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On nait Poète... on ne le

 devient pas.
Et ce lourd sacerdoce fait de nous des Exilés... des exclus... des apatrides. Nous possédons comme Rimbaud des "semelles de vent"...
J'ai commencé à écrire à l'âge de dix ans. J'en ai aujourd'hui cinquante.
Que de chemins parcourus dans les méandres de l'humanité.
La Soif d'Absolu et le mal de vivre m'ont toujours taraudé.
Et très tôt, je me suis sentie étrangère dans ma propre famille.
D'où conflits... duel... guerre incessante.
Mais je n'ai jamais lâché un pouce de terrain à qui que ce soit pour affirmer mes prises de position et pénétrer dans le monde tragiquement merveilleux de ceux qui font de l'Écriture leur Chemin de Vie...
La cassure s'est donc opérée très tôt dans le milieu familial... un peu comme si cette famille-là n'était pas la mienne tant leur conception de la Vie différait de mes idéaux et tant je m'y sentais étrangère.
Et je sais aujourd'hui que j'ai fait le bon choix.
Avec l'Âge est venu le temps de la Sagesse.
J'ai compris que la souffrance poétique est nécessaire à la Création... qu'elle permet parfois de toucher ceux qui lisent de la Poésie et qu'elle les sensibilise peut-être aux souffrances de notre Monde...
Le poète n'œuvre pas pour rien.
Il est là pour dénoncer... accuser... lutter... c'est un Révolté et un Rebelle.
Mais sa Révolte et sa Rébellion sont au service de la plus noble des causes :  


Alors le Grand Architecte de l'Univers m'a dit :
"Oui, c'est vrai, Tu seras le plus mal loti de tous, le plus méprisé sans doute et le moins bien compris aussi.
Le chemin que j'ai tracé pour Toi est parsemé d'embûches mais Ta Mission est Sacrée.
Il te faudra lutter sans relâche contre la couardise des hommes, leurs mensonges et les injustices qu'ils prennent plaisir à commettre.
Te battre sans répit, jusqu'à ton dernier souffle, contre la malveillance et la stupidité humaines afin que de ton Inspiration naisse un monde meilleur.
Mais tu n'auras pour combattre tout cela qu'une seule arme : la plume acérée de la douleur trempée dans la rouge encre de ton cœur.
Et si ta lourde tâche te semble fastidieuse... que ta Conscience Eclairée n'oublie jamais que j'ai fait de toi le Messager des Dieux.
Tu seras poète mon enfant..." 
Adriana Evangelizt

Vendredi 21 septembre 6007

Je suis Née pour Être Libre” – I WAS BORN TO BE FREE!


