the Cleveland underworld, their self-described “Jewish Navy” ~ end quote–smuggled rot-gut whiskey across the Great Lakes from Canada into the Midwest United States.
Now don’t get all carried away by the term “Jewish Navy”, because the Irish gangsters called themselves the “Irish whatever-they-were-called”. It’s human nature.
On the Canadian side of the lakes, the booze was manufactured by the Bronfman gang, led by Sam and Abe Bronfman, second generation Rumanian immigrants, whose father had been brought over to Canada by the B’nai B’rith-allied Baron de Herschfund and had set up a string of whore houses.
Sam and Abe used their Pure Drug Company, which was established with the help of the Hudson’s Bay Company, to manufacture illegal whiskey during the Canadian Prohibition–which was 1915 to 1919.
When Canada legalized booze after learning their lesson, and the United States instituted its ban a year later ~ not having learned anything ~ they were all ready to become the major suppliers to the gangsters south of the border.
United States government documents ~ these are government documents ~ from the Prohibition Era claimed that over 34,000 Americans died of alcohol poisoning drinking the Bronfman brew–not from drinking alcohol, folks, but from drinking this specific brew.
It was poison.
Today, Sam Bronfman’s son, Edgar, is a National Commissioner of the ADL and the head of its powerful New York Appeal. And we’ll pick his trail up later, for he’s dirty, too.
Following Prohibition, Mo Delitz became the undisputed crime boss of Cleveland, expanding his criminal operations ~ gambling, labor, racketeering, money laundering, tax evasion ~ from Hollywood and Las Vegas to Miami.
One of his Miami investments, a night spot called the Frolic Club, was a joint-venture with Meyer Lansky.
When Lansky moved into Cuba to open his first off-shore gambling, narcotics, and money laundering haven, Dalitz was brought in as a privileged partner.
When Lansky and the other directors of the national crime syndicate decided that his long-time partner, Benjamin “Bugsy” Segal , had become a liability and had to be assassinated, it was Dalitz who assumed the lion’s share of Segal’s Las Vegas casino interests–interests he still holds, ladies and gentlemen, today.
Lansky and Segal had formed the original Murder, Inc. ~ otherwise known as the Meyer and Bugsy Gang ~ to enforce the creation of a national crime syndicate overseeing the Prohibition Era illegal liquor and narcotics traffic.
From the very outset, Delitz had been a member of the national commission of the crime syndicate.
Up until Lansky’s death in 1983, Delitz was a regular visitor to the crime boss’s Miami Beach condo, and was widely presumed by law enforcement officials to be one of the primary heirs to Lansky’s crime empire.
Now, just two years after Lansky’s death, Delitz was publicly surfaced as an ADL philanthropist. It was a sign of the times.
By the beginning of the 1980’s Decade of Greed, drug money ~ narco-dollars ~ had already replaced petro-dollars as the primary source of liquidity to fuel the stock market and real estatespeculative bubbles facilitated by the Carter and Reagan Administration’s deregulation of the banking, savings and loan, and brokerage industries.
As the power of drug money grew, so, too, did the political and financial clout of the ADL.
Junk bond swindlers like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken, and dope bankers like Edmond Saffra ~ not to mention Mo Dalitz ~ regularly poured millions into the ADL war chest.
In return for this largesse, the ADL publicly branded anyone who challenged the clout of organized crime as a died-in-the-wool anti-semite.
The lionizing of mobster Delitz was the ADL’s way of boasting that their public relations work over a 70-year period had paid off.
But things were not always so easy.
You see, the ADL had been founded shortly after the turn of the century as a Jewish defense arm of the B’nai B’rith, the nominally Jewish secret society sponsored and controlled by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, with its headquarters in the Temple of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry just 13 blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C., and by some of the leading British and American white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant families, including the Bush family.
B’nai B’rith Washington, D.C. representative Simon Wolf ~ the man whom Lincoln’s Secret Service Chief Lafayette C. Baker had arrested as a Confederate spy and Union blockade runner during the Civil War ~ was now working closely with President Theodore Roosevelt in mobilizing Jewish American support for the overthrow of the Russian Czar.
According to Wolf’s 1918 autobiography, he had met secretly with President Roosevelt at his Sagamore Hills estate in New York, and had launched an international drive to brand the Czarist regime as anti-semitic.
After a series of meetings and correspondence with Russia’s Prime Minster, Count Sergei Witt , arranged by Roosevelt, Wolf had denounced the Russian regime for reneging on its promises to curb anti-Jewish pogroms–after which American Jewish organizations, led from behind the scenes by the B’nai B’rith, began funneling guns to the anti-Czarist insurrectionists.
Thus, B’nai B’rith played an active role in the Russian Revolution of 1905 and the formation of the Soviet Union.
This activity would lead to widespread allegations that prominent American Jews were pro-Bolshevik.
The Warburg family of Kuhn-Loeb and Company did fund–DID FUND ~ UNit’s a matter of record ~ V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.
And father and son Bolshevik agents, Julius and Armand Hammer, who helped found the United States Communist Party, did actively spread the Bolshevik cause in America and spent a decade in the Soviet Union following the 1917 Revolution.

These allegations of pro-Communist sentiments, while grounded in well-publicized scandalous actions by prominent Jewish families, missed the mark.
In fact, the plot to bring down the Czar and install the Bolsheviks in power in Russia served long-standing Illuminati and geo-political interests of the sort advanced by the Scottish Rite.
And Britain feared the development of a Eurasian alliance among France, Germany, Russia, Japan and China, based on economic cooperation and facilitated by the building of a transcontinental system of railroads linking the east to the west. Such a transcontinental railroad system would render Britain’s domination over the seas relatively unimportant.

We’ll continue this on Monday. Good night, and God bless you all.


Wafa Sultan Exposed: Not Muslim

User Rating: / 165
"LIES, LIES & More LIES..."
Report Claims She Lied - "and even about being an 'apostate Muslim'!
Lied - "about seeing a professor in Syria being killed! "

Lied - to immigration authorities "to gain USA citizenship!"

A recent document revealed some very disturbing information about one of Islam's biggest enemies in America - A woman calling herself "Wafa Sultan"

She is only one of many of such people being exposed in recent reports for presenting false statements and untruths concerning her "experience" with Islam.

She and others, like Anis Shorrosh, who was recently arrested for setting fire to his own building while claiming, "Muslims are after me!" - They accuse Muslims while they commit serious crimes against the people of the United States - not the least of which is LYING!

