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L’avocate révisionniste allemande Sylvia Stolz condamnée à vingt mois de prison ferme

L’avocate Sylvia Stolz, qui a déjà passé plus de trois années derrière les barreaux pour avoir tenu des propos contraires aux lois mémorielles allemandes, vient d’être de nouveau condamnée pour ses opinions à vingt mois de prison par un tribunal munichois.
C’est sa défense sulfureuse au procès du fameux révisionniste Ernst Zundel, en 2006, qui l’avait conduite à sa première condamnation et à une interdiction d’exercer son métier pendant cinq ans.
En 2012, elle a prononcé un discours très controversé lors de la 8ème conférence de l’AZK (Anti-Zensur-Koalition, une sorte de rassemblement contre la censure qui organise chaque année une conférence). Celui-ci contenait en effet un certain nombre de questionnements ordinairement avancés par les révisionnistes. Stolz a par exemple affirmé que l’existence d’une volonté organisée et légale du régime nazi d’exterminer entièrement ou partiellement le peuple juif n’a jamais pu être avérée, ou encore que l’Holocauste n’a jamais été prouvé selon les règles et démonstrations strictes d’un procès en bonne et due forme.
En conséquence de ce discours, l’avocate a donc fait face à des poursuites pour incitation à la haine raciale et négation de la Shoah. L’organisateur de la conférence, Ivo Sasek, a lui aussi été poursuivi.
Perçue comme une femme vaillante et courageuse par les groupes partageant ses visions, Stolz a souvent été considérée comme une dingue exaltée par les différents observateurs, du fait de la ferveur avec laquelle elle avait défendu Zundel et du contenu jugé absurde de ses propos.
Ce n’est pourtant pas à l’asile mais bien en prison que Stolz va être envoyée, pour vingt mois. Une illustration supplémentaire du caractère schizophrène de nations occidentales qui, tout en se vantant bruyamment de compter la liberté d’expression comme valeur première, continuent de condamner des individus pour délit d’opinion à des peines bien plus lourdes qu’elle ne condamnent n’importe quel criminel moyen de droit commun.
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Sylvia Stolz jailed for defending her client

German* Attorney Sylvia Stolz was sentenced on January 14 2008 to 3 and-a-half years in prison and disbarred for 5 years for offering too vigorous a defense (?) of Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel during his trial in Germany.

This is how blatant Secular Jewish-Christian tyranny (under the guise of their respective religions, ideologies, and so-called values) actually is in Europe (and elsewhere) where only Israel’s Jewish and Communist squatters, their mercenary assassins of the Tsahal and Christian renegades (under different names) are allowed the freedom of expression, ownership and movement. The Illuminati (Judeo-Christian Freemasonry, Jewish-Zionist Mafia, Bilderberg Group, CFR, or whatever name they call themselves) control money, industry, business, medicine, government, judiciary, academia, police and almost everything vital. There is no escape. We are doomed if we dare disagree with them or criticise their god-stolen (Zionist-stolen) land of Palestine (Judea or Philistia) that they have renamed Eretz Israel and converted into a legal Apartheid state will real Apartheid Walls financed and supported by the Western imperialist and hegemonists, and mainly the USSA (United States of Soviet America), as we both say, Ghyslaine ROC and I.

Regarding Mujaahida Sylvia Stolz, who would like to see his professional mother, wife, daughter, sister, grand-daughter or any other professional brutalised, humiliated, jailed and barred from her wage-earning function for no crime committed? Anybody may suffer the same fate one day if the New Bolsheviks are not kicked out of all (what remains of) the civilised countries or neutralised! The West is telling us on the one hand that we have no rights whatsoever to “force” religion on to others, but, at the same time, it is forcing secularism or French laïcité (a Socialo-Communist anti-God weapon) on everybody whether they like it or not , and is passing laws to FORCE the world into accepting their racist Jewish-Zionist version of history! You pay a fine, see your career and family destroyed or simply go to jail like Sylvia Stolz and many others, and even murdered if you dare refuse to go along with them and their myths and murderous ideologies. They can murder millions with their weapons of mass destruction, but we are labelled terrorists if we ever try to defend ourselves. Does this make sense?

Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech Evidence and Legal Defence full 

Published on 26 Jan 2013
Contact Sylvia Stolz:
Telephone: +49809224418

Mujaahida Sylvia Stolz quoted Johann Gottfried von Herder as saying:

“To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit finds the purpose of a life in reason”.

Even if the translation may not be entirely faithful to the German saying, quoted by Mujaahida Stolz gives it its fullest meaning.

To think and to never fear telling what is true (unless special circumstances)

To sense what is beautiful and to thank the Creator

To want what is good for humankind and the entire Creation

Is indeed to fight in the Path of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Holocaust: when truth is outlawed (Sylvia Stolz speech)

Forgotten Holocausts!

The Fabius-Gayssot racist law is a Jewish-Communist law passed by Christian renegades! The Third Reich set up by money Jews was destroyed by the Goyim, but how is it that the Fourth Reich (actual Germany) set up by the same Jews supposedly “Survivors of the Six Million Jewish Holocaust” still controlled (with Secular and Christian complicity) by Jews and Zionists today? Why are the Jews and Communists always involved in all the world’s calamities? Let us add up all the recorded millions of people their murderous ideologies have been guilty of in just the past century? The total number will easily exceed one hundred million! And, the guilty ones are: Judeo-Christian Freemasonry, Freudism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism, Secularism and French laïcité, Social Neo-Darwinism (Evolutionism), Humanism, Democracy, French “Liberté-Égalité-Fraternité”, Maoism, Feminism, and, now, the New Bolshevik World Order. Known also as the New Secular World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) dreamt of and planned by the Old Bolsheviks (See The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion or The Zionist Protocols (Протоколы Сионских мудрецов or Сионские Протоколы) and by one of the greatest mass murderers of history, the “Man of Steel” (said to be of Jewish descent like Adolph Hitler!), Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) or Joseph Stalin, and whose Gori (now Georgia) peasant parents did not speak Russian at all! I know first hand a few things about the Georgian-Armenian Mafia as well as the Russian Jewish Mafia to which Mikhaïl Sergeyevitch Garbatchiov (Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв ) handed over his country!

Like Sylvia Stolz, millions of highly educated people are prevented from expressing themselves freely. In Mauritius, I am not even allowed to criticise the Apartheid and illegal state of Israel or the Fascist State of India where more than 100 million Muslims have gone missing, or to address my countrymen and countrywomen, not even my former science students, because my experience and knowledge are deemed unimportant, unacceptable or too dangerous. To the exception of a very few countries known as “rogue states”, the “Third World” client-states have opted for the Zionist version of history and politics. Corruption is everywhere, where the Jewish usury banking system, law, drug, gambling, prostitution and pornography networks have been introduced. Mauritius is such a Jewish-Zionist haven. In fact, we never had any real democracy anywhere in the world, but only evil old Jughashvilian Bolshevism in the making (demoncracy). Literally, this is evil Judeocracy. Europe has been completely sovietised and now they are fast in sovietising the whole world. The latest real news on the matter came from the mouth of “Lord” Monckton when he was interviewed by Alan Jones (Tuesday, 03 November 2009). Mr Monckton reveals the scientifically proven continuous lies about global warming (climate change) and the imminent creation of a World Government ( with no democracy, no election, no ballot…!), a “COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP” sealed in a Treaty about to be signed almost in secret in Copenhagen this coming December 2009.

Interview Between Alan Jones And Lord Monckton
This Is A Must Listen

or Youtube

Everyday lies or unproven allegations are pushed down our throats as facts, and ideas and a certain way of life are imposed upon us via brainwashing. The Myth or historical still unproven fact of the “Jewish Holocaust of Six Million” by the Nazis is being imposed upon us as unique and more ‘deserving’ than the USSR Sixty-Six Million Christian Holocaust including the Ukrainian Holocaust of Ten Million by the Jewish Bolsheviks or the Congolese Holocaust of Ten Million by Christian Leopold II of Belgium or the African, Native American (North and South), Native Australian and Tasmanian, Arab and Muslim Holocausts of countless millions at the hands of both Christians and Jews! This is the history that is not taught in our so-called public (Zionist controlled) schools that M.K. Gandhi abhorred! He never sent his children to English schools for that reason. Old Christian America murdered hundreds of millions of innocent people, including its own, to finally surrender its stolen lands and riches, including their civil liberties, to the invading International bank gangsters. Pr Yakub Zaki (James Dickie) insisted that Muslims must learn history in order to understand what Zion has in store for us all. He is a great Muslim Brother and an acquaintance of mine. We care both targeted by the Jewish-Zionist Secret Services here!

