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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There can be very little doubt that Noam Chomsky and his cabal are the main source of the USA Left corruption. Similarly, there is very little doubt that Uri Avnery and his cabal are the main disruptive and corrupt influence on the development of anti-zionist Left under the zionist apartheid regime of Israel.

Although a fanatical zionist impostor who purports to be a peace activist, Uri Avnery is not hiding his loyalty to zionism, nor to the zionist apartheid regime of Israel. Only a few days ago he defined himself as an "Israeli patriot" to justify his loyalty to the zionist apartheid regime of Israel.

Noam Chomsky ,who purports to be anti-fascist and anti-imperialist, has never opposed zionism nor objected to the zionist apartheid regime of Israel. The reality is that he always has been loyal to both USA imperialism and to the zionist apartheid regime of Israel. He always has been a zionist impostor, but has publicised himself around the world as a "champion" of oppressed people. Recently he has travelled to Venezuela to meet Hugo Chavez, to flatter and bamboozle him furthermore.

On the 28th of August 2006,The Independent published Noam Chomsky's replies to readers' questions. One of the paper's readers asked him if he considers the USA a fascist country. Chomsky's reply was that it is not true, and that the USA is the "most free country in the world" (see my post
and other posts on the same blog).

Even more damage is inflicted by Chomsky and his ilk by providing a very negative role model to the people of Left in the USA and elsewhere. The message they are getting from this impostor-guru is that never mind honesty, as like himself, it is OK to deceive, to pretend and to play the role of a double agent if it is necessary for a successful career. Furthermore, it is OK to be a wealthy man and make more money , like himself, while preaching against the capitalist establishment.

My own encounter with such corruption is documented in the previous post on this blog. The two purported supporters of the Palestine cause emailed to me cynical messages of hostility and contempt, rather than solidarity with me and protest the zionist torturers of my daughter, my son and myself.

The biggest horror is of course to witness Palestinian leaders trusting those zionist impostors, thus risking disasters for their own people. In my own case the horror is to experience their hostile silence in regard to my torture by the zionist Gestapo.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Below are three messages I got from Palestine supporters and my replies to them.The first is a Palestinian American activist described by his website as follows :
"Name: Sami Jamil Jadallah
Location: Fairfax, Virginia, United States

Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh ( presently under Israeli Military Occupation, Armed Jewish thugs and settlers). Immigrated to the US in 62. After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army ( 66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers where in US military service about the same time. Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Juris Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU,was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center and founder and owner of several business in technology and services."

Here is his comment on my previous post :

"Not so surprising. The Palestinian Security Forces of Arafat and Abbas provided joint security escort yesterday to the Israeli military governor making sure he and his commanders are safe and secure in areas managed by the Palestinian Authority. This is the same security forces together with the preventive security forces of Dahlan and Rajoub supported and generously funded by the late Arafat. No Palestinian prisoner should expect any support from the Palestinian Authority where more prisoners were tortured and murdered than in Israel.


Here is my reply :
"Dear Sami,
thanks for your message. Can I get your permission to published it on my blog and circulate it ?
In solidarity, Benjamin"
Sami's reply :
"Yes, why not. You can also circulate my website and I also publish at and

all the best.Sami"

The second Palestine supporter is American,William J. Martin. Here is his first comment :

"Dear Ben

What did you do that was so special? I and many others are critics of Israel, I even write articles which are read by the general public, but I have suffered no harassment of the kind that you describe.
Most people on the list serve do not even live in the same continent as you, and must necessarily be of limited help at best. Even if I wrote a letter, I cannot speak from any authority as I know nothing first hand, and anyway, most letters are just ignored. I know that from writing politicians in America.
It seems to me that you are going to have to find a solution yourself within your own continent. Maybe hire a detective to find some evidence. Maybe try to capture your tormentor or tormentors on video camera. Those things would be far more productive than my writing a letter from New Orleans.