Who destroyed your Vedanta-Israel-Christ-Islam civilisation?
-         I KNOW WHO! 
-         You know?  Basheer, you are lying!
-          Well, I must admit that I have the reputation of being a liar, but I always claim I am telling the truth as far and as much as truth can be known by factual verification and indisputable evidence.  But, I know bigger liars than me – Satan and his armies of racist warmongering perverts called western democracies!
-         Satan?  He does not exist!  Do you believe in God?
-         Satan, I saw him during my teens, and every day, every minute, every hour and every second of my adult life on earth, some 50 years or so.  If there is one entity that I know perfectly well, it is Satan.  As for God, my greatest wish is that He really exists as The Creator of all things, a Just and Merciful God, but I never stopped asking question after question about Him because He is blatantly missing in our different ways of life.  Yet, I know He exists because without Him I never saw and still do not see (I am not yet totally blind) any humanity or humanness (not to be confused with humanism of Satanic (Judeo secular creation) in any earthling, whether they are conscious of Him or not!
-         But, why on earth have you chosen Vedanta, Israel, Christ and Islam out of all that the Ancient Wisdom and Wise Humans this earth have produced?
-         The Ancients had great wisdom which is still very precious to this very day to millions of humans, but are not of a universal nature.  By the way not all living creatures calling themselves humans are really humans!  Out of the 7 billion of them, more than half are undeserving and most of their political or religious leaders belong to the breed of monsters at the service of Satan.  Israel is not universal anymore ever since “Biblical times”.  The reason why I have included it with Christ and Islam is because it is no more a religious way of life for the righteous, but a monstrous ideology of conquest, theft, death, crime, enslavement, perversion and deceit that is ruling over the followers of both Christ and Islam.  They call themselves Eretz Israel in flagrant opposition to Roman Catholic dogma.
-          Are you saying that Eretz Israel is responsible for all the evil on planet Earth?
-         No, not at all, but although this seems very obvious, the blame should lie with the followers of Christ and Islam first and foremost!  Both Christians and Muslims have failed in their mission to bring about a leading righteous way of life to humanity.  Perverted Israel has succeeded, but only in making the whole planet following an unrighteous way of life, one of sin and disobedience.
-         But, why is it that behind every single major calamity that befalls humankind and the Earth we find both Erezt Israel and Israel or those calling themselves Jews?
-         This is a very good question the answer to which will make everything clear and give earthlings an opportunity to save themselves from Satan.  But, it will not, as earthlings are no more interested in any kind of righteous behaviour that was once ordered to them by the Wise Men and Women of old, either by the legendary Christ or by historical Muhammad, but have chosen freely or not to follow a Hedonistic life-style of sin to which they are exposed 24 hours a day and from cradle to grave and where everything once forbidden is now allowed more and more.  The recent German suggested decriminalisation of incest between brothers and sisters or the French and other Western legalisation of homosexuality, homosexual marriage and baby or child adoption by homosexuals, the acceptance of incest between father and daughter where a daughter is made to feel happy to carry her father’s baby, following other western abominations like abortion, drugs, prostitution, pornography, gambling, are clear indications that the world as we knew it is doomed with no God to save it!    
-         Is Satan really real?
-         Well, Satan is not a person or a single entity, but only the symbol of the sum total of all evil we find in many earthlings daily deeds.  In that context Satan was and is very real.  In a similar way we can say God is very real when we see millions opposing Satan at the heavy costs of their freedom, personal material comfort and even lives.
-         Does Israel exist?
-         Israel of old was mythical and racist even if it promoted righteous behaviour as we can see in the Ten Commandments inherited from past wisdom, Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian and other.  But, even that myth exists no more even if the enslaved world never stops talking about it! The entity calling itself Eretz Israel is a usurper, an imposter.  The Jews and Zionists who support it are all liars, usurpers, imposters and criminals and slaves (willingly or not) of Satan.
-         What about Christ?
-         First Christ is not a historical figure.  According to legends he died two thousand years ago, but promised to return.  Ponce Pilate saved the real Son of the Father – Jesus Bar Abbas, and had the seditious rebel, the other Jesus claiming himself to be the King of the Jews was crucified instead.  Jesus (pronounced and transliterated differently by different tongues) was a very common name in those days.  Today those calling themselves Christians have little to do with even that legendary Christ Son of the Father.  Although there are more than a billion of them (what is left from the 2 billion or so Christians), most follow Satan, especially among the White Europeans and their descendants.  Yesterday, they were imposing Christ upon the world; today they are imposing Satan on all of us.
-         And Islam?
-         The person who brought Islam to the world in a perfected form was a historical figure, Muhammad by name. Those who surrendered to Islam (not to Muhammad as Christians do to Christ!) more than fourteen hundred years ago, the Arabs (a mixture of ‘races’ speaking a variety of languages) and others are called Muslims.  But, the Muslims soon were to betray Islam by going out to conquer the world militarily instead of through peaceful invitation.  They ruled Hindustan for nearly one thousand years and Spain for nearly eight hundred years and did not do the job for which they were commanded or advised to do – inviting humankind to Islam!  Today there are more practicing Muslims than Christians, but they too have fallen prey to a satanic way of life full of sin, although to a lesser extent, and to sectarianism.
-         What about Israel’s, Christ’s and Islamic civilisation?