“For the 6,000,000 cult -- The 1898 best-selling novel, War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, mentioned that "six-million" "human beings" were "gassed to death" by the evil Martians.”
Jews Must Live, by Samuel Roth, 1934

Jews Must Live is “an account of the persecution of the world by Israel on all the frontiers of civilization”
of which 5 whole chapters + other features were expurgated in its 1964 edition

Does innocence have a nationality or religion?

In Russia, monstrous atrocities were perpetrated mostly by Jewish Commissars and murderers. The Bolsheviks called the murder of the Christian Tsar and all his family “Talmudic Vengeance”. The “Jewish Question”, the “Final Solution” to the “Jewish Question” and the “Jewish Holocaust of Six Million” are all issues raised and greatly publicised well before an absolutely unknown Hitler (like one Barack Hussain Obama!) was catapulted to power and financed by Jewish and US bankers, including Prescott Bush. But, for more than sixty years, we have been indoctrinated in falsehood because the same criminals control our media, text-books and school system that forced us to believe in the exclusivity of Nazi Hitlerian evilness while the evilness of the criminal Jews and Christians for that same period are being brushed aside and pass as secular and liberal democracy in the name of western civilisation. Even the Zionist Holocaust of Palestinians did not count.

(Back in 1857, the British conquistadors butchered many or most of my ancestors in Bihar, Hindustan. I am also a Survivor of repeated Holocausts, but only because I did not live in the Judeo-Christian and Communist Killing fields of Chechnya, Lebanon, Sudan, Palestine, Irak, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Latin America, Rwanda, Kashmir and so on! I even survived the vicious attacks in 1988, in Paris, of four Zionist Christian Phalangist murderers hiding in Paris and protected by the French Zionist Police! As for my son Olyeg, I still do not know what has become of him after his kidnapping, at birth in 1968, by the Jewish-Zionist controlled KGB! In Mauritius, I survived a tear gas attack, one murder attempt, Police persecution, several threats of arrest from District magistrates if I do not shut up (there as well as in Paris and Colchester, U.K. (including a Circuit Judge!)

But, in actual fact, Bolshevism (Rothschildism/Bauerism) has completely engulfed Western Europe, and all Western regimes have been Zionised, Sovietised, Bolshevised and work against their own public interest, for war and terror and never for peace and security, for the continuation of poverty and serfdom, for the death of hundreds of millions of people, and for the benefit of the Jewish-Zionist Elite and their Banking gangsters that control them and their deadly corporations and monopolies. Ever since the Zionists took over the entire West, they censor everything we write, read, watch and listen to. We are no more what we are, but only what they want us to be. Censorship is one way of mind and population control, and biochemical manipulation is another weapon the Zionists use freely. In order to destroy the family and all morality, they promote pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, and there is much more to come. All Western States protect them as a Supremacist “race” or group. I have personally witnessed Sharon’s “Jewish people” running, for example, the affairs of the State in France as well as in the United Kingdom, literally owning both France and Britain, and exercising total control on both the French and the English people and their media. Wherever I turn, I find Jewish control and Jewish supremacy, and for saying so, I am sometimes followed by Intelligence Service agents or receive death threats!

Survivor of three Afghani Holocausts!

Institutionally racist at the start, the French and British have embraced Jewish Talmudist racism as well and today direct their energy against religion, God, Islam and Muslims all over the world. The racist and misogynist Charles Darwin is commemorated with Elizabeth II on the Jewish £10 bank note! Did you know that the British had already carried out the Afghan Holocaust when they illegally occupied Hindustan (ruled in peace by Muslims for nearly one thousand years) before the Soviets carried out theirs? Then the British came back for a third Holocaust, this time with American, French and NATO mass murderers? The criminal Jews are not the only mass murderers in the world. China and India have had their share as well. The leaders of the White Christian world started with the wrong religion by making God into a White racist Supremacist while Israelites of the Talmudic religion (Rabbinic Judaism) made God into a genocidal King, a military thief and plunderer, and themselves into its Chosen people. In the past, they formed a supremacist nation that was to live and thrive as parasites within wealthy nations, a Jewish State (Israel) within a State that they always managed ultimately to betray and (or attempt to) destroy. But, today, standing victorious on the corpses of Christianity and Christendom, they succeeded in joining their racist and imperialist hosts (the Godless West, India, China and Russia), not as parasites with the intention to destroy them, but in a symbiotic way, although only temporarily.