My reply :

"Dear William,
thanks for your message.Ever since my return home from hospital, wherea cancer tumour was removed from my colon in January 2001, my sleephas been disrupted nightly between the hours 1am to 5am. Sometimes thedisruption has occurred several times during the the same night.The method of disruptions has been mainly by the use of firecrackers -hissing or exploding firecrackers - as well as banging on the wall(where I lived in a weatherboard house), on my door and window and/orusing any kind of external strong noise (like a whistle,,a suddenstart of a car or its tooting,,a sudden strong banging on a metalcontainer,ect.)..In my previous residence the perpetrator was theneighbour in the flat above me, and all he did was knock on his floorin the middle of the night to wake me up, and must have been wellpaid for that because he did not go to work during the day, and wentto sleep instead.The nightly disruptions occurred wherever I lived, and in any new placeI moved to live.Only in one case I was able to identify the perpetrator, but when Icomplained to the local police they refused to take any action againsthim because they said that he denies my complaint against him (evenwhen he broke my bathroom window).I then went to the local courtand obtained an injunction (intervention order) against him, but againthe police refused the enforce the order against him.In recent weeks the deprivation of my sleep has intensified so that Icannot compensate my loss of sleep at night by a nap during the day,as I am being woken each time I fall asleep.There is no one in the world who would/could deprive me of sleep everynight for almost 9 years, no matter where I live, except for Israel'ssecret police, in punishment for my exposing of zionist crimes !You can help by sending protest/reminder message to Raji Sourani whois a member of the Executive Committee of ICJ, urging him to demandprotest action by ICJ to stop these violations of the rule of law in Australia.

Sincerely, Benjamin Merhav"

To which he replied as follows :

"I have a couple of more thoughts. If your complaints include honking horns or engines starting up in the middle of the night, your neighbors should hear them as well. If it does not seem to bother them, then they probably understand it as background noise and the effect of living in proximity with other people.
The banging on the ceiling by the person who lives above you might just be him bumping around in the middle of the night for some with nocturnal hours.
If the police are non- responsive to your complaints, talk to them and ask them why. It may be that they think the problem is you rather that what you say. The alternative is that they are in on the conspiracy too, which seems unlikely.
It is puzzling why you are singled out for persecution when there are many, many critics of Israel, including me, who are not so persecuted."

The third Palestine supporter is also American, John Spritzler, and here is his message :

"Could you please describe exactly how the Zionists have been depriving you of sleep? Thank you. --John"

To which I sent him a reply similar to the one I sent to William Martin.
To which he replied as follows :

"Hi Ben,
Do you live with neighbors who are also disturbed by the noise-making at night? If so, I wonder why your neighbors don't also try to get the police to take appropriate action to stop the noise-making,since it presumably disturbs their sleep also. If you don't live with neighbors, could you move to a place with neighbors?
My reply :
I did but the distuptions only change, so that the neighbours are not disturbed.

It is obvious that out of the comments by the three Palestine supporters only the comments by the Palestinian activist, Sami Jamil Jadallah, are frank ,sincere and honest. The other two refuse to believe that the zionist Gestapo has been torturing me for nearly 9 years by sleep deprivation, and by implication they refuse to believe that Palestinian leaders have collaborated with the zionist Gestapo by imposing a hostile silence on this zionist crime.

Still worse, not only do they refuse to protest against this torture, they don't even mention the ongoing psychiatric torture of my daughter (for almost 32 years, and my son for some 19 years), and I provide below the list of links to my blogs of research into the crime of psychiatry and Big Pharma, with whom the zionists are closely allied.

Furthermore, both these two "Palestine supporters" are claiming in irony that they did not suffer any similar "punishment" as inflicted on myself therefore they "ask" why would I be "singled out " when they have been free and safe.

