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 25 September 2005 - 10, Downing Street, the JUDEAN HQ of ZIONISM!

My dear Brother Benjamin,

It is my experience that all your letters will fall on deaf ears!  There does not exist a single Court of JUSTICE in the entire West, and the rest of the world is still under colonial and imperial subjugation!

But, the fight must go on even if you see that ALMOST nobody gives a damn about what has happened and is happening to you and your loved ones!

I was a victim of the Soviet KOMMISSAR (JEWISH-STYLE POLITICAL TERRORISTS mistranslated as GESTAPO!), the Mauritian, French, and British totalitarian and Fascist ones,  and I ALWAYS LOST!  In Zionist Australia and Zionist Canada, it is exactly the same as Jewish Power is a worldwide cancer!       



Monday, April 27, 2009


The Hon. Robert McClelland,MP
Federal Attorney-General
Canberra, ACT

Dear Minister,

Re: My complaint against the illegal wiretapping of my phone and the illegal nightly harassment (torture by sleep deprivation), as well as the insistence on the continued psychiatric torture of my daughter and of my son, by Israel's clandestine arm (the zionist Gestapo) here in Australia.

Today I found in my letter box a letter
on your behalf signed by Ms Emma Appleton,an official of your department. The letter is limited to my wiretapping complaint only. It informs me that the only authority that can "investigate" my complaint is the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, and since he had rejected my complaint "the Attorney-General's Department cannot assist" me any further with my complaint. This is like saying that ASIO is not accountable to anybody except that Inspector-General ( who appears to be more concerned with providing cover-up for ASIO's illegal activities ,in collusion with ASIO, rather than investigate my complaint). Can such an arbitrary state of affairs exist under the rule of Law ? The answer must be, obviously, that it should not !

As I have repeatedly stated in my previous letters to you, I do not ask for any investigation, nor do I request that anything be done with or by ASIO. All I asked for is that you order an end to the wiretapping of my phone. ASIO needs only to comply with your order. It is the legal duty of ASIO to defend
Australian citizens in Australia from malicious clandestine foreign intervention, and the head of ASIO should be accountable to you for that , if Australia is under the rule of law.

Furthermore, regarding the other items of my complaint, namely, torture by depriving me of my sleep, which has been going on every night for over 8 years, and the torture by psychiatric "treatment" that my daughter has been subjected to for over 31 years, and my son for over 17 years, these tortures are still going on unabated. Perpetrated by the zionist Gestapo - i.e. by the clandestine arm of a foreign government on Australian soil - these torture atrocities have been allowed by ASIO to continue despite my complaints !

These atrocities amount to attempts on our lives, and they certainly are in violation of both Australian and international law, as I pointed out in my previous letters to you ( see the links to all my letters in my 6th open letter to you
http://5thautobiography.blogspot.com/2009/04/hon_23.html ) . So much for the rule of law in Australia when it comes to defending basic human rights of Australian citizens !

Linked to the above legal and moral issues are, of course, the relevant political issues, namely, the issue of exposing zionist racism as practiced by the zionist apartheid regime of Israel - and with it the right of an Australian citizen to freedom of expression to expose that racism in Australia - as well as the issue of the official government support for this ongoing zionist racism, as has been recently manifested by Australia's boycott of the UN sponsored Durban II conference.

The disturbing question which arises now is this : is Australia's federal government now a complete captive of the zionist propaganda lies which have been directed at it by the local zionist lobby on behalf of the zionist apartheid regime of Israel ? Last week's statement by Mr. Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister of Australia, to his zionist friends here that anti-zionism is the same as anti-semitism (as he commented on President
Ahmadinejad's recent speech) seems to answer this question in the affirmative. There are several basic data issues, which should be considered as relevant to that wrong statement ,and as relevant to my complaints in this letter. They are as follows :

1. Many thousands of people of Jewish background (like myself, being a secular person) around the world are anti-zionist ( see, for example,
http://www.ijsn.net/home/ , and see also a relevant article by a British academic of Jewish background,published recently by The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2003/dec/03/comment ).

There are also many thousands of anti-zionist orthodox Jews who are adamantly opposed to zionism, and have gone as far as visiting Tehran to offer their full support for Mr.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran (see the video of the meeting here :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xA1DbBAcOQ ,and another interview video of 3 anti-zionist Rabbis here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GHPj8TaBAM& )feature=related ). See, as another example, the following websites too :
http://www.nkusa.org/ .