The sadistic Jewish-Zionist West loves murdering innocent children

Criminal Jews feed their hosts’ own madness with more genocidal wars and policies of global plunder, by inciting and financing them, although their aim remains the ultimate destruction of the Goyim (all non Jews). They now completely owned their hosts and managed thus to be paid in return with their own first ever real State, Apartheid Israel, a murderous foreign military base within a peaceful Muslim State (Palestine). The help, military and financial support of their western hosts and their allies brought about an acceptable Apartheid military “State" that became the worse fascist state of all times, for ever unaccountable to nobody, so they think, because they have planned it this way. But, sooner or later Apartheid Israel will have to account for its horrendous crimes and incitation to genocidal wars. Muslims ruled over Lebanon for four hundred years, but after France was given a mandate over the region and Jews were armed by the Satanic West, they invaded and bombed the country (with French support) and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent and unarmed civilians. Retaliation is what they are scared of, and tend to willingly ignore because their crystal ball told them this will never happen. Maybe, the Jews know best as their strategy is working wonderfully well. We have seen how they demonised Islam, Arabs and Muslims, destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq, humiliated Saddam Hussain, hired an army of Iraqi traitors to join them in their criminal activities. Here, in the UK, the Secret Services have been hiring Muslim traitors (and patsies) since before 2001. Today, the whole world is filled with such treacherous young and older Muslims and groups.

Muslim collaborators take many forms. Some time ago, I received an email from one Dr Shaaz Mahboob of the UK, supposedly a Muslim, in which he says:

“British Muslims for Secular Democracy welcomes the proposals contained in the Government’s Equality Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament. As well as reinforcing laws against gender, age and disability discrimination, the Bill will prevent religious institutions from discriminating against job applicants on the basis of their sexual orientation when they (homosexuals, lesbians, paedophiles, etc.) apply for positions that do not entail the promotion of religion.” (The emphasis and bracket contents are mine)

Dr Shaaz Mahboob is the campaign partner of a former close acquaintance, Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui of the actual bogus “Muslim Parliament”. I congratulated Dr Mahboob for promoting “Muslim” acceptance of homosexuality! Dr Spitzer, a Jewish psychiatrist (and homosexual psychiatrists and Atheists) made the psychiatric disease of homosexuality a “sexual orientation”, although, recently, Spitzer reviewed his position, making the Globalist perverts go berserk!) As a Biology teacher, I taught about leaf orientation (tropisms), but I never heard of such a thing as “sex orientation”! To me, this is not science, but the Zionist Protocols in action! Some time ago, Dr Shaaz Mahboob and I exchanged some quite hot emails, but Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui never responded to my emails when I found out that he had betrayed (and was still betraying) the Muslim cause. Dr Mahboob requested me never to write to him again, but he has lately himself been sending me emails again. (Dr Shaaz Mahboob on or 07961365751 or Tehmina Kazi on 0207 631 4175)

Dr Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim “reformist” and “double or triple agent” has written about this matter in an article “Homosexuality and Islam”. As usual, he writes a lot of sense, says a lot on the matter, but nothing about who is behind it and why. He replied to my email only once, but has refused to discuss our objections on certain Islamic matters. His fanatics would even kick you off their websites if you dare criticise his works and postures. I also investigated several other so-called Muslim organisations, mosques associations and charities. Most are controlled (some even set up) by the government and its Secret Services. The same people and groups who are behind Planned Parenthood, abortion, drug trafficking, prostitution, pornography, wars, and other abominable practices are pushing the homosexual agenda. In the UK, non Muslim Blacks are used as a front to push the Jewish-Zionist agenda as they too hate Muslims and Arabs.