Well, there are two answers to this cynical question. First is that I do not know, and neither do they, what criteria the zionist apartheid regime of Israel use when they single out anybody for "punishment". Secondly, could it be that the zionist Gestapo has considered me more dangerous than they and other puported supporters of the Palestine cause, to be singled out for turture ?

The links to my psychiatry research blogs :

Saturday, September 26, 2009


It seems now that the zionist impostors and their cabals are now in control of the Palestinian situation. Which means that the zionist apartheid regime of Israel is in control of Palestine both within and without the Palestinian camp, and therefore very close to fully implementing the first stage of the zionist empire plan.

This situation is also reflected in my torture by the zionist Gestapo. Over the past few weeks I have been deprived of sleep by zionist Gestapo more often than ever before. It is now around the clock torture, 24 hours a day, rather than the nightly torture as it has been for almost 9 years. The psychiatric torture of my daughter and of my son has increased too over the past few weeks.

During this same recent period I have had no solidarity/protest messages from any Palestinian activist, much less from any Palestinian leader, despite my appeals to them, and despite the 16 posts/reminders that I have circulated amongst them ever since my first appeal. Yet I keep up circulating my messages to them hoping that they will wake up to see the gravity of the Palestinian situation (as well as my own situation) before it is too late !

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today is the beginning of the sixth week of the hostile silence. Although that silence is overwhelming in its collaboration with the zionist Gestapo torture, and in its imposition on Palestinian websites by Palestinian leaders, there have been some rays of light in this darkness of treachery and betrayal.

Following are excerpts of solidarity and protest letters from some supporters of the Palestinian cause :

1. Doris Cadigan (USA) on August 19, 2009 :

"Please consider writing on Benjamin Merhav's behalf to the Australian ICj and to
the director of the Centre of Palestinian Human Rights , Mr. Raji Sourani .
It's beyond disgrace that this man and his family should still be suffering at the
hands of the Zionist Enterprise for opposing their build up of WMD at the Dimona
Nuclear plant in Israel some 46 years ago...
Yet the failure of such officials to respond and investigate Benjamin Merhav's com-
plaint demonstrates once again the cowardly approach many leaders and officials
take today towards the Zionist Enterprise..."

2. Daniel Saykaly (Canada) on 22 August, 2009 :

"I am writing to urge you to give your support to Mr. Ben Merhav, a citizen of Australia who has been subjected to ongoing aggression and interference.
Mr. Merhav has written to me concerning the nightly disturbances to which he has been subjected - disturbances that the police appear unwilling to properly investigate and suppress. Moreover, his children have been subjected to great trauma. All this appears to have been the work of people who resent Mr. Merhav's principled support for the Palestinian cause.
I urge you to contact him and learn the facts of his case, as I have done. He can be reached at . I also urge you to intervene on his behalf and insist that Australian authorities take immediate steps to end the distress to which he and his children have been subjected.
Yours sincerely,
Daniel Saykaly,
PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity)

3. Dr. Franklin Lamb (Lebanon), President of
Sabra Shatila Foundation on September 12, 2009 :

"Dear Benjamin,

The Sabra Shatila Foundation supports and will distribute your appeal to our contacts. Please advise up of what we can do beyond that to help your situation.

very best wishes,


4. James Buels (USA) on September 17, 2009 :

Dear Mr. Sourani,

I am writing to you regarding a case of the egregious Zionist harassment of a distinguished Australian anti-Zionist activist, Benjamin Merhav, because I know you are a member of the Executive Committee of the International Committee of Jurists.

For years, Mr. Merhav, and his daughter and son, have been tortured by Zionist agents in Australia, and so far his numerous appeals to the Australian authorities to stop this torture have been virtually ignored. I urge you, as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Committee of Jurists, and as director of PCHR, to call for protest actions by ICJ Australia in order to move the Australian government to act against the violations of the rule of law by ASIO, which is collaborating with the Zionist agents rather than defending Mr. Merhav. Thanking you in advance, I am looking forward to your reply.

James Buels"


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