2. Socialist organisations - many of whom have close to social democracy/Labour ideologies - are opposed to zionism too ( such as this one :
http://www.workerspower.com/index.php?id=177,1883,0,0,1,0 ). Furthermore, all people who genuinely oppose racism, no matter what their political affiliations are, have supported and continue to support UN Resolution 3379 of 1975 which states that "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". The resolution was rescinded in 1991 not because zionism had stopped being racist, but as a result of USA pressure to placate the zionist apartheid regime of Israel.
In the preamble to the above 1975 resolution a previous UN resolution is quoted as follows : "...In its resolution 3151G (xxxvIII) of 14 December 1973, the General Assembly condemned, inter alia, the unholy alliance between South African racism and Zionism." These two twin apartheid regimes - the former apartheid regime of South Africa and the ongoing zionist apartheid regime of Israel - came into being the same year : 1948, yet the latter continues to perpetrate racist crimes whereas the first had been abolished some 15 years ago !

3. Moreover, the zionist Hebrew daily Haaretz already in 1985, in its 27th September issue, published an ariticle by an Israeli zionist woman, Ms Orit Shohat, which exposes the zionist apartheid regime of Israel. Similarly, the same Hebrew daily published again, on the 17th of May 1991, an article which exposes the zionist apartheid regime of Israel.
Under the title, Israel is a State Which Practices Apartheid etc.,the Israeli zionist author of the article, Uzi Ornan, states as follows :

"This apartheid has been entrenched in a system of laws, regulations, and practices which govern the operation of state institutions. What characterises most of those discriminatory laws legislated in various Knessets is that on the surface they do not appear to be discriminatory. However, a more in-depth analysis of some of the basic ones quickly reveals the extent to which they discriminate between "Jews" and "non-Jews". By studying them one cannot fail to reach a conclusion, which cannot but be embarrassing to many of us, namely, that Israel is an Apartheid state, and that apartheid not only manifests itself socially, but that it is also embedded in the legal system."

(Emphasis added).

4. The International Organisation for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination http://www.eaford.org/ had issued a statement to the Human Rights Council under the title, Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism, which confirms the differences between anti-zionism and anti-semitism (see :
http://www.aljazeerah.info/News/2009/April/3%20n/Anti-Zionism%20Is%20Not%20Anti-Semitism,%20Stipulates%20UN%20Organization,%20EAFORD.htm ).
See also a well researched article about zionist anti-semitism
here :

5. When Mussolini captured political power in Rome during 1922 he became the world's first fascist dictator, and all the zionist hierarchy of the day made a pilgrimage to Rome to congratulate him. When Hitler captured power in Germany in 1933 the zionists leaders in Palestine became happy once more. Here is what one of them, Norman Bentwich, wrote in his book titled, Fulfilment In the Promised Land (London,1938, at page 106):

"Seen with the eyes of Providence, Hitler was like Cyrus, a Divine instrument to bring back to their land Western Jews who could make contribution of order and method."

I could go on to refer to the zionist Ha'avra agrrement with Nazi Germany shortly after Hitler captured power. I could go on further to refer also to the Kastner trial in the State of Israel in 1954-6, during which it was proven that the zionist hierarchy had collaborated with the Hitler regime in the mass murder of Jews in Hungary during 1944. I could go on and on with information about zionist-Nazi collaboration, including the former zionist Prime Minister Shamir's former terrorist organisation (the Stern Gang/Lehi) offer of military alliance to the Hitler regime early during the 2nd WW.

All of which would prove that zionism - not anti-zionism ! - is anti-semitic.

What has been said in this letter is sufficient to prove the complete immorality and illegality of the ongoing torture of myself and of my son and of my daughter by the zionist Gestapo here in Australia with the full collaboration of ASIO.

Therefore I appeal to you again to order the immediate end to the harassment/torture of myself, an immediate end to the wiretapping of my phone by ASIO at the behest of the zionist Gestapo, and an immediate end to the psychiatric torture of my daughter and of my son at the insistence of the zionist Gestapo.

Sincerely, Benjamin Merhav
U3/2 Birdwood Avenue, Dandenong, Vic. 3175

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  1. Dear Benjamin

    UN Resolution 3379 of 1975 : "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination".