In the US, the only Black men and women that the New Bolshevik America loves, protects and idolises are the ones who join them in their murderous adventure: for example, Collin Powell, Codoleeza Rice, Barack Hussein Obama, and others (like the Satanist Sammy Davis Jr or paedophile lover Whoopie Goldberg), and whoever else supports the Apartheid illegal state of Israel in occupied Palestine and its corrosive Jewish supremacist mafia around the world. The Global Bolshevik Super State is at hand and the Bolshevisation (Sovietisation) of the planet is nearly complete except for some groups of religious and non religious people, and individuals (like Daryl Bradford Smith) who still love freedom and justice above their own comfort and lives, and US patriots who still will lay their lives defending their Constitution, their Bill of Rights and their Constitutional Right to bear arms to defend themselves against state corruption, oppression, and injustice. The USA is today a Jewish-Zionist dictatorship just like Britain, France and Germany. Alex Jones has made many video documentaries about Gulag America and US dictatorial regime. The US Zionists and criminal Jews have set up thousands of mini worse than Siberian Gulags for imminent use! They already control America, but they want TOTAL control, now! Muslims form the greatest part of those people (although the non Muslim freedom and justice fighters are not negligible) who can stand up the Global Bolshevik Fascist State, for which reason an all out war is actually being waged by the Jewish-Freemasonic forces in order to eradicate all Islamic influence and power anywhere in the world, with Britain, the USA and the EU in the lead.

Achtung! A very dangerous Muslim Terrorist!

“The enemies are not the terrorists, but Muslims…”, said one of the leaders of the International Jewish Mafia that runs the US government and all western regimes.

MISSING LINKS The Definitive Truth About 9/11
Final Version 15 April 2009
Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife, dies in 1849. Before her death, she is reported to have said:
"If my sons did not want wars, there would be none."

The Rothschilds created and financed the Apartheid State of Israel in and in the place of Palestine.

On February 13, 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Jewish French President, a puppet of the Rothschilds, who pretends to be Christian (Daryl Bradford Smith), declared to CRIF, the “Jewish State” within the State of France,

“I solemnly promise never to shake hands with anyone who doesn’t recognize the State of Israel.”
Jewish Zionist President Nicolas Sarkozy

Will you or will you not recognize the Holy Jewish State of Israel?

It is strictly haraam for the at least Six Million Muslims of France to recognize the “State of Israel”! What Sarkozy is saying in fact is that to become a French citizen, the sine qua non condition is the recognition of Apartheid Israel! Strange kind of democracy, isn’t it? But, what a candid statement! Like all the Western leaders, including US Presidents, nobody can rule unless he or she first pledges allegiance to Apartheid Israel before the interest of his or her own country. Whether it was John Fitzgerald Kennedy or William Jefferson Clinton, or any other western leader, they are all the same. In other words, all western governments (the real Great Israel!) are in real fact Jewish-Zionist governments controlled from Tel Aviv and the Knesset! This was the very ambition and purpose of the Rothschilds-Bauers when they created Apartheid Israel with US, British and French complicity, finance and support. They already had their Swiss Mafia in the heart of Europe; now they have their Israeli mafia in the heart of the Arab lands and of Islam.

The “Third World” centres of Jewish mafia, finances and vice in South-East Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Hong-Kong, Bosnia and Lebanon have brought about only misery and wretchedness in these areas. Sarajevo and Beirut (the “Paris” of the Arab world and of the Balkans!) have already known the wrath of European, American and Israeli military might and their ethnic cleansing policies which they are now implementing in conquered Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No wonder Jewish Lobbies, Jewish states within the Host States, are having Jewish laws (proposed first in or approved by Apartheid Israel) passed by their Christian-turned-apostates minions in order to prevent any criticism of Jewish criminality, the Jewish and Armenian Holocausts, Jewish racism and anti-Semitism. Soon after they had stolen Palestine, racist and criminal Jews murdered by irradiation more than 100,000 Jewish “Arabs” or mostly Sephardic (see Ring Worm Children). Criticism of both Zionism and the Apartheid State of Israel in occupied Palestine is getting more and more difficult, sometimes even impossible as the tyranny grows more vicious. However, Crypto-Jew Nicolas Sarkozy did not invent tyranny; he learned it from his old Christian masters, and is now actively preparing a Civil War in France while the Six Million Muslims are waiting peacefully and indolently for it to happen…and then cry Allahu Akbar!

All Christian kings and popes used to tyrannise and enslave their own nations in the name of the Israelite genocidal and racist god (according to their own Holy Scriptures). Then, they went on rampage across the globe, killing, plundering and enslaving other nations as that god’s representatives, and as Emperors, with the financial support of Jewish financiers who were once expelled en masse from all Christian lands. In more recent times, since Christopher Colombus, they invaded as many lands as their military might, technology, science and Jewish money allowed them to do, and committed the most atrocious genocides in human history with weapons of mass destruction unheard of (like the first Jewish Oppenheimer atom bombs they dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and that they want desperately and imperatively to be the only ones to possess. Of the two pilots that dropped the Zionist bomb, one was a Jew! (Check this one?) But, to keep the masses in perpetual slavery, they need to control the guns abroad as well as at home. So, it has been decided that no Muslim nation can adequately arm itself for ever! They built their empires with African, American, Australian and Asian blood, especially Black Africans which they made into slaves, their new serfs, in order to build their new nation.

They stole every land they set foot upon, but, authentic Jews do not steal or murder, and are not deceitful, although they have inherited a similar law of theft and spoliation of other peoples’ lands and wealth, obviously a corruption of the texts. But, anyway, this proves that Christians have rejected the Mosaic Law that forbids stealing, murder and deceit, and even the Message of the so-called Son of God that they should love their neighbour like themselves. Even those who call themselves Jews or reformed Jews today do not follow the Mosaic Decalogue. Jewish criminals follow the Talmud and not the Torah. In real fact, what racist Christians have achieved in the end is the total destruction of White Christian Supremacy. They have embraced Talmudism instead, and surrendered their new Godless nations of apostates to the International Jewish Mafia, the scalawags, carpetbaggers, bootleggers, perverts, and the forces of supreme evil itself. Instead of giving the freed Black man equal rights, 40 acres of land and a mule as they had promised, they kept the Black man in perpetual bondage, imprisoned for ever in a culture of false promises, lies, deception, drug, and immorality. Jewish Christian inherited tyranny takes various forms. Only a few Black people are brave enough to oppose them. One of them was Malcom X. He was murdered by the CIA. Another one is Minister Louis Farrakhan. He was recently poisoned, but he survived. Both Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat were murdered. Prophet Muhammad too was poisoned by some Jewish person, so it seems.

The author

It was not my intention to barge in like this in the middle of an already started analysis and indictment of the Global Bolshevik World Order, but the revelation of “Lord” Monckton prompted my immediate reaction. Having studied for a few years in the USSR (they call it ex-USSR, but it is still there, and even in USSA as predicted in 1968!) I saw that coming a long time ago, but the controlled media, including most Muslim media, has always boycotted my articles for more than two decades. My private life (and my countless dealings with corrupt Illuminati magistrates, judges and Police) did not allow me to find the time or other ways to communicate with the ungrateful masses, except for these sporadic and amateurish pieces. Had it not been for Ghyslaine ROC, Adriana Evangelizt, and a couple of Muslim Sisters and Brothers from France and elsewhere, I would have sent everything and everybody to hell a long time ago! But, the truth is finally coming out, and who can stop it? Maybe the time has come to speak out about this old-new threat of Bolshevism, but my only hope (and prayer) is that it is not too late to remedy the situation because I owe this to my grand children and to our future generation even if the masses are so selfish and ungrateful.

Małgorzata Skrobut

The uncle of my Polish wife (before God!), Małgorzata Skrobut, one Kouyoumdjian, and many other Lebanese Armenians (Costanian, Bakalian, etc.) were once my clients at the Windsor Hotel in Paris. I learned many more things from some of them about what Christian Armenians owed to Muslims and Arabs in general, but today because of the Zionist and Crypto-Jewish takeover of the Christian countries, the Westerners have been indoctrinated into hating Muslims and Arabs, and putting the blame of the Armenian Holocaust on the Turkish Muslims instead of on the Jews and Crypto-Jews under the Crypto-Jew, homosexual and alcoholic dictator Mustafa of Salonika (he added Kemal to his name later on) who, in 1908, helped by his Jewish Freemason Brother Djavid Bey of Salonika, led an armed revolt against Abdul Hamid II and his cohort of 16 or so wives, and took over the decadent Khilâfah (not Islamic at all anymore!) which was heavily indebted to Jewish usurious bankers, deposed him in 1910 and sent him to the Ottoman Jewish Paradise of Salonika from which came Mr Nicolas Sarkozy’s Jewish or Crypto-Jewish ancestors. By the way, Małgorzata who was then a student in Paris was kicked out of France by the Russian Jewish Police Prefect of Paris in 1981!

Crypto-Mustafa (Kemal) installed himself as a laïque French-style dictator, banned Arabic, even the Arabic Islamic call to prayer, murdered Muslim dissenters and freedom-fighters wholesale, and “banished Islam to the mosques”! A Karaite teacher taught him to read the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew and he was a French-educated Freemason, and developed utter hatred for Islam, Arabs and Muslims. His prophet and Messiah was the 17th century Jewish Sabbetai (Shabtai) Zevi of Smyrna. Both Kemal and Djavid were Doenme, an underground sect of Ottoman Sabbetaian Jews (wife swappers and orgy lovers) who took Muslim names and outwardly behaved like Muslims, but secretly believed in Sabbetai Zevi, and conducted carefully guarded prayers and rituals in his name. Crypto-Mustafa admitted himself that his secret prayer was the Shema Israel! Now, that we have Crypto-Sarkozy and Crypto-Hussain Obama on each side of the Atlantic, what can we expect if not further bloodshed and of the worse kind! Is it a coincidence that Churchill, Staline, Roosevelt and Hitler are all said to have Jewish roots? Ghyslaine ROC was saying that even God is Jewish because he is said to have created this world exclusively for Jews, a name only quite recently invented! The reason why I mention Jewish Mustafa is to illustrate what happened to other conquered Muslim countries as well – the same fate if not worse. When our Brother (?) Dr Tariq Ramadan preaches “Islam dans la laïcité” (Islam within French-style anti-God and racist laïcité), he shows how heavily ignorant and misled he is!

However, I have not lost hope in a better future for our grandchildren, although there seems to be realistically NO HOPE AT ALL, unless the balance of military power is re-established in the world. Our only realistic hope lies with the Muslims (in particular the Iranian men and women fighters) and the American freedom-lovers and freedom-fighters. But, they too do not seem to be sufficient enough in number to scare those devils and dismantle the Apartheid illegal state of Israel (as a priority) because all our problems come from the Illuminati hegemonic West that is using criminal and fanatical Jews, Christian Evangelists, Communists and Israelis as tools to dominate the world! A powerless human being often resorts to anger. A powerless religious person often resorts to curses. A lazy believer wants God to do all the work (Jihaad) in his or her place. But, none ever worked! Once we have the necessary weapons, we will not need to be angry anymore! Why do you think Jews want to nuke Iran? But, in the mean time, while we refuse to arm ourselves, which can be achieved only by standing up for our rights to self-defence upon terms laid down by ourselves and not the enemy, we may perhaps feel content with the Armenian curse on Israel!

Let us flee home for our lives!


THE CURSE If it is anything but a small consolation, everyone I have spoken to in recent days has been highly critical of Israel. It is understandable that the US administration has done nothing to prevent or stop this outrage, but the indifference of the Europeans is harder to fathom. In any case, the damage is done. A wonderful country has been wilfully destroyed. It might recover, one day. There is a spot just north of Beirut, a gorge through which flows the Nahr el Kalb (the River of the Dog). From Antiquity, it became a tradition for conquerors passing through Lebanon to carve their names on the stony walls of the river bank. Assyrian kings, Egyptian Pharaohs, Greek and Roman generals and the more modern armies (such as the nostalgic Régiment de Marche du Tonkin of the French Army). Tourist guides loved to show them to visitors and say: "they all came, they all went, but we are still here"). Maybe, Insh'allah, they will still be there again. In the meantime, I am putting an old Armenian curse on the State of Israel and all those who sail in her, adding that if God
elected that as the country of his chosen people, I do not know who is the schmuck who gave Him the voting bulletin. The Armenian Curse is very effective but secret, though I can tell you that compared to its consequences, the Seven Plagues of Egypt appear as harmless as an old ladies' bridge afternoon.”
Armen Kouyoumdjian

“… when Armenian survivors of the 1915 Genocide arrived in the Lebanon, itself in the midst of a famine and other difficulties, the local authorities built an entire village (Anjar) to house as many as they could. The Armenians owe the Lebanese, and in fact
Arabs in general, a debt which can never be repaid enough.”
Armen Kouyoumdjian

“Above all this (Lebanon) was the most hospitable country and people to have ever
roamed the earth.”
Armen Kouyoumdjian

By B.A. Frémaux-Soormally (At the request of Ghyslaine ROC)

Tuesday 10th of November 2009 (my second grand daughter’s third birthday, Aïshah. How many like these little ones the criminal Jews, Communists and Christians are killing everyday, including pregnant mothers? But, as for me, I will never get involved in “peace processes”, UN Resolutions, “Human Rights”, public demonstrations, or the Court of Shaytaan. Also, I do not believe in curses, so better nobody touches a hair on the head of my loved ones … “from my cold dead hands”!)

Posted by Ghyslaine ROC

P.S. If there is any accuracy in any statement, would you, please, be kind enough to point it out to me? Thank you.

* N.B. From "The Ugly Truth" (Mark Glenn)

#11 by Swissy on January 18, 2013 - 9:04 pm
Sylvia Stolz is German, She was here in Switzerland at a Conference organized by a Swiss man. I was there. Now they are including the owner of the conference hall in big trouble.

#11 by Swissy on January 18, 2013 – 9:04 pm
“Sylvia Stolz is German, …”

Thanks, love. That was indeed a colossal mistake. The quote was a translation from French (?). The necessary correction has been made. Thanks a lot.

"THE UGLY TRUTH" (Mark Glenn)

Germany convicts Shoah-denying bishop

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 (18 January 2013)


Richard Williamson found guilty of incitement, fined €1,800 for telling Swedish TV station he does not believe Jews were killed in gas chambers in WWII

A German court has fined an ultraconservative British bishop €1,800 ($2,400) for denying the Holocaust in a television interview.
German news agency DPA reported that an administrative court in Regensburg convicted Richard Williamson of incitement and levied the fine on Wednesday.
The case was retried after an earlier conviction of Williamson was overturned on procedural grounds.
The 72-year-old Williamson told a Swedish TV station in 2008, during an interview conducted near Regensburg, that he did not believe Jews were killed in gas chambers during World War II. Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany.
A traditionalist group of breakaway Catholics, the Society of St. Pius X, expelled Williamson last October. He didn’t attend Wednesday’s court proceedings.


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  2. I will not say that I have wasted my knowledge, time, energy and skills trying to inform, wake up and motivate humans having still an ounce of humanity in them to STOP the Satanisation of our vegetal, animal amd human life on earth, but it came out that there were not many non zombified, non-haarped and non mkultraified humans left in the world to achieve anything worthwhile. Ever since I started writing publicly I will give the amateur readers a 0 over 10 for their useless intelligence and a 10 over 10 for their criminal stupidity.

    It has nothing to do with ME as I am just the MESSENGER, like thousands others, but when we tell readers that Western two-legged animals are commiting all kinds of abominations on planet earth, murdering millions of babies by abortion, sanctions, embargoes, bombings, murdering pregnant women, defenceless men, women and children, torturing them and using them as guinea pigs, polluting our habitat, destroying all traces of past Islamic civilisation, the only civilisation that is still valid today, mass murdering Indo-Chinese, Latinos, Arabs, Africans and Muslims alike, mixing plant, animal and human DNA non stop in their secret laboratories and underground cities and research centres producing abominable creatures, and all this with ou tax money and in the name of democracy and western civilisation, THEY DO ALMOST NOTHING TO STOP THE SUPER MONSTERS!

    They cannot even see they are living in slavery and soon to be interned in massive Labour Concentration Camps, and exterminated by the billions!


  3. N.B. My comment of 28 May 2012 was removed because I had mispelt "mkultraified". One "i" was missing. I have now reposted the corrected commentary above.