-         They are not three civilisations, but one despite all the lies you can read in racist European history and theology books, and that was not built on Greco-Roman civilisation as most European historians would say, but on all the known and unknown ancient civilisations.  For example, without Egypt, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Arabia (and others) there would never have been Israel.  Without Greece and Rome there would never have been a Christ.  Without Israel and Christ (Islam of old) there would never have been Islam in a perfected form.
-         But, what went wrong with Israel?
-         The very first thing that went wrong with Israel was its historical records.  All that we had several thousand years ago was mere fabrications and lies about Israel that created a racist and criminal ideology of a supremacist people chosen by God when in fact this was and could not be anything else than a satanic invention.  All the lies, racism and fabrications are right there in their own religious texts.
-         And with Christ?
-         Everything went wrong with Christ from day one!  No credible account exists of who he was, and what he did and said, not even about his family and Companions.  Rome fabricated everything from unreliable and heavily corrupted sources and their own additions.
-         What went wrong with Islam?
-          Nothing went wrong with Islam, but only with Muslims.  I would say that this is the most important question of all.  Because Islam is the only religion that has remained uncorrupted for more than 1400 years and is by far the most reliable record of all ancient existing religions, the answer to that question will make everything very clear about Vedanta, Israel, Christ and even God.
-         Do you know the answer?
-         Yes, of course I do, unfortunately.  
-         Why do you say unfortunately?
-         Remember I am a known liar!  Why should anybody trust what I say?  I wasted my whole life writing the truth and who really cared or cares?  Everybody holds to his or her own sects or beliefs, blindly, fanatically, and often criminally.  Truth is not truth anymore when blindness becomes a serious handicap to Believers.  The latest comes from the Pope of Atheism, the Monarch of Delusion, Pr Richard Dawkins who after refusing God as a delusion now (Exclusive “Revelations” to the Daily Mail of September 2014) claims he believes in “aliens”, extra-terrestrial entities that have all the answers about us and even “why humans have sex”!
-         So, we cannot guarantee that you are telling the truth now, can we?
-         Nope!
-         But, I would still like you to tell me who destroyed civilisation as we have known it. The readers (those dummies!) will see by themselves whether you are lying or not!
-         Israel’s civilisation is not what one may call a civilisation, it started by being racist, thieving and genocidal, but the “Jews” or the Bani Isra’il who lived under Muslim rule contributed to the greatest universal civilisation known to the world, and not Greece or Rome.
  When Rome and Christians conquered the Jewish and Muslim lands their first ambition was to destroy all traces of that civilisation after taking the best from it.  One example: Muslim Spain.
  Enriched by Israel-Christ-Islamic knowledge, the imperialist Christian leadership went out to conquer, exterminate, enslave and “civilise” the whole world.  They had much in common with Israel, but when they saw what the evil (like usury) Israel was doing in their own Christian lands they expelled them.
   But, Christians never stopped fighting among themselves and against Muslims, and at one point they had to call Israel back.  This time Israel would not get kicked out as they managed (because of decadent Christendom) to take over the entire of Christendom’s finances, their most precious lands and resources, utilities, factories, media, institutions, and even governments, at home as well as in their colonies, including all the conquered Muslim lands.
   So the stage was set for the total destruction of Christian-Islamic civilisation with a fabricated one called Judeo-Christian civilisation because by that time most of (or much of) “White” Christendom had stopped believing in Christ or in God.  Example: France.
  But, the worst was to happen.  The “Judeo-Christians” are neither of Israel nor of Christ, but of Satan.  Their goal: conquer the whole world, destroy the fabric of society, family, childhood, the sanctity of life and marriage, pervert the morals, degenerate the species, including the human species, plunder the world’s resources, manipulate the climate, exterminate undesirable nations, terrorise the entire planet, destroy all traces of the Islamic heritage, remove God from the daily lives of believers, mainly Christians (not Zionists) and Muslims, oppress, enslave, torture, persecute, rape, deceive, lie, and violate all God given rights on a daily basis, and make monsters of too many of us.
-         Wow!  Looks like the end of the world! 
-         You said it; it is the end of the Vedanta-Israel-Christ-Islam civilised world!  And the sad thing is that more and more de-Islamised and secularised Muslims and apostates of all kinds are joining those satanic forces destroying all our hopes for a better future for our children and descendants – unless a miracle!
-         But, you don’t believe in miracles, do you?
-         There are no miracles without efforts!   We need a TOTAL BOYCOTT during a popular REVOLUTION! 
-         And God in all this?
-         That ‘gentleman’ known as God (His name changes according to the country!), He made a fool of Himself, can’t you see?  Undisputedly a very poor Manager of His Own Creation, leading most of us to believe He does not or may not exist at all!  But as I said earlier, I know He exists because without Him I never saw and still do not see any humanity or humanness (not to be confused with humanism of Satanic and Freemasonic creation) left in any earthling, whether they are conscious of Him or not!  God is being replaced more and more by the New Age religion, Yogaism, Guruism, Buddhaism, Near-Death-Experiencism (NDEISM), Ufoism, and entities like the Galactics, Aliens, Archons, the Armies and Soldiers of Light from outer space, Infinite Lovism, Consciousnessim, and other fanatic isms (Zionism, etc.) as time goes by.
-         Do you know who is interviewing you, Basheer!
-         Of course I know, Satan, and he is the only one (almost) who allows me freedom of expression!  Am I wrong?
-          Yes, my good man, Satan the Great, the one and only ruler of this world of yours, and I promise worse to come! I promised this to God Himself because I knew there and then that He was creating monsters, fools and ingrates!