    Well before that useless 1975 UN Resolution, in or around 1973, as President of the UNESCO CLUB at Trinity College, Mauritius, I equated Zionism with Nazism and distributed tracts to that effect. But, I was wrong. Ever since, I have understood that I was indoctrinated by those very Zionists themselves into believing that Nazism was the worse ideology of modern times. For fifty years, Zionists have indoctrinated the whole world into believing in the evil of Fascism, Nazism, Polpotism, and Maoism. Some authors would even include Leninism. But, strangely enough, why is it that nobody in the Zionist media would ever mention the greatest evil of all evils: STALINISM?

    Zionism is not Nazism, but worse than all the other isms put together, and should better be described as TALMUDIST STALINISM, an immoral Fascist Communist ideology that has highjacked the Jewish religion and used it as an instrument in order to achieve world hegemony! The renegade Christian world defends and supports Israeli Apartheid Zionism because it is itself racist at the very core of its institutions. The dictatorial and hypocritical UN is the biggest Fascist and Zionist organisation in the world, and the very creator of the Apartheid State of Isra Hell. The orders and finances for its creation came directly from the Rothschilds.

    “I wish you success in this endeavour for justice but I suspect you will receive nothing satisfactory.” Janine Roberts.

    I tend to agree with Janine Roberts as this is my personal experience as well, but I wholeheartedly join myself with her and wish you the best of luck. You see, Ben, although I am a great ‘believer’ in God, I do not quite believe in His infinite justice, and certainly not in man’s justice. I was born in slavery under British imperialism and colonialism, and have been a victim of western Judeo-Christian racism, and am actually a descendant of the Survivors of the greatest Holocaust in recent history that took the lives of 75-150 million people. Apartheid Israel, India, the USA and the UK are now preparing for more mass murders of people from my universal Muslim community and the stealing of their lands and resources.

    Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Arabia and many others are the present targets of International Zionism. So, if anyone criticises or opposes Zionism, he or she has signed their death warrant! When Zionists pretend to demonise Nazism, they are hiding the fact that they were the first to praise Nazism as similar to Zionism, and that their own bank gangsters had financed the Third Reich and catapulted Herr Adolph Hitler to power like they have done today with Herr Barack Hussein Obama! They hid the fact that they had an Agreement with Hitler or that their 1933 Declaration of War against Germany (denied by Lord Rothschild) was only a red herring.

    Zionists hid the fact that Hitler (said to be of Jewish descent) sent ships under the command of Nazis to British occupied Palestine loaded with European Jews and Zionists with the aim to exterminate the Palestinian natives (Jews, Christians, Muslims and Atheists) and take over their land including the neighbouring Arab lands. Nazis and Zionists persecuted assimilated European Jews because they refused to immigrate to Palestine. At the same time, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, all three of Jewish descent, closed their frontiers to the persecuted Jews. The aim was to create a worse than Nazi State in Palestine, an Orwellian Global Stalinist Bolshevik Feudal State to be used as a springboard for the conquest of the whole world. And, people like you and I are in the way of the New Imperialists, the Talmudist Evilarchy and its Satanic henchmen and henchwomen.

    You should keep on writing to that Attorney, and I hope many of us will join you in this battle. Many of our leaders have been blackmailed and forced to work for the Zionists. Remember that Bank gangsters and Zionists (past and modern Pharisees) have even murdered Emperors and Presidents all throughout history, but you are still alive, thank God, although I am very sad about what they did to your children, but I blame the good people more for not standing for love, freedom and justice. Too few of us have real compassion for our oppressed neighbours, and Zionists are able to tyrannize us only because we are weak, hypocrites and cowards, So, we cannot rely on good people, but only on ourselves. If there is God, you will succeed in your struggle and you must keep the faith and have hope even when you are desperate. Zionists cannot win that easily if we stand up to them and are prepared to fight, endure and be patient.

    If God is absent in world affairs, at least we still have the breath of life in us, and we will not let the enemy be victorious. My prayers are with you and your loved ones. Your 7th Letter is very explicit, factual and very detailed, and I hope things will work out for you.

    With much love

    Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally
    Ghyslaine ROC

    124th Day of yet another Holocaust in Ghazza, occupied Palestine.
    April 29, 2009 11:04 AM