Here is an idea for the media...
TV & Newspapers say,
"Not all  Muslims are terrorists - but all terrorists are Muslims"
So, what if we say,
"Not all liars - are experts on terrorism -
But all experts on terrorismare liars"!

Infocus, a Southern California newspaper has exposed one of the many critics of Islam who are making fame and fortune for themselves while deceiving the American public and destroying the very freedoms and peace they claim to speak for.

Consider some of the quotes from people who knew her very well, "She lied about her professor being killed in front of her eyes - there was no such event."
"..entered U.S. illegally.. bragged about using immigration office for Mexicans.. to get her own family to U.S."

What is she hiding? Why would she do it? Was it the money? The fame?

Was she a Dr.? A pyschiatrist? Maybe she needs a pyschiatrist?

A Very Unlikely journey from obscurity to fame "Rags To Riches"
For More Wafa Sultan LIES - Watch This Video:

She had even more . . (read):

A woman claiming she watched her professor assasinated in front of her eyes in college - by 'Islamics' - has recently been exposed for what she and her family really are - illegal immigrants to the United States.

That's right, according to Infocus, Southern California's online website, Ms. Sultan has not been all that truthful with us. But don't blame the Jews, the Christians or even the governments for this one, she is a confirmed atheist from the Alawi heritage in Syria, and according to the article in Infocus, a real deliberate liar and opportunist as well.
Adnan Halabi*, a Syrian expatriate who met and got to know the Sultans when they first came to the United States, spoke at length about the Wafa Sultan that very few people know. 

According to Halabi, Dr. Wafa Ahmad (her maiden name) arrived in California with her husband Moufid (now changed to David) in the late 80s on a tourist visa. Contrary to what she told the New York Times, they came as a couple, leaving their two children back in Syria. 

Another source named Nabil Mustafa, also Syrian, told InFocus that he was introduced to Moufid Sultan through a personal friend who knew the family well, and both ended up having tea at the Sultans’ one-bedroom apartment one evening in 1989. It was then that Moufid told Mustafa the story of how he was reunited with his two children. According to Mustafa, Moufid Sultan told him that a short time after they arrived in the country, his wife, Dr. Wafa Sultan, mailed her passport back to her sister Ilham Ahmad in Syria (while the passport still carried a valid U.S. tourist visa). With Ilham bearing a resemblance to her sister Wafa, the plan was to go to the Mexican Embassy in Damascus and obtain a visa to Mexico, making sure that the airline carrier they would book a flight on would have a layover somewhere in the Continental United States. 

With an existing U.S. visa on Wafa Sultan’s passport, Ilham Ahmad had no trouble obtaining an entry permit to Mexico. Shortly after, Ilham and Wafa’s two children landed in Houston, Texas. She and the children then allegedly made their way through customs and were picked up by Moufid and brought to California.
Taking advantage of an amnesty law for farmers, the Sultans applied for permanent residency through a Mexican lady who worked as a farm hand. She helped Moufid with the paperwork by claiming he had worked as a farmer for four years. The application went through and the Sultans obtained their green cards.
As incredible as the story sounds, Mustafa told InFocus that to the best of his recollection, this was the exact account he heard from Moufid Sultan. Halabi, who is not acquainted with Mustafa, corroborated the story, which he heard from Dr. Wafa Sultan herself but with fewer details. Dr. Wafa Sultan declined InFocus’ repeated requests to be interviewed or comment on the allegations. InFocus contacted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to check on the veracity of the story but an official said that they would look into the allegations, which could take months to investigate. 

Halabi alleges that Ilham Ahmad lived as illegal resident with her sister Wafa for years until she met an Arab Christian named Khalid Musa Shihadeh whom she ended up marrying (they were married in Nevada on 12/8/1991 and filed for divorce in 2002). It was during that time that Halabi got to know the Sultans well. 

Halabi alleges that the Sultans lived in dire poverty. "Their rent was over $1,000 per month and Moufid was only making $800," he said. Dr. Wafa Sultan was forced to rent out a room in her apartment and work at a pizza parlor in Norwalk, Calif. where a personal friend used to pick her up and drop her off daily. This same friend used to help the Sultans out with groceries and occasionally loaned them money just so they could make it through the month. "It was a serious struggle," Halabi recalled. "The Sultans lived hand to mouth for years on end." Further, Halabi said that at no point during the period he knew the family did Sultan ever discuss religion, politics or any topic relevant to her current activities. "She is a smart woman, articulate and forceful, but she never meddled in religion or politics to the extent she is doing now," Halabi said. 

As to the claim that her professor (thought to be Yusef Al-Yusef) was gunned down before her eyes in a faculty classroom at the University of Aleppo, Halabi said the incident never took place. "There was a professor who was killed around 1979, that is true, but it was off-campus and Sultan was not even around when it happened," he added. 

She has been described as a hero, a reformist, a crusader, and a brave woman who defied the Muslim world and stood up for what she believed in. In 2006, Time Magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people "whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world." Dr. Wafa Sultan has been honored countless times for her now famous appearance on Al-Jazeera television opposite a Muslim cleric named Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouly on February 21, 2006. 

In that memorable clip widely distributed by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), Sultan referred to the current conflict between the West and militant Muslims as "a clash between a mentality that belongs to the Middle Ages and another that belongs to the 21st century... a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality." The clip spread through the internet like wild fire and landed Sultan in the LA Times, the New York Times and CNN among others. MEMRI estimated that the video was viewed at least one million times. 

All of a sudden, and out of obscurity, Sultan found herself the center of both attention and controversy. On the one hand, she became the darling of many right wing media pundits and mainly pro-Israel groups who viewed her as a beacon of reform that stood up to what was wrong with Islam and Muslims. On the other hand, Muslims contended that by making broad, unfounded and ignorant proclamations about their faith, Sultan was nothing more than a pawn playing into the hands of Islamophobes, and an opportunist who intentionally pushed the divide between the Islamic world and the West to further ulterior motives that included fame, fortune and immortality. 

Reformist or opportunist, Sultan continues to enjoy the spotlight as she routinely figures prominently as a guest speaker at many functions and fundraisers across the country. As her fame grows, so do her admirers and detractors. 

Born in 1958 in the coastal town of Baniyas, Syria, Wafa Sultan grew up in a modest middle class Alawite family. She attended the University of Aleppo where she majored in medical studies (source: wikipedia). 

In an interview with the New York Times, Sultan claimed that in 1979, gunmen from the Muslim Brotherhood burst into a classroom at the university and killed her professor before her eyes. It was then that her disillusionment and anger with Islam started. According to the same interview, Sultan, her husband Moufid, who goes by the Americanized name David, and their two children applied for a visa to the United States in 1989 and eventually settled in with friends in Cerritos, Calif. 

Post 9/11, Sultan reportedly began writing for an Islamic reform Web site called Annaqed (The Critic) run by a Syrian expatriate in Phoenix. She wrote an angry essay about the Muslim Brotherhood and her writings eventually drew the attention of Al-Jazeera television, which invited her to debate, first an Algerian Islamist in July 2005 and then Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouly, a lecturer at the prestigious Al-Azhar University, in February 2006 (New York Times, March 11, 2006). 

It was the second debate, excerpts of which were translated and circulated by MEMRI that garnered her worldwide attention. Sultan went from obscurity to fame in a matter of weeks.
Her Muslims detractors believe Sultan does not even qualify as a Muslim reformer since she has publicly rejected Islam and declared herself an atheist. 

As for the Sultans’ financial troubles, Halabi told InFocus that ever since Dr. Sultan gained notoriety those troubles are a thing of the past. "She bought a house for herself and bought another for her son," Halabi said. "She also bought two smog-check stations, one for her husband and another for her son," he added. When asked about the source of her material well-being, Halabi was unsure. 

As to the reasons that may have pushed Sultan to be so outspoken and vocal against Islam in a post-9/11 world, Halabi sympathetically remarked, "Poverty. It drives people to sell their soul."

While Sultan’s detractors charge that many of her public claims do not corroborate with facts. Moreover, they assert that the reasons behind her rise to fame have more to do with her personal life than with her desire to reform Islam. 

InFocus contacted the University of Aleppo and spoke to Dr. Riyad Asfari, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, who confirmed Halabi’s account. "Yes, the assassination took place off-campus," he said. Dr. Asfari was keen to add that no one had ever been killed in a classroom anytime or anywhere at the university. 

Syrian expatriate Ghada Moezzin, who attended the University of Aleppo in 1979 as a sophomore, told InFocus that she never heard of the assassination. "We would’ve known about the killing if it had happened," she said. "It would have been big news on campus and I do not recall ever hearing about it." Moezzin, who lives in Glendora, Calif., added that government security was always present around the university given the political climate in Syria at the time. 

What are perceived as inconsistencies and half-truths like these convince Sultan’s critics that the motive behind her invectives against Islam and Muslims is other than her alleged desire for reform.
These same critics allege that Islamophobes are most certainly behind the likes of Sultan. They argue that the clip that made her famous was distributed by MEMRI, a media group that purports to independently translate and distribute news from the Middle East when in reality it is promoting a pro-Israeli slant. In an article titled, "Selective Memri," published on August 12, 2002 by the British newspaper The Guardian, investigative reporter Brian Whitaker wrote: "The stories selected by MEMRI for translation follow a familiar pattern: either they reflect badly on the character of Arabs or they in some way further the political agenda of Israel." 

According to Whitaker, the founder of MEMRI is an Israeli named Yigal Carmon. "Mr - or rather, Colonel - Carmon spent 22 years in Israeli military intelligence and later served as counter-terrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin... of the six people named (as MEMRI’s staff), three - including Col. Carmon - are described as having worked for Israeli intelligence."

Another feature of deliberate bias and media myopia, critics say, is the fact that the Al-Jazeera clip was edited intentionally "out of context" to reflect one single point of view and promote Sultan’s arguments through American-style media sound bites, reducing the other debater to a mere punching bag. 

InFocus was able to obtain a translated transcript of the Al-Jazeera debate. An example of this bias critics allege is Sultan’s much-rehashed quote, "It is a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality." 

In the transcript, Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Khouli responded by saying, "…here we must ask a question, who facilitated the conflict and indeed initiated it; is it the Muslims? Muslims now are in a defensive position fighting off an aggressor... who said Muslims were backward? They may be backward in terms of technological advances, but who said that such are the criteria for humanity? Muslims are more advanced on a human level, in terms of the values and principles they endorse." (Entire transcript can be viewed at:

InFocus also found out that the web site called Annaqed ( she supposedly wrote for before being noticed by Al-Jazeera Television is not an "Islamic reform Web Site" as was reported in the New York Times article, but rather an Arab nationalist blog run by a Syrian Christian who defines it as being "in line with Christian morality and principles." The site is also replete with anti-Muslim writings. 

Sultan’s detractors include not only Muslims but members of the Jewish community as well. In an op-ed piece published in the Los Angeles Times (June 25, 2006) and titled "Islam’s Ann Coulter," Rabbi Stephen Julius Stein at Wilshire Boulevard Temple, who attended a fundraiser for a local Jewish organization where Sultan was a speaker, wrote, "The more Sultan talked, the more evident it became that progress in the Muslim world was not her interest.... She never alluded to any healthy, peaceful Islamic alternative." 

The rabbi mentioned that Judea Pearl, father of murdered journalist Daniel Pearl, "was one of the few voices of restraint and nuance heard that afternoon. In response to Sultan’s assertion that the Koran contains only verses of evil and domination, Pearl said he understood the book also included ‘verses of peace’ that proponents of Islam uphold as the religion’s true intent. The Koran’s verses on war and brutality, Pearl contended, were ‘cultural baggage,’ as are similar verses in the Torah." 

He added, "Sultan’s over-the-top, indefensible remarks at the fundraiser, along with her failure to mention the important, continuing efforts of the Islamic Center (of Southern California), insulted all Muslims and Jews in L.A. and throughout the nation who are trying to bridge the cultural gap between the two groups. And that’s one reason why I eventually walked out of the event." 

In the end, Dr. Wafa Sultan will remain a conflicting figure. Loved by some, reviled by others, she does not seem to be afraid to voice her opinions. She once said, "I don’t believe you can reform Islam," and claimed that the Qur’an was riddled with violence, misogyny and extremist ideas.

* Adnan Halabi (not his real name) agreed to speak to InFocus on condition of anonymity. To this day, he maintains that he and the Sultans are still friends.

But it appears she is more of a con-artist than a real doctor. Unfortunately for us, this is not the exception these days, but rather the rule when it comes to "experts on Islam and terrorism". 

I wonder how this saying comes across, "Not all liars are experts on terrorism, but all experts on terrorism are liars"!


Part 1 – Episodes 1 through 400 – Complete Bill Cooper Hour of the Time MP3 Collection

Here are the Hour Of The Time audio broadcasts of Bill Cooper, in MP3 format. We have had to post them in a reduced quality format due to bandwidth constraints, but they are all complete broadcasts. Should you prefer to obtain the broadcasts in their original studio quality format, you may as always donate for these broadcasts on CD or DVD.
With some legal constraints and holds being finally off our back as of the 10 year anniversary of Bill Coopers murder on November 6, 2001, we were finally able to move full speed ahead on many of the projects we have wanted to complete…and this is one of them.  Below you will find the complete catalog of William "Bill" Cooper's Hour Of The Time broadcasts, linked to an MP3 version for your listening, research and study.  Besides the recent posting of the BAPH Audio Book and the MP3 collection posted below, you will be seeing a lot of projects released in the coming weeks and months.
Please remember, Hour Of The Time is completely donor supported and without your continued support, we cannot bring you projects like this, speaking engagements, seminars, workshops and publications.
Tape# Date Aired Title Length
1 4-Jan-93 Debut of the Hour of the Time weeknights on WWCR  
2 5-Jan-93 Creator-endowed rights  
3 6-Jan-93 Rodney King LA Riot  
4 7-Jan-93 New F.D.I.C. Rules  
5 8-Jan-93 The Living Constitution  
6 11-Jan-93 Duty, Honor, Country-Speech by Gen B. MacArthur  
7 12-Jan-93 The Great Vitamin B Raid  
8 13-Jan-93 Phillip Marsh- Tax  
9 14-Jan-93 The Ozone Hoax #1  
10 15-Jan-93 listener letters read on air  
11 18-Jan-93 Federal Reserve  
12 19-Jan-93 William Dougan v. the F.C.C.  
13 20-Jan-93 LA Riots and FEMA  
14 21-Jan-93 FDA vs. the people  
15 22-Jan-93 The Ozone Hoax #2  
16 25-Jan-93 Population Control = A.I.D.S.  
17 26-Jan-93 Dave Duffy (of Backwoods Home magazine) interview  
18 27-Jan-93 Who will stop the rain  
19 28-Jan-93 New F.D.I.C. Rules  
20 29-Jan-93 Raid on Dr. Wright by FDA  
21 1-Feb-93 Interview with James Mosley (Saucer Smear)  
22 2-Feb-93 Darlene Sherrell on Fluoridation  
23 3-Feb-93 Income taxes and the law  
24 4-Feb-93 Hour of the Time under attack  
25 5-Feb-93 John Lear interview  
26 8-Feb-93 listener letters read on air  
27 9-Feb-93 Bill Cooper's England trip and Wembly speech  
28 10-Feb-93 Income taxes are voluntary  
29 11-Feb-93 The Dawn of Man  
30 12-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #1, The Sun of God  
31 15-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #2  
32 16-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #3  
33 17-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #4  
34 18-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #5  
35 19-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #6  
36 22-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #7  
37 23-Feb-93 The coming economic collapse  
38 24-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #8  
39 25-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #9  
40 26-Feb-93 Mystery Babylon #1 Rerun  
41 1-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #10  
42 2-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #11  
43 3-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #12  
44 4-Mar-93 Dave Duffy & Backwoods Home magazine  
45 5-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #2 Rerun  
46 8-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #13  
47 9-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #14  
48 10-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #15  
49 11-Mar-93 Devaluation of the Dollar  
50 12-Mar-93 Missing  
51 15-Mar-93 Missing  
52 16-Mar-93 Missing  
53 17-Mar-93 Randy Winters Interview (Billy Meire story UFOs)  
54 18-Mar-93 G.C. Shell horn (UFOs)  
55 19-Mar-93 Missing  
56 22-Mar-93 Missing  
57 23-Mar-93 Missing  
58 24-Mar-93 Diane  
59 25-Mar-93 WACO  
60 26-Mar-93 Missing  
61 29-Mar-93 Missing  
62 30-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #16  
63 31-Mar-93 Mystery Babylon #17- Bibliography  
64 1-Apr-93 Gary Hunt Interview  
65 2-Apr-93 Nancy LaRossa- WACO  
66 5-Apr-93 Creator Endowed Rights – rerun #2  
67 6-Apr-93 Disarmament in the US- public law 87-297  
68 7-Apr-93 Creator Endowed Rights  
69 8-Apr-93 Rerun #62: Mystery Babylon #16  
70 9-Apr-93 Rerun #63: Mystery Babylon #17- Bibliography  
71 12-Apr-93 Gary Hunt WACO  
72 13-Apr-93 Federal Reserve Confirmed, WWCR Burned  
73 14-Apr-93 Rita Riddle Interview- WACO  
74 15-Apr-93 Interview with Gary Hunt- WACO #2  
75-78   Missing  
79 22-Apr-93 Branch Davidians Burned- WACO  
80 23-Apr-93 Rerun #67: Disarmament in the US- public law 87-297  
81 26-Apr-93 Broadcast from WACO  
82 27-Apr-93 Roy Giampaoli- New World Disorder  
83 28-Apr-93 WACO- petroleum fire  
84 29-Apr-93 Rerun #73 Rita Riddle Interview- WACO  
85 30-Apr-93 WACO, C.U.T., Crime Control Act of 1993  
86 3-May-93 KDNO Exposes the IRS  
87 4-May-93 Gary Hunt interview #3  
88 5-May-93 Randy Weaver defense #1  
89 6-May-93 Randy Weaver defense #2  
90 7-May-93 Randy Weaver defense #3  
91 10-May-93 Rerun #85: WACO, C.U.T., Crime Control Act of 1993  
92 11-May-93 Mys. Babylon#19: 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order  
93 12-May-93 Mystery Babylon #18  
94 13-May-93 Betty Mills, "The Vision"  
95 14-May-93 Mystery Babylon #20: William Morgan Interview  
96 17-May-93 Mystery Babylon #21: William Morgan Interview  
97 18-May-93 Mystery Babylon #22: William Morgan Interview  
98 19-May-93 Rerun #2: Creator-endowed rights  
99 20-May-93 Hour of the Time returns to WWCR (post-arson)  
100 21-May-93 Rerun #73: Rita Riddle Interview- WACO  
101 24-May-93 Rerun #74: Interview with Gary Hunt- WACO #2  
102 25-May-93 Rerun #79: Branch Davidians Burned- WACO  
103 26-May-93 Rerun #81: Broadcast from WACO  
104 27-May-93 Rerun #82: Roy Giampaoli- New World Disorder  
105 28-May-93 Rerun #83: WACO- petroleum fire  
106 31-May-93 Rerun #85: WACO, C.U.T., Crime Control Act of 1993  
107 1-Jun-93 Missing  
108 2-Jun-93 Rerun #92: M.B.#19: 68th Convocation Rose Cross Order  
109 3-Jun-93 Rerun #86: KDNO Exposes the IRS  
110 4-Jun-93 Rerun #12: William Dougan v. the F.C.C.  
111 7-Jun-93 Rerun #88: Randy Weaver defense #1  
112 8-Jun-93 Rerun #89: Randy Weaver defense #2  
113 9-Jun-93 Rerun #90: Randy Weaver defense #3  
114 10-Jun-04 Rerun #94: Betty Mills, "The Vision"  
115 11-Jun-93 Rerun #95: Mystery Babylon #20: William Morgan Interview  
116 14-Jun-93 Rerun #96: Mystery Babylon #21: William Morgan Interview  
117 15-Jun-93 Rerun #97: Mystery Babylon #22: William Morgan Interview  
118 16-Jun-93 Rerun #44: Dave Duffy & Backwoods Home magazine  
119 17-Jun-93 Mystery Babylon #23: Jordon Maxwell interview  
120 18-Jun-93 Ron Regehr interview  
121 21-Jun-93 Speech Los Angeles Hyatt Hotel  
122 22-Jun-93 How to make your own Flying Saucer  
123 23-Jun-93 Mystery Expose (Tom Valentine exposed as Freemason)  
124 24-Jun-93 Flying Saucer "Invasion"  
125 25-Jun-93 Interview with Travis Walton of "Fire in the Sky"  
126 28-Jun-93 Tom Valentine rebuke/Coup of President Nixon  
127 29-Jun-93 Interview: Hilder and LaSalle, "Order ab Chao"  
128 30-Jun-93 Mystery Babylon #24: America's Assignment with Destiny  
129 1-Jul-93 Mystery Babylon #25: America's Assignment with Destiny  
130 2-Jun-93 Happy Birthday USA  
131 5-Jul-93 CFR & TC members  
132 8-Jul-93 No Title  
133 7-Jul-93 Letters  
134 8-Jul-93 From My Heart to Yours  
135 9-Jul-93 Area 51  
136 12-Jul-93 Money Reform Act  
137 13-Jul-93 Vaccinations (Alex Loglia)  
Tex Marrs #1
Tex Marrs #2
140 16-Jul-93 Linda Thompson Video (WACO)  
141 19-Jul-93 Billy Goodman  
142 20-Jul-93 Linda Thompson #1  
143 21-Jul-93 Linda Thompson #2  
144 22-Jul-93 Hot line messages  
145 23-Jul-93 Maria's story  
146 26-Jul-93 Read letters  
147 27-Jul-93 Anatomy of a murder  
148 28-Jul-93 Waco- "The Big Lie"  
149 29-Jul-93 Devy Kidd, "Project 93"  
150 30-Jul-93 Arizona- Nuclear Power Plant  
151 2-Aug-93 Mystery Babylon #26: America's Assignment with Destiny  
152 3-Aug-93 Linda Thompson #3- Survivors  
153 4-Aug-93 Linda Thompson #4- Militia  
154 5-Aug-93 Omni Magazine Labels Cooper as Anti-Semitic  
155 6-Aug-93 Rerun #92: M.B.#19: 68th Convocation Rose Cross Order  
156 9-Aug-93 Proof of "World Government Plan"  
157 10-Aug-93 Ralph Epperson #1  
158 11-Aug-93 Ralph Epperson #2  
159 12-Aug-93 Ralph Epperson #3  
160 12-Aug-93 Ralph Epperson #4  
161 16-Aug-93 Ralph Epperson #5  
162 17-Aug-93 Mystery Babylon #27: "In the Coils of the Coming Conflict"  
163 18-Aug-93 Mystery Babylon #28: "Lucifer 2000"  
164 19-Aug-93 Rerun #16: Population Control = A.I.D.S.  
165 20-Aug-93 Rerun #67: Disarmament in the US- public law 87-297  
166 23-Aug-93 Missing  
167 24-Aug-93 Rita Riddle & Ken Fawcett exposed  
168 25-Aug-93 Brad Steiger Interview  
169 26-Aug-93 Stan Soloman WIBC Indianapolis  
170 27-Aug-93 Rerun #9: The Ozone Hoax #1  
171 30-Aug-93 Metal Report, Racism, Read Letters  
172 31-Aug-93 Linda Thompson & Ken Fawcett  
173 1-Sep-93 Metal Report, Open Phones  
174 2-Sep-93 Calling Carolyn Nelson, Black Helicopters  
175 3-Sep-93 Speech to the Bar  
176 6-Sep-93 Precious Metals with Gene Miller (real good)  
177 7-Sep-93 Carolyn Nelson in Studio  
178 8-Sep-93 Michael Schiffman, World Parliament of Religion  
179 9-Sep-93 Open Phones  
180 10-Sep-93 Mandela Body Guards, How to Keep Skunks Away  
181 13-Sep-93 Short Wave Radio, Trenton Parker Exposed  
182 14-Sep-93 Rerun #29: The Dawn of Man  
183 15-Sep-93 Rerun #30: Mystery Babylon #1, The Sun of God  
184 16-Sep-93 Rerun #31: Mystery Babylon #2  
185 17-Sep-93 Rerun #32: Mystery Babylon #3  
186 20-Sep-93 Rerun #33: Mystery Babylon #4  
187 21-Sep-93 Rerun #34: Mystery Babylon #5  
188 22-Sep-93 Return from Denver, Clinton Health Care Plan  
189 23-Sep-93 Missing  
190 24-Sep-93 Bo Gritz (Bo Bo Grits) Newsletter, JFK Assassination Exposed  
191 27-Sep-93 Rerun #35: Mystery Babylon #6  
192 28-Sep-93 Rerun #36: Mystery Babylon #7  
193 29-Sep-93 Rerun #38: Mystery Babylon #8  
194 30-Sep-93 Rerun #39: Mystery Babylon #9  
195 1-Oct-93 Rerun #41: Mystery Babylon #10  
196 4-Oct-93 Return from D.C. Project '93, Open Phones  
197 5-Oct-93 Taped Coverage of Project '93  
198 6-Oct-93 HIV in water?, 2 cent postage  
199 7-Oct-93 Gene Miller's new baby, Bo Gritz member of Mormon Church  
200 8-Oct-93 South African Freedom Coalition  
201 11-Oct-93 Metal Report, Open Phones, Media Buyout  
202 12-Oct-93 Metal Report, Read Letters, Open Phones  
203 13-Oct-93 Mystery Babylon #29- The God Makers & Bo Gritz  
204 14-Oct-93 Old Commercials, Open Phones  
205 15-Oct-93 Review Media Corporations for Buyout  
206 18-Oct-93 Mystery Babylon #30- United Nations Meditation Room  
207 19-Oct-93 Read letters, Open Phones (Good)  
208 1-Oct-93 In Plain View, Survival, Ken Lewis #1  
209 21-Oct-93 Open Phones, Gannett Co Inc  
210 22-Oct-93 Mystery Babylon #31: rerun #123 Tom Valentine exposed  
211 25-Oct-93 Survival, Ken Lewis #2  
212 26-Oct-93 Linda Thompson  
213 27-Oct-93 Bo Gritz (Bo Bo Grits) Exposed  
214 28-Oct-93 Rerun #42: Mystery Babylon #11  
215 29-Oct-93 Rerun #43: Mystery Babylon #12  
216 1-Nov-93 Rerun #46: Mystery Babylon #13  
217 2-Nov-93 Rerun #47: Mystery Babylon #14  
218 3-Nov-93 Rerun #48Mystery Babylon #15  
219 4-Nov-93 Behold a Pale Horse on Tape for Blind, NRA – Not Available  
220 5-Nov-93 Read Letters, Open Phones (Good)  
221 8-Nov-93 Happy Birthday Annie, Pooh Co-Host  
222 9-Nov-93 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Ch.1, Behold a Pale Horse  
223 10-Nov-93 Rerun #62: Mystery Babylon #16  
224 11-Nov-93 Rerun #63: Mystery Babylon #17- Bibliography  
225 12-Nov-93 Rerun #93: Mystery Babylon #18  
226 15-Nov-93 Rerun #92: M.B.#19: 68th Convocation Rose Cross Order  
227 16-Nov-93 Rerun #95: Mystery Babylon #20: William Morgan Interview  
228 17-Nov-93 Rerun #96: Mystery Babylon #21: William Morgan Interview  
229 18-Nov-93 Metal Report, Open Phones, Post NAFTA  
230 19-Nov-93 Open Phones Topic- Police State  
231 22-Nov-93 Kennedy Assassination  
232 23-Nov-93 JFK, Open Phones (Good)  
233 24-Nov-93 Alex Loglia, Germ Theory #1  
234 25-Nov-93 Alex Loglia, Germ Theory #2  
235 26-Nov-93 Vietnam Veterans  
236 29-Nov-93 Canada silences the Press  
237 30-Nov-93 Alex Loglia, Germ Theory #3  
238 1-Dec-93 Alex Loglia, Germ Theory #4  
239 2-Dec-93 Read Letters (Good)  
240 3-Dec-93 Rerun #123: Mystery Babylon #31  
241 6-Dec-93 Mark & Bart Show, Tom Valentine Exposed, Luxor Hotel  
242 7-Dec-93 Rerun #6: Gen. MacArthur Speech, Officeer Corp& New World  
243 8-Dec-93 Bruce Speaks College (Really Good)  
244 9-Dec-93 Excerpts from Alvin Toffler Interview. Open Phones  
245A 10-Dec-93 Trenz, Money- aired at 6pm Mountain Time  
245B 10-Dec-93 Somebody Told You, So You Believe the Lies  
246 13-Dec-93 Metal Report, Open Phones  
247 14-Dec-93 Rerun #12: William Dougan v. the F.C.C.  
248 15-Dec-93 U.S. vs. Long, IRS Lost  
249 16-Dec-93 Denver Speech- Sept. 16, 1993  
250 17-Dec-93 Missing  
251 20-Dec-93 Denver Speech- Sept. 17, 1993  
252 21-Dec-93 Rerun #97: Mystery Babylon #22: William Morgan Interview  
253 22-Dec-93 Rerun #119: Mystery Babylon #23: Jordon Maxwell interview  
254 23-Dec-93 Gold & Silver Coins vs. Currency  
255 24-Dec-93 Christmas Eve  
256 27-Dec-93 Inflation- Banksters  
257 28-Dec-93 Rerun #151: Mystery Babylon #26: America's Assignment  
258 29-Dec-93 Money "Out of Thin Air"  
259 30-Dec-93 Rerun #163: Mystery Babylon #28: "Lucifer 2000"  
260A 31-Dec-93 Interview with Linda Thompson  
260B 31-Dec-93 Interview with Linda Thompson  
261A 3-Jan-94 Mystery Babylon #32- Aid & Abet Newsletter  
261B 3-Jan-94 Rerun #151: Mystery Babylon #26: America's Assignment  
262A 4-Jan-94 Rerun #157: Ralph Epperson #1  
262B 4-Jan-94 Rerun #261: Mystery Babylon #32- Aid & Abet Newsletter  
263A 5-Jan-94 Rerun #158: Ralph Epperson #2  
263B 5-Jan-94 Rerun #2: Creator-endowed rights  
264A 6-Jan-94 Rerun #159: Ralph Epperson #3  
264B 6-Jan-94 Rerun #203: Mystery Babylon #29- The God Makers  
265A 7-Jan-94 Rerun #160: Ralph Epperson #4  
265B 7-Jan-94 Rerun #5: The Living Constitution  
266A 10-Jan-94 Rerun #161: Ralph Epperson #5  
266B 10-Jan-94 Rerun #206: Mystery Babylon #30- UN Meditation Room  
267A 11-Jan-94 Mystery Babylon #33- Luxor, the Source of Light  
267B 11-Jan-94 Open Phones MB #33  
268A 12-Jan-94 Mystery Babylon #34- Secret Societies & Vatican II  
268B 12-Jan-94 Hawaii Independence  
269A 13-Jan-94 Chewed Butt Over Gannett  
269B 13-Jan-94 Missing  
270A 14-Jan-94 Open Phones  
270B 14-Jan-94 Open Phones  
271A 17-Jan-94 Gene Miller, Metal Report  
271B 17-Jan-94 2nd Amendment Religion, New Orleans  
272A 18-Jan-94 Call-Ins  
272B 18-Jan-94 Call-Ins  
273A 19-Jan-94 Tom Donahue  
273B 19-Jan-94 Michael Bann  
274A 20-Jan-94 Treason #1, (World Governmnent Declared), Truman  
274B 20-Jan-94 Treason #2, Truman  
275A 21-Jan-94 Treason #3, Disarmament in the US, PL 87-297  
275B 21-Jan-94 Treason #4, Blueprint Peace Race  
276A 24-Jan-94 Treason #5, Law and Con Record  
276B 24-Jan-94 Treason #6, Paul's Research  
277A 25-Jan-94 Treason #7, Congressional Record  
277B 25-Jan-94 Treason #8, Congressional Record  
278A 26-Jan-94 Rerun #274A: Treason #1  
278B 26-Jan-94 Rerun #274A: Treason #1  
279A 27-Jan-94 Rerun #274B: Treason #2  
279B 27-Jan-94 Rerun #274B: Treason #2  
280A 28-Jan-94 Rerun #275A: Treason #3  
280B 28-Jan-94 Rerun #275A: Treason #3  
281A 31-Jan-94 Rerun #275B: Treason #4  
281B 31-Jan-94 Rerun #275B: Treason #4  
282A 1-Feb-94 Rerun #276A: Treason #5  
282B 1-Feb-94 Rerun #276A: Treason #5  
283A 2-Feb-94 Rerun #276B: Treason #6  
283B 2-Feb-94 Rerun #276B: Treason #6  
284A 3-Feb-94 Rerun #277A: Treason #7  
284B 3-Feb-94 Rerun #277A: Treason #7  
285A 4-Feb-94 Rerun #277B: Treason #8  
285B 4-Feb-94 Rerun #277B: Treason #8  
286A 7-Feb-94 Live, Open Phones  
286B 7-Feb-94 Live, Open Phones  
287A 8-Feb-94 Mystery Babylon #35- From Babylon to Christianity  
287B 8-Feb-94 Grant McEwan  
288A 9-Feb-94 Robert Ross, The Laws #1  
288B 9-Feb-94 Robert Ross, The Laws #2  
289A 10-Feb-94 Jim, Equipment Militia #1  
289B 10-Feb-94 Jim, Equipment Militia #2  
290A 14-Feb-94 Jim, Weapons Militia #1  
290B 14-Feb-94 Jim, Weapons Militia #2  
291A 15-Feb-94 Treason #9  
291B 15-Feb-94 NOT AVAILABLE  
292A 16-Feb-94 Treason #10  
292B 16-Feb-94 Treason #11  
293A 17-Feb-94 Treason #12  
293B 17-Feb-94 Treason #13  
294A 18-Feb-94 Sheriff Mack  
294B 18-Feb-94 Sheriff Mack  
295A 21-Feb-94 John, Long Range Rifle #1  
295B 21-Feb-94 John, Long Range Rifle #2  
296A 22-Feb-94 Mystery Babylon #36- Rose Cross College #1  
296B 22-Feb-94 Mystery Babylon #37- Rose Cross College #2  
297A 23-Feb-94 Lone Wolf Letter, Open Phones  
297B 23-Feb-94 Open Phones,. 375 rifle, Gritz  
298A 24-Feb-94 Mystery Babylon #38- Rose Cross College #3  
298B 24-Feb-94 Rerun #298: Mystery Babylon #38- Rose Cross College #3  
299A 25-Feb-94 Goodbye to Early Time slot  
299B 25-Feb-94 Guns & Crime, Open Phones  
300 28-Feb-94 Mystery Babylon #39- Occult History of Third Reich #1  
301 1-Mar-94 Mystery Babylon #40- Occult History of Third Reich #2  
302 2-Mar-94 Mystery Babylon #41- Occult History of Third Reich #3  
303 3-Mar-94 Open Phones  
304 4-Mar-94 Revelations- NAZIS  
305 7-Mar-94 Radio for Peace International  
306 8-Mar-94 Sheepman WACO continued  
307 9-Mar-94 Pooh Sings, Open Phones, 375HH MAG  
308 10-Mar-94 Started First Earth Battalion (Jammed)  
309 11-Mar-04 Started First Earth Battalion  
310 14-Mar-94 A Call To Arms  
311 15-Mar-94 Glen Kealey & Shelly Ann Clark  
312 16-Mar-94 Rerun #190: Gritz Newsletter, JFK Expose  
313 17-Mar-94 Rerun #206: Mystery Babylon #30- UN Meditation Room  
314 18-Mar-94 Call-Ins, AZ State Constitution Focus  
315 21-Mar-94 Rerun #213: Bo Grits Exposed  
316 22-Mar-94 NOT AVAILABLE  
317 23-Mar-94 Rerun #287B: Grant McEwan  
318 24-Mar-94 Open Phones, Hilder/Sweetwater Music  
319 25-Mar-94 NAZI Called on Air (Good)  
320 28-Mar-94 With Dr. Stan From Santa Cruz  
320B 28-Mar-94 With Dr. Stan From Santa Cruz  
321 29-Mar-94 Handgun Control Inc, Call To Arms  
322 30-Mar-94 Galileo, Orbocomm, Open Phones  
323 31-Mar-94 Sheriff Mack  
324 1-Apr-94 The Second Life of Christ  
325 4-Apr-94 Floyd Cochran (On Satellite Only)  
326 5-Apr-94 Open Phones  
327 6-Apr-94 Whitewater #1  
328 7-Apr-94 Whitewater #2  
329 8-Apr-94 Whitewater #3  
330 11-Apr-94 Whitewater #4  
331 12-Apr-94 Rerun #3245A:Trenz, Money  
332 13-Apr-94 Rerun #245B: Somebody Told You so Believe the Lies  
333 14-Apr-94 Rerun #248: US vs. Long, IRS Lost  
334 15-Apr-94 Rerun #86: KDNO Exposes the IRS  
335 18-Apr-94 Rerun #327: Whitewater #1  
336 19-Apr-94 Devaluation & Currency Change  
337 20-Apr-94 Rerun #124: Flying Saucer "Invasion"  
338 21-Apr-94 Rerun #328: Whitewater #2  
339 22-Apr-94 Rerun #329: Whitewater #3  
340 25-Apr-94 First Live Show From New Studio  
341 26-Apr-94 Rerun #330: Whitewater #4  
342 27-Apr-94 First Open Phones In New Studio  
343 28-Apr-94 Live Open Phones  
344 29-Apr-94 Call-Ins (Satellite Only)  
345 2-May-94 The Three Fold Lie  
346 3-May-94 Surplus & Stuff (10 min missing at start)  
347 4-May-94 Open Phones, Treason Papers  
348 5-May-94 A Call To Arms  
349 6-May-94 Happy Birthday Bill, Open Phones  
350 9-May-94 Military Bases & Psycho Facts  
351 10-May-94 Open Phones, Metal Report  
352 11-May-94 Vultures in Eagle's Clothing  
353 12-May-94 Forrest Police  
354 13-May-94 Home Schooling with Doreen #1  
355 16-Mar-94 The Common Law  
356 17-Mar-94 Rights vs. Privileges in Tax  
357 18-Mar-94 IRS vs. Individual Rights  
358 19-May-94 Rights Protected, Open Phones  
359 20-May-94 Home Schooling with Doreen #2  
360 23-May-94 Lone Ranger Goes to Phoenix  
361 24-May-94 UN Gun Control, Rights of the Child  
362 25-May-94 Surplus & Stuff  
363 26-Mar-94 Rerun #92: M.B.#19: 68th Convocation Rose Cross Order  
364 30-May-94 Youth Conversation  
365 31-May-94 Soul, Fear, America  
366 1-Jun-94 Agile '94, Rose Cross Order  
367 2-Jun-94 Raw Intelligence  
368 3-Jun-94 Survival with Doreen  
369 4-Jun-94 Survival with Tim, Announcement  
370 7-Jun-94 Open Phones  
371 8-Jun-94 The Militia  
372 9-Jun-94 Militia and Intelligence Service  
373 10-Jun-94 Nellie Olson, Constitution Room  
374 13-Jun-94 Mind Control #1  
375 14-Jun-94 Mind Control #2  
376 15-Jun-94 Mind Control #3  
377 16-Jun-94 Mind Control #4  
378 17-Jun-94 Phonics, Teaching & Reading with Gail  
379 20-Jun-94 Mind Control #5  
380 21-Jun-94 Mind Control #6  
381 22-Jun-94 Raw Intelligence  
382 23-Jun-94 ADL #1  
383 24-Jun-94 Behold a Pale Horse- Chapter 14  
384 27-Jun-94 ADL #2  
385 28-Jun-94 ADL #3  
386 29-Jun-94 ADL #4  
387 30-Jun-94 ADL #5  
388 1-Jul-94 Rerun #365: Soul, Fear, America  
389 4-Jul-94 Happy Birthday USA  
390 5-Jul-94 Surplus & Stuff, Tim  
391 6-Jul-94 Vaclav Havel- 666  
392 7-Jul-94 Ancient Freemasonry #1  
393 8-Jul-94 Archeology of Freemasonry #2  
394 11-Jul-94 Linda Thompson  
395 12-Jul-94 Dr. Steven Jacobson- Mind Control ($15)  
396 13-Jul-94 Wolf Man  
397 14-Jul-94 Rerun #322: Galileo, Orbocomm  
  15-Jul-94 NOT AVAILABLE  
398 18-Jul-94 Malathion #1  
399 19-Jul-94 Rerun #371: The Militia  
400 20-Jul-94 Vultures, April 15th, Open Phones (First 10 min missing)  
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    L'arnaque extraterrestre - Milton William Cooper (Interview radio)
    Published on 4 Jul 2013 by "VoyageSpirituel"

    William Miton Cooper est né le 6 mai 1943 à Saint-Johns, en Arizona. Tout comme son père membre de l'USAF (United States Air Force), Cooper avait décidé tout jeune de s'engager dans l'armée. Enfant, sa famille déménage beaucoup dans de nombreux pays, et Bill Cooper sort diplômé du lycée de Yamato (Japon).

    Lorsqu'il quitte son foyer, il intègre le SAC (Strategic Air Command), département de commandement de l'USAF, puis continue sa carrière dans l'United States Navy, la Marine américaine. Dès 1966, il est membre d'équipage à bord du sous-marin USS Tiru. Il travaille ensuite comme officier sur un pétrolier, et ensuite au Viêt Nam pendant la Deuxième Guerre de l'Indochine. Après quoi, il fut affecté dans l'unité administrative de la Flotte Pacifique.

    En 1989 paraissent deux de ses livres : The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12 et Operation Majority, livres véhiculant des théories du complot essentiellement centrées autour du thème des OVNI, et dans lesquels il révèle ce qu'il présente comme des informations top secrètes qu'il aurait acquises durant ses 18 années passées dans l'armée.

    En 1973, il est renversé en pleine ville par une voiture prenant la fuite et perd sa jambe suite à cet accident. L'accident en question est souvent considéré comme un attentat des autorités américaines dans le milieu conspirationniste. En effet, Bill Cooper écrit dans son livre publié en 1991, Behold a Pale Horse, avoir reçu une visite des responsables de l'accident à l'hôpital, ceux-ci l'ayant menacé de s'en prendre à sa famille. Il y divulgue le document Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars qui serait un programme gouvernemental secret.

    Circonstances étranges de sa mort :

    Le 28 juin 2001, il alerte l'opinion publique, à la radio, au sujet d'un attentat imminent impliquant Oussama Ben Laden sur le territoire américain1. Le 6 novembre 2001 Milton William Cooper est abattu chez lui, à 23 h 10 (heure de sa mort) dans la nuit en Arizona par des officiers de police, après avoir tué l'un d'eux d'une balle dans la tête durant la tentative d'arrestation. Les autorités fédérales ont déclaré que Cooper a passé des années à essayer d'éviter la capture d'un mandat d'arrêt 1998 pour évasion fiscale et selon un porte-parole du Service de US Marshals, avait promis « qu'il ne serait pas pris vivant »2. Sa mort est parfois comparée dans les milieux conspirationnistes à celle suspecte de Jimmy Guieu, de Morris Ketchum Jessup, Serge Monast ou encore Phil Schneider.

    Category: Education

    Rest in Peace our friend.
    You were a true patriot.

    America has become a Satanic Bolshevik totalitarian dictatorship!