Updated Thursday 25th of September 2014       
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    What initially attracted Ghyslaine ROC and I to the Galilean “Adriana Evangelizt” is her love of freedom and justice. This video clip depicts part of her autobiography, which I will try to render into English (only partly because of lack of time), but I do not agree to part of its contents.


    ISAIAH 61:1
    “1 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.

    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, …”


    SINCE my tender age, I had the perception that my Life belonged only to me … I believed that.

    THEN, later on, I understood nothing belonged to me because deep inside me another Me, a Voice telling me:

    “Open the doors of your prison (cage).”

    JOHN 8:31-32

    “31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.””

    PSLAMS 142:7

    “7 Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name.
    Then the righteous will gather about me because of your goodness to me.”

    TO become free, we must get rid of all the chains that make us stumble …
    First, we have the Prison of the Body.

    WE carry in our genes the Heritage of our parents and of our Ancestors.

    IT is like an indelible imprint that can affect our behaviour. If we have inherited the Positive gene … we have also been transmitted the Negative one as well …

    THEN, we have the Family Prison for most of us. Since birth the child has no choice. He or she inherits the Education inculcated by their parents. And, if they are religious, the Indoctrination starts very young …

    LET those dry bones cast their prophecy (warn)!
    Rise up!
    The time has come.
    Spread the word of the Lord!

    I unfortunately disagree with Adriana on her point about religious indoctrination that starts very young because I take the view that on the ‘opposing’ side there is also indoctrination at exactly the same early age even if the “non religious” people claim it is not religion, but it is nonetheless the same binding indoctrination. As I always say, I have never met in my whole life a non religious person as it is just a matter of difference in definition or interpretation.

    Today is the 16th of January 2012. I have found no one among my close family and friends who are interested in what I write. They simply do not give a damn because they have their OWN personal lives which have nothing to do with FREEDOM and JUSTICE until the Illuminati strikes home! Then, they will expect